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Soupy's Bracket Bowl: The Return! Round 9!

Oh. Now looking at that AP difference. This is gonna be a trickier one. Undynes ability to hold someone in place is going to help a lot. And her spears can easily reach her. But the clones is what really has me uneasy.
Ohoho, I have the AP advantage!

Well, lets see how this goes.

Undyne may be scared of her, but it should be noted shes been through many, and even at the line of death, she would not be afraid, only determined.

The basis of PoY is that her fighting style is to spam Energy Attacks, but she only teleports after she is hit. Of course, Undyne's is superior, especially if she can lock Part of You in place via turning her soul green. Even if she does escape it and creates multiple clones, again, keys: Danmaku and Experience. 5 energy blasts would be outbested by many more, especially if she gets more annoyed that PoY is taking too much damage yet is still alive, she will actually do her attacks much faster, and its only the matter of time before PoY is unable to even outbest Undyne's danmaku due to superiority, especially the AP.

Hence, voting Undyne for being far more experienced, stronger, and superior danmaku.
Wait. How does Part of you cause panic attacks? I thought that girl just suffered from panic attacks naturally in a bad situation. Part of you scaring her into one isn't hard is she just naturally suffered from them. I'm skeptical in that ability
I mean tbf PoY is a personification of anxiety, I think Celeste's anxiety even, so I don't think it's a stretch to say she causes them
I mean being the personification doesn't mean she should be assumed to give it to others. It's not like the panic attacks effected that other guy, or anyone else. Since she suffered from them. It's not much an ability I think she would have. At least not viable to anyone outside of her
I suppose it doesn't entirely matter since Undynes determination could work her through it. Much like she worked through her panic attacks.

I will make a CTR on it though. But since that won't entirely have too my effect, I'll let it slide for now
Actually, reading it, it may be able to be left on her page, but it isn't combat applicable. It should only specify Madeline.
So Undyne hitting POY is gonna be a lot worse than POY hitting Undyne do you the danmaku and double power advantage. Since Undyne can attack in such a depressed our manor. She is likely to tag more times than not. And she can at least hold one of them in place with the paralyzing. And take them out pretty fast via danmaku and double AP advantage. Fear isn't gonna stop Undyne as shown with her determination. Even at her worse, she isn't going to stop fighting. And it's not like POY can deal danmaku herself. The most she can do is slightly mimic it with her clones. But it's not even to Undynes degree of danmaku. Flight does help her in moblikity and dodging, but since Danmaku, which she hadn't faced before. I'll have to say she gets tagged much more. I guess I'll go with Undyne then. For these and reasons above. About what I expected the fight to go
Dont worry. Ill cover for ya. You have my word that in honor for defeating me, I would help ya out.
It's quite in-character for Part of You to teleport long distances away like in her second fight, likely getting out of Undyne's "tens of meters" range, or to send clones after her opponent like in her first fight, both of which allow PoY to get hits more consistently than Undyne. Given she has a 2x AP advantage, I'd say PoY takes this more often than not.
Part Of You scales to 0.054 tons

" AP (And preferably durability) must be between 0.005 and .05 Tons of TNT"

This is the like the third character who yeets the rules
The old legend says that no Bracket made by Soupy can't be plagued by characters who violate the rules of said Bracket.