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Saint Seiya - Hades and Athena Conceptual Manipulation

In Saint Seiya; The Lost Canvas

Hades is said to remove the concept of death from his Spectres, making them effectively immortal, unable to fully die.


"The concept of death does not exist for the Spectres"


Athena is able to nullify this by putting up a barrier where Spectres have died which stops them from being revived.


So this should be added as justifications for their conceptual manipulation.

We can also add the justification for Hades's Mid Godly because he relies on the concept of death much like Eris relies on the concept of conflict.



Another thing which I think needs justification added onto his page is Law Manipulation. Hades created the Underworld which has specific laws and rules to how it operates differently to the living world, whoever falls within it will be bound by those laws. If someone who is alive falls into the Underworld then they will turn into a dead soul under Hades' control via the laws of the Underworld.

"天馬星座は冥界へ落ち その掟に縛られ 亡者と化している はずなのです"

"Pegasus has fallen into the Underworld and should be bound by its laws, turning into the deceased."


One last thing which is unrelated...I also personally think that Hades' profile should be split into different versions, Lost Canvas is in a different dimension from the main Saint Seiya dimension, so Hades (Alone) should probably have his own tab.
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the current canon blog has detailed why the gods are the same among the multiverse, but Alone utilises Hades' abilities in a very unique way so I agree LC Alone is unique enough to be his own profile simply due to his application Hades' hax, however, there is only 1 Hades.

The other stuff seems fine
Just gonna give my two cents.

The raws are pretty similar to the English release.
• ⁠I will not perish... as long as there is strife... 我は滅びぬ・・・争いある限り・・・
• ⁠Surely... かならずや・・・
• ⁠to the blood-scented battlefield... I will return... 血の香る戦場に・・・ふたたび舞い戻ろう・・・

Agree with the additions. Gods should also get law hax resistance for disregarding each other's laws (the blood/Cosmo of Athena saving Pegasus from the laws of the UW for example)
You should add this in. Pretty sure its type 3 CM

I'm looking at how the constellations in verse can be Type 1 or maybe type 2 conceptual Manipulation but wiki is changing to fast

Perhaps but I'm unsure about that, the sword itself qualifies for Abstract Existence though

He should definitely have at least Type 2 conceptual manipulation
I agree with the ops proposal, when considering alone did paint a city, and it crumbled, indicating it “died”. Hades ability working on non living things would suggest he is not limited to biological death.
just begs the question, why would the official translation be any better than any other translator?
In this case, the series is largely represented by , French,Brazilian or Spanish translation, but English has little translation, should we consider other languages as being better to be used as a scan?
I don't know if you noticed, but there is a quote from the classic Hades that always there must be hate in people's hearts or else it will return
True. Let me translate Dragon Ball Daima next so I can give it an infinite dimensional cosmology by translating it how I see fit
Ok, let me just assume every translator is a power scaling cringe lord who will go out of their way to falsify scans...
You kinda need that for a verse with no official english translation for a lot of the material.
The issue is that in the 4 major languages. There is a horrible issue with translators leaving whole lines if kanji our or completely skipping over a kanji like a character name which both end up completely altering what is said

This is a huge problem in BR and Spanish Dark Wing atm.

The problem with English versions in the past was 1 prominent SS translator purposely altered text to make the Gold Saints seem more impress than they actually are. There are 2 translators fixing what he's done atm.

Also BR translations tend to wank G from what I seem by adding in things nit there.....

French just... skip around and skip kanji or translate things in reverse

Sl yeah... imo only using raws are usable and qr shoukd already know why that's a,pain