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on diagon's page it says it's 5A because it's comparable to way big,however this is not really true.diagon,in his weaker form,was vastly stronger than ULTIMATE waybig.the whole fight was him toying with ben,he went from completely dwarfing ultimate waybig to becoming the same size as him,and using his tentacles to stand on the ground instead of just floating,even then,ult.waybig's ray's were only slightly hurting him,so am I missing something,or are the original aliens supposed to be combined with their hyperevolved counterparts,because if waybig is 5A then shouldn't ult.waybig be at the very least 'high 5A' or 'at least 5A' and by extension,the diagon as well.this is under questions and answers because I would like someone to explain to me as I'm new here and do not understand how a lot of things work.thanks.
Uwb 1
diagon in his full sized glory dwarfing ultimate waybig

Uwb 2
diagon altering his size to match and toy with be
The Large Planet level category is very vast, i can assume the he is in a higher grade than Ultimate Way Big, but in the same tier since Way Big slighty hurted him.
Dark649 is correct. The upper border of 5-A is almost 20000 times higher than the lower border.
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