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Tio has no hax at this point, she is more of a brute force fighter, while vergil has soul manipulation, spatial manipulation, teleportation.

Kaori Shirasaki would be more fair, maybe even Yue but Yue might be too hax for Vergil.

Edit: Just noticed speed is unequalized so not only is vergil more haxed, he is faster too...
Forgot about that, that was a stomp in yue's favor.

But yea this is a stomp, vergil is faster and more haxed, i think you could do Miledi Reise vs Vergil, that could be more fair.
Compared to tio who has no hax yes, tio is a brute force fighter, her one hax which is soul hax isn't even combat applicable at this point, and again speed is unequalized, don't see how she does anything here.
Neither, seems inconclusive

Either Vergil hits with a nigh-undodgeable judgement cut or the Akame rip off does the above.

Or simply blade locks, no resistance to spatial Manipulation and lower AP means he slices right through her blade.
No, just makes her know what vergil will do, albeit she can get 3x faster with sublimation magic, but don't think we allow such abilities in Speed equalized matches
Celestial Pegasus said:
No, just makes her know what vergil will do, albeit she can get 3x faster with sublimation magic, but don't think we allow such abilities in Speed equalized matches
Well how fast is her precog? cause if it takes too long then Vergil will slash her before she can respond.

Also I'm pretty sure that Speed amping is now allowed in versus debates with Speed equalized. So how fast can she activate her sublimation magic?
I mean if sublimation magic is allowed she gets 3x faster than vergil, and thereby attacking first and power nulls, said power null which nulls power from Ehitorujue who he is 6-A, or she destroys his soul or something else.
How skilled is she tho? Vergil fighting someone faster Isnt new and speed doesn't give you an automatic hit on someone who kills you the moment you Bladelock
She has been training in martials since she was a child, her family does kenjutsu, and owns a dojo and what not, she was like one of the best swordswoman in japan before she got summoned to another world, where she got even more teachings about martial arts and what not from ppl in that world.

She also knows unarmed martial arts like akaido and stuff like that, and can fight with apostles who are connected to a database which has tens of thousands of years worth of knowledge.

Also i think something else that hasn't been mentioned for shizuku so far, is how many weapons she has, she has 20 swords, all of which can cut through space, souls, minds etc.

Vergil is mostly self taught from the age of 8, being forced to use and understand battojutsu and Iaijutsu (Same fighting style as her ironically) and is able to understand and master fighting styles just by glancing at a weapon.

This guy also stalemated a dude who both resists spatial Manipulation and can slow time, the former she doesn't have, the latter she has with a speed amp.

Also, are you sure she can cut someone that much stronger then her?
What do you mean by cut? Shizuku mainly fights by spamming her hax not raw power in the first place, unless vergil has resistance, her hax would work unless i am missing something here.
Doesn't she need to cut her opponent for her Hax to work like you said?

Also Vergil apparently stomps AP wise if she's seriously above a baseline 7C
Some of her hax not all, space cutting, gravity cutting/pulling can all be spammed from far away, only stuff like mind cutting, soul cutting, power nulling needs to be up close, which she can get around by pulling her opponent to her with gravity manipulation or cutting gravity so they get suspended in the air unable to move or spamming space cutting to keep her opponent busy while she gets close.
She can't cut someone that much stronger then her.

Highballing her being 20 Kilotons or so would make Vergil over 5X stronger then her.
Gar i just told you she primarily use hax right? You do know space cutting ignores durability right? And there is no resistance to it on vergil's profile.

Also correction sublimation magic makes her 5x stronger and faster, not 3x.
Yes I'm well aware.

Now, how does that work against another space cutting weapon that is 5x stronger then hers again?