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Black Beast Incarnation vs Battle Sister

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Using one of Battle Sister so far (not Saint. Celestine, of course). The battle between world wanted criminal with the hand of the beast, against the Seraphim of Adepta Sorotitas, the fate between them is nothing but chaos, who would win!!?

-With the Black Beast Power Channeled Ragna and Low 5-B Ephrael are used

-Speed equalized

-Both in character

-Place: Asia in World War XX

-Range is 50 meters

-Win via anything!!!



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She should be low 5-B anyways, but for what justifies her high 5-A.
Probably. We shouldn't assume that every greater daemon is as strong as The Storm Prince when he was merged wtih planet, but just check quickly with Matt or azzy that Stern's a character who shouldn't scale to high 5-A, as Idk too much about her myself.
She apparently resisted the touch of a culexus, so no.
Her entire profile keeps alluding to how how she somehow killed a culexus with psyker powers. That makes no sense, but I guess it's like one of the only things she's done so its not really a contradiction. Pretty sure she's supposed to be an anomaly in verse what with how she's apparently likened to primarchs as mankind's new hope, but I gotta go and read what she appeared in.
Give me a bit I was supposed to write a standard equipment page
Schnee One said:
Honestly her profile is filled with shit that makes zero sense and sounds outlierish
It kind of is.

I remember reading the comic she was in a while back and it didn't make that much sense to me to be honest. It's like they were saying she was a psyker but kind of isn't.

We have to remember that 40K does have official work that contradicts stuff. I mean C.S. Goto and his collections of...I hesitate to call them novels..."literature" is undeniable proof of such things.
C. S. Goto is a pretty extreme case, in all fairness. I don't think Eldar Tank crews usually get raped to death by children with sticks, nor is Eldrad Ulthra an Slaanesh worshipper ordinarily. If they said that Stern was an alpha plus or something it'd make a bit more sense, but eh.
So this is where I wish profile pages were better and didn't suck. They need more context, that's why I made the thread on it.

After a long discussion with a friend of mine who is well-versed in 40k (I consider them an expert) and both of our tangential knowledge on BlazBlue as well as reading the page. We think Ephrael has this because he cannot get in to melee with her, ever. At best he can throw his sword and she can still block it, though she'd have to focus on it.

We discussed some of the very limited ranged options Ragna has in this form and we concluded they wouldn't be any issue.

The only thing I was concerned about was his forcefield generation. But I can't find any source or context on this power of his, because like I said, profile pages don't give context and therefore suck.

So my discussion with my friend in mind, I am giving my vote to Ephrael and would welcome anyone to tell me of some power Ragna could have to survive getting close to her.
Well forcefield generation looks to come from Ars Magus. Do to the remix heart manga showing Ars Magus users making energy shields to protect themselves.

Also Ragna is does not really have a Ragne disadvantege. Since his energy attacks can be streached to far longer ranges that were shown in gameplay. But I has no clue why they are stated to be tens of kilometers, at most there range be Hundreds of meters since Ragna's energy attacks are using parts of the black beast which has a max melee range of Hundreds of meters. But there might be a feat I missed from the phase shift books.

Also how does Ephrael get past Ragna's type 8 immortality?
I told my friend he had energy attacks but energy attacks are still kinetic and he said she'd absorb it if not outright destroy the attack.

As for the immortality it's not part of the discussion since that enemy isn't present and that makes two vs one and that's not allowed. But I did let him know that Ragna has regen. However, Ephrael will just disintegrate him so it won't matter.

Can you give me some of the forcefield feats? What it takes to make one and how strong it is? Because he could have a chance with it. Also, does he have access to it in this form?
Type 8 immortality isn't restricted in one on one fights if it's reliant on another being, we just assume said being isn't fighting
Then she puts Ragna down. He's still incapacitated which is a win in SBR and if it wasn't she'd have to find a way to find out who it is and kill them.

Are we really going to give Ragna a win because he zombies his way to victory and she has to sleep at some point and she will NEVER get help dealing with him because of this battle's rules? You realize how ridiculous that is?

Moreover, she has to autokill Nu who cannot fight or run away or defend themselves in any way or it makes this fight no longer a 1v1.
She can probably find the other dude. Being a psyker probably no weaker than alpha, I'd be surprised if she doesn't have some power that can do something bad to him that doesn't proc rez or just negated it.

I've heard from some that the rez takes too long to be applicable, as in a few days.
Incorrect, unless that's incap it would not be a win.

No it isn't, we're not going to nerf a character for the sake of a match, we've done this for almost a year now.
It's not for the sake of a match. You have a bad rule and you have had bad rules for apparently over a year now and being stubborn for tradition isn't healthy either. You make type 8 immortality characters [that are specifically reliant on another character's life/existence] an automatic 2v1 no matter how you slice it.

But as I've also said, it doesn't matter. She still puts him down and it's a matter of time and effort for Ephrael to find Nu. She'll have the time and better yet she'll be able to ambush him, her specialty, every time he gets back up. Also, I haven't seen him resist mind reading. If he can't she just reads his mind and that should give her most of the information she needs. Not all. Most.
<You have bad rules

Excuse me?

We've had this on the Versus Thread Rules for over a year

If we had bad rules, complaining Ag someone who isn't even a mod or staff in any capacity will get you no where.
Can't stern destroy souls herself or something? Type 8 or not, you'd probably still need feats of coming back from that.
Ragna came back from having Reality itself giving the middle finger to his soul from a Grimore
> We've had this on the Versus Thread Rules for over a year

Neither a good reason nor an excuse.

> If we had bad rules, complaining Ag someone who isn't even a mod or staff in any capacity will get you no where.

I'm not, it's an observation. Should it be fixed? Probably. Not because I hate the concept of Type 8 immortality in battles, but because it breaks the conventional 1v1 format. This isn't something I hate or dislike, I see it as fundamentally breaking the 1v1 format. That's why it's bad. Not because of you or anything you have done.

But if his soul doesn't exist anymore the Grimoire can't give said middle finger. He's resisted Existence Erasure but I'm not sure that's the same thing. This also isn't a causality fuckery.
Wait, she can't breathe and empathy Haxxed once the fight starts. Getting close to him is bad, she'll see gate of the blue and insta memory Haxxed. What she can do about that?
Uhhh No

Sorry, you can't say "It's not a good reason nor excuse" you have to follow the site's rules.

I didn't make the rules, the site did, complaining to me about it is redundant

You have a problem, you make a thread.
Resisting the mental powers of a culexus I would think may let her get past the other stuff? Idk

The fact that she killed a culexus with psyker powers and isn't someone like eldrad is still pretty suspect to me though.
I honestly don't feel like debating a walking outlier so eh.

I'll just say Incon because neither can kill or defeat the other
Know that it's fear and despair hax on planetary scale. Also even presence of BB reduce or cut out oxygen and passively create poisoning across the environment.

Also BB's range is definitely planetary. Even his roar alone was able to affect the entire earth. Even emergence of him destroyed Yüki Terumi's body and severely damaged his soul to the point that he needed to retreat to the body and sent Relius to the future.
Culexus powers are kinda absurd. They scale in power to their opponent (to a point), and one gave Ahzek Ahrima horrific siezures and spasms just from Ahzek astral projecting too close to one. Considering Stern outright killed one using psyker powers, their stuff was probably functioning at about as strong as it'll really get. The feat still is incredibly weird, but as its on the profile, I guess we're considering it.
Schnee One said:
Uhhh No
Sorry, you can't say "It's not a good reason nor excuse" you have to follow the site's rules.

I didn't make the rules, the site did, complaining to me about it is redundant

You have a problem, you make a thread.
Problem is you don't realize I AM following the rules. Battles are a 1v1 format and that IS the rules. So we have two contradicting rules. I am choosing the one where she wins the 1v1. Because even allowing Nu, he gets put down for an Incap or Knock out (which is 1hour) or he goes down and she BFRs him to literally wherever she pleases.

On a better topic I'm aware of his poison but I don't recall where he could passively just spread it without having to physically interact with stuff. Also, am I understanding this right that he doesn't have access to Azure Grimoire but does have access to the Idea Engine for this scenario?

I've not heard of BB cutting off oxygen. How does it do this?

Also, does he have any way of stopping her from teleporting in to her ship and exume Psyker Based Exterminatus? Wiping all organic and minerals from the planet until there's only a rock left?

I see he has spatial resistance, how does that work? Can he stop her from teleporting him in to the Sun? Surely that's an incap. If he is allowed to have Nu help him, can she call an assassinorum on Nu?
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