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conceptual manipulation

  1. Thunderian

    Abstract Existence and Fundamental Aspects

    So, I have a question here. 1. Can 'AE type 1 of Type 2 Concept' be affected by Information Manipulation Type 2? 2. Can 'AE type 1 of Type 2 Information' be affected by Plot Manipulation? 3. Can 'AE type 1 of the Plot' be affected by Conceptual Manipulation Type 2? This condition is where the...
  2. Fixxed

    Question about Transduality 2

    Because I recently finished upgrading character to get transdual. I thought some questions about it 1. If Transduality 2 transcended all duality, its mean it would have acausality type 5 and NEP nature type 2 in it?? 2. Is Transduality 2 have immunity to all fundamental aspect of reality...
  3. Conceptual destruction

    If a character removed a concept from a space, everything in that space that abides by that concept would be destroyed, since the concept doesn't exist. would a character unaffected by the destruction of the concept, be above the concept itself?
  4. Yemma670

    Predating Existence and other stuff

    I'm planning on making a crt so I wanted to ask: Existing before existence, creating the systems/laws/concepts that shape your reality and being conceptless. What powers/abilities/resistances would this give?
  5. Noneless21

    Just some dumb question

    Like the title of this thread i got some weird and probably dumb question Okay, so character A has conceptual level life manipulation and it's capable of making armies with said ability, while character B is capable of killing said army with its death manipulation and it is capable of doing so...
  6. TRUTH

    conceptual manipulation type 2

    Does physics manipulation provide resistance to conceptual manipulation on speed??

    Conceptual Manipulation/Abstract Existence and Soul Manipulation

    If in a verse every existing being has souls, including abstract beings of type 1 concepts, does that mean that souls are also a type 1 concept? And if this is correct, would manipulating souls in this verse be considered conceptual manipulation as well?
  8. Delta333

    Conceptual manipulation

    Haven't read type 3 concept section for a long time so there are old changes that I'm not aware of 1. Why regenerating from destruction of type 3 concept is not high godly regeneration?Personal concept is still something that makes up and governs one existence, so it should be fundamental...
  9. Aether_

    Conceptual Question

    It's about cm 1 If there is a Conceptual manipulation type 1 independent concept vs Conceptual manipuation type 1 transcendent concept Which one is supperior? Or it just same thing? And i have ever heard that cm 1 transcendent one can interact with acausality type 5, is that true?
  10. Question about concept manip and high-godly regen

    I've seen many people claim that concept manip doesn't work on those with high-godly regen. However, it should still kill them, no? Since it can kill them (and they come back from it of course), doesn't that mean that they don't resist concept manipulation? Wouldn't it be possible for the person...
  11. Noneless21

    About CM type 1 and powernull

    Hello, I would like to ask a question regarding CM type 1 and possible powernull 1. How does a character qualified for getting CM type 1 and what feats do they need to demonstrate in order to get that? 2. If character A is 3D with 5D smurf hax while character B is 5D being that capable of...
  12. TheGreatJedi13

    Conceptual manip question

    rather a simple one They are basically wedges that define concepts and gave birth to them for example, they define what makes fire fire and what makes it different from water, a deeper example is they define what are the difference between life and death thus these concepts can exist, a more...
  13. Teezar

    Concept question.

    What type of Manipulation is it to create a concept e.g concept of time, concept of life and all that.
  14. Dr._whiteee

    Conceptual Manipulation Clarifications/Revisions

    Hello All, The topic of this discussion is in regards to how we treat conceptual manipulation and is sort of stemming from the current JjK hax revisions thread, and this incomplete thread discussing some of the concepts I am touching upon today. Essentially, we don't really have an avenue...
  15. Jamesthetaker

    Predate Creation Feat

    If a character/or object are said to created everything in existance (myths, creatures, stories, science, technology, and human civilization, etc) does it mean said character/or object predates creation? If so, what level of Conceptual Manipulation would it be?
  16. TauanVictor

    Acausality (Type 5) VS Conceptual Manipulation

    What type of Conceptual Manipulation can bypass Type 5 Acausality?
  17. Setsuna_tenma

    Concept question

    If there is A and a has resisted his concept being destroyed and he faces B who has concept modification can A resist B
  18. Hidayat_maulana


    I still can't really understand transduality, duality, kinds of entities like Nep 2 , conceptual manipulation, conceptual types, causal systems,Why can space and time be called duality?Why is time also a concept? Is space also a concept? The concept of time is included in what type of...
  19. Shuradou

    Question about conceptual manipulation

    If someones name is removed, what type of concept manipulation is it? And why?
  20. Purgy

    Another simple Yhwach CRT

    I lied, this won't be simple at all, rather I expect it to be pretty controversial. Essentially, I'm proposing that Yhwach gets one of the following; Possibly Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2) Something else that might be suggested in the comments The reasoning itself is rather simple really...
  21. RALFdoang

    𝘾𝙈1 𝙫𝙨 𝙉𝙀𝙋2 𝙌𝙪𝙚𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣

    Does Conceptual Manipulation type 1 that tying such object/subject to a concept, or adding concept to such object/subject can work to NEP2 characters? Example like SCP-2719
  22. Sevil Natas

    regenerating from a type 1 concept

    so for example if a certain character can regenerate from only a type 1 concept left, what level of regeneration will that be? because type 1 concepts are unbound by time by definition thus its possible that the character in question can survive erasure from across all time
  23. DontTalkDT

    Improving the Concept Manipulation Type 3 Formulation

    The definition of concept manipulation type 3 is, in my opinion, a little vague. Part of the reason for that is that it essentially defines Type 3 concepts as abstract mental things. Problem is, to quote from a dictionary, abstract means "existing as an idea, feeling, or quality, not as a...
  24. Delta333

    Adding note for Acausality type 5

    People said that conceptual hax type 1 can bypass acausal type 5.Personally I don't really understand why can that logic be true but since it has been used in many matches I think making a note (with explanation) under acausality type 5 section is needed,so that new members will know some ways...
  25. Ogbunabali

    [The Secret World] Conceptual Manipulation for the Dreamers

    Well there's been a revision for the types for Conceptual Manipulation, and type 3 is more inclusive than it was before, the Filth should qualify for that now. The new definition for type 3 concepts: The Filth is a living meme: -Legends: The Filth It works on ideas: -Legends: Breach Of The...
  26. chosen

    Embodiment of pure good

    So let say is stated i am the embodiment of pure good But it isn't needed to destroy pure good to destroy me Is conceptual manipulation needed to interact with me or you can și it without it?
  27. Arcker123

    Twin Bladed Knife CRT

    "Limited Name Stealing (Type 3; The Twin-Bladed Knife was used "to cut" The Outsider's name away tearing it away and making The Outsider what he is, which was returned to him, "unmaking him", either through the stab of the Twin-Bladed Knife or through the dead speaking his name back to him) via...
  28. Sus

    conceptual manipulation

    character A has conceptual manipulation character B doesn't have resistance to it, but it's tier 1, making it transcended to A Can character A effect character B?
  29. Rabbit2002

    Question about conceptual manipulation

    1/There are three characters A, B and C respectively. A has conceptual manipulation type 2 or 1, but cannot affect anyone's ability to think, perceive concepts. Character B also has the same conceptual manipulation as A, but can directly affect ability to conceptualize and remember the concept...
  30. Sus

    digimon question

    what level is Lucemon's conceptual manipulation?
  31. Lapsad

    Concept type 2 : Predated object

    Simply to say , an Concept exist predated object would automatically being type 2 ?
  32. TheGatememer

    Are Types 3 and higher Concept Abstract Beings assumed to be Omnipresent ?

    Title basically. Since they are a concept that governs all reality, would that make them omnipresent?
  33. TheGatememer

    Why does killing a Type 1 Abstract only require NPI?

    If you are literally killing a being who is the concept of something, shouldn’t you need like conceptual destruction or something?
  34. Pokemonfan807

    Does Ragna have Concept Manipulation?

    i saw that he's a concept user when i pressed list for concept users of blazblue via DPL if so why do i not see conceptual manipulation in his power and abilities?
  35. Stocking.exe


    If one can resist conceptual type 3 on High 1-C level, would they be able to resist conceptual type 2 of 2-A level(or any lower dimensionality)? Thank you
  36. TheGatememer

    Does a Concept have to predate existence in order to be a Type 2 Concept?

  37. Rabbit2002

    Her Tears were my Light - Small Revision (Conceptual manipulation type 2)

    Grant CM type 2 for Nill, Space and Time The reason is that in the beginning scenes of Game , Time wanders alone in Nill's The Darkness/Void after Nill wipes out all of Time's memories/universes and Everything, starting a new one with just her and Time , it is also said to be the Beginning/The...
  38. Stocking.exe

    Ask sumthing

    If one can manipulate the concept that beyond any abstracts like Real-Number, Information or time Regarded as something that cannot be conceptualized and being an emptiness nature Would this one get conceptual manipulation type 2?
  39. Stocking.exe

    About this concept

    Why this dude in Bayonetta gained concept type 3 from creating a free will? Doesn't it qualify for type 4?
  40. OnsokunoSonic

    Can a 2-C Conceptual Erasure affect a Acausality Type 3 that's 2-A?

    So let's say there are character A and B. A being the 2-C character B being the 2-A character So the B character have the ability to exist in every timeline that's infinite in number (not Omnipresent). So the A character tries to conceptually erase the B character using his Conceptual...
  41. TheGatememer

    Death Manipulation on Type 2 Abstracts

    So lets say a character's Death Manip is capable of permanently killing Type 2 Abstracts. If that Death Manipulation kills an ordinary person, would they be conceptually killed?
  42. Sevil Natas

    EE Revision

    currently in the wiki we treat EE that erases soul & body as just more potent EE, imo that is not correct. i started a Q&A thread regarding this topic, but it failed to give me convincing answers, so Im starting a CRT to further discuss this issue The Revision : EE that Erases Soul & Body...
  43. Arcker123

    Name Stealing Or Concept Manip

    "Limited Name Stealing (Type 3; The Twin-Bladed Knife was used "to cut" The Outsider's name away tearing it away and making The Outsider what he is, which was returned to him, "unmaking him", either through the stab of the Twin-Bladed Knife or through the dead speaking his name back to him"...
  44. sanicspood

    what type of conceptual manipulation would this be?

    if some op ass dragon ball bad guy comes in and erased the concept of ki so no one in dragon ball can use ki-based attacks, what type of conceptual manipulation would it be?
  45. Rabbit2002

    SCP revision thread with Some BIG concept, NEP , regen stuff of SCP

    As mentioned by Thread, upgrades the UIU's Shark concept manipulation from 3 to 2 due to the claimed concepts to exist independently of the object it represents in the same Canon's dictionary is the Third Law hub. Also this could become one of the most metaphysically powerful type 2 concept (not...
  46. Stocking.exe

    Cm 2 qualify?

    If one be able to affect/control a conceptual space that exists in a deeper layer of reality more than another conceptual plane(to the point it cannot affect the higher one), would it be qualified for conceptual type 2? Thank you
  47. SupremeNiva

    Is this Concept Manipulation type 3 or 4?

    What type of concept you get if you remove someone name and make all the people completely forget about that person name? Is it concept manipulation type 3 or 4?
  48. Regidian

    Nasuverse Concept CRT

    As some of you know Nasuverse concept are accepted as not following the usual standard type of vsbattle (Except for the concept that directly originate from the Root who are type 1) but this CRT is to add a text that mention that even if their not follow the usual type their still able to affect...
  49. Rabbit2002

    A long questions of newbei

    1/ Create or destroy Aleph 2 universes which tier it would be? Low 1-C or Low-1A? Similar to Aleph 3 and up 2/ Would a paradoxical concept like concept of "no concept" be Nep 1 or 2? Some examples (from SCP) "CNC : A rare substance similar in appearance and structure to glass, which primarily...
  50. SupremeNiva

    Does resisting Concept Manip 3 automaticly grant you resistence to Concept Manip 4?

    Might be a dumb questions but whatever
  51. Conceptual Manipulation type 1 vs Transduality type 4

    Which ability is better?
  52. GreatIskandar14045

    The Return: Nonexistent Physology Issues

    If I'm not misinterpreting it, conceptual nonexistent is strictly necissitate in order to be qualified as type 2, otherwise they're only type 1. Issue: We are equating every characters who are erased from history and plot/narrative to merely a conventional nonexistent (literally just lacking...
  53. Stocking.exe

    Kill an abstract

    If one can kill AE type 1 being who embodying possibilities, Theories, Information, Ideas and emotions. Will this one get(besides NPI) anything like conceptual manipulation or something else? Thank you
  54. Oliver_de_jesus

    Conceptual existence

    the character A is the concept of death, he existed before life, is that type 2?
  55. Garchomp777

    Question about mindhax

    If you mindhax a concept, is that conceptual manipulation? The object exists as purely a type 2 concept BTW, not an embodiment but a literal idea
  56. Setsuna_tenma

    Toujou Basara addition

    so he should be concept manipulation from this thread
  57. KingPin0422

    The remains of the Tiering Revision, part 2

    This is to be continued from here. And yes, I have permission to post this thread, as you will be able to see near the end of the other one. Introduction In the wake of the tiering system revision, performed about a year and a half ago, not only did a handful of characters have to be readjusted...
  58. Rikimarox2

    Is this Concept Erasure?

    Character A has an ability, that when someone is on the brink of death and yada yada, an entity will arrive behind them, hugging them, before both the entity and the victim disappear. Once the victim disappears, everything about them does so as well. For example, character B had a huge building...
  59. Lapsad

    Does plot manipulation is stronger than concept ?

    They have been dicussed everytime when poeple talked about high-godly regen , "plot erasure >>>>>concept erasure" does it true ?
  60. GreatIskandar14045

    About the Taboo being a conceptual law (The God of High School)

    I just wonder where this comes from, as far as I know, the Taboo was only explained as an intangible law planted by the Supreme Gods down the humans' genetic in order to prevent their potentials to reach the levels of the Supreme Gods in term of knowledge, power, and wisdom. However, all I see...
  61. Garchomp777

    Mario and Paint: Concept Manip PART II

    Its already accepted that paint is conceptual in Mario. Essentially, manipulating paint is manipulating not just concept of "you", but multiple different concepts. The concept of your memory, life, soul etc So I tried to see if I could make a list of abilities paint manipulation would give Ned...
  62. Ian2296

    Can Conceptual Manipulation type 2 affect Non Existent Physiology 2?

    Yeah, what the tittle says. Let's say, there's this X guy, he has NEP 2, but he doesn't have any resistance to Concept Manipulation type 2. And then, there's this Z guy, he has Concept Manipulation type 2, but he doesn't have any feats interacting with NEP 2 character. My question is, can...
  63. Lapsad

    I said it wrong ?

    Ok. I did have discussed with my friends about conceptual , we did a lot of argument but i have specified the main point , so if i'm wrong plz checked for me. 1. Friend : "Just forced or overwhelmed concept type 3 by another concept type 3 does it can fit for type 2 ?" Me : "No , it just...
  64. EinelRendezvous


    Okay guys.. so I just checked the Mori Jin profile in fandom, and saw that He doesn't had any abillities like Conceptual Manipulation type 3 and Law Manipulation with resistance of it. I mean, since Mori Jin became the supreme divine being in The God of Highschool who killed and replaced...
  65. Rc5X

    Can CM affecting NEP?

    Can CM3 affect to NEP1 and CM2 affect to NEP2?
  66. Oliver_de_jesus

    Being a living equation can mean being abstract existent?

    an object/entity is composed of numbers, complex equations and be pure mathematics. can it count as an abstract entity? and what concept would give someone to manipulate or destroy it.
  67. Garchomp777

    Is erasing an abstract from existence considered conceptual erasure

    Title says it all. Like complete erasure of this being who embodies the concept of, maybe non existence
  68. Setsuna_tenma

    castlevania question?

    what gives castlevania concept manipulation?
  69. Garchomp777

    About type 5 immortality

    If the very concept of death itself cannot kill you, and this concept of death is a bigger concept of death than the concept of death who is a bigger concept of death than this other concept of death, does that grant the character who resisted it immortality type 5? By the way these characters...
  70. A NEP Type 1 and Concept Type 2 Question

    Apparently, for affect a NEP Type 1 you need have Conceptual Manipulation Type 2 (or similiar stuff) But why Concept Type 2 can affect NEP Type 1? also, if there was a theard discussion about NEP Type 1 being affected by conceptual type 2, I would be grateful if someone could link it, because...
  71. Greatsage13th

    One question about a specific thing in question.

    So....if a person could manipulate how something functions (For example Relativity or Yin and Yang)...would it be considered as manipulating a concept or manipulating a law?
  72. Euthanized

    Ask about False Platonic Concept Sandalphon

    I've found Tohka Yatogami in VSB and she has CM 2 via Sandalphon. Here the state : Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2; Sandalphon can cut all rules, concepts and the wall separating the world). And then this is feats of the above statement : “……I can. With this <Nahemah>……chase after that...
  73. Setsuna_tenma

    Doctor Who Concept

    Currently doctor who characters have type 2 concept hax because of these Memevores who can eat concepts, or weapons that could erase TARDISes on a conceptual level The problem is non of those is type 2 concept. Eating concepts is type 3 and the tardis is not a type 2 concept
  74. Lapsad

    Why both of this have type 2 concept

    Just on above , this two , can someone give me a feat or elaborate more why both have type 2
  75. DontTalkDT

    The remains of the Tiering Revision - Irrelevant Speed, Conceptual Manipulation Type 1 and Transduality Type 2, 3 & 4

    Before the Tiering Revision 1-A was somewhat of a special tier due to being assumed to be beyond spacetime in general, which some people ascribed special properties to. As a result, various special 1-A categories were created. Since the tiering revision, Tier 1-A lost it's special status, due to...
  76. Arkenis

    Vanitas no Shuki Discussion Thread

    Starting a thread for this verse since for one it's by the author of Pandora Hearts and also just a really nice verse as of now Author is on hiatus as of now so not sure when it will continue though. Hopefully soon. Also made pages for almost everyone in the verse so far and had to make a page...
  77. Jamesthetaker

    Kamen Rider Conceptual Manipulation

    Hey, it had been a while since we have a proper discussion on the site and i have been going around learning stuffs and even though myself still haven't grasp full knowledge of the subject but i would like to see your thought on this. Today we will talk about Kamen Rider Conceptual Manipulation...
  78. Zoro21043

    question about conceptual manipulation

    i read the page for the types of conceptual manipulation but i am not sure if i am getting it so i want to say what i understood and give examples to see if im correct from what i understood concepts that are bound by our reality are type 3 and 4, and types 1 and 2 transcend our reality...
  79. Oliver_de_jesus

    concept type 2 and acausality

    I know that Concept type 2 affects acausal beings, But the abstract entities that represent a type 2 concept could be considered as acausal beings since it transcends reality in a similar way?
  80. Stocking.exe

    Little curious

    How the Archie Sonic peoples achieved type 2 conceptual? Sry if there're already explained blogs that I might overlooked.
  81. Lapsad

    Get erased on conceptual & NEP type 2

    Let me say If charracter A are get erased by conceptual type 3 on conceptual level he would becoming NEP type 2 , B charracter are doing same but on conceptual type 2 level , this mean B character will have more impressive NEP type 2 ?
  82. JustANormalPerson01

    Tiny Anos Change

    Ok, that's quite tiny. Since Origin in Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha now is treated as Concept, then Anos' Soul Manipulation should be changed to Conceptual Manipulation type 3.
  83. Eganergo

    What type is Kamen Rider OOO conceptual manip?

    Basically title. Is it type 3? Should be noted on the profile to avoid confusion.
  84. Stocking.exe

    Little question

    If one exists as a conceptual being that beyond the physical world(Which consisted of physics, Time and space) predates the world(Universe) and gave the birth to the total duality concept(Yin&Yang, Light&Darkness, Creation&Destruction, Day&Night, Men&Women, Prosperity&Decline, Good&Evil and...
  85. Jamesthetaker

    Question about Conceptual stuff

    If a character that can control over concept of void/nothingness on 2-B scale then what type would it be?
  86. Andika_CL_atmadja

    Conceptual Stuff

    Suppose there are Concept of X which predates concept of time and space itself. Would that mean X is Type 2 Concept ?
  87. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Add Essence Manipulation to the wiki?

    So, it seems we had a former debate (?) about essence manip being allowed on the wiki or not. I think the main arguments were "There isnt enough users" and "It could just be concept manip or info manip" For the first argument, we have powers like Fungus Manip (only 34 users), Alternate Future...
  88. Oliver_de_jesus

    Is conceptual (type 2) manipulation automatically considered 4D?

  89. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Conceptual Manipulation in Touhou

    I have a question. Is concepthax in Touhou combat applicable? Because I see that they're listed as Limited Type 3. Limited Conceptual Manipulation (Type 3; All gods can give "names" to things, giving them a concept of their own, and a defined border. She can also modify her own concept/name)
  90. Ultra_instinct_issei

    So..type 1 concept manipulation is the strongest hax there is?

    Looks to me like that.
  91. RicardoSama

    Conceptual manipulation vs Information manipulation

    What is stronger? Why and explain
  92. Kodai_no_Kami

    Still confuses me

    What is the qualification for Conceptual Manipulation type 2? Some example, please
  93. Vitorriq

    Suggestion of New Verse: Philosophy-Verse

    I saw that there are a variety of "verses" here in this wikia, from myths to the real world, but I have one thing in mind. I would like to open a new category of "verse" which is "Philosophy", because I had an idea based on Kybalion's "All" of Hermetism or Plato's "World of Ideas" What do you...
  94. Stocking.exe

    What this ability could be?

    "The Blade is formless but needs no form, The edge though shapeless fills every space" "This is the edge of the blade of ******* , It's formless yet vast, Infinity its span. It's the essence of divine and ends where it began, For there is no escape from the edge of *******" "******* consumes...
  95. Oliver_de_jesus

    Nonexistence type 1 vs Conceptual Manipulation type 3?

    So I have been wondering if character A can manipulate concepts (type 3) but lacks NPI, it faces character B who has Nonexistence Physiology (type 1) so character A can harm character B?
  96. ZephyrosOmega

    Nasuverse Conceptual Manipulation

    This is something that probably needs to be addressed now. So, the Nasuverse god tiers (BB, Hassan, Gilgamesh once authority uwu revisions are done probably) have conceptual manipulation. But it should also be decided what TYPE of conceptual manipulation it is. Type 1, 2, 3, 4? Etc. I don't...
  97. Kayra,_the_Taken_Kid

    What are type 1 concepts?

    What are type 1 concepts and what's the difference between Type 1 and Type 2?
  98. Ultra_instinct_issei

    Some offensive examples of conceptual manipulation?

    Hey guys, can you give me some examples how concept manipulation is used offensively?