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power nullification

  1. Crabwhale

    Removal of Immortality Negation

    This thread, as the title implies, is being made with the intention of removing Immortality Negation from the Power Nullification page. The reason for this is simple. There is nothing setting apart immortality as a specialized enough power to warrant having an entire section to itself in this...
  2. Astral_Trinity439

    TenSura Revision [LN]

    This thread will be a series of upgrades[as well as degrades] from small changes to major ones. Please keep the discussion civil, avoid toxic behavior as well as derailing! With that, lets begin with the proposals --Upgrades-- Change of wording for Regeneration So, I've noticed that Rimuru...
  3. Wikisource

    Power Null Question

    Can Power Null null haxes that are not in the verse? For example, verse A does not have a plot hax, so can the characters from verse A have a null plot hax?
  4. Possible resistance to power nullification for Grim Heart

    Given that Marika Fukuroi stated that Keek wouldn't be able do anything to grim heart if she were to be in her digital world because of her powers, should she be able to get resistance to power nullification?
  5. Wikisource

    Is sealing ability = power null ?

    Is sealing ability = power null ? For example, two characters A and B were in a battle and A used an ability (I'll call it X) to seal all of B's abilities (Or at least that's how it was described). So is X considered power null?
  6. DimasHeruSulistiyo

    Downgrade power Nullification from domain expansion ( jujutsu kaisen )

    The domain that is able to "neutralize" all of its opponent's techniques is not the expansion domain, but the simple domain that the muta was using at the time. Evidence: The simple domain itself has absolutely no correlation with the expansion domain, because basically, the simple domain was...
  7. God of war odin power null resistance

    this conversation states odin has "perpared for fimblewinter " pretty good feat
  8. Tatsumi504

    Scaling Hax, Power Nullification and Resistances

    Can you scale layers of hax and resistances to layers of power null? For example we have 3 characters, A, B & C. -Character A, has x layers of power null that nulls any ability (the power null only affects what tries to affect A i.e only works defensively). -Character B's hax bypasses A's...
  9. YoutubeForKing

    If you can powernull another powerull is your powernull layered?

    So lets say person A can "Powernull all techniques" and person B has a powernull technique. Would this grand person A 2 layers of powernull for being able to Person B's basic 1 layer Powerful?
  10. Gumball_Ushiromiya

    Yuudai Moroboshi [POWER NULLIFICATION]

    Yo o7 So i was checking out rakudai kishi no eiyuutan pages and couldn't help but notice that Yuudai Moroboshi doesn't have power nullification listed as one of his abilities which, from what I've read, has alot of justifications for it Long story short, i suggest we add power null to his...
  11. Gumball_Ushiromiya

    Yuudai moroboshi [power nullification]

    So I'm reading rakudai kishi no eiyuutan and I'm currently at volume 5 Yuudai moroboshi the 7 stars king atp has an ability called tiger bite which let's him negate/nullify noble arts I Checked out his page and realized that "power nullification" or at least "limited power nullification" isn't...
  12. Chaos Jester25

    Power Nullification and Forcefield Creation question

    If character A used a Power Nullifying attack and character B created a barrier to block it, would character A's attacks nullify character B's forcefield or would character B's forcefield block it like any other attack?
  13. Sniper670

    Question About Power Nullification

    Two kinds of power null, the one which nulls activation of powers, and the one which nulls the effects of powers Should we assume resisting one will automatically grant resistances to the other?
  14. SunDaGamer

    The Infinity Blade - Immortality Negation

    The Infinity Weapons from Infinity Blade were created to kill the Deathless who are Immortal by affecting their Quantum Identity pattern (their soul) so the Blade should have Immortality Negation but there are 2 ways it could be applied: Giving the Infinity Weapons Immortality Negation to all...
  15. KingKenjo

    What are some funny abilities that Sora could Power Null?

    My random thoughts lead me to a funny scenario. Sora's Power Null seems pretty diverse. What are some abilities Sora could just no-sell that would lead to funny situations?
  16. ElixirBlue

    P&A addition for Chaos Energy Cannon

    Alrighty. My first Game Sonic related CRT. Today, I plan to give some missing P&A to the Chaos Energy Cannon. Sealing: Binded and trapped Super Sonic, preventing him from doing anything Power Nullification: Reverted Super Sonic into Base Sonic Vibration Manipulation: Sent out a Shockwave...
  17. OriginFox

    Questiom or 2 about power null, regeneration, and Immortality

    Should power Nullification automatically be assumed to null all levels of regeneration? And same for Immortality.
  18. Cloozuma

    GER's additional abilities

    Yeah I'm going to add some abilities on GER. Most of them are the effects of RTZ. Acausality (Type 4) - Prevented Epitaph's prediction, Power Nullification - Restored Erased Time, and Beyond-Dimensional Existence - as a result of Acausality.
  19. Nicetoderp

    What kind of abilities would this be classify as?

    Basically, Kamen Rider Zi-O II have the abilities to destroy Ryuga Another Ridewatch. Ridewatch is protected by the laws of the World(World in this case is the universe/multiverse they are in). It cannot be destroy unless it come into contact with a corresponding power ex. Build Another...
  20. Oliver_de_jesus

    Characters that have taken a specific hax to the next level.(New Forum Edition!)

    I don't know how to explain the title, but the topic is about characters who have fully exploited a hax, for example, Maltruant's time manipulation. Rules: Plot, RW and magic does not count due to how variable the wattage itself is. More power doesn't count as Higher D's hax, just versatility...
  21. Oliver_de_jesus

    how we treat realms/character connections

    basically how we treat characters that draw their power from for example a universe or higher dimension Take a look at the Warhammer Psykers for example, their powers being drawn directly from the warp. So if character A who draws his power from another dimension / person faces a person B who...
  22. PlozAlcachaz

    Passive Power Nullification Versus Other Passives

    I'm confused about how this is treated. If you have passive power null versus some else's passive, do we assume the effect is nulled because it was always being active or no? EDIT: Put this in the wrong board, meant to do Questions and Answers, not CRT.
  23. Oliver_de_jesus

    power null vs external and internal powers.

    I have been looking at profiles where it has been declared that the user's powers are directly connected to his soul or something inside his soul (such as naruto with kurama that he can rekindle his power if it is canceled) and that is why to cancel them he needs to cancel his soul . but what...
  24. The_Calaca

    I quit being a staff member

    In other circunstances I would explain a bit why I do this, but I'm not in the mood. I don't want to be a mod anymore. I'm not interested in the wiki as I used to be. At this point I'm too tired of revisions with people bringing recurrent arguments that have been discussed and rejected several...
  25. TartaChocholate

    Why do the Belmonts negate Type 5 Immortality?

    Apologies for the rather silly question, I'm assuming it's thanks to the Vampire Killer as its the weapon weapon they mainly use, but I can't remember an enemy that were outside the normal concepts of life and death in Castlevania. I can certainly remember think of many possible examples of all...
  26. ExSENNA

    Question about Regenerationn Negation

    Is higher regen neg superior to lower regen feats per se? For example Character A has Low-Godly regen but works in 1-B scale and Character B has High-Godly regen neg that negates on Low 1-C scale. Can Character B negate Character A's regen? Sorry if this question makes no sense I'm kinda new here
  27. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Powernull Issues

    Because of this mess of a thread , I saw the need to make this and get some clarification done. What is our standards here regarding Power Nullification? What determines how good it is and how we quantify it to work on some powers but fail against other ones? Want to know so the same mistake...
  28. TartaChocholate

    Does Resistance to Power Null extend to attacks themselves?

    This confusion popped up a bit ago. To try to contextualize, let's say A is a Wizard resistant to Nullification of Magic and is facing B, an opponent of comparable power, who can Null Magical Attacks. B's abilities can't prevent A from using magic, but would they dispel A's magical attacks once...
  29. Flashlight237

    Seal Removal

    You know what this wiki doesn't have? Seal Removal as an ability. Often you get stuff like unlocking one's potential (ex. Guru unlocking Krillin's, Gohan's, and Dende's powers and Old Kai bringing about Mystic Gohan) or seals being broken. In the latter case, you know the cliche plot where...
  30. YungManzi

    Power Null Revision

    Decided to make a new thread, since the original one is old and focuses a bit too much on a single verse. The premise is basically; Whether or not we should consider power nullification which negates AP as qualitatively superior to power nullification which has no defined mechanic which allows...
  31. LordGriffin1000

    Power Nullification Resistance for Danny Phantom Ghosts?

    And here I thought I wouldn't find anymore resistances to give to the ghosts, it never ends. Power Null Resistance All ghosts should have Resistance to Power Nullification do to countless ghosts flying through the Fenton's basement walls. Why is this special you ask?. It's because in season 3...
  32. LordGriffin1000

    Power Nullification for Danny Phantom

    I was wondering, should Danny Phantom have Power Nullification?. In the first episode of the show "Mystery Meat", Jack Fenton states the Fenton Thermos is suppose to trap ghosts but it doesn't work. At the end of the episode we see Danny cover himself in his energy and put it into the thermos...
  33. GalaxianAegis

    Time Reset or Regenerationn?

    So if there is a character that recovers from damage by rewinding time to a point where they hadn't taken damage yet, is that ability counted as Time Manipulation, Regenerationn, or both? Technically they are recovering from damage, so I could see it as Regenerationn through Time Manipulation...
  34. YungManzi

    AP Negating Power Nullification

    Introductio In a recent VS thread, a topic has been brought up regarding how we treat Power Nullification and Resistance to it, here. The issue stems from whether or not an ability which can negate AP can also be applied to power nullification scaling based on how the verse in question treats...
  35. PsychoWarper

    Small Emprah Revision

    Ok so yet another small CRT from yours truely... yay Anyway here we go. Revision "Power Nullification (Most notable with Regenerationn, as he is able to destroy his foes in every sphere of existence. Destroyed Horus' soul to such a degree that even the Chaos Gods, who can cause concepts such...
  36. Mand21

    Shouldn't Power Nullification be separated into clearer types?

    The current typology of Power Null refers more to ways in which it's presented in fiction than actual forms of the power functioning even though the description kinda mentions them. I'd like to present a small typology... Type 1 — Power Nullification which nullifies a person's power on the...
  37. PhantomØ4

    Power Sealing and Power Nullification

    Should an ability that seals away one's power and abilities be listed as both sealing and power null? Or are they considered completely different things?
  38. ABoogieYesSir

    Question about Life-Force Absorption

    Can power nullification nullify Life-Force Absorption?
  39. Milly_Rocking_Bandit

    What is Regenerationn Negation?

    Something that was brought up here, I'm questioning the specifics of Regenerationn Negation. We're all aware of the conventional Regen Neg, Character A hits Character B with an attack imbued with something to stop regen, or just attacks so hard the regen simply can't keep up. But what about...
  40. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Power Nullification Question

    Refer to the title. There's one thing about Power Nullification that I would like to get clarified to me please. And thats the extent of which it goes when nulling powers. So say for instance, Character A has power nullification as an ability and is fighting against Character B, who is able to...