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daredevil (marvel comics)

  1. Tomfer

    Daredevil vs Predator (Marvel Comics vs Predator)

    Daredevil vs Predator Rules: 9-B [Downscales from 0.00879 Tons] Daredevil vs 9-A [0.00656 Tons] Predator. Using DD's Class K LS. Speed is equalized. Battle takes place in Hell's Kitchen. Will alter the match for a better scenario if needed. Votes: Daredevil: Predator:
  2. Arcker123

    Gorgon > All Marvel Street Tiers (Marvel Comics Street Tiers Upgrade)

    Kinda simple CRT. We have some new feats for Marvel Street Tiers that upgrade them from Hypersonic to Hypersonic+. There are 3 feats at this range so it is consistent. It's also not a huge jump from Hypersonic to Hypersonic+. The street tier speed scaling does not change, what changes is the...
  3. Tomfer

    The Moon Above Hell's Kitchen

    Moon Knight and Hunter's Moon VS Daredevil and Elektra Rules: Everyone is 9-B Moon Knight's 5-B equipment is restricted. (His crescent darts will be downgraded to silver) Speed is equal (Everyone scales to DD, so it might be unnecessary lmao) SBA otherwise.
  4. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    Daredevil Revision (2023)

    Minor addition, but a good one. In Daredevil (2022) #11, Daredevil stabs out his own eyes, and then immediately proceeds to beat the hell out of the Strormwyns, which is a pretty blatant resistance to Pain Manipulation.
  5. JoshDoshMosh

    "I fear no man"(Daredevil vs Pyro)

    The Man Without Fear faces off against Red Teams Pyromaniac Both are 8-C and in character, speed is equalized, Pyro gets his optional equipment(barring MvM and Halloween stuff) and Fist Leader Daredevil is used, battle takes place in Hells Kitchen Who wins? Daredevil: Pyro: Incon:
  6. M3X_2.0

    Daredevil #10 Feats Addition

    In Daredevil #10, we saw a battle between Daredevil and Spider-Man. Current Daredevil is amped by The Fist magic, and we have a key for this in his profile. I just remembered that we need 10 appearences to create a key, so Daredevil #10 is his 10th appearence now (11 actually because he appeared...
  7. M3X_2.0

    Daredevil (2022) Issue 5 Preview Feats Addition

    The new Daredevil (2022) Issue 5 preview brought us some interesting stuff. As Matt and Elektra married as part of the The Fist ceremony, all The Fist members were blessed with increased speed, strength and agility, aka Superhuman Physical Characteristics. This is the first time Marvel gives...
  8. M3X_2.0

    Daredevil Minor Addition

    The most recent Punisher by Aaron issue came out and revealed a battle between the amped by the The Beast Punisher Vs Daredevil, Daredevil not only beat him, saying his skills are bad (lul), but used magic to exorcise Frank. Magic (Used Magic taught by Dr. Strange to exorcise The Beast from the...
  9. Marcus_Forelli

    Daredevil vs Question

    Battle between two iconic street level crimefighters. Daredevil, the man without fear, versus, Question, the man without a face. Battle takes place in a neutral city. This is 9-B Daredevil and Post Crisis Question. Daredevil Profile Question Profile
  10. M3X_2.0

    Marvel Comics Daredevil Rework

    Greetings. After spending months reading everything Daredevil related, I have started to basically creating new profiles for the character. Huge thanks to @Chariot190 and @Milly_Rocking_Bandit for helping me with grammar and scans. Daredevil new profile. I've collected a huge amount of feats...
  11. Maverick_Zero_X

    Daredevil vs Daredevil

    Daredevil (Marvel Comics) vs Daredevil (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 9-B+ keys are used and speed is equalized
  12. KingEzran

    Moon Knight Lifting Strength Upgrade

    I'm going to try and make this short. Let's not downplay Moon Knight. His lifting strength on his page was put down as "At least Class 1", which is likely due to his scaling to the other 9-A characters of Marvel Comics and the fact that he himself has broken people's bones. However, I think this...
  13. AnAverageUsername

    Beyond the Grave vs Daredevil

    Grave's profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Beyond_The_Grave Daredevil's profile: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Daredevil_(Marvel_Comics) Speed equalized Base Daredevil used Grave: 0 Daredevil: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  14. ItalianGuy1234

    Wilson Fisk (Marvel Comics) upgrade ?

    The profile for Kingpin lists him as "At least 9-A" based on his own feat of destroying a rock, however Fisk has feats that could place him at 8-C: 1) He was blatantly capable of matching and overpowering Captain America in Captain America vol.1 #147 with Cap very clearly being defeated until...
  15. ijl007

    Red Hood vs Daredevil: Red, Ready and Deadly

    Two among my favorite characters and one of my two favorite colors. WHO WINS!?!?! The Outlaw of Gotham VS The Man Without Fear SBA Speed equalized Stats equalized Red Hood: 1 (Impress) Daredevil: 1 (Con) Inconclusive:
  16. ijl007

    Snake-Eyes vs Daredevil: The Blind Badass vs The Mute Master

    So because of the Snake Eyes movie coming out soon, I wanted to make a MU with him fighting someone else I like. BUT pretty much everyone with similar "Street Level Martial Artist" themes, that I wanted to use, starts at 9-A as apposed to SE's 9-B. So I decided to try someone who at least didn't...
  17. ShivaShakti

    Phoenix Wright vs Daredevil

    Phoenix Wright and Matt Murdock debate within a court room. Phoenix is playing defense, and Murdock is the prosecutor. The Defendant is Leland Palmer, and he is being tried for the murder of Laura Palmer. Phoenix has to prove his innocence, and Murdock has to prove his guilt. Phoenix has...
  18. The_Impress

    Absolutely Serious Reinhard match

    Reinhard Heydrich vs Daredevil (Marvel Comics) 9-A versions, speed equalized. OwO
  19. The_real_cal_howard

    How do language barriers come into play in matches?

    For example, take Cobra from fairy tail. He can read your thoughts. Say he tries to read the thoughts of Daredevil. Daredevil speaks English while Cobra speaks Japanese. Or say Wonder Woman tries to use the Lasso of Truth on Kazuma. If she tries to ask him something, will he spout something in...
  20. BrazilianDeadpool

    Daredevil vs Sir Nighteye

    A man who can see your future via eye contact vs a blind man with a radar. Shadowland Daredevil, speed equalized. Battle takes place in Sir Nighteye's office, late at night and victory via K.O. Matt Murdock: 0 Mirai Sasaki: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  21. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Major Minor Marvel street tier upgrade

    "Major minor" because this upgrade is a very small one but it affects a shitton of characters. Basically all of the 9-A feats were casual feats. Kingpin crushed a rock effortlessly. Sam Wilson's feat was said to be a "bare minimum" by Alex. Therefore we should upgrade the Kingpin/Daredevil...
  22. Rostislav_Klepikov

    Speed of Electro's lightning

    So according to handbooks it travels at 1100 feet per second (335.28 m/s). "The simplest is the emission of a lightning-like electric arc from his fingertips, which can propagate through air or other conducting mediums. This discharge, whose total voltage can be regulated within certain limits...

    dare devil upgrades

    rd war of the realms
  24. Totallynotchewbacca

    9-A Marvel questions

    What is the reasoning for the 9-A marvel characters? We have Daredevil as 9-A when he has fought deadpool many times which should be 8-A which would scale to all 9-A marvel characters as well as Black Widow usually being comparable to captain america Also i read the durabilities and they are...
  25. Stefano4444

    Daredevil vs Ezio Auditore

    Speed Equalized Daredevil: 1 (KLOL506 ) Ezio: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  26. KingEzran

    Marvel Comics Circular Reasoning

    Ah, yes. Circular reasoning. Our first example: Black Widow is 9-A for being able to fight Daredevil and Punisher. Daredevil is 9-A for being able to fight Punisher. Punisher is 9-A for being able to fight Daredevil. Now, both of these characters link to Punisher. Punisher, however, has...
  27. Stefano4444

    Marvel's Scaling.

    I think characters such Punisher or Daredevil should be fully scaled to other "Street level" characters such as Captain America and Deadpool, not just speed. Its not like they have been portrayed of be far physically weaker than every other "Street level" characters and only display comparable...
  28. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Marvel Speed Revisions 3

    Continued from here. To shamelessly quote Matthew from last thread: Essentially. there have been numerous Speed Calculations regarding Marvel Heroes, and it has been decided that the speed values of a number of character profiles need to be changed accordingly. The problem comes with who...
  29. Seventy96

    Nightwing VS Daredevil - Death Battle Edition

    How do you think they will analyze the stuff from the comic books Nightwing Daredevil and other media?
  30. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Daredevil vs Violet Evergarden

    Daredevil (Marvel Comics) vs Violet Evergarde (9-A versions/weapons) Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  31. ROLVeBloxxer

    Daredevil vs Kenshi

    Speed is equalized if nescessary Both at 9-A Daredevil stares at the ground in sadness as he rethinks life
  32. Dargoo_Faust

    9-A Brackets: Round 3

    Third Round of the 9-A Brackets begins! Our contestants for this round are Akame, and Daredevil (Marvel Comics). Click here to see current standings. This is Akame Ga Kill Zero Akame, and Base Daredevil. Speed is equalized. Akame - 3 (Mand, Number1, Apies) Daredevil (Marvel Comics) - 6...
  33. Raian230

    Daredevil vs. The Basilisk

    9-A for both and speed equalized. Daredevil has access to his club, but nothing else.
  34. CaptainFinnigan

    Jojo vs. Marvel Comics

    Its the battle of the blind bois N'Doul Vs. Daredevil Both are in character and speed equalized They start 20 meters away and Daredevil can sense Geb N'Doul: Daredevil:1 Inconclusive:
  35. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Fin Fang Foom Speed Upgrade

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan/Another_Marvel_speed_feat_requested_by_you-know-who It was accepted by Assaltwaffle.
  36. MrKingOfNegativity

    Daredevil VS Midnighter

    This should be good. Speed is equalized. This is base Daredevil, and he gets all his usual equipment. Battle takes place here. Winner by death or incapacitation. Daredevil: 0 Midnighter: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  37. RinkakuKagune

    Daredevil Revision

    Daredevil should be updated to Tier 8-A. He's fought multiple 8-A characters, and has matched most and defeated some of them as well. Wolverine: 1 Winter Soldier 1 2 3 4 Deadpool 1 Captain America 1 2 Black Panther 1 8-A Daredevil? Note: The number's aren't for the amount...
  38. RinkakuKagune

    8-A Daredevil

    Daredevil should be updated to Tier 8-A. He's fought multiple 8-A characters, and has matched most and defeated some of them as well. Wolverine: 1 Winter Soldier 1 2 3 4 Deadpool 1 Captain America 1 2 Black Panther 1 8-A Daredevil? Note: The number's aren't for the amount...
  39. WeeklyBattles

    Daredevil vs Lee Sin

    Summary Matthew Michael Murdock A.K.A. Daredevil is a hero from Marvel comics who was blinded in an accident which also bestowed him a type of radar-sense that enhance all his other senses to a greater extent than a normal human being. He becomes a costumed vigilante after the death of his...
  40. Cropfist

    Daredevil vs All For One

    The blind superhero takes on the blind supervillain. Speed equalized, Shadowland Daredevil, AFO's power stealing is banned if necessary.