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dragon quest

  1. Winter

    Asking to get some DQ feats analyzed

    By suggestion of Armorchompy, I’m creating an additional thread so some Dragon Quest feats get properly analyzed. I might post here if any confusion gets run into on the discussion thread on feats. There’s three feats I want to ask for. I’m wondering if these are viable arguments and if not...
  2. Stefano4444

    Hero VS Hero of Oakvale

    Hero: 0 () Hero of Oakvale: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 () Speed Equalized.
  3. Pizzabox492

    Smash FFA Battle Royale

    All Smash characters have a FFA battle Speed equalized Everyone is in character No teaming (except duo characters) Notes: Characters are at peak and they have access to optional equipment Examples: End Game Shulk with Monado 3, End Game Ness/Hero, True End Game Joker with Satanael, etc...
  4. Pizzabox492

    Smash DLC FFA Royale

    All the DLC characters from Smash Ultimate fight in a free for all battle. True end game key Joker is used, Joker has Satanael as his main persona but can use other personas if needed. No omnipotent orb. Luminary is used, Post game key is used. Banjo-Kazooie has optional equipment and...
  5. Winter

    Dragon Quest Revival Discussion Thread

    Felt like I should edit this to actually keep track of all the things discussed and so other users can as well Here is the list of spells and abilities:
  6. Braking

    Goku vs the luminary

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball_Super)#Perfected_Ultra_Instinct Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Luminary#With_Sword_of_Light Goku is in his MUI form Luminary is in his post game key. Speed equal. Goku: Luminary: Incon:
  7. Braking

    2 characters with pretty much the same artist fight

    I thought of this for a long time but ehh why not https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball_Super)#Base VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Luminary low 2-C version of the luminary is used Goku is in his broly saga key and is in ssgss and can amp himself with the kaioken...
  8. Dai no Daiboken feats (or: help a newbie with some calc)

    Hi I'm thinking of starting working on some Dai no Daiboken profiles, since for now there is only the Pop one. Since I'm kinda new and not very familiar with the tiering system yet I would be grateful if some forum veteran may help me calculating some feats (honestly I'm not able to go much...
  9. Saintdhqhdy

    Questions about Dragon Quest: dai no daibouken

    When will the series get more profiles on the wiki? Only Popp has one right now
  10. The_Axiom_of_Virgo

    Add-ons for the dark dream.

    Hello folks, I thought I will take the time to post this minor CRT before the the Wiki gets flooded with them. I saw a play-through of DQ VI and I noticed a few missing abilities Nokturnus needs, this will be my first CRT (I think?) so “hopefully” things will go smoothly. Sound Manipulation...
  11. Mr.Cinos15

    The New Dragon Quest Thread

    Sup guy's, we're in the new forum now and Dai is about to be released on saturday which is pretty hype, so now we can talk without restraint. Dai feats ='''AP Feats'''= =Tier 6 and possibly 5= -The Gods created Makai, the surface, and Tenkai (Varies between High 6-A all the way to 5-B). This...
  12. Abysswalker2126

    Doomguy Vs Malroth

    Doomguy Vs Malroth Speed equalized Doomguy can be given preptime and knowledge if need be. votes Malroth: Doomguy:1
  13. Multipize

    Eight Vs Starlight Glimmer

    Eight wants to grind out some more exp on random encounters, he only runs in to the occasional timber wolf. After making his way out of the everfree forest, He's spots an "Ewwnicorn". Only knowing of it from legend he's prepares for battle. Not wanting to risk her Student's safety Starlight...
  14. Omegas03

    Beerus fights an 2-C

    Beerus (DBS) vs Botsu (Dragon Quest) . For those wondering, Beerus is 1/2 Baseline 2-C so this isn't AP stomp ovo. Speed equalized, who's winning this? Mindset: Beerus isn't bloodlusted so won't go for EE unless 100% necessary. Beerus: 6 Botsu: 1 Incon:
  15. TartaChocholate

    New Dai no Daibouken game and anime announced

    Found out here Honestly, I am pretty happy to see this old school epic make a comeback XD
  16. NomadLuminary

    Erdrick vs NES Link

    Erdrick NES Link Erdrick -End of Dragon Quest 3 -All equipment Link -End of Legend of Zelda -All equipment
  17. Corvus ability additions

    So yeah corvus should have some abilities added which he has but aren't on his profile. and those are the following Sleep manipulation (he can put people of a similar power level to sleep with his eyes with the skill Lullab-Eye which cannot be resisted and is not magic) Electricity and unholy...
  18. Modernmyrmidon

    Saitama vs Hero (Dragon Quest I)

    Both High 6-A Speed equalized Saitama- 0 Hero- 0
  19. KingEzran

    Eight (Dragon Quest) vs Sokka

    Beginning of the game. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2 meters -Win via death Votes: Eight: 0 Sokka: 0 Incon: 0
  20. The_King_of_Prudence

    Cure Blossom versus Malroth (because upgrades only sort of happened)

    Base Blossom, speed equalised. Malroth: Cure Blossom: Inconclusive:
  21. Stalker_Maggot

    Cyrus Albright vs The Prince of Middenhall

    Cyrus Albright vs Prince of Middenhall High 6-A versions used Speed equalized Cyrus has Cleric Skills Cyrus Albright: Prince of Middenhall: Incon:
  22. The_Smashor

    Battle for the strongest Dragon Quest hero

    Also, they should probably scale to one another (I.E. Solo should have a 2-C) since they get their tiers from defeating Estark, who should scale to Eight's 2-C, but eh. Rules: Eight vs Solo. Speed dosn't need to be equalized (Also holy crap these two are extremely fast I just realized. Like, in...
  23. Missy0124

    Best Toriyama Creations Dragon Quest vs Dragon Ball

    Kid Goku vs Arus (5) 8-C Speed Equal Arus Kid Goku
  24. ShockingPsychic

    The Luminary from Dragon Quest XI?

    Just noticed he's absent from the wiki. Is there a reason he doesnt have a profile?
  25. ShockingPsychic

    The Smash Bros E3 Arrivals: Banjo & Kazooie Vs. Erdrick

    7-C versions are being used. Base Banjo Vs. Mid-Story Erdrick. Neither side gets prep and are both in-character. Speed =. They fight in a large, open field with a few trees scattered around the landscape. Bear 'n Bird: Sword Goku:
  26. Tonygameman

    Eight VS Slime (Epic Battle Fantasy)

    Let's just say that Eight is fighting a wrong Slime from the different series. Both are 9-C and their speed is equalized. Eight/Slime are on their Beginning of Game/Slime keys respectively. Slime uses it's regular/basic variant. Eight (Dragon Quest): 0 Slime (Epic Battle Fantasy Series): 0...
  27. Dragonmasterxyz

    Dragon Quest Discussion Thread

    A place to discuss all things Dragon Quest. I also want to start adding DQXI files onto the site myself.
  28. Roachman40

    Erdrick Vs Saitama

    Both High 6-A Speed Equalized | Both bloodlusted Win via KO , encapitation or death Saitama:( 1) Erdrick: (5) Inconclusive:
  29. SupremeGilgamesh

    I want to create a page for Dai from Dai no Daibouken

    Simply put,i want to create a page for Dai All you need to do is to give me feats and statements and the chapters they occured in so i can analyze them To make it easier,put it like this Feat:The feat in question Description:The description of the feat like statements and result of it...
  30. Eficiente

    Gooey vs Hero (Dragon Quest IX) - Grace

    Speed = Hero (Dragon Quest IX): 0 Gooey: 7 (Stalker Maggot, Tonipelimies, Kiet Nguyen Tuan, Yellowpig10, 00potato, The God Of Procrastination, Ionliosite) Inconclusive: 0
  31. Royalty1702

    Goku Vs. Goku With A Sword | Son Goku (Dragon Ball, 21st Budokai) Vs. Erdrick (Dragon Quest, Beginning of his Quest)

    Both 8-C. Speed Equalized. Goku: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Son_Goku_(Dragon_Ball) Erdrick: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Erdrick
  32. The_Divine_Phoenix

    Does this count as anything?

    Here The character this would apply to would be Low 2-C based on another feat, so maybe this would support that? Also, to note, this is unlikely to be hyperbole, as the character making the statement is one of the most knowledgeable in the verse.
  33. KingEzran

    Dragon Quest IX Hero vs Dedede Clone

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Hero: 0 Clone: 0
  34. KingEzran

    Base Jiren vs End of Game Solo (Dragon Quest)

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Jiren: 0 Solo: 0
  35. KingEzran

    Zen O vs Adult Terry (Dragon Quest)

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Zen O: 1 Terry: 0
  36. KingEzran

    Base Cure Blossom vs Malroth

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Blossom: 0 Malroth: 0
  37. KingEzran

    Marvel Comics Venom vs Mid-Story Erdrick

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Venom: 0 Erdrick: 0
  38. KingEzran

    Pre Rose Meruem vs Mid-Story Erdrick

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Meruem: 0 Erdrick: 0
  39. KingEzran

    Pre Deep Pass Overdrive Jonathan Joestar vs Beginning Erdrick

    Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Jonathan: 0 Erdrick: 0
  40. Pippom3la

    The goddes (dragon quest) vs Vegeta

    Both low 2-C Speed equalized Location: desert