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Seems Shizuku continues to be the most popular Arifureta vs character.

Not complaining though since she is best girl.
Ayaka usually starts with dragon breath at this distance until she senses her opponent has died. If the distance is closed or dragon breath id being innefective then she usually uses Dragon claws to sever space or dragon tail to suffocate her opponent.
Ionliosite said:
What does Ayaka do?
-Has a bunch of Units/AIs that helps her with whatever she needs (each Unit has a specific function that you can read at her profile)


-Info Analysis

-Passive Shock-Absorption (blunt force resistance)

-Conceptualizes the manifestation of a dragon's attacks (She starts with Breath Attack if the target is far from her, and Dragon Claws if the target is close. Dragon Scale is passive)

-Dragon Claws negates dura
Anyways, regarding the match. Shizuku's attack reflection should not be capable of working against dragon breath due to its nature, cutting through space might help her through dragon breath but I am unsure due to severing the space would mean it cannot travel through there but at the same time it but is a conceptualization.

If Shizuku gets close however Ayaka would definitely go with dragon claw which has greater range (hundreds of meters) than Shizuku's space cut if I am not remembering incorrectly.

Ayaka probably takes this either way via dragon breath spam or cutting space from a greater distance than Shizuku.
Voting Shizuku.

Starts with Precog, 20 swords that can sever space, soul, and the mind, has boosts to close the range gap or could merely dodge if needed.
Welp, Soulhax and mindhax are useless here since well.....she doesnt have a soul and her mind exists in another dimension (and its also a virtual mind)
Soul demolition is more deadly than space cut, since she can cut the immaterial of her target such as magic power, stamina etc.

Kouki was getting power from Ehito, thing is Ehito was in another dimension, Shizuku cut off that power.
Pretty much, it's the pinnacle of swordsmanship so to speak, it's where the user can cut only what they want to cut, so she can cut someone with a sword and they suffer no external wound, but their mind or soul got cut.

Kouki was being mind control so she cut the mind control, thus he wasn't mind controlled anymore. Kouki was getting power from Ehito just like apostles and this basically means he had infinite stamina, since basically he was an apostle and apostles don't get tired cause Ehito is giving them power.

So Shizuku cut off that power Kouki was receiving, along with his stamina so at the end of it he couldn't do anything.
How does analytical prediction/extrasensory perception exactly help agaisnt Ayaka saying "Dragon Claw" and a conceptualization of the claws of a dragon slashing space? Even with soul demolition her Range still isn't good enough.
I mean, she should be able to sense it with both of those things. Even if her range isn't good enough, she can merely boost herself if she's getting pressured and strike her with literally 20 swords.
I suppose she has the capability to do so since it appears that she can cut immaterial things like stamina, mind control and magic, but I still think the range advantage would end up giving her the win specially since analytical prediction would not work unless she can see concepts and extrasensory perception sense space being cut.
LMilly Rocking Bandit said:
I don't see why having conceptual vision and ESP negate analytical prediction.
Lack there of, since the I doubt analytical prediction as works anywhere as good when you cannot even perceive what you are trying to predict.
Welp, that gets negated regardless.

  • Foresight: A skill which allows her to be able to predict the next move of her opponent to a certain extent. It also automatically tells her to move away from the position she was before, when she in danger, where she would have suffered a fatal attack.
  • Sense Presence: A skill that allows her to be able to sense anything within 10m.
So, Shizuku sees and or senses all of this happening and evades, and cuts with her 20+ swords that strike at her soul, mind, power, neg durability and cut space, etc.