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  1. Adam1396

    Conceptual absorption for Yhwach

    This will be very straight forward. Names in Bleach are concepts with meaning, power assigned to it. Name is someone's fundamental aspect of existence (concept) Ichibe needs to name ichigo as "reio" to function as reio despite having the requirements of reio, again meaning name is important...
  2. Fallen_Angelicx

    About Absorption hax

    I'll make this short. Say A character scales to Small Town level and He absorbs a energy blast which scales to Town level. Would this scale A character's absorption to 7-C? And what if he absorbs that energy and gets stronger, does that make Character A 7-C now or is it just limited to hax?
  3. StrymULTRA

    Characters that would benefit from the Human SOULs

    Basically the title, doing this for fun as is a funny idea I just got. What character can benefit from absorbing the Human SOULs? Requirements: Must not be beyond the peak stats of the Human SOULs themselves (aka Ad-Infinitum levels of 2-B stats and Immeasurable speed) The character must have...
  4. Bowser-us

    Orgalorg ability - Resistance to Soul absorption

    Orgalorg/Gunter should have the ability - resistance to soul absorption. He completely ignores Hunson action. When Hunson was able to suck the soul out of 11 normal penguins at the same time without any problems
  5. Hellscream

    Power absorption

    Can a low2-c character, that has only been shown to absorb low2-c hax absorb 2-A hax? And can a 8-b character absorb a 3-A/ High 3-A character, despite only having been shown to absorb 8-B characters?
  6. Oliver_de_jesus

    Nuclear level

    absorb and restore the energy of a nuclear plant, what tier would it be?
  7. ArachDusa

    "Catastrophe-Inducing" Aura Examples

    Does anyone have any examples of characters with this type of aura? I'm more specifically looking for the "supernatural disasters" and "absorb from surroundings" part of the definition. The topic looks quite interesting.
  8. KingTempest

    Gluttony (Now Consumption) Page

    A new page for Gluttony. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:KingTempest16/Gluttony_Page Pretty simple. Certain people can counter those who create mass amounts of food by eating mass amounts of food themselves. Some people get stronger by eating it. It's good to draw a line between this...
  9. ElixirBlue

    Invulnerability for Power Rings

    Today is Archie addition as to commemorate Sonic Central I’d like to grant Power Rings (Abundant) Invulnerability & Absorption, and resistance to Magic Based on what, you may ask. First, Dr. Robotnik talks about the Power Rings Matrix, stating having abundant of Power Rings surrounding the...
  10. ElixirBlue

    P&A addition for Chaos Energy Cannon

    Alrighty. My first Game Sonic related CRT. Today, I plan to give some missing P&A to the Chaos Energy Cannon. Sealing: Binded and trapped Super Sonic, preventing him from doing anything Power Nullification: Reverted Super Sonic into Base Sonic Vibration Manipulation: Sent out a Shockwave...
  11. Arcker123

    Absorption question

    Does absorption of a physical object qualify for the absorption ability? This isn’t a type of absorption so I ask to clarify this.
  12. Flashlight237

    Audrey II Revisions

    Hey there. So, not too big of a revision, more of a minor one. Audrey II just seemed to miss some key abilities here. Absorption: I mean doesn't the thing literally suck on Seymour's finger as a juvenile? Not to mention that Audrey II's main shtick is to grow larger and stronger by sucking up...
  13. Oliver_de_jesus

    non-colpore made of energy with resist energy absorption = resist absorption

    The title says it all
  14. Oliver_de_jesus

    What happened to the Higher-Dimensional Existence of the anti monitor?

    What happened to the Higher-Dimensional Existence of the anti monitor? since he has an armor that protects his true body that is energy and absorbed his entire universe (all his continuous space) and the energy he absorbed is part of his true body that means it is a being of higher dimensions...
  15. Tony_di_bugalu

    Devil May Cry: Energy absorption?

    In game Royal Guard allows Dante to reflect attacks back with more power but it also allows Dante to completly stop any attack (energy or physical) without getting damage and boosting his "rage meter", this means that he can store energy from attacks and then release it in a powerful move. This...
  16. Unoriginal_Memes

    Absorption Question

    Does absorption have to be shown to work against certain types of people for it to be applicable for them to absorb the energy from said types of people. For example, a guy with power absorption fights against a robot. Does the power absorption have to specifically be shown to absorb power from...
  17. Celestial_Judge

    Ace fire absorption and "Adept" haki user?

    I'm sorry I do not remeber Ace absorbing fire not a single time. Can someone please give scans of when this actually occured. It is quite odd that Ace is the only Logia Devil Fruit user that can absorb his respective element. Ace is not an "Adept" Haki user. Maybe regarding Conquerer's and...
  18. KingEzran

    Non Canon Samus

    What absorption does Non-Canon Samus have?
  19. Another Nil Ability

    Another One, My wank is unlimited Basically, i really don't know what is this ability but i will describ this: Basically, Everything that who turn into nothingness become Nil, Space (who embodies Concepts) turned into nothingness (after the end of the universe) and Nil said that when she...
  20. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    I ask another question regarding the identification of a power.

    There's this thing called a Scavenging Guttleslug that rots anything near it with a toxic gas and it releases maggots that help rot down the affected. What ability is this?
  21. KaiserReinhardt

    Fairy Tail: Magic Has Soul!

    In one of the very early chapters of fairy tail, we see makarov talking about the nature of magic and how it works. He also talks about how a mage needs to pour their soul into whatever magic they're doing. At first this sounded like a flowery speach, but it all changed when we saw Franmalth's...
  22. Kiryu-MG3

    Life Force Absorption?

    I have a doubt about it. A user with this power can Absorb the energy from BOTH living and dead beings? Or there is a restriction?
  23. KaiserReinhardt

    Fairy Tail: Ethernano

    In this thread, we gonna talk about ethernano and how it works. We know that after a mage's magic continer get's empty, then they can use the ethernano in the atmosphere to replenish their magic back up. Should this be considered as magic absorbtion, since they're able to use the ethernano in...
  24. DMB_1

    Question about intelligence

    If someone manages to create a device/multiple devises capable of absorbing a 5-B's, or even a Low 2-C's power/energy, (yes, this power is supernatural btw) what type of intelligence does it qualify as?
  25. Newendigo

    Absorption = Higher Resistance?

    I may ask: Does character who have the abilitie to absorb certain hax have greater resistance than a character that can only withstand it. Like, if someone can imbue his whole body with energy/fire/electricity/radiation or whatever they can absorb has greater resistance at that...
  26. FrostMouse0

    Character Fusion Ideas/A Wiki dedicated to character fusions?

    yup, more or less what the title says. Here's one I have, a Hexafusion of Juggernaut, Red Magnus, and Titamon Edit: Hopefully one day we can have a character fusion generator to encompass most all fiction/mythologies and what not..
  27. Kaltias

    About Absorption, Regenerationn and how they interact

    So, I was told that apparently we assume that absorption bypasses regen, and it doesn't matter what the degree of the regen is, because you are becoming a part of the one who absorbs. I can see the logic behind that, but there is an issue. Say that you have a Low-Godly regenerator, and someone...
  28. Newendigo

    Two Questions: A roasted planet and a constellation drained.

    ^See above. First question: How many heat (Or at least energy) is needed to complety vaporize our planet, and I mean in one attack or in some seconds, and how this could be rated in the Tiering System? Second question: This is more complicated. If a character ever manage to absorb the energy...
  29. Holyhotsauce

    Flowey Addition

    Flowey Should have Absorption For Absorbing The six human souls at the end of a Neutral Run and later Absorbing all monster Souls at the end of the Pacifist Route.

    Doomsday (DCEU) durability reduction

    Yes DD tanked the nuke, but was it all his durability? No. DD absorbed the energy when it exploded, that's why he survived, not because he has city level durability. I think DD should have around multi-block durability and city level durability vs energy attacks.