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versus battle

  1. EnnardTrap1987

    Viktor Reznov VS Martin Walker

    Fight takes place in a warzone in.. Idk, Detroit (but in ruins) Both combatants start 20 meters apart from each other and have all of their firearms and explosives White Phosphorus restricted Reznov: Walker: Inconclusive:
  2. Deceived3596

    Isaac Clarke vs Envy

    I've recently finished reading through Fullmetal Alchemist and I thought this match up could be interesting. Conditions: Speed Equalized. SBA is assumed unless stated otherwise. Normal Envy is used for obvious reasons. Envy has knowledge on who Nicole is, her physical characteristics, what has...
  3. Frieza_force_soldier_100

    Clifford vs King Kong rematch

    Now that King Kong is 9_A, I believe it is appropriate to redo this match that had previously been ruled as a stomp in Clifford's favor. Clifford vs King Kong Speed equalized. Kong has one full day of preparation. Win via death or incapacitation. Clifford the Big Red Dog King Kong (Original)
  4. Suigetsuhyugs

    [Marvel vs Naruto] Lauri-ell vs Code (0-0-0)

    Both 5-B Lauri-Ell vs Code Speed Equalized Pure fight to the death SBA Starts here Lauri-Ell: Code: Neutral:
  5. Wokistan

    Skull Knight vs Iori

    Old legends who've lost something dear to them who end up in something of a mentorship role to the protagonist while clearly not showing their hand yet, who also both have affiliations with spatial tearing and advanced knowledge of the future. They're also both really tall. Skull Knight vs...
  6. Vlova

    Arceus vs Battler Ushiromiya

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Arceus VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Battler_Ushiromiya SBA hızları eşitlendi
  7. Wokistan

    Yang vs Xiao

    I could make something up like fire lesbian vs fire widow grieving her husband but to be honest I made this match because of their names Yang Xiao Long vs Xiao Presumablywhateverlowell'slastnameis Yang's AP: 326 tons Xiao's AP: 203 tons Speed equal, both 8-A, Xiao doesn't start in E.G.O. but...
  8. Hajunn

    UT vs HL

    Which one is better? Half-Life (1998) + Half Life 2 vs Unreal (1998) + Unreal Tournament (1999) Its like Versus Thread.
  9. Fallen_Angelicx

    Shinpei Vs Junpei | Jujutsu Sorcerer Vs Time Traveller

    Junpei Yoshino Vs Shinpei Ajiro Rules; 1. Fight happens in a forest 2. Equalized speed 3. Shinpei ONLY has access to a pistol 4. Fighters are 10 meters away from each other Shinpei: Junpei: Ends in sex (Inconclusive):
  10. Eikichi_Sensei

    Yuuki (Slime) vs Zeref(Fairy Tail)

    Since someone recommended this match, I decided to do it. Yukki: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yuuki_Kagurazaka_(Light_Novel) Key: Human Zeref: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Zeref_Dragneel#Fairy_Heart_Form Equalized speed. 1. First scenario at 10 meters. 2...
  11. Oiguana2701

    Alien with a weird shape on its head fights a dog 0-6-0

    Butthead Alien vs Bull Terrier Rules: Fight takes place in the underground rainforest SBA Alien: Dog: 6 Cat (incon):
  12. Gendolfgg1

    Dementor vs Nazgul

    The battle between two manifestations of fear Distance: 10m Speed: Equal Keys: both 9-B Dementor: Nazgul: Incon: Chanimate SheevShezarrine Tyranno223
  13. Jozaysmith?

    The Devil vs The Devil Hunter

    Diablo (Light Novel) Key being used: Awakened Demon lord Mood: Normal Location right now: New York Dante (Devil may cry) Key being used : latest key Mood: Bloodlust (because Diablo is a demon) Location: New York Rules Starting distance is 15km Any weapons can be used No summoning for help User...
  14. Oiguana2701

    Octopus vs octopus (0-5-0)

    Giant Octopus vs Octalus So, some rules: Fight takes place in San Francisco, next to the Golden Gate Bridge Both start 100 meters from eachother Speed is equalized So that's it. 1953 movie guy: Advantage of 1.1466817x in AP 1998 movie guy: 5 Advantage of 5.517513273x in LS Godzilla (incon):
  15. Kachon123

    Vinsmoke Sanji vs. Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki

    Current Sanji vs Kinshiki Absorbed Momoshiki Speed Unequal Location: Kumogakure Starting Distance: 20 meters Momoshiki: Sanji: Inconclusive:
  16. Oiguana2701

    Character that hugs vs spider (0-7-0) [GRACE]

    Huggy Wuggy vs Mommy Long Legs Weird someone never did this So, some rules: Fight takes place in the scene where Huggy chases the player (so it includes the vent chase) Both start 10 meters away from eachother So that's it. Youtube kids monster: I refuse to say her first name: 7 Boxy Boo (incon):
  17. Oiguana2701

    Overrated Godzilla vs Underrated Godzilla 7-0-0

    Godzilla (Final Wars) vs Godzilla (Kiryu Saga) Rules: Speed is equalized Keizer Final Wars is used (if it makes it a stomp tell me) So who wins? Godzilla (Final Wars): 7 Scales to 58.57 petatons and 12992204000 kg Godzilla (Kiryu Saga) Scales to 109.24 petatons and 25000000 kg Kiryu saga has...
  18. PatatesR

    ---Epic Battle--- Alex Mercer vs James Heller (Prototype 2)

    Alex Mercer Vs James Heller -Form:End of Prototype 2 -Situation: Plot-induced stupidity and character-induced stupidity are off -- SBA Alex Mercer win: @DeathNoodles @XSOULOFCINDERX @Bedircawyq @DonkeySlayer06 @Patates James heller win: Incon: (Please do not present...
  19. Oiguana2701

    The Varan That Came From Beneath the Sea!

    Giant Octopus vs Varan Rules: Speed is equalized Fight takes place in a really small island (the octopus starts in water and Varan in the island) So, who wins? Cephalopod Scales to 1.597 tons of TNT and 119979.834 metric tons Reptile Scales to 0.879 Tons of TNT and 15000 metric tons The Giant...
  20. ZKillerz

    WCI sanji vs Dofflamingo

    Location: Onigashima rooftop Starting Distance: 20 Meters No xdrake or page1 scaling, just rs abilities with wci stats Dofflamingo: Raiden38, Ryuga21, TheMonkeMan Sanji: Kachon123, ZKillerz, MonkeyOfLife, Crobatman44, Eseseso, Kailone
  21. Jozaysmith?

    Two kings fight for a spot in top strongest

    two battle lords fight each for the spot in top strongest in 2-C Nero vs Veldanava who takes it Speed unequalised Every key is allowed Velda: Nero: Tie:
  22. Oiguana2701

    Lizard vs bat thing (The Real World vs Godzilla) 0-7-0 (ADDED)

    Iguana vs Dorat So: Both start 3 meters away from eachother. That's it. Mammal(?): Lizard: 7 Incon:
  23. Deymoc13

    Superman (Post-Crisis) vs Thor (Marvel Comics)

    Superman (Post-Crisis) vs Thor (Marvel Comics) Both 3-C Speed equalized Attacks and abilities higher than 3-C tier were restricted. Man of Steel: Brahmatman, Deymoc13, God of Thunder: Maverick_Zero_X, Minos_the_Judge, TaiwaneseScaler, Accelerated_Evolution, Robo432343, Excel616...
  24. BlackCat

    Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel) Vs Sailor Moon (Manga)

    Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel) (Key:End of Series) Vs Sailor Moon (Manga) (Key:Complete/Civilian Form) Rule: All Peak, All Bloodlust WhoWin? Rimuru Tempest (Web Novel): Sailor Moon (Manga): Incon:
  25. Jozaysmith?

    Seat for Top Strongest Low 2-C

    The current Position for 6th seat Giygas vs Rimuru Both going all out and using all equipments Starting distance is 1km away Speed is equalized Both are at their Low 2-C Keys Rimuru Tempest : Giygas: Inconclusive :
  26. Marvel_Champion_07

    Adam Warlock fights Thor (0-7-0)

    ADAM WARLOCK vs THOR Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 30 meters Adam Warlock: 0 Thor: 7 (noninho, Tyranno223, BEASTHEART8800, Lightning_XXI, Eseseso, AThe1412, Marvel_Champion_07) Inconclusive: 0
  27. Marvel_Champion_07

    "Well, you're nothing like the other Thor I killed" (Infinity Ultron vs God of War Thor)

    INFINITY ULTRON vs THOR (GOD OF WAR) Location: Asgard Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 15 meters Infinity Ultron: 0 Thor: 0 Inconclusive: 0 In a different possibility, a different Multiverse, Ultron kills the Guardians of the Multiverse and destroys The Watcher, leaving nothing to...
  28. Jozaysmith?

    Which version of slime is stronger

    Rimuru (WN) Vs Rimuru (LN) Starting distance is countries away (6400km) Speed is equalized rimuru WN pseduo true dragon key is used. (Conceptual manip type 1 for pseduo true dragon key is not valid as discussed Previously) Rimuru LN, ultimate slime key is used All necessary equipments used, all...
  29. Jozaysmith?

    Slime boy vs The player

    Running for the position of Top strongest Low 2-C non smurf Speed unequalized, Low 2-C key of both characters are used starting distance is 6 meters Away Rimuru : The player : Inconclusive :
  30. Marvel_Champion_07

    Overpowered Game Characters (Warden vs Dark Peasant) [0-6-0]

    WARDEN vs DARK PEASANT Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 15 meters Warden: 0 Dark Peasant: 6 (AThe1412, JustANormalLemon, King_Dom470, Marvel_Champion_07, Tomfer, Oiguana2701) Inconclusive: 0
  31. Marvel_Champion_07

    Gamma monster is challenged by a duck (Hulk vs Webby Vanderquack) [5-0-0]

    HULK vs WEBBY VANDERQUACK Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 30 meters Hulk: 5 (TheRustyOne, Dark-Carioca, LeoEpicGamer8910, Marvel_Champion_07, Mariogoods) Webby Vanderquack: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  32. Marvel_Champion_07

    Man child fights a star alien (Shazam vs Starro)

    SHAZAM vs STARRO Pre-Resurrection Shazam is used Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 20 meters Shazam: 0 Starro: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  33. ZKillerz

    Sanji (Goat) vs Ryokugyu (Bull)

    Sanji vs Rokugyu Egghead sanji is being used Starting distance: 40 meters Location: Onigashima Live floor Sanji gets his firewood: Kachon123, ZKillerz ,Darkvie123 ,Deceived3596 ,Lynieryz ,XDragnoir Gb gets his organic meal: That_moron, TheMonkeMan
  34. Gojo vs Two

    28 Year Old Gojo vs Two (BFDI) Starting distance is 30 meters and speed is equalized Who wins? Gojo: Two: Inconclusive:
  35. Marvel_Champion_07

    Kang fights Hela after killing her little brother

    KANG THE CONQUEROR vs HELA High 6-B+ Depowered Hela is used. Kang's 5-B to 2-A technology is restricted Speed is equalised Fight takes place on Asgard Starting Distance: 20 meters Kang the Conqueror: 0 Hela: 1 (Lacku) Inconclusive: 0
  36. Marvel_Champion_07

    Wonder Woman fights Superman, but not really (0-0-0)

    WONDER WOMAN vs OMNI-MAN Post-Awakening Wonder Woman is used Speed is equalised Starting Distance: 20 meters Class Z Lifting Strength is restricted Wonder Woman: 0 Omni-Man: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  37. Marvel_Champion_07

    Iron Man has to subdue a bigger and uglier Hulk (Hulkbuster vs Abomination) [0-7-0]

    HULKBUSTER vs ABOMINATION Hulkbuster and Abomination keys are used Starting Distance: 20 meters Hulkbuster: 0 Abomination: 7 (@Dinobot1996, @Marvel_Champion_07, @AnonymousBlank, @CBslayeR, @Dinamic8000, @BEASTHEART880, @OneBleachHurricane) Inconclusive: 0
  38. Marvel_Champion_07

    The Queen of the Valkyries comes face to face with the end of Asgard himself (7-0-0)

    GNA vs RAGNARÖK Starting Distance: 10 meters Location: Asgard Gna: 7 (@Planck69, @KLOL506, @Eseseso, @Marvel_Champion_07, @BEASTHEART880 @One-Mastor, @Mariogoods) Ragnarök: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  39. Marvel_Champion_07

    Thrud fights her older brother, Magni (0-0-0)

    THRUD vs MAGNI Starting Distance: 10 meters Location: Asgard Thrud: 0 Magni: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  40. EnnardTrap1987

    Wesker VS Homelander (Comic Version)

    Both 9-A Speed unequalised Both are in-character Pre-Virus Wesker used and said character has access to his full arsenal and equipment Win via death, KO or incapacitation Wesker: Homelander: Inconclusive: