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Sigurd vs Gin Ichimaru

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Alright let's do this,an 2nd Sigurd match here,this time he will fight an foxy-face shinigami here,who would win in this fight!!?

-Bolverk Gram and Kamishini no Yari are unrestricted

-Both in character

-Speed equalized

-Place located in Skandinavia

-Range is 50 meters

-Win via death!!!



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Eh intresting I know servants are quite versatile,so is there any reason he isn't getting buto renjin'd eventually
I know you didn't know but dammit Vel, pitting my two favorite verses against each other. As for the fight itself, let's see both sides advantages.

Sigurd -

1. Out skills Gin easily with a dagger (Did exactly this against Holmes and pseudo Galahad (similar to Gawain and Lancelot). Can beat god-murdering Bryn at max love. Weaker Bryn is equivalent to the better Arthur). Just wait til he uses his main sword.

2. Scandanavia and runes amp both AP and Durability.

3. Magic Resistance makes Kido irrelevant. Runes make them more irrelevant.

4. Can do all the other things Bryn/Cu can do with runes (freeze things, burn things, summon meteors, fly, NP level barriers, track, forced fight, seeing the future, illusions, possible instant death).

5. Theoretically limitless stamina, also allows him to potentially spam the cooler Excalibur.

6. Sexy glasses, 'nuff said ... oh and they amp his already high awareness and gives total recall for a bunch of useful and useless info.

Gin -

1. Greater range

2. Initially higher AP/Durability

3. Higher attack speed

4. Potential one shot with Bankai (needs to be in Gram-range for Korose gg).

As much as I would like to give daddy Sigurd the win, Gin is gonna go for his Bankai before Sigurd punches a sword at him, likely ending the fight then and there. If he somehow survives, it is well within his ability to back off, heal and nuke ftw. Sadly I don't see it happening much. Gin 7.5-8/10.
Sexy glasses, 'nuff said ... oh and they amp his already high awareness and gives total recall for a bunch of useful and useless info.

Always wondered why someone would wear glasses on such heavy macho armour.

Gin sees design and angrily goes bankai before he steals Rangiku
I mean

The reasoning for Gin isn't bad, what is the AP difference between them? Like by multiplier?
Mr. Bambu said:
I mean
The reasoning for Gin isn't bad, what is the AP difference between them? Like by multiplier?
Sigurd is 385 Megatons while Gin is above 650 Megatons.
So not a lot.

Not even 2x, even.

Gin's range isn't too much better.

Honestly I think Sigurd takes this. Gin's best abilities are poison (which seems to just bugger with one's senses?) and teleportation. Meanwhile Sigurd has versatility of attacks, and forcefield creation, meaning Gin's attacks potentially are not landing.


How good is Sigurd's memory manipulation? If he has that hax in good capacity, I'll vote him. If not, even the minor AP difference should give Gin a win since neither has much else going for them.
Gin is well above 650 megatons as he can overwhelmed Masked Bankai Ichigo and tanked his getsuga tensho. He also oneshot this girl. Not to mention he can amped his attack further with buto renjin as well increase his attack speed, and his bankai (the poison) can ignore durability as it can break down and dissolve at the cellular level from the inside out.

And the Perception Manipulation and Teleportation is come from his Kido, not from his zanpakuto/bankai in case you didn't know.
He is unquantifiably above 650 Megatons, I get that. But without some solidly proven multiplier or anything, we don't have a number.

Other points are solid I guess, still need info on memory manip.

The memory manip is explained in his profile. He carves runes on a weapon and it erases the memories of whatever he attacks.

On the topic of AP though, why do we scale A rank and A+ strength to 385mt? The plus is technically a x2 multiplier so Sigurd is actually swinging at 385+ to 770+ megatons even before his own stat amp.
That... makes me really vote for Sigurd. With that weapon he can almost certainly incap by just erasing memories. It is based on getting a single hit, correct? If so, he takes this by what could be called "mindhax" kek.

What he's suggesting IS Mountain level.

I dunno how fast he goes for the memory manip though. Alternatively, he can carve a death rune instead which I think he goes for faster.


I know he is Mountain level, I'm just confused why they scale A-rank to a feat performed by an A+ character. If you wanna do that then the + multiplier should apply. Even if this was accepted, he would still be a Mountain Level character, just on the higher end.

Servants are reluctant to use their NPs because they are basically their signature/callsign. If another Servant sees it/hears the name, they likely know your name which will give away any weaknesses you have. While Sigurd's only weakness is his yandere waifu (who even gets a bonus when it comes to killing him), Gin goes for his Bankai stupidly fast in comparison to basically any Servant sans the Cu Chu train.
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