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The Queen vs The Demon King's Wife: Mami Tomoe vs Yaegashi Shizuku

How good is Shizuku's Mind manipulation, Precog and Resurrection?

Mami can bind her and nullify her powers, Attack reflection and drain will also be very useful. Her drain and her enhanced senses are also able to cover that 4km range.
I restrict the smartphone so she doesn't have resurrection here, unless ppl want it? Her resurrection works by reversing time basically, her smart phone monitors her status, and if it goes critical, signals bel agatha to fire a laser from outside the atmosphere which resurrect her.

Mind manipulation is from soul demotion which allows her to cut minds, and also in addition to being able to cut things like souls, stamina, and the person's power. Precog allows her to know what her opponent will do next and makes her alert to danger basically.

Anyway about shizuku, she has 1000 swords each of which can use her abilities, so space cutting, power nulling, soul damaging, gravity cutting etc. After stories shizuku usually starts with space cutting which cuts everything within hundreds of meters basically.

As for ap, shizuku is equal to base hajime who is moon level, in addition to that she can boost herself further with sublimation magic to make herself 5x stronger and faster.
I think I might go Shizuku for now. Swords that can cut space, gravity, minds, souls and can nullify powers is pretty efficient and it's 1000 swords at that. Precog alerts her of Mami's next action which will make her ribbons easier to dodge. AP is basically a non-factor in this fight.
Worth noted that this Mami has all of the abilities and resistance like her canon-self.

Mami ribbons can nulls a Reality Warping in Rebellion, this Mami should be able to do the same. Space-cutting won't be a problem.

Cutting her soul would be useless since all magical girls are basically a walking Zombie, unless you hits her soul gem which is their soul.

Cutting their mind, All magical girl are resistanct to mind manipulation.

Not sure what gravity cutting would do to Mami.

All magical girls are resistant power null. Btw, Mami's ribbons can easily bypass this resistance no problem.

Mami can counter Shizuku swords spam with her own Ribbons and Bullets spam, which can easily bypass barries no problem.

Canon Mami has dealed with someone with Precog before, this should be able to do the same. And someone with Timestop still get caught by her ribbons. They aren't that easy to dodge. Mami can summons them from beneath her opponents without they knowing. Worth noted that the opponent has cross-city wide Magic detection.

Mami AP is very casual, she casually one shot Walpurgisnacht and over shadowed Madoka.

Also, Mami still has draining, she can just keep her distance while drainng Shizuku in the process. Also, Mami drains can works on multiple people at once.
Resistance to reality warping isn't the same as resistance to spatial manipulation, space cutting works unless there is evidence of her resisting the ability before.

Her ribbons are irrelevant really if she has no resistance to space cutting, shizuku just cuts through them, by cutting through space. Or she uses gravity manipulation to repel all the ribbons aimed at her.

Just cause she has dealt with someone with precog doesn't mean it will be the same with shizuku, not only can shizuku predict her attacks, she will automatically dodge any attacks which are dangerous due to the danger sensing aspect of her precog, if mami caught someone with time stop with her ribbons just means she has some sort of time stop resistance.

Hajime causally fodderize helmut who is moon level, and shizuku is comparable to hajime and can make herself 5x faster and stronger.

Both characters are in character here with no knowledge of each other, i have already said shizuku will go for space cutting, the question is will mami go for draining on the first move? And has she drained someone comparable to her before, if not above factoring in that shizuku can get 5x stronger.

Edit: I forgot shizuku can ignore all obstacles in the path of her blades, making her attacks unblockable and can cut a person's consciousness so that they will not awaken for a few days...
With no resistance to space cutting Mami is screwed if that lands

Tho it seems like it's an inconclusive depending on what ends up happening.

So inconclusive for the time being as it's a who shoots first.

@Homu Why would nulling Reality Warping make you resist Spatial cutting? I'll repeat what I said on Natsu vs Akame they're two different abilities.
An interesting question is, is mind manipulation the same as consciousness manipulation?

Mind manipulation is a broad term, technically memory manipulation falls under it as well but we treat them as different abilities, cause generally mind manipulation is just a character controlling a person's mind or destroying it, while memory manipulation deals with memories, although memories are apart of the mind.

Whatever, the point is should the same be said of manipulating a person's consciousness? Shizuku can cut minds, but in addition to that she can also cut a person's consciousness so that they won't awaken for a few days.
Hmm, lets look at the dictionary here:

"the state of being conscious; awareness of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts, surroundings, etc."

"full activity of the mind and senses, as in waking life: to regain consciousness after fainting."

"the mental activity of which a person is aware as contrasted with unconscious mental processes."

So consciousness has to do with being aware of something, that could involve awareness of thoughts, sensations etc. Seems like something different than mind manipulation, as you aren't manipulating their mind, you're manipulating their awareness of something.