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VS Battles
Finally read the LN, and a lot of changes are in order. The names of the characters should follow the LN translations, Amanogawa Kouki>Kouki Amanogawa.

Abilities should follow the LN translation too, sublimation magic>evolution magic. I will just go over the ap and speed of the characters for this thread so it doesn't get too long.

Hajime's keys of Post Compensatio and Pre-Compensatio should be renamed to Pre-Evolution, and Post-Evolution, sounds better and makes more sense.

There are a lot of minor things like that that should be changed.

So this calc was accepted which would place characters such as Amanogawa Kouki, Nakamura Eri, Shizuku Yaegashi at City Block level. The was performed by a monster who absorbed Eri's attack and shot it back.

This was Eri as of volume 4, Kouki's party get massive stronger over time, so they need some different keys.

Kouki in volume 1 along with the classmate should be Wall level for being comparable to the Behemoth which can destroy walls:

A glowing dome of light materialized, stopping the Behemoth in its tracks. A huge shockwave spread out as it crashed into the barrier, pulverizing the ground near the impact. Despite being made of stone, the entire bridge shook precariously. The retreating students screamed, and some of them fell down.
~ Volume 1, Chapter 1​
Even a weaker Kouki from earlier in the volume could destroy walls:

He finished chanting his spell the same instant, and his holy sword unleashed a dazzling blade of light. There was no escaping it. The curved light passed through the Rockmount with only the slightest hint of resistance, cutting it cleanly in two, and stopped only after crashing into the wall.
There was a loud rumbling, and pieces of the wall began to rain down.
~ Volume 1, Chapter 1​
In short Kouki and co should be Wall level in volume 1, City Block level Post Orcus.

Additionally after Hajime cleared the Haltina Labyrinth he upgraded their weapons making them 2x stronger, so Post-Haltina they will be 2x higher into City Block level.

Hajime Nagumo, Shia Haulia are scaled off Yue creating a storm, this was done in volume 3, and Hajime has mentioned that they are constantly training, their current keys go all the way to to volume 8 where they got another boost in power, so i think it should be explained that they got stronger overtime.

A weaker Kouki can move faster than the eye can see:

Kouki swung his bastard sword faster than the eye could follow, and slaughtered a score of them with his first swing.
~ Volume 1, Chapter 1​
Kouki later in the volume has a skill called supersonic step, now it's never really touched on how fast it makes you besides making you so fast you leave afterimages, however he would certainty be far faster than when he was weaker, Kouki who is subsonic was only like level 17 or something, Kouki with supersonic step is level 72.

Don't think we can just go off the name of the ability and say it's supersonic, so Kouki and co as of volume 1 should be At least Subsonic via being far faster than a weaker Kouki who is subsonic. Kouki would be Supersonic with Limit Break as it makes him 3x faster

Now here comes a major change, the characters Post Orcus should be FTL.

We have multiple statements of the characters being FTL, first Shizuku being stated to be FTL:

"Divine Shackles!"
The golems on Kouki's right were cut down by a slash faster than light, while the ones on his left were shackled by chains of purple light.
~ Volume 3, Chapter 3​

Kaori being stated to be FTL:

Back in the video, Yue was peeking in on Kaori, who was crouching down after having just removed her underwear. Kaori moved faster than light, and delivered a powerful roundhouse kick to the crystal, which shattered. Even Hajime was captivated by her graceful and accurate movements.
~ Volume 6, Bonus Stories​
As if that wasn't enough Shizuku was able to dodge multiple lasers:

"Ah, jeez, not again!" Shizuku shouted in frustration. Before she could let loose a string of expletives, a massive halberd bore down on her and she had to jump out of the way. Because the Frost Golem had attacked her right after she'd fired off an attack in the wrong direction, her dodge was sloppy. The halberd's blade passed millimeters from her face, shaving off a few strands of her bangs as it passed. As she fell backward, Shizuku used her momentum to roll back into a standing posture, then sucked in a huge breath. But there was no time to rest, since she had to deal with a barrage of lasers heading straight for her right away.
"Ngh!" Normally, dodging so many would be impossible. However, Shizuku analyzed the situation instantly and leaped backward. Lasers grazed her back and face, passing by so closely that she could feel their heat on her skin. Though she managed the impossible and dodged the matrix of lasers, Shizuku still had no time to rest.
~ Volume 9, Chapter 3​
Said lasers, are made by absorbing from the energy of the sun, focusing it and shooting it, albeit the sun is an artificial one, but it gives off light and heat and was modeled to function like a real one. Also these lasers reflect off mirror like surfaces such as ice walls:

"Huh? Is that a sun?"
Bright light poured into the room, and Hajime looked up. Yue and the others followed suit. Whatever was up there was definitely a sun of some sort. Considering they were still inside the labyrinth, it obviously wasn't the real sun. But it gave off heat as well as light, so "sun" was the only word that fit. At the very least, whatever it was, it was modeled to function like a sun. "...Hajime!" Hajime turned his attention away from the artificial sun and looked back down. An otherworldly sight spread out before him. Everything in the room was sparkling. The mist of snow that had descended closer to the ground and minuscule crystals of snow shimmered as they caught the sun's light. So that's why they call it diamond dust. But compared to the diamond dust phenomenons that occurred naturally, this one was far too bright. It looked as though the milky way had been miniaturized and recreated within this room. The ice crystals continued growing brighter as well until each one was a sun unto itself. They started congregating together, forming larger shards instead of crystals. Though it was truly a spectacular sight, Hajime didn't have time to enjoy it. Whatever was happening was dangerous. Each shard of ice was a charged laser of energy, and there was no telling when they would fire. "Guess this is a bit too lethal to really call diamond dust. Everyone, brace for impact!" Trusting his instincts, Hajime shouted out a warning. That served to bring Kouki and the others back to their senses. The party huddled together, and Yue and Suzu both deployed their strongest Hallowed Grounds. A second later, the shards emitted a series of white flashes. "Ngh, they're like lasers!" Hundreds of beams of superhot white light shot toward the party. The shards were absorbing energy from the sun, focusing it, and shooting it back out. The lasers were potent enough to crack even Yue and Suzu's double-layered Hallowed Ground. "This is just like Nagumo-kun's laser weapon!" Shizuku was referring to Hyperion, the weapon Hajime had used to obliterate a section of the plains outside the capital. Recalling the power it had exhibited sent chills down Shizuku's spine. For some reason, Hajime grinned when he heard that. "Yeah. Is this Oscar's? Can't believe a guy who lived thousands of years ago was a better craftsman than me. Damn this guy had skills." "This isn't the time to be praising him!" Kouki screamed. Justifiably so. That being said, Hajime was right. This laser was more powerful than his own. The lasers bounced from shard to shard and were redirected by the perfectly polished ice walls, so it was impossible to predict their trajectories. Hajime and the others were trapped inside a three-dimensional spiderweb of superheated light.
~ Volume 9, Chapter 3​
Post-Orcus Kouki and co are FTL. Hajime and co scale above them, and Hajime and Kaori have their own feats of dodging and deflecting these lasers.

Hajime has an ability which increases his speed a dozen fold:

His enhanced stats and Riftwalk's ability to increase his speed and reaction time a dozenfold were what made it possible at all, but the main reason he could acquire such an inhuman skill was because of his dedicated concentration in training that single skill nonstop for an entire month.
~ Volume 1, Extra Chapter​
Base Hajime was too fast for Kouki to even see, so he is FTL and on top of that with Riftwalk he is a dozen times faster, he should be FTL+ with Riftwalk, Limit Break also makes him 3x faster on top of that, and Overload 5x faster, so he is decently into FTL+, Yue, Shea etc should all scale to him with Riftwalk.
Forgot to mention how this relates to the speed of the characters Post Sublimation Evolution or Post-Haltina as i want to rename it.

Hajime said after evolving with sublimation magic or evolution magic as i will rename it he can take on Apostles of God without even needing Limit Break.

Previously Base Noint was able to keep up with Hajime with Riftwalk, in other words she is FTL+, and with Limit Break, 3x faster.

This means Base Hajime Post Haltina is 30xFTL or FTL+, riftwalk is a 12x boost, so with it he is 360xFTL or MFTL. With limit break he is 3x faster so MFTL+, and he is 5x faster with Overload.

Don't need to go any further with that since his subsequent keys are gonna just be higher levels of MFTL+.

Yue, Tio etc will scale to him.
Right now it's entirely based off the WN, but i read 9 volumes of the LN and am updating it based on that.

9 volumes are out and it's not done with the main story yet. The LN just adds stuff, nothing major is changed, i guess this FTL stuff would be a major change though lol.

Though really there might have been the same thing in the WN and i overlooked it, read it years ago so idk, i think the laser dodging feats were probably there, sort of remember something like that.

Anyway in short it will be composite.

Edit: Cheked the laser feat is indeed in the WN.

Renamed the profiles, and abilities, just need the AP and speed ok'ed and then i can make another thread with the new abilities.

Gonna wait to see if anyone else shows up.
Cool more support.

Gonna make the next thread for the abilities. Keep this one open, and apply the changes later.
Again, same thing as the last threads of yours. I see something and want to say it but dk how lol.

Another series to try and see if I can get into for another time~
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