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the player (minecraft)

  1. Nico-v11

    Minecraft Canonical Novels

    Did anyone know that Minecraft had canonical books? I had no idea. I wonder if there are any feats or explanations for things that would warrant changes for the profiles. Also, some are confirmed to be non-canon and others people believe to be canon (like there’s a prequel novel about the...
  2. Brogeefrong

    who can cranck 90's better | Minecraft Player vs Fortnite Player | 0-0-0

    Nicholas Chickolas has sent the Chicken Duo Assassins, Chickety China The Chinese Chicken and The Rock Chicken to go after Umulius Minecraft Guy has all his equipment Fortnite Guy has all his equipment Speed is equalized Fight takes place in Roblox...
  3. Minecraft Player Lifting Strength Upgrade

    Hello all, so I decided to recalc the Minecraft Player's Lifting Strength, as the old calc just used gold blocks, and there are items in the game that he can carry that are denser than gold blocks (netherite block/enchanted golden apple or simply notch apple)...
  4. Minecraft's New Weapon Brings Upgrades to the Verse

    Hello everyone, so I just tried calculating the new weapon called the Mace (which is stated to be able to one shot the Warden if the Player falls high enough), and it resulted in some pretty big upgrades for the Minecraft Verse. Here are all of my calculations for said Mace...
  5. Brogeefrong

    The Strongest Finger Eater in History vs The Strongest Miner of Today | Yuji vs Minecraft Steve | 0-0-0

    jogoat was a lil 2 strong Vs Mahtio Yuji used and is 25.8 Tons Steve has all his equipment, and is 21.32 Tons Speed is equalized Fight happena at minecraft shibuya Profiles https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Yuji_Itadori?so=search https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Player_(Minecraft)?so=search
  6. Jinsye

    Minecraft Could Be 1-A (Definitely, Totally, 100%)

    So, to preface, this is completely against site rules as of current and is only meant to be my current thoughtpiece on the tiering of the verse. Specifically, the ever forbidden End Poem. To make this statement completely clear. I am NOT pushing for an upgrade to the verse, and I do not want...
  7. koopa3144

    Funny brick man vs a small child (The Player (Minecraft) vs Isaac (The Binding of Isaac)) (0-5-0)

    The fight takes place in Gm_Construct Both are 8-B Distance is 12 meters Steve has all his tools and 8-B equipment Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Funny brick man: 0 (Can harm bosses who no-sell 21.325685 tons of tnt) Sad baby: 5 (Can stomp bosses who massively upscale from...
  8. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    yang fights a block dude

    Steve yang rules: speed equalized Both 8-B (steve with equipment vs post beacon yang) no knowledge of each other battle takes place inside the sports festival stadium from MHA they start 5ft apart from each other both in-character Victory is incap only Note: If the rules have any...
  9. Flashlight237

    Steve (Minecraft) vs Villager (Animal Crossing)

    Okay, so this may be a bit tricky. Steve can easily deal with creatures with an AP of 0.016 tons of TNT as their AP. The villager can do 0.039 tons without any clue how combat works. Both Steve and Villager have similar lifting strength with a single arm. A villager can hold up a whale shark...
  10. Notsussybaka900

    Overestimation Tournament: Itachi VS The Player (Naruto VS Minecraft)

    Tournament Let us begin. @theultimate5105’s Itachi: @Oliver_de_jesus’s Player: 4 No logic allowed.
  11. Oliver_de_jesus

    Minecraft: walking to the Huge steps in updates

    Okey, this will be fast, I think we should add Minecraft Marketplace (Aka DLC), Animations and the books that are in Mojang Official Shop, this will not affect the main key of Steve but gave many many many things to the Minecraft in itself, mainly new enemies and the player will have several new...
  12. Flashlight237

    Deku vs Steve (Minecraft)

    Okay, so both of these guys are hella skillful for what they are. Deku is a kid who spent his time in the sidelines analyzing quirks and their weaknesses. Steve is one of the best wilderness survivalists in the game. Now, let's look at these two. Deku has an AP of 41.1 tons and has melee and...
  13. LeoEpicGamer8910

    Steve (Minecraft) VS Marcy Wu (GRACE)

    Both 8-B. Speed equalized. Both bloodlusted. SBA for anything else. Steve: 8 Marcy: Incon:
  14. Psychomaster35

    (0-1-0) Steve VS Clover: Masked Mining For (Rigged) Luck

    First VS match of 2023, lets go. Basically, Inanimate Insanity just won a Cartoon Crave Award all because they encouraged their fans to vote their series and not letting other creators promote their series because they literally weren’t aware of this. Conveniently enough, they said this was...
  15. Rakih_Elyan

    Your Average Project Ozone Enzoyer vs The Gap Youkai - The Player vs Yukari Yakumo (Minecraft Modded Project Ozone vs Touhou Project)

    A bored player that has achieved infinity suddenly feels a disturbance in the cosmos, an unknown being has intruded into his universe. A gap youkai curiously barged into his world. IT'S TIME FOR HIM TO FIGHT ANOTHER BOSS BATTLE!! GLORY TO THE PGS! 2-C creative key Player with RFTools Dimensions...
  16. Rakih_Elyan

    A Virgin Sadistic Goddess vs Your Average Project Ozone Enzoyer - Plutia (Hyperdimension Neptunia) vs The Player (Minecraft Project Ozone 3)

    SOOOO HERE IS THE BATTLE BETWEEN TWO VIDEO GAME CHARACTERS THAT YOU MAY OR MAY NOT LIKE! ALTERNATE TITLE: ANOTHER BOSS BATTLE FOR THE BOYS 2-C for Plutia with average shares, 2-C Player for creative key with RF Tools Dimension Speed equalized SBA applies "We're just one step closer to the...
  17. The_Almighty_Wholesome

    The Player (Minecraft) vs Solid Snake (0-0-0)

    Rules: -Both are 8-B -Speed is equalized -Both are fully equipped -Both get 3 days of preparation and have prior knowledge Snake? Aww man: Why are we still here? Just to suffer (Reaction after Steve mines his cardboard box): They both get into Smash:
  18. Propellus

    A Block Man fights a superpowered "wolf"

    Basically Krypto vs Steve Hope this isn't a stomp But anyways: Both are 8-B Speed is = Range starts at hundreds of meters This is Season 1 Krypto (8-B+) Steve has his full enchanted armor, his sword, shield, and arrows. Krypto is 99.45 Tons Steve is 38.50 Tons Krypto has the 2.583x AP...
  19. guguk01

    Steve hunts dragons in another world

    Steve who was traveling using the portal accidentally moved to the Land of dawn and decided to travel in the new world, then when Steve arrived at Cadia Riverlands he heard that there was a powerful person who ruled the land ruthlessly, Steve was looking for that person and challenged him to a...
  20. koopa3144

    The Player (Minecraft) VS Wile E. Coyote (7-4-0) (Concluded)

    Fight takes place in a canyon both have their 8-B equipment Wile E has his optional equipment Both have a day of prep Wile E only needs to defeat Steve once to win Speed is equalized Wile E. Coyote: 4 Steve: 7 Incon: 0
  21. Realjackthegamer312

    Raiden (metal gear) vs the player (minecraft)

    i've cut my own path, you followed your wrath: creeper, oh man: Speed is equal and both are at 8-B. takes place in the nether just because i felt like it.
  22. Shmooply

    Minor addition to the Player (Minecraft)

    Steve/Alex should have Attack Reflection as they can reflect a ghast's fireball with their own fists, and they can also deflect other projectiles with the shield. Additionaly, their current justification for Attack Reflection is wrong. Thorns is just Damage Transferal, so that should be changed.
  23. Zyther

    The Player (Minecraft Steve) Why is he only 8-B?

    Hey! This is gonna be a short post, I was just so confused when I saw Steve is only 8-B The dude can literally carry 36 shulker boxes, full of GOLDEN BLOCKS. A shulker can contain 27 STACKS of golden blocks via some simple math 36 x 27 x 64 = 62,208 Meaning Steve can carry 62,208 Golden...
  24. Jinsye

    Minecraft's End Poem - Unanswered Questions

    Despite being a discussion rule, I got the go ahead by Ultima to bring this up again because both he and I have both decided the way the previous thread ended wasn’t very good. A mess of circular arguments and the staff just decided to cut off the whole thing before it got any worse. My opinion...
  25. GyroNutz

    Minecraft Lifting Strength Update

    So I've done this calculation which has been recently accepted. This would scale Steve to At least Class K lifting strength using Obsidian instead of Gold Blocks. I've laid out the logic in the calc blog (pistons can push 12 Gold Blocks at a time, but cannot budge Obsidian). And I suggest that...
  26. Vizer04

    Spider-Man vs The Player (0-0-0)

    The Player (Minecraft) has access to all their equipment but not to the 8-B equipment. Both have one day of prep time and speed is equalized. Spider-Man: The Player: Inconclusive:
  27. Mariogoods

    Adding Underground Mobility to some characters

    Since our wiki recently has Underground Mobility, there are characters who does not cite this ability. Here is my suggestion on which character could get this ability. The Player (Mincraft): For obvious reasons. The Terrarian: For obvious reasons. Simon the Digger: In Episode 1, Simon has...
  28. Keeweed

    Characters without character. How do we treat them on this site.

    Probably a weird title, but it’s surprisingly an important topic. Pretty much on this site there are a ton of characters that lack personalities or, well, character. They have no known move set or starting move. Constantly I’ve heard that we have these characters just do completely random stuff...
  29. Mariogoods

    Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters Battle Royale

    Rule: 1. All characters should be in their canon strongest state. 2. The list's order is from the strongest to the weakest. 3. If there is some question regarding the list, it is better to start a vs debate thread. List: 1. Joker (1-C, higher with Willpower) 2. Sephiroth (At least 2-A) 3. The...
  30. StrymULTRA

    Clash of memes: 9-A edition

    Sorry not sorry. Nagito vs Steve Both restricted to 9-A, speed =. #1 Russian Roulette fan: Unironically on Smash: Incon
  31. GyroNutz

    Minecraft - Abilities Addition

    Here are a few abilities that I believe Minecraft profiles are either currently lacking or would have due to the 1.17 update. Disease Resistance: Zombies turn villagers into Zombie Villagers upon killing them via infection, which is already accepted. However despite being able to be killed...
  32. TheGatememer

    Very small Minecraft addition

    In The Player's profile, they currently have Type 4 Immortality for this reasoning: "Immortality (Type 4, they can resurrect in the Nether via Respawn Anchors and can return to life when killed via a Totem of Undying)" However, as seen in the Nether Update trailer, they don't really need a...
  33. Pepsiman25th

    since minecraft was hit with the downgrade nuke, lets upgrade it just a bit.

    since the player list all their tier 2 powers/abilities, I propose just a small upgrade with 2 new keys with some powers. 1. A new creative mode key. 2. A key where the player has the command block creative mode key: The player will have: Creation. (the player can create the Minecraft...
  34. FinePoint

    Minecraft Addition: Creative Mode

    This is a proposal which was rejected in the past under the assumption of "game mechanics" or "cheats." This is a decision I disagree with. Firstly, Minecraft DOES have a cheat mode which is an option entirely separate from Creative Mode. Instead, Creative Mode is listed alongside other gamemode...
  35. Starter_Pack

    Minecraft Low 7-C Downgrade

    I refuse to let this stand. I'm not one to spark verse-wide revisions on the fly, but I am not allowing this verse to be wanked more than it is already. The one thing I want settled is this: Remove Low 7-C from the fodder of the verse. It makes sense for the boss characters to scale up from TNT...
  36. Ultima_Reality

    Some Minecraft Revisions (Tier 2 and up Edition)

    Everything is Tier 1. The Thing Alright, so, yesterday, I and a few other people noticed an issue with a few of the Minecraft profiles. Namely The Player and The Entities; to quote the latter's AP justification: To summarize it: We treat The Player as transcending the entire world of...
  37. Braking

    Get the #### of my server bro

    The player (minecraft) vs SCP-4335 Real player key used Inside minecraft key used Speed equal The Player: SCP-4335: SCP-4335 is blood lusted
  38. Steve can neither mine nor craft

    Looking at Steve's profile, I noticed a glaring omission, the aforementioned lacking of mining and crafting. It is possibly included under "Survival Expert", though the scope of that could include anything from his ability to farm wild potatoes to being able to construct mansions with nearby...
  39. Artorimachi_Meteoraft

    Steve (Minecraft) vs the player (Swordburst Online/Roblox)

    steve invites the player to a duel to death in order to see whether minecraft is better or roblox is better. Steve's Profile The Player's Profile Rules: Speed Equalized No knowledge or prep Battle takes place in a Colosseum win by incap. Steve has type 4 immortality who wins and why...
  40. Coolboy6

    Iron man (MCU) fights a man in iron armor

    Both high 8-C, speed equalized, Steve has iron armor, iron sword, and bow, if the player sees the “you died” screen, tony wins Iron man: The player: inconclusive: