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yuno gasai

  1. Flashlight237

    Misako vs Yuno Gasai

    Okay, so here's the deal. Misako has an AP rating of 0.0401 tons while Yuno sits at 0.0102 tons. At the same time, Yuno is ******* bananas in the experience department. I mean, gee, look at her profile, man! I dunno if Misako's gonna hold a candle to that, and she's one of my favorites ngl...
  2. Future Diary speed feat?

    So Future Diary on VS Battle states on the power of the verse that the characters in the verse can slash bullets out of the air? Can someone tell me where this feat comes from? I don't recall seeing a character in Future Diary pull off this feat so I'm genuinely curious to see it
  3. Arceus0x

    Damnit Yuno where are we?

    Yuno Gasai vs. Kris deltarune A Yandere fights a random child controlled by a transtemporal entity Speed is equalized Both at 9-A Kris' AP is 58 megajoules Yuno's AP is 42 megajoules Kris has the SPOOOOOKY sword. Yuno has all her equipment. Fight takes place in the local park filled with...
  4. GodlyCharmander

    SPY x MIRAI: Yor Briar vs Yuno Gasai

    The Elite Assassins are hired to kick each other's asses! Speed is Equalized Yuno Gasai is in her 9-A key Victory by Death or Incapacitation "Please young lady, let me take your life!": "Take my life? Perhaps you're the crazy one":
  5. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Legion officer vs crazy yandere girl (Beatrice Waltrud Von Kirscheisen vs Yuno Gasai) ONE VOTE LEFT

    Beatrice: Yuno: Incon: 7 (@catzlaflame, @azontr, @Tarang123, @Vizer04, @Popted2, @Apex_PredatorX, @MonkeyOfLife) Rules: Both are 9-A (Die Morgendämmerung Beatrice vs Human Yuno) since yuno's range depends on the weapon. let's just say she has her katana/sword for this battle as well as the...
  6. Gabs22_Gamer

    Low 2-C Tournament Round 1: Match 2 (Yuno Gasai VS Webby)

    Let's get this moving. Conditions: Speed is equalized. Low 2-C Webby and Goddess Yuno are going to be used. Battle location: World Of Void Just a little music, for fun. Psycho Yandere: 7 Spider Shapeshifter: Inconclusive:
  7. SpiteBattles

    Jason Voorhees vs Yuno Gasai

    Plot:While going on a field trip to Camp Crystal Lake,Jason tried to kill Yuki but Yuno,being the Yandere she is,protects him. [RULES] •9B undead Jason is used •9A Yuno is used •Yuno has her Yukiteru Diary. •She has assistance from Yuki’s Random Diary(However,Yuki cannot fight Jason) •Speed is...
  8. Legeo364

    Based on a meme clip, Yuno Gasai vs Heaven Ascended DIO!

    Low 2-C Yuno: HA DIO (Post-Absorbtion): Nobody: Battle takes place in DIO's void
  9. JustANormalPerson01

    Mirai Nikki's profile should be updated

    Index Explanation Deus Ex Machina Yuno Gasai Yukiteru Amano Minene Uryu Verse Page Other things Explanation This CRT is not about adding new content, just updating pages and adding missing skills and / or stats Deus Ex Machina He should have all the abilities that there are in Yuno's...
  10. Reaper_X_Reaper

    Crazy Girls Lets go - Monika (DDLC) Vs Gasai Yuno

    Rules ┬À 2-C forms used ┬À Speed SHOULD be equalized Threaten or harm Yuki in any way, you will most likely not survive. And should you kiss Yuki right in front of her, you will die.
  11. AquaWaifu

    One insane killer versus another! Yuno vs Joker!

    The Joker (DCAU - 3 (UchihaSlayer96, BrazilianDeadpool, Migue79) VS Yuno Gasai - 0 () Inconlusive - 0 () BATTLE CONDITIONS/RULES: This is normal Joker from BTAS. Joker knows about Yuno's feelings and relation to Yukiteru and has heard from his henchman the two kids seem to be able to...
  12. AquaWaifu

    A squid vs a goddess

    Squid Girl - 1 (XSOULOFCINDERX) VS Yuno Gasai - 0 () Inconclusive - 0 () Chizuru has a new phone that tells when she will get good business for her restaurant, and this eventually attracts Yuno and Yukiteru, Squid Girl starts a fight to protect her "base and servants" from these intruders...
  13. AquaWaifu

    Yandere vs Yandere! A Clash of Insanity! Monika vs Yuno!

    Just wants a BF Monika - 0 () VS Yuno - 0 () Since the existing thread is basically a necro, I'm making a new one. Im almost certain I cant just reply to that thread so thats why Im doing this. It also seems Yuno's profile has changed quite a bit since the last post in that thread was...
  14. Jackythejack

    Frank West vs. Yuno Gasai

    Yeah Frank is just gonna fight a yandere. He's in an eco suit with no upgrades. Speed equal. Who wins? Frank West Yuno Gasai
  15. Flashlight237

    The Beast Wants to Play a Game (Yuno Gasai vs Beast from the East (Goosebumps))

    Well, I just had an AP calc at 0.0145 to 0.1252 tons of TNT approved for the Beasts from Goosebumps, and Yuno Gasai was comparably Small Building level, so why not? Well, Yuno would scale from 0.0102 tons (a bit under low-end Beast), but whatever works, especially considering Yuno's quite an...
  16. AquaWaifu

    Sans face a different kind determined killer. Sans vs Yuno Gasao & Yukiteru Amano

    Sans Yuno & Yuki - 0 () VS Sans - 0 () Yuno and Yuki stumble into the Underground somehow and Yuno being Yuno becomes a threat that Sans see as something to take care of. Yuno and Yuki have full knowledge on Sans. Sans is aware of the fact the two can predict the future through their...
  17. AquaWaifu

    Star Butterfly vs Yuno Gasai

    Star Butterfly - 0 () VS Yuno Gasai - 1 (Bob8999) BATTLE CONIDTIONS/RULES: Speed is Equalized Both are at Low 2-C Fight takes place in Sakurami City. Starting Distance is 20 meters. No prior knowledge on each other or prep time.
  18. Jinsye

    Shido Itsuka vs. Yuno Gasai

    Low 2-C Speed = Who wins? Shido Itsuka: 0 Yuno Gasai: 0
  19. SuhSuhGuhSuhSuh

    Bill Cipher vs. Yuno Gasai

    Both Low 2-C Both willing to kill, but it is not required to win Speed Equalized Starting distance is 10 feet apart Bill: 7; Edwardtruong2006, SpookyShadow, JooCipher, TheArsenal1212, ElixirBlue, Oliver de jesus, and Maruishimaryishi Yuno: Incon:
  20. Dragopentling

    Crazy Yandere Vs Crazy Viking (Yuno Vs Thorkell)

    Most infamous anime yandere Vs a jolly giant of a Viking. Speed equalized. Both in 9A key and in-character. Yuno has any weapons available sans poison, drugs, and bombs (which means she can have an ax, I guess). Thorkell is wielding double axes. Battle takes place on top of the same "London...
  21. Migue79

    A deadly game of Hide and Seek

    Human Yuno vs. Thunder McQueen Speeds Equalized Yuno knows exactly how Highway to Hell works (down to the last detail) and is given 12 days of preparation time The battle will take place in Dio's Mansion from JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Part 3. Yuno Gasai: Thunder McQuee: OH, NOOOOOOOOO:
  22. Migue79

    Goddess Yuno & other Mirai Nikki Gods Abstract Existence Removal

    Good day, everyone. The topic of this CRT is self-explanatory: removing Abstract Existence from her profile. As we know, the requirements for this ability is to embodify an abstraction and being immortal because of it. Now, there are 2 problems with Goddess Yuno and other Mirai Nikki gods...
  23. Sonicflare9

    Lavos vs Yuno Gasai

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Lavos#Dream%20Devourer https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yuno_Gasai#Goddess low 2-C versions speed equalized standard equipment whoooooooooooooooo would win
  24. Xenomorphios

    Spy vs Yuno Gasai (both at least 9-A)

    In an alternate universe where mann co and Future diary are in the same world, one of the phone users hired the spy to kill Yuno. Will the yendere win or the sneaky spy? Speed is equalized, this is base spy (no mvm upgrades), knives only for both This fight takes place at Yukiteru Amano's...
  25. MrKingOfNegativity

    Yuno Gasai VS Graham Specter

    Battle of the Crazies: Anime Edition 9-A Yuno. Battle takes place inside a warehouse. Otherwise SBA. Yuno Gasai: 0 Graham Specter: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  26. RM97

    Mirai Nikki Revisions 2.0

    Since my previous CRT didn't get any proper attention and turned into chaos, I'll do another CRT. So after finishing the manga and the 3 spin-offs (which are all Canon), I found that the profiles of the God Tiers in the Verse need Revisions in this wiki. Part 1: The Upgrades Here's some Hax...
  27. Freedom_permanex

    Yuno Gasai (God) vs the white face

    3-A white face low 2-C yuno both in charater
  28. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Killua vs Yuno redux

    Assassi vs Yandere Both 9-B, Speed equalized 7 votes equals win unless discussed more Killua:3 Yuno: tie: FIGHT!!!!
  29. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Yuno Gasai vs Violet Evergarden

    Title said that all,an emotionless goergious soldier fight agaisnt an lunatic pshycotic yandere girl,who will win!!!? -Witchcraft is restricted and this is human Yuno,also Human Yuno in 9-B version -Both bloodlusted -Speed equalized -Range is 20 meter -Place located in empty garden,night...
  30. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Yuno Gasai vs Isuke Inukai

    Alright,another AnR match here,and this time gambling to use Yuno agaisnt an another AnR character,lets go!!! -9-B Yuno is used -Both bloodlusted -Speed equalized -Range is 10 meter and start CQC -Place located in Isolated place,more like thight gang in the Tokyo city -Win via death...
  31. Fukouda-san

    Psycho Death Battle~ Rena Ryuuguu vs Yuno Gasai (Human) (One More Vote Needed !)

    Ryuuguu Rena Yuno Gasai I often wonder how a fight between Yuno and Rena would take place. Equalized speed. Win via Death or K.O. Fighting place: A whole high school Round 1 : No prep, Rena's Kawaii mode is restricted. Round 2 : The two girls are allowed about 24h prep but Rena's Kawaii...
  32. Flashlight237

    Yuno Gasai vs Trina Riffin

    So yeah, this is a match that's been on my mind since 2015. What can I say? From what I've gathered, here are the similarities I got from these two. 1. Both Yuno and Trina have obtained godlike abilities from their respective gods (Yuno won the 1st World's survival games while Trina was born...
  33. RM97

    Mirai Nikki Major Revision

    Posted This Thread in the CRT Board too https://vsbattles.com/vsbattles/1454242?useskin=oasis So after finishing the manga and the 3 spin-offs (which are all Canon), I found that the profiles of the God Tiers in the Verse need Revisions in this wiki. Part 1: The Upgrades Here's some Hax...
  34. RM97

    Mirai Nikki Major Revision Thread

    So after finishing the manga and the 3 spin-offs (which are all Canon), I found that the profiles of the God Tiers in the Verse need Revisions in this wiki. Part 1: The Upgrades Here's some Hax Upgrades that should be added to the God tiers in the Verse and all the Gods i.e. Deus, Yuno &...
  35. ShiroEinzbern

    Ryougi Shiki(Future Killer) VS. Yuno Gasai(Altering Future)

    Both at 9-B forms Speed Equalized Both have their Arsenals Battle is set on a roof top of a 20 story building Win by death
  36. Megamangohan

    Yuno vs. Monika

    Low 2-C Speed equalized if needed
  37. fandom_662247

    John Wick vs. Yuno Gasai

    Both are strong and agile Who will win? (Postscript: I do not know how to create a story) Rules: - Speed equalized - Both start with nothing - Melee Weapons ONLY - Both are Tier 9-C Jonh Wick OR Yuno Gasai
  38. BiasedForDioBrando

    Yuno Gasai vs Monika

    Was looking over Monika's profile and decided she needed to have more theme based vsthreads, so here we go! Crazy bitches obsessed with their respective love interest. Both Low 2-C, of course and probably speed equalized, because infinite is definitely a lot better then unknown. Or if it's the...
  39. Creaturemaster971

    Re-Examining a Previous Battle

    (Posted here because I don't know how to find the Vs Thread removal board) So previously, a unanimous vote ruled in favor of Nagisa in his battle against pre-god Yuno. However, a particularly detailed (and rather admirable) analysis was later given by @Pisan that put this result into question...
  40. Kyle_Ramos

    Yuno Gasai vs Ultra Instinct Goku

    Low 2-C Speed equalized.