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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 3.5, Part 4.

Finally done the previous crts, which means we can quickly move on to Part 5. The split of Keys.

Now, I actually do not understand why the only keys I see are "alive, deceased" for F&J, then base and elementals for the others as if they don't grow.

Finn's rapid change of swords and powers, Jake's and Simon's growth alongside Finn, Bubblegum's growth of her elemental powers, Marceline's many states throughout the series, and many more.

So we will have keys for many of the characters. That's that.

Episodes for feats are here.

Finn Mertens (Finn The Human/P-G-8-7 Mertens)​

Key: Seasons 1-Dungeon Train | Dungeon Train - Dad's Dungeon | Dad's Dungeon - Apple Wedding | Blade of Grass - Reboot | Two Swords - Elementals Arc | Season 10 | Deceased

Season 1- S2E18 Finn is the one that uses the Golden Sword of Battle. He uses Wizard Powers and the Ice Ninja abilities. He is unable to touch Ghosts during the events of S2E4.

As of S2E19, Finn gains the Root Sword. He also turns 13 Years old. After that he uses the Magic Resistant Pink Sweater and the Gauntlet of the Hero. He is capable of touching Ghosts during the events of S2E24.

As of S3E25, Finn gains the Demon Blood Sword. As of the Year timeskip in S3E20 for the yearly Christmas event + the confirmation of the 2012 Pendleton Ward interview that Finn turned 14 towards the end of Season 3 when he was 13 during the events of S2E19, Finn is 14 years old.

Finn retains the same weapon until the events of S5E40 where his sword is broken and absorbed, and he gains the Grass Sword in S5E45. As of S5E46, Finn gets his sword training with Rattleballs, the master swordsman.

Finn then loses his arm in S6E2 during the events of Escape From the Citadel. He regains his arm in S6E6, and he gains the Finn Sword in S6E19.

No drastic changes happen until the events of S8E13 "Reboot" where Finn loses his arm again. He loses both his Finn Sword and his Grass Sword, which transform into Fern. As of this timeframe from S6E19 to S8E13, he has several consistent God Tier scaling feats with his Grass Vine. His Grass Vine mode harms Orgalorg, cuts off the Jake Lich's hand, and its angered mode pushes back a Gumball Guardian amped Susan Strong, who can hurt the Lich.

From this point on in S8E14, he gains a Mechanical arm which is stronger than his regular arm. He gains the Small Sword and fights the Elementals. He's easily stronger than before. He's comparable to Fern.

Month timeskip since S9E14. Loses the Small Sword in S10E1 and gains the Night Sword in S10E7. He is capable of matching the Green Knight, a far stronger version of Fern.

Then he dies and fights Death's goons in distant lands.

Jake The Dog​

Key: Seasons 1-Dungeon Train | Dungeon Train - Dad's Dungeon | Dad's Dungeon - Apple Wedding | Blade of Grass - Reboot | Two Swords - Elementals Arc | Season 10 | Deceased

Jake grows at the same times as Finn does.

Simon Petrikov (Ice King)​

Key: Seasons 1-2 | Season 3 | Season 5 | Season 6 - Elementals

Same as above, except his keys are where his powers are actually shown in combat.

S1-2 is all the F&J fights. S3 is him defending F&J from Scorcher. S5 is his fight with Flame Princess. S6 - Elementals is his cooling of the core in the Fire Kingdom, then when he overpowers Empress's beam and freezes her in ice.

Marceline Abadeer (Marceline The Vampire Queen/Marshmaline the Campfire Queen)​

Key: Human | Vampire (Pre-Stakes) | Vampire (Post-Stakes) | Nightosphere Amulet

Her Human key is during her flashbacks as a Vampire Hunter and her Stakes version where she is reverted to a human.

Pre Stakes is her original vampire version. Post Stakes is when she regains her powers and when she absorbs the entire essence of the Vampire King, while she didn't do that before the events of Stakes.

Nightosphere Amulet is when she is... given the Nightosphere amulet.

Tiffany Oiler​

Key: Season 1 | Season 6 | Season 8 | Deceased

Season 1 is when he fights base Finn. Season 6 is when he's in the Dentist's office and he fights the giant worms alongside Finn Sword Finn. Season 8 is when he gets his Cybernetic arm. Deceased is when he dies.

Susan Strong (Kara Strong/Seeker XJ-7-7)​

Key: Base | Android | Gumball Guardian Amped Android

Base is base. Android is when she is activated as XJ-7-7. Gumball amped is when she absorbs the energy beam from the Gumball Guardians.

Fern The Human (Grass Finn/Grass Knight)​

Key: Fern | Grass Knight

Self explanatory. Grass Knight is when he is enhanced and cultivated after his death as Fern.

Bonnibel/Bonnie (Princess Bubblegum)​

Key: Seasons 1-2 | Seasons 4-5 | Season 6 | Seasons 7-8 | Pure Elemental

Seasons 1-2 is her initial creations and her minimal feats, can be removed as she has no AP feats without the Morrow. Season 4-5 is when she fights Ricardio and Abracadaniel. S6 is when she fights Flame Princess. Seasons 7-8 is when she leaves Ooo and fights the Vampires + when she gets her Elemental Powers activated. Pure Elemental is her super strong form when she gets her powers awakened.

Phoebe (Flame Princess/Flame Queen)​

Key: Incendium - Season 5 | Seasons 6-8 | Pure Elemental
First key is her initial showings. Season 6 is when she becomes the Flame Queen, and she is relatively the same all the way to the Stakes battle and the battle against Patience. Pure Elemental is her super strong form when she gets her powers awakened.

Patience St. Pim​

Key: Base | Pure Elemental
Self explanatory.

Slime Princess​

Key: Base | Pure Elemental
Same as above.


Key: Prime | Old

Betty Grof (Magic Woman)​

Key: Base | Magic Woman
Self explanatory.
Man is on a roll with these goated Adventure Time CRT's, so ye, I agree with this fully

Finn downplay needs to stop, I mean peps literally says the Night Sword is better than the Grass Sword and then we see this Finn without desire to fight at all match the Green Knight, who would scale way above Grass Vine Finn
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