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SSSAF Ikki at 8-A, he can amp if he wants to

Omniverse Ben starts as Whampire who is 7-A and has access to all aliens at or below 7-A

Speed equalized

Ben has Master Control and the Omnitrix' failsafe is active

SBA for everything else

Ikki Kurogane:

Ben Tennyson (Original):


My apologies if this is a stomp
Yeah I know, he's pretty baseline right? Ben has a failsafe which won't let him die so it's not that big of a deal.
I'm kinda a noob when it comes to Ikki so I disabled his 7-B stuff for now, if you guys think it's fairer with 7-B stuff then let me know.
No i mean Ikki's last key should be removed according to the CRT saying that vsbw's rules don't allow info based off of summaries so RIP.

Only his 8-A to 7-C keys are usable.

Sure do it. And i don't see why 8-A Ikki vs Ben isn't fair (do 8-A ikki btw).


Sure, why not?

Though i should still remember to upgrade SSSAF Ikki to low 7-C and make Edel Sword Style blitz level pseudo speed amps.
Whampire resists mind control because he has the willpower to break free from it. XLR8 is a also a speed amp and the failsafe can react to the Big Bang.

Ben mainly goes for punching really hard at first but if that doesn't work he can phase and freeze someone from the inside out, put someone to sleep for eternity, multiversal time stop, passive radiation, etc.
None of those are mind control though. And a speed amp, how big is the speed amp?

Ugh, that might be his downfall then. Opening up with normal combat.
Fair enough, enough to practically blitz his regular aliens. Ben is also good at not dying.

Since he is Whampire at the beginning he might open up with shooting Corrupturas which are bat-like projectiles which allow for mind control if they hit the target (they stick to the head).
Ok but Ikki's amps are 10x and 200x, so if ikki amps it's practically game over.

Mind Control is not gonna work wonders against Ikki due to unconscious fighting. Assuming they hit at all.

So i guess Ikki takes this low diff. He just runs up to him and Phantom Forms. If he proves to be a problem then Trackless Step or Ittou amps will end the match.
So he's gonna disable Whampire? Whampire has enough willpower to break free from mind control so I don't think fear hax will work and if the problem is him being physically disabled rather than mentally, then he can switch with a thought to a different alien with no nerves so he can't physically be disabled. Any attempt to kill Ben will be met with the Omnitrix transforming Ben into Goop or Swampfire who have mid-high and low-high regen respectively, even if the Omnitrix can't detect Ikki, it will still be able to transform Ben instantly while he is being cut.
Ben has been tortured for weeks/months in an alternate timeline, immediately started fighting after being freed, the Omnitrix gave some sort of electrical shock to him and he was visibly in pain (most likely the visualization of him overdoing it), he detransformed and collapsed on the ground and after a few seconds he stood up again and was ready to fight again.

Ben also stated that (while getting stomped, thrown away and detransforming and then transforming into a different alien to try again, fail, get stomped and thrown away again) the reason he never loses is that he never gives up.
Hmm, that's not all that impressive, ikki has dealt with worse. Namely dozens of holes througout his body, feeling so much pain that his lungs felt like they were spliting with every breath and dozens of other diseases all without even flinching and still fought to full capability.
Oh wow, Phantom Form is completely mental right, so characters who can not physically feel pain will still be affected right?
No they won't. If they cannot feel pain they will not feel pain. I mean Pain manip is just something i decided to go with regarding Phantom From cus in canon it has gotten retconned twice. So there are in total 3 explanations for it in the series, but since pain manip, to some extent kinda answers both of the other explanations, i decided to go with it.
Ok, well I'm not entirely sure that Goop can not feel pain but since he's quite literally a pile of slime I don't think Phantom Form will work on him then, the same could possibly be said for Swampfire and Upgrade and possibly other mostly inorganic aliens. I've also seen that someone (Ikki was trying to teach her dignity) was still conscious after being hit by Phantom Form so Ben should be conscious as well and be able to transform into an alien that does not feel pain.

Edit: not Swampfire, he had a broken arm somehow.
Well like I said, Ben would still be conscious after getting hit, so he'd be like aaaaaaaaaah (thinks Goop) transforms into Goop (pain is gone). Also depending on how it works, every time Ben switches the pain might be gone (since his body gets changed on cellular level) so even if the pain knocks him out then he'd get rid off it when he automatically detransforms after being knocked out. I don't think Ikki will do anything after that but Ben should be able to recover within the hour at which point it's round 2.