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shizuku yaegashi

  1. Phoenks

    Shizuku Yaegashi VS Medaka Kurokami

    My attempt at summoning Expectro. Also, I need more CONTENT. Raaaaaaw! Shizuku Yaegashi, the Way Too Overpowered Sword Saint VS Medaka Kurokami, the Composite Shounen Protagonist Speed Equalized • Power Systems Equalized • 5-C Versions • No Prior Knowledge...
  2. Expectro2000xxx

    Intrusive Thoughts Have Won: Mikey vs Meld

    I couldn't resist, I really couldn't. Shizuku vol 1 9-B end (7.94 Megajoules) Meld Loggins (2.64 Megajoules) with offensive and defensive magic restricted (as they are a higher tier), adult Mikey as I assume he is his strongest version, speed unequalized (I know, surprising right?), Mikey have...
  3. Expectro2000xxx

    Young Swordswoman vs Young Swordsman (Shizuku Yaegashi vs Wilhelm Van Astrea)

    See so much Re:Zero spam got to me so I wanted to give it a try with the no haxed Arifureta characters. Second key Wilhelm, Second Key Shizuku and speed equalized (obviously because otherwise the verse is ******), initial distance being 10 meters. Shizuku Yaegashi: 1 vs Wilhelm van Astrea: 3
  4. Expectro2000xxx

    Swordsman VS Swordwomen

    Thought about this yesterday and wanted to see what happened. Speed Equalized, Second Key/Post-Orcus Shizuku, initial distance 10 meters. Swordsman: 0 vs Swordswomen: 2
  5. Expectro2000xxx

    Sword vs Gun (Shizuku vs Chisato Rematch) (7-0-0)

    Since Shizuku AP got buffed (now is 7.94 Megajoules) and in the original thread I wasn't there I think a rematch should be made, so here it come. Speed Equalized, initial distance 10 meters apart, both 9-B (obviously). Shizuku: 7 VS Chisato: 0
  6. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Chisato Nishikigi vs Shizuku Yaegashi

    ALTERNATE TITLE: NONELESS IT CAN'T BE HELPED, RIGHT? BRINGING A GUN TO A SWORD FIGHT Came from @Noneless21 idea for put Chisato against Shizuku and said Shizuku doesn't have the bs she has in the other keys, i'll trust him on this one but if this turned into a stomp/decisive win then i hope...
  7. Expectro2000xxx

    Shizuku Yaegashi vs Yoon-seok

    Well, this was something that was needed to be done sooo. Initial distance 10 meters, speed equalized, Post-Schnee Shizuku and 10th Floor Yoon-seok, Yoon have knowledge about Shizuku spatial attackd and that he can't block them. Shizuku Yaegashi: 0 vs Yoon-seok: 0
  8. Phoenks

    Ikki Kurogane vs Shizuku Yaegashi (7-7)

    Ikki Kurogane, the Worst One VS Shizuku Yaegashi Information: Ikki is in his peak 7-B base form. End of Series Shizuka Yaegashi. Ikki Kurogane starts in his base but his amps are not restricted (Though this may change depending on the circumstance). Speed is equalized. The battle starts from...
  9. Nicetoderp

    Kamen Rider Blades VS Shizuku Yaegashi

    -Post-Schnee Shizuku and Calibur Arc King Lion Daisenki Blades is used. -Speed is equalized. -Battle took place in the Bodukai Arena, the fighter are 15 meters away from one another. -Otherwise SBA. Swordsman of Water: Isekai Heroine:
  10. Rikimarox2

    Shizuku Yaegashi (Arifureta) VS Tae Mu-Kang (LOTNB)

    Let's hope it ain't a stomp. I just want a good match for my Boi Tae :c Speed is equalized, duh. Both 8B, Shizuku is at her strongest 8B key. Tae's AP: >19.05 Tons Shizuku's AP: >>? 19.2 Tons Tae Mu-Kang: 0 Shizuku Yaegashi: 0 Incon: 0
  11. HyperNepsy

    Black swordsman vs Isekai protagonist

    Shizuku Yaegashi Post-Haltina Vs City block Kirito in VR Speed equalized SBA And uh...location Green hill zone
  12. Oblivion_Of_The_Endless

    Shizuku Yaegashi vs Ayaka Shinozaki

    Two hot ladies that can cut through space Speed Equal Both Low 7-B SBA Shizuku: 3 (Milly, DragonEmperor, Schnee One) Ayaka: 7 (Abyss, Maruishi, Ionliosite, Fcxfbx5, Velox, ChaosAyase, Viddumage) Incon:
  13. Schnee_One

    Shizuku Yaegashi vs Veronica

    What war is there to start, then a Waifu War. Dragon Veronica vs Low 7B Shizuku, Speed is Equal. Shizuku Yaegashi: 7 Veronica (The Book Eating Magician):
  14. Epsilon_R

    Yami Sukehiro Vs Shizuku Yaegashi

    Low 7-B versions. Speed Equalized. Both Starts 100 meters away. Yami Sukehiro: 7 (The Causality,SpookyShadow,Ciruno Fortes, Spinoirr, Veloxt1r0kore,Bob8999,Maruishimaryishi) Shizuku Yaegashi: 5 (Celestial Pegasus, Milly Rocking Bandit, Schnee One, Mr.Cinos15, MrDrProfessorPatricio)
  15. Celestial_Pegasus

    Esdeath vs Shizuku Yaegashi

    Wanted a match between swordswomen, hopefully not a stomp Both Low 7-B Speed Equalized Who wins? Esdeath: Shizuku Yaegashi: Inconclusive:
  16. Celestial_Pegasus

    Massive Arifureta Revisions

    Finally read the LN, and a lot of changes are in order. The names of the characters should follow the LN translations, Amanogawa Kouki>Kouki Amanogawa. Abilities should follow the LN translation too, sublimation magic>evolution magic. I will just go over the ap and speed of the characters for...
  17. Schnee_One

    Shizuku Yaegaeshi vs Tsumemon

    Alright, let's see where the Digimon can go. Blah Blah Speed and versions Equalized Blah Blah Shizuku Yaegashi: Tsumemo:
  18. PrettyFearMachine

    Shizuku Yaegashi vs Vergil

    -7-C Shizuku and DMC3 Vergil are used. -Speed is equalized. -Both are in character. -K.O. via SBA. Shizuku - 0 Vergil - 2 Inconclusive - 3
  19. Celestial_Pegasus

    The Queen vs The Demon King's Wife: Mami Tomoe vs Yaegashi Shizuku

    Both are 5-C Speed isn't equalized Shizuku doesn't have her smartphone Who wins? Queen Mami: Yaegashi Shizuku: 1 Inconclusive:
  20. Celestial_Pegasus

    Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Discussion Thread

    Thread to discuss anything arifureta related. Link to the Arifureta Light Novel Link to Arifureta Zero Link to the Arifureta Web Novel Link to the Arifureta Afterstories
  21. Kazumi Subaru vs Yaegashi Shizuku

    Both at 7-C Speed equalized Who wins and why ? Kazumi Subaru : Yaegashi Shizuku : Inconclusive :
  22. Celestial_Pegasus

    7-C Battle Royal

    Since battle royals are a thing now. The combatants: Ryüko Matoi (Died 9th) Akame (Died 2nd) Yaegashi Shizuku (Winner) Frisk (Came in 2nd place) Kurome (Died 1st) Yue (Died 15th) Undyne (Died 10th) Sakaguchi Hinata (Died 19th) Erza Scarlet (Died 3rd) Shirasaki Kaori (Died 11th) Souei...
  23. Celestial_Pegasus

    Yaegashi Shizuku vs Kevin Levin

    Small Town level Kevin, and End of Series Shizuku. Speed is equalized. Who wins? Shizuku: Kevi: Inconclusive:
  24. The_Wright_Way

    Frisk vs Yaegashi Shizuku

    7-c Frisk vs End of series Shizuku Speed equalized. vs.
  25. Celestial_Pegasus

    Ryüko Matoi vs Yaegashi Shizuku

    Life Fiber Synchronize Ryuko vs End of Series Shizuku Both in Character Starting Distance:15m Speed Equalized