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  1. NostalgiaTrip

    Diagon's teir

    Why is Diagon only 5-A? Shouldn't he be far higher?
  2. DMB_1

    Diagon's tier

    Diagon's tier is currenlty "at least High 3-C" Yet, Ascalon's, Sir George and Ultimate Way Big's are still "at least High 5-A". Even Diagon's stats still say that he's Dwarf Star level, and I haven't seen any thread regarding this upgrade. Might I ask why is this the case?
  3. Ricsi-viragosi

    diagon vs link

    diagon full power composite link diagon has 1 week prep and acsess to links vs battles page
  4. Liger686

    Diagon & Ultimate Albedo

    Considering that Diagon is possibly the strongest non-Tier 2 character in the Ben 10 universe, I find it hard to believe that Ultimate Albedo is much stronger than DIagon. I think that Diagon and those that scale from him should be given a possibly High 4-C rating scaling from Ultimate Albedo...
  5. Kambings4life

    diagon's lifting strength

    its listed as unknown,but in his weaker/smaller form he's lifted ultimate way big.regular way big by himself is around 100-200 ft,with a few showings putting him at skyscraper height.ultimate way big is much bigger,so,does this count as anything? diagon in his smaller form lifting UWB...
  6. Kambings4life


    on diagon's page it says it's 5A because it's comparable to way big,however this is not really true.diagon,in his weaker form,was vastly stronger than ULTIMATE waybig.the whole fight was him toying with ben,he went from completely dwarfing ultimate waybig to becoming the same size as him,and...
  7. Antvasima

    Ben 10: Diagon, Sir George & Ascalon

    I think that the justifications for the "5-A, possibly 3-A" statistics justifications for Diago, Sir George, and Ascalo seem very insubstantial. Destroying planets of unspecified size is not automatically a 5-A rating, just "At least 5-B" (unless they are scaled from Way Big), and Diagon being...
  8. Paulo.junior.969

    5-A Diagon VS The Cluster (Awake)

    Diago (5-A) VS The Cluster (5-A)
  9. The_real_cal_howard

    Goku vs Diagon

    Peak Strength for both (3A versions). Speed is equalized.