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Kouki vs Kirito was an incon, but Shizuku is a whole different beast, more skilled, more haxed.

I am thinking she takes this.
I mean, it depends on what she starts with. This kirito has status effects like paralysis, poision and etc. Then there's fear, and other stuff he has. Not only that but immortality type 2

His sword skills are stat amps and most do status effects
Fear manipulation? Don't really see that on his profile, really i don't really understand what powers VR Kirito has, does it cover SAO, ALO, and GGO?

Seems pretty weird to me.

Shizuku's precog is always on, as for what she starts with, she will go for space cutting.

She has stat boost too which increases her senses and reflexes, and as i said in another thread next volume will upgrade her to Low 7-B and FTL+, or maybe it's this normal key that will upgrade if the boosts is 5x as in the WN, although don't remember where that was said.

As for status effects, doubt they will work Shizuku's sword automatically restores her, and i remember Hajime gave her a necklace or something which also does the same.

Restoration magic returns a person back to their previous state, it's time hax in other words.

Hard to really gauge how to treat time based regen, though from what i remember for Shizuku, it' doesn't go as far as healing fatal wounds,
I don't think everything was on the profile but this was on the list

"Cure Status Effect Inducements (Movement Slow, Stun/Fumble/Paralysis, Curse, Dizziness, Poison, Blindness, Body Part Loss Damage, Coma, Bleeding, Panic, Stomachache, Silencing) via Antidote Crystals and potions (though potions are over-time). 100% HP Heal via Healing Crystal and HP Heal over time via potions. Teleportation via Teleport & Corridor Crystals. Either Supernatural Luck or limited Probability Manipulation (considering SAO actually uses probability to an extent for attacking, fumble and tumble chances, drop rate, etc., it's probably probability manip.). Attract Hate (Aggro. Obviously NPCs only). Statistics Amplification (ATK, DEF, & Knockback Effect increase. The Chant Skill gives a bonus to defense, poison resistance, and stun resistance). The rest of the crystals are non-combat applicable.

As for Status Effect Inducements players can deal to their enemies:

Movement Slow (Self explanatory) Stun/Fumble/Paralysis (Fumble makes enemies drop their weapons. Stun is 10 seconds. Paralysis is 10 minutes) Tumble (Humanoid monsters only) Aggro (NPCs only) Curse (Probably a general debuff) Dizziness (Self explanatory) Poison (Self explanatory) Blindness (Self explanatory) Body Part Loss Damage (Self explanatory) Coma (Basically a knockout) Bleeding (Self explanatory) Panic (Fear Manipulation most likely) Stomachache (Self explanatory) Silencing (Stops people from talking, thus stopping them from using a Crystal's voice commands) I also recommend SAO characters to also have type 2 Immortality just like SAO Tabletop, since even if their limbs and such are completely sliced off, there will only be Body Part Loss Damage for a short period of time before it ends. Hell, even in ALO, Sugou survived being chopped in half for pretty long, and so did Death Gun. The only reason why they died was because they were already at such low HP that the Body Part Loss Damage just did its thing. Hell, that one character from SAO Alternative: GGO didn't even flinch seeing both of her legs completely severed, and was just like "meh" "
Why do people put haxed character against non-freezing Kirito?

Anyway, I'll wait for more arguments.

Btw, how big is spatial cutting?
From where I'm at in the series, or at least IIRC, it's an attack called Flash Blitz, and it's literally cutting through space with her sword, making it impossible to block or defend against unless you also have spatial manipulation. It's basically a durability negation attack, so the range wouldn't be more than her sword.

Edit: Scan if you would like to actually see it.

"Haaah— Flash Blitz!"

She frowned as her enhanced dynamic vision caught sight of bigfoots' grinning faces.

She slashed at the one in front of her then jumped out of the way, along with Kouki and Ryutarou.

A second later, the three bigfoots landed where the trio had been standing.

Like the rest of their moves, their landing was perfect.

Unfortunately, one of the three bigfoots had been cut cleanly in half.

"Ook eek!?"

The remaining two screeched in surprise.

Flash Blitz was one of the new moves Hajime had added to Shizuku's black katana.

It cut through space itself, so unless the opponent also had the ability to manipulate space, it was impossible to defend against.
Maybe? It would depend, if she cuts him in half, or if she just cut his arm, or if she hits in the first place.
Well SAO avatars have Immortality type 2, So if he got an arm cut off or get chopped in two he wouldn't die. He could just regenerate back