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  1. Robo432343

    Infinite Zamasu vs Yubel (DBS vs Yu-Gi-Oh)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Fusion_Zamasu_(DBS_Anime)#Infinite_Zamasu vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yubel SBA Speed Equal
  2. Robo432343

    The Overlord vs Yubel (Ninjago vs Yu-Gi-Oh)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Overlord_(Ninjago) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yubel SBA
  3. Robo432343

    Dante vs Yubel (6-0-0)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Dante_(Devil_May_Cry) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yubel SBA Speed Equal
  4. Oliver_de_jesus

    My dark self (Battle for eight strongest no Smurf character) - Dark Surfer Vs Yubel

    SBA and Speed equal Weird Monster: Infinity Dude: Goku solos:
  5. Robo432343

    Darkseid vs Yubel

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Darkseid vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yubel SBA Speed =
  6. Robo432343

    Kratos vs Yubel

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kratos VS https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yubel God of War Kratos Speed = SBA
  7. Zencha9

    Doremy vs Yubel

    SBA Speed Equal Doremy: Base Yubel:
  8. Zencha9

    Lavos vs Yubel

    Base Lavos: Ultimate Knightmare Yubel: SBA Speed is equal
  9. SomebodyData

    Yu-Gi-Oh Content Revisions Steamrolling

    Hello, now that I'm back for a bit more time I'd like to tackle a trend since the Summer and that's the massive avalanche of Yugioh CRTs. Normally that's not a problem for a big verse, but when most of these responses are hopes to add on to it (ie like asking if they can find a way for a certain...
  10. SomebodyData

    Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and 2-C: The Last of Many.

    It is a VsBattles tradition to have a seasonal YuGiOh CRT at this point. Recently, one thread has passed through. To certify or rebuke the outcome of the thread, I've made this final staff thread. Of course, @Zencha9 (Original poster of the thread) is allowed to comment and state his arguments...
  11. GoldenGangStar5

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Character Scaling

    This is a follow up thread to this one: https://vsbattles.com/threads/yu-gi-oh-gx-the-12-dimensions.118331/ Now that we've moved some characters to 2-C, (Season 3 and 4 Jaden/Judai with Super Polymerization, Yubel with Super Polymerization) I wanted to discuss which characters scale to them. We...
  12. Zencha9

    Yu-Gi-Oh GX the 12 dimensions

    Hoo boy here comes Everyone's favorite topic in this crt i'll clear some misinformation about the 12 dimensions and how they should be universe sized So im not gonna beat around the bush I rewatched the entirety of season 3 to check the 12 dimensions and all the statments regarding it and not...
  13. Zencha9

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: fixing Yubel Scaling + some additions

    1st i would like to know why is amon's exodia considered to be not at full power when there's no indication of exodia being weakened now to some yubel feats while weakened yubel was able to subdue the sacred beasts with her will/spirit power while heavily weakened yubel was able to block...
  14. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Yugioh Massive CRT Thread (Pt 2)

    Before I can really do anything... I have to start with GX: Dueling Energy: Dueling is described to involve Dueling Energy This glow around Johan and Judai is is the same energy we see in Viper's tank , which was designed to show how much dueling energy Judai has in comparison to others...
  15. VAVADevil32

    Yubel (Yu-Gi-Oh) vs Doctor Doom (Marvel Comics)

    "If you don't want to get burned, take cover, worm." "You want to know how I survived? That place kept me alive, gave me strength...power." Who will Win? Both are 5-A and Speed Equalized They are Unprepared for each other Yubel: 2 Doom: 2 Tie: 0
  16. Eficiente

    Universal Yubel in Duel Links

    In the non-canon Yu-Gi-Oh! game of said name Yubel has 3-A/Low 2-C statements. I want to know if it is ok for me to make "her" a profile. Especially considering that canon Yubel is but 5-A with one specific thing. Here's mere context: "The Light of Destruction? That's what's threating the...
  17. OmniTops

    Possible updates of Yu-Gi-Oh! II

    Judai Judai 4th season should have Attack Potency Universe Level for defeating Darkness 7:47 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iksOo22zS8o and Durability Star Level as he was able to resist Malefic Stardust Dragon's attack with the help of Neos. 1:45 https://vimeo.com/241198505 Neos...
  18. Jeune_fou

    Yubel's speed + one power I forgot to mention

    Hello, I noticed Yubel's speed was now "massively hypersonic +" I'd like to know if this was acceptable to precise she has most likely FTL reaction speed. I ask that because among screenshots I took there's one where Elemental hero glow neos saves Hassleberry (tyranno kenzan) from a beam of...
  19. SomebodyData

    Yubel's Tier 2 Rating

    Hello, a while back in a discussion over the definition of dimensions in yugioh, I discovered that the dimensions Yubel was going to fuse are extremely small, one of which is orbiting Jupiter (Neo Space) and one that is quite literally a dessert, so I'm proposing that Super Poly be counted as a...
  20. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Drago (Bakugan) vs Yubel (Yugioh)

    Battle between Cosmic Beings Drago vs Yubel Drago will be Titanium Dragonoid here Yubel is in her Ultimate Nightmare form Speed is Equalized Yubel wishes to conquer Vestroia and make it her own playground. Drago will not stand for this and will do anything in his power to stop Yubel...
  21. The_real_cal_howard

    Yukari vs Yubel

    Speed equalized before I forget. So, someone who uses boundaries vs someone who ignores them to fuse. Battle of haxxed...females? Both are enraged. Brooklyn style... I've been watching too much YGOTAS... Yukari the troll
  22. Raito_Utopia

    Giorno vs Yubel

    Both characters become very strong with their HAX Speed is equalized Who wins and why ? Yubel
  23. HokageMangaVox

    Yhwach V.S Yubel

    Yhwach Soul King Absorb (5-B) Quincy powers off. V.S. Yubel (5-B) Reality Manipulation off. Speed Equalized. Location: Egypt Win by any means.
  24. MarvelFanatic119

    Yubel vs Arceus

    While Yubel tries to fuse the 12 universes via Super Polymerization, Arceus feels a disturbance in the Multiverse and investigates. Speed Equalized (Cause Yubel's Speed is Unknown :P) Yubel is allowed to evolve and transform into both forms for this fight Arceus is in his Complete Form In...
  25. Jeune_fou

    Yubel (powers and tier)

    Hello everyone, I already talked about Yubel (from Yu-Gi-Oh gx) several months ago and someone told me I should use more screenshots and talk about "her" in the content revision board. Yubel does not have a profile here on vs battle wikia, but I think she totally deserve one. She has an...