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ulquiorra cifer

  1. Spectra_Schiffer

    Ulquiorra Vs Nagato

    Ulquiorra Schiffer versus Nagato Uzumaki SBA Forms to use: Base Ulq | Edo Nagato Starting distance: 4 kilometers Battlefield: Konoha Ulquiorra: XSOULOFCINDERX, Apollonir.Scale, KremcikGorv, poyraz, Patates, Mndks, EldemadeDityjon, Crobatman44 Nagato: Incon:
  2. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Sasuke vs Ulquiorra

    Sasuke vs Ulquiorra Rules Links to characters: Ulquiorra, Sasuke Sasuke's Fourth Shinobi World War key is used Sasuke goes through a Senkaimon/Reishi Henkan-Ki beforehand that converts his matter and chakra into reishi equivalents Sasuke starts the fight with his Susanoo Both are in...
  3. Guacamolefletcher

    New Bleach discussion rule - formally ruling against the non-canon film

    Introduction There are four BLEACH movies, one of which is canon, one of which is an alternate universe-type story with a canon setting, and two which are just non-canon. One of these non-canon movies is "BLEACH: the hellverse," and despite being blatantly non-canon, people like to use it...
  4. Wankstasosuke

    Vasto Lorde Ichigo Range revision

    https://imgur.com/gallery/z74tjxH In the hellverse databook it is said that VL Ichigo shakes HM and in the crt above HM is considered 5b so VL Ichigo must have 5b range ウエコムンド 虚圏で、一つ の力が覚醒した。 スノーチエス てんが 虚夜 宮の天蓋の上。青白い月 が輝く夜の下。 ホロウ くろいちご 第4十刃ウルキオラ・シファーとの戦いの中で、黒崎一護の意識は内なる虚に飲みこ トロ エスパーダ...
  5. Ulquiorra vs Lucifero

    2 edgy looking characters decide to fight each other Segunda Etapa Ulquiorra vs Fully Manifested Lucifero Speed is equalized Who wins? Ulquiorra Cifer: EldemadeDityjon, Naeblis495, KINGWILLTHEGREAT0815, Speedster352 Lucifero: Arkenis Inconclusive: AnonymousBlank, Arcker123, Spilxson2...
  6. Deceived3596

    Coyote Starrk vs Ulquiorra Cifer - Bleach Goonery Incarnate

    Conditions: SBA Res Starrk and Segunda Etapa Ulquiorra are used. Profiles: Coyote Starrk vs Ulquiorra Cifer Voting: Starrk - Cifer - Incon -
  7. KingArthur561

    twin but from different verses

    Yokoso Battle Ulquiorra vs Zenon Sba Speed equalized Arena Soul society
  8. Excellence616

    The Captain of the Black Bulls Vs The 4th Espada

    Speed Equalized Ulquiorra Cifer: 1 (@Deceived3596 ) Yami Sukehiro: 2 (@chosen, @espilon_r) Inconclusive:
  9. Myxenete

    A little bit of Bleach talk

    Toshiro only has passive Temperature manipulation despite the fact it comes from his reiatsu and if you need any further evidence the Honey Dish Rhapsody just blatantly shows us that he can do it consciously Grimmjow, Nelliel and Harribel have unjustifiable scaling, Harribel blatantly puts HM...
  10. Deceived3596

    Nnoitra Gilga Vs Ulquiorra Cifer - Deceived's Husbando Vs Reio35's Husbando

    @Arc7Kuroi for the idea. SBA Not using wiki scaling, rather bring your own personal scaling on why you believe either character beats the other. Res Nnoitra Vs Segunda Etapa Ulquiorra. Vs Nnoitra "Strongest" Gilga - Deceived, Arc7Kuroi Ulquiorra "Bussy" Cifer - Reio "Speedster" 35...
  11. Ulquiorra vs As Nodt

    Battle The fight takes place in Las Noches and starts at 70 meters, Ulquiorra has knowledge of Vollständig, and Äs Nodt of the resurrection, except the second stage. Round 1 Äs Nodt base and Ulquiorra base. Round 2 Vollständig and Resurrection in the first stage. Round 3 Vollständig and...
  12. M_Animefan

    Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach) VS Kenpachi Zaraki (Bleach)

    Speed is equalized: Segunda Etapa Ulquiorra Cifer: Kenpachi Zaraki Eyepatch Off (Pre-Timeskip) Both are High 6B
  13. raidensolos

    Ulqiorra cifer vs naruto uzumaki

    Ulqiorra cifer from bleach vs naruto uzumaki from naruto (series) both prime who wins?
  14. Seventy96

    Question about Ulquiorra

    How strong is segunda etapa compared to espada 3,2,1 and 0?
  15. AStaticVoid

    Bleach: Possible Upgrade for Barragan, Starrk and Ulquiorra

    Hi everyone, this is my first thread and I hope I don't get in trouble or not to respect the rules and so on. There is something I would like to bring into discussion today, without make calculations, measurements, or anything else, but simply following logic. With the release of the official...
  16. KingKenjo

    Espada Power Ranking

    I've been trying to work out which Espadas are stronger than which for a while now, and it's been a real pain. Obviously the major stuff I know (the ones where tier gaps exist are kinda no-brainers), but things like scaling Segunda Etapa in comparison to the top 3 kinda make things a little...
  17. KingKenjo

    Orihime's Revenge

    I've been thinking about Orihime a lot recently, and so I thought I'd put together a thread for her and hope it works. Blood War Orihime vs Segunda Etapa Ulquiorra. Speed equal, Orihime is bloodlusted. Orihime wins: Ulquiorra wins: Inconclusive: I have no idea if this'll be even remotely...
  18. KingKenjo

    Questions about Bleach Speed Meta

    So I've been trying to learn as much as I can about Bleach scaling for a while now, and I've only just now noticed something I don't entirely get. I already know about Orihime's Hypersonic feat, and how it's used to scale most of the other characters. But one thing that confuses me is the jump...
  19. AppleLord

    Ichigo Kurosaki Black Getsuga Tensho = Cero Oscuras Order of Magnitude Multiplier

    Here in this scan Ichigo says his "Black" Getsuga is his inner Hollows technique. Ichigo's normal getsuga is blue (anime) and yellow (manga). In his battle against Ulquiorra, his black getsuga is compared to a cero oscuras. IMade provided some databook scans confirming that Cero Oscuras is...
  20. Zoro21043

    Bleach Ichigo's getsuga tensho

    here ulquiorra states ichigo's getsuga tenshou is similar to an arrancars cero oscuras, and we know that a getsuga tenshou is a technique that amps power here we see grimmjow casually catching ichigos sword with one hand but when ichigo fires a getsuga grimmjow puts more effort into blocking it...
  21. Grandlewon

    Nanoha vs Ulquiorra

    -Speed equalised -StrikerS Nanoha -Both in character -Fight takes place in a desert Nanoha's profile: Ulquiorra's profile:
  22. Zoro21043

    A demon vs A dragon

    ulquiorra vs kaido -soul crush cant be used -both are in character
  23. YungManzi

    Ulquiorra fights a Succy Spider

    Mio Misumi Vs. Ulquiorra Cifer Speed is equal Strongest Version of Ulquiorra vs. Post-Destruction of Rotsgard Mio
  24. BloodyBloodwork365

    Ulquiorra vs Carnage: Battle of Regenerationn!

    Strength: Speed: Durability: Hax: Healing: Who wins?
  25. LordWhis

    Renji vs Ulqiorra

    True Bankai vs R2 Renji: Ulqiorra: Incon: Who wins this ?
  26. Zoro21043

    Bleach ulquiorra cifer

    I tried calculating ulquiorras AP here is what i got i couldnt find an exact size for las noches , so i went with country so we know that any espada could destroy las noches with a gran rey cero so base yami can destroy las noches in order to low ball lets pretend base yami=base grimmjaw...
  27. DVD181

    Black Winged Devil Battle

    (sigh) I can't believe I'm doing this. The Word Devil vs Ulquiorra Cifer. Ulquiorra is in Segunda Etapa, and speed is equalized. Either this is a High 6-C+ vs Low 6-B or Low 6-B vs 6-B-ish. Who wins and why? "...And it is because of that 'heart' that you will lose your life." "I have...
  28. LordWhis

    Ulqiorra vs Post-TS Nell

    Both start in their strongest form. SBA. The 4th Espada: 1 The 3rd Espada: Incon: Who wins ?
  29. IMadeThisOn8-1-2017

    Gran Rey Cero and Resurreccion of Espada 4-1 Scaling

    My calc on Gran Rey Cero and Resurreccion of Espada 4-1 has been accepted and it's now time to start discussing who will be upgraded from this and who will scale, I've already gone ahead and done a large start in my blog of the calc; however, if anyone feels I left a character out from the...
  30. IMadeThisOn8-1-2017

    Bleach: Las Noches' Size 2.0

    In a previous CRT we decided to use statements instead of referring to pixel scaling for Bleach given the inconsistency discovered in the pixel scaling. No two panels of an aerial view of things were similar nor consistent. However, statements were consistent at least. We have an accepted calc...
  31. StunAlvin1

    Speed of Ulquiorra

    Again and again the same speed problem, Ichigo had a hard time keeping up with Ulquiorra in first form and was not able to fully outperform in his second form, except that after his fight against Ulquiorra he confronted Gin, revealing him the speed of deployment from his sword and even with his...
  32. RanaProGamer

    Las Noches Destruction Upgrade?

    Note: This was not done by me, just by some dude who was debunking the downplay of Gran Ray Cero. The energy it takes to destroy Las Noches Las Noches calc Nel who was previously a Espada states that it takes 3 Days to walk to the Enterance of the Las Noches. We can lowball this and say that...
  33. PrinceOfTheMorning

    What's up with Ulquiorra?

    Why is he just rated as mountain level in Segunda Etapa? Las Noches is mind-bogglingly gigantic - there are many shots from within it where viewpoints from high up show all the way to the horizon, and those shots only show tiny parts of the whole structure considering every Espada has their own...
  34. Ryuga21

    Bartholomew Kuma vs Ulquiorra Cifer

    Battle will takes place on Hueco Mundo SBA, Speed Equalized. Kuma: Ulquiorra:
  35. AppleLord

    Ichigo & Espadas Space Distortion Slice Attack

    Merged Hollow Ichigo and the Espada have Spatial and Temporal Slicing with Gran Rey Cero or a type of Spatial Attack because both the manga and databook says Gran Rey Cero disturbs space, and it's even showed to do it.
  36. Gear2ndGandalf

    About Ulquiorra's Non-cannon Form.

    Hogyoku Ulquiorra Is it possible to add Kubo Tite's design for Hogyoku Ulquiorra to his profile as Tier unknown? Source
  37. Phoenixssj3

    Tier 7A or 6C?

    Hi there! here's the thing, Ulquirra's "mountain destruction feat" seems a bit underrated since if I remember well, las noches is stated to be wide enough to be walked through for 3 days...even if we walked only 10 hours a day, this would make it more than 100 km...and Ulquiorra's explosion...
  38. JohnCenaNation

    Itachi Uchiha (Composite) vs Ulquiorra Cifer (Composite)

    vs. Rules: 1. This is both Itachi and Ulquiorra before their death without any injuries. 2. Itachi is alive & healthy, has dual Mangekyō Sharingan, activates Complete Body — Susanoo, ate Military Rations Pill, and wields Sword, Sword of Totsuka & Yata Mirror. 3. Ulquiorra activates...
  39. Soldier_Blue

    Cero - pulverization vs vaporization

    Hello, ladies and gentlemen. The question bugging us all today is whether vaporization can be considered for this calc: User blog:Soldier Blue/Bleach - Some Cero calcs for fu I asked for some colourized scans from the following chapters. KuuIchigo was kind enough to track them down for me...
  40. YungManzi

    Squalo Vs. Ulquiorra

    SBA applies, Speed is equal and Both are at their strongest. Superbi Squalo Vs. Ulquiorra Cifer