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  1. Flashlight237

    Dropkick on my Devil! CRT: Examining the Acausality of the Verse

    "Hey Flash!" You might be wondering. "Why you doing a CRT for a verse that doesn't exist yet?" Well, person who I put words in your mouth, the wiki has this thing where we gotta write CRTs for controversial stuff like Tiers 1 and 0 and for abilities like conceptual manipulation, law...
  2. Is Acausality(Type 1) immune to Retrocognition?

    A random thought came to mind while I was browsing some threads from the wiki, what would happen if a character with Acausality(Type 1) faces of against a character that has Retrocognition(via Time Manipulation)?
  3. Astral_Trinity439

    Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Revision

    This thread will be a series of upgrades from small changes to major ones. Please keep the discussion civil, avoid toxic behavior as well as derailing! With that, lets begin with the proposals General Upgrades Speed : Intelligence : General Intelligence feat for Magic users : Extraordinary...
  4. Tanin_iver

    The Relationship between Beyond-Dimensional Existence and Dimensional Manipulation

    Shouldn't characters or objects with BDE be resistant/immune to Dimensional Manipulation(as it is only limited to manipulating physical spatial dimensions) since both types lack any spatio-temporal features?
  5. Jeeeeepil123

    Shadow Minor CRT

    • Acausality Type 1 (With Fate Hax), Empowerment/Wish Granting/Blessing & Greater Fate Manipulation Shadow seemingly can't be affected by Bolo's changing the past multiple time, the effect of Shadow is still there no matter of what he's doing [1]...
  6. Caleb1775

    Adding more examples for Acausality, Small Size, and Large Size

    So I noticed is that for some subcategories in explanation pages for Acausality, Large Size, and especially Small Size, there are not enough examples so I included some possible examples to be added Acausality type 2 (currently only has 1 example) possible examples: Gandalf (Lord of the Rings...
  7. CNBA3

    Higher Causal System?

    I was wondering, in a Type 4 (Irregular Causality) Acausality where individuals operate on a different causal system than the conventional one, is there a possible (+) tier type if the irregular causality system supersedes that of the conventional one and not just a system besides the other?
  8. Ang4I00

    Could this qualify for Acausality? And what type would it be?

    Basically, here's the scans Would this qualify for Acausality Type 4?
  9. Furudo_Erika

    Can there be multiple degrees of Type 5 Acausality?

    Can there be multiple degrees of Type 5 Acausality in the same verse? As in, say something transcends the causal system of a universe and exists on a higher plane. So it operates on that higher plane's causal system, yet it still transcends the one below them. Would this be Type 5, or still...
  10. Megaraptor149

    GOH: Mori Acausality (Type 4) Fixing

    Reason: Mori Acausality (Type 4) justification in his profile is bad. I don't understand why using Mujin Resistance to Precognition feat and scan for justification and there are no scan for "broke out of the karmic cycle of fate and causality" also "Mori exists beyond time and can appear...
  11. Wikisource

    Acausality question

    Does resisting causality hax or fate hax automatically have type 4 acausality?
  12. CodeCCLL

    Bill Cipher Acausality Revision

    Re-Justification of "Acausality Type 4" Quote from Bill's profile Acausality (Types 1 and 4. It was revealed that after the events of Gravity Falls Bill is trapped in a cosmic punishment where he's forced to relive the events of the series again and again. Bill lived in and made Nightmare...

    Some more upgradation for wang ling ( let me also cook )

    After my sucessful hde thread I am here to propose some minor addition to WANG LING (ANIME) profile. Hax 1- Subjective Reality: Wang Ling while creating a universe was dreaming a universe into reality. 2-larger size type 8 - via embodying the whole time and space inside him 3-Acausality type...
  14. MrLuk2000

    Fire God Liu Kang Possible Acausality Removal

    With MK1 Tower Endings being confirmed to be canon, this means that Liu Kang is no longer immortal but he still says that his life span will reach across eons. Due to this, his immortality has been replaced with Longevity which now brings me to the question if Liu Kang should now have Type 1...

    ABOUT Acausality TYPE 4

    Can anyone tell me the qualification for Acausality type 4 in simpler words. not from the Wiki's word.
  16. AloseVQ

    Removing Simon's type 4 Acausality

    I'm going to get straight to the point and give you a brief summary of why Simon has Aca 4: But was that really what the statements were saying? Or should this grant type 4 Acausality? No. That's not what the statements were saying. Although the profile says that Simon "transcends" them, it...
  17. Bobsican

    Type 4 Acausality: Too Much for Too Little

    Okay, let's see how type 4 is described right now: Now, let's compare to type 5: See a problem? Right now, type 4 Acausality has the most lenient qualifying criteria to qualify for it compared to all other Acausality types, as merely being stated to have an unusual relationship between...
  18. CNBA3

    Paracausal Acausality Type Question

    I was wondering, what kind of Acausality would grant people if you have a cause to the affect but is outside that of the conventional cause and effect set from a higher level in a hierarchy? https://www.ishtar-collective.net/cards/xvi-the-sword-logic?highlight=Superordinate I suspect that it is...
  19. Valeska24

    Tet (NGNL) Acausality addition

    Time and even metaphysical causes and effects are said to be meaningless for the user of star grail So Tet should get Acausality type 4.
  20. CNBA3

    Is Non-Linear Time Acausal?

    Was wondering, as the title asks, is Non-Linear Time considered acausal, as non-linear time does not follow the same flow of time as that of conventional movement of time.
  21. CNBA3

    (Warframe) The Void = Acausality?

    I heard a lot of things about the Void from Warframe, that is is used for FTL travel, for many powers and abilities of characters in the game, I heard that is misaligns causality too, I was wondering, is there any more lore on the nature of causality being acausal in the Void?
  22. Wikisource

    Questions about transduality type 3, cm2, acausality type 5

    I not understand something. 1.Conditions for achieving acausality type 5 ? 2.What is transduality type 3 and what are the conditions to achieve it? 3.Who can explain me about concept type 2?
  23. Pedonar

    what ability is this

    The god-tier characters in the FFF-Trashero series, such as the Demon King, First Spirit, and Second Demon, have the ability to exist in the past, present, and possibly even the future. In the Rewrite Saga, Han Soo time-traveled to the past, and during his journey, the present version of the...
  24. Nexus_still_slams

    Acausality Type 5 for Han jee-Han (The Gamer)

    Han Jee-Han was stated in this chapter to disregard causality. The precision is that this ability is effective not only in one system but across all systems of causality. Here's the definition of Acausality Type 5 : Characters with this type of Acausality are completely independent of cause and...
  25. RaveeCPN

    Some Rewordings About Type 5 Acausality

    Hello, I'm opening this revision to make the difference between Acausality Type 4 and Type 5 more clear and understandable. The reason for this is that I have seen many people saying that "just being out of cause and effect and being unable to interact" is enough for Type 5- Which is not In...
  26. Theglassman12

    Acausality Type 5 checklist

    Alright, after the last Type 5 thread didn't go so well due to miscommunication on what the standards were, let alone who exactly qualified for the new standards or not. I'm redoing this now that I've gotten a better grasp on what does and doesn't qualify for type 5 Acausality. Let's get the...
  27. KingogKings777

    The short king immune to being seen by a dude who likes touching people

    Quick and low quality cause anything more is bad and takes more time then I can give. Asta should get the following due to the recent chapter. Asta is confirmed messing with the future sight of Lucius who can see multiple worlds(timelines). Agrees - Excel616, Neutrals - Disagrees -
  28. MrLuk2000

    Acausality for the other Celestialsapiens

    When we typically give powers and abilities to Alien X, this scales to other of the Celestialsapiens due to them being the same species, however I noticed how Acausality is missing from them. Should we give the other Celestialsapiens Type 4 Acausality or is this something that is unique only to...
  29. Deceived3596

    Small Acausality and Intangibility Example Revision

    Just like the previous threads I've made, i'm continuing on with revising our examples provided on some of our power and abilities pages, which in this case would be our Acausality and Intangibility pages. I've removed the bad examples that have no scans, bad explanations or a combination of the...
  30. Greenshifter

    Alien X Type 5 Acausality

    Continued from here To take the Navigator causing irreperable damage to all of time and causality itself one step further: Servantis, a supergenius, stated that Ben as a Celestialsapien could wish everything out of existence. Now Servantis is constantly spying on Ben and has access to the...
  31. IdiosyncraticLawyer

    What benefits do Type 5 Acausality and Transduality grant?

    What abilities do Type 5 Acausality and each type of Transduality grant? You can assume I understand every ability besides these.
  32. Robo432343

    Can you bfr someone who has acausality type 5

  33. hajime

    about Acausality types

    Can you briefly summarize all types? with examples (please i don't understand the wiki because my english is bad)
  34. Hellscream

    Metal Sonic Acausality type 4

    So, apparently Metal Sonic has Acausality type 4, for this Acausality (Type 4; Super forms can function in the Egg Reverie Zone where time is shown to be switching forward and backwards constantly, whereas base characters only float around aimlessly) This reasoning seems very iffy for...
  35. Robo432343

    Acausality for Shadow (Shadow Fight)

    Shadow is an eternal shadow - a soul so big that time itself cannot consume him completely bro this is literally on his profile
  36. XDragnoir

    Gabriel Acausality (Toaru)

    Source is OT4 Now quoting myself: "The point of the analogy is that while a time traveler will travel to the past and change the present+future based on their actions in the past, Gabriel is disconnected from humanity's history and can thus take actions to change the future while in the...
  37. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Tower of God - Acausality Type 2 for the Irregulars

    The purpose of this CRT is very simple, add Acausality Type 2 for the Irregulars, and I don't have that much of hope that this will be accepted, but even so I'm going to try The Mirror of the Past, which is capable of seeing people's past, outright stated that Baam doesn't have a past, and...
  38. Tokyo Babel Acausality

    Why does God and Tiamat have Acausality type 5? The definition of "transcending causality" doesn't give much info, while the second evidence is textbook type 1.
  39. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    Quick and Minor BDE Revision

    Big Dimension Energy amirite Currently, the BDE page lists type 1 as the absence of, or a state of existence outside of, time and space, without qualitative superiority over them. This grants resistance to space-time manipulation, as well as type 1 acausality, as being unbound from time would...
  40. TheGreatJedi13

    Granblue Fantasy Captain King's Eye and King's Testament (Fastest Ability readdition any%)

    Scans with a black background are read starting from the bottom So Captain's Acausality Type 2 was removed due to him just having Irregular Causality and Fate and not really Acausal to the point that he has no past or future. WELL, HE GOT IT BACK. The New Main story just dropped and they gave...