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Tier 5 Ben 10 is apparently a thing now

Starting distance is 20 meters

Omniverse Ben with Master Control vs Rookie Kyle Rayner

Ben has access to master control

Kyle has prior knowledge of Ben's aliens that are High 5-A, but not the anti-death failsafe

Alien X is restricted

Both are 5-A (attack potency values listed lower in replies)

Speed is equalized

Who wins?

Ben Tennyson: Hellformer, Uzukeas, zaraus

Kyle Rayner:

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It's a 1.17 difference so it won't really matter that much to be fair. Also you have to give reasons before someone can say "x character fra", like explaining how one character has more hax or skill, etc.
Well then Human Ben doesn't have an hax so I'm Neutral.
He usually opens with Humungousaur. Although if he sees a guy trying out energy attacks he'd probably try Chromastone/Feedback
Both chromastone and feedback have higher striking strength + the major wincon is their absorbing ability. So either ways I vote for Ben.
Even if Ben doesn't know what Kyle is able fo do, the Omnitrix will turn him into the best right alien to win, being that Feedback.
So, Ben absorbs him and oneshots.