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  1. ShadeyD

    Can someone tell me what this ability falls under?

    NT9 Chapter 6 Beta Can someone clue me in on the type of ability Othinus is using here? The first thing that came to my mind is causality manipulation
  2. ShadeyD

    Magic Gods ability additions

    Another Magic God CRT First off, Chimera should have Type 3 Madness Manipulation NT17 Between the Lines 3 Heck, her profile even says it. Of course, all Magic Gods should receive resistance to this as well. High Priest should get Fusionism Fused with a comet As well as Soul Manipulation...
  3. Churronzon

    Othinus vs the Warrior Entity

    Othinus: Warrior Entity: SBA
  4. ShadeyD

    Toaru Minor Ability additions

    Accelerator should have temperature manipulation [Can manipulate temperature by creating an instantaneous expansion of air, allowing him to freeze a water monster] Accelerator can also do the opposite of this, instead of an expansion of air that he used to freeze, he can compress it to create...
  5. Deidalius

    Othinus vs Odin (Odin vs Odin)

    I don't know a lot about these characters, but a friend that doesn't have an account on this forum asked me to make a thread about this matchup, so here I am. Rules Speed Equalized Standard battle assumptions Othinus is using her Full Magic God key while Odin is using his 50% power key...
  6. Churronzon

    Othinus vs Nephthys

    Othinus is in her first key; Nephthys is in her third key They both know the other has phase manipulation Profiles: Othinus | Nephthys

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hermaeus_Mora?so=search Hermaeus mora Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Othinus Othinus Speed = Equalized
  8. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Accelerator accelerates Othinus' death (maybe)

    Accelerator is Post-Aiwass and has white wings Othinus is dying from the fairy spell Starting distance is 30 meters SBA everything else. Profiles: Accelerator | Othinus
  9. Churronzon

    Toaru revisions, Omnibus edition

    Sandbox (WIP) Coronzon Moonlight Absorption (Shown here) Magick: Flaming_Sword "higher" attack speed Continuing from this CRT, Flaming sword should have a speed rating of "higher". [See this comment for more reasons.] Small intelligence addition Coronzon has gathered great knowledge in the...
  10. Dragonborn vs Magic God

    The dovahkiin https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/The_Dovahkiin?so=search Othinus https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Othinus I know nothing about the matter.
  11. Which is better, 50/50 reality warping or prisoner physiology?

    Actually, both are very difficult concepts for me https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Othinus https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Matthew_Schroeder/The_Elder_Scrolls:_Metaphysics_%26_Philosophy?mobile-app=false
  12. Archetype Earth vs Magic god

    Arcuied Brunestud(Remake) vs Othinus Both at Full Power, Bloodlusted, with Knowledge of Each other. Arcuied has access to Millennium Castle Brunestud and Othinus has access to all her weapons. Battle takes begins in Moscow. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Othinus?so=search...
  13. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Aureolus Izzard vs Othinus

    Izzard has info that he's going against a Magic God capable of phase manipulation and Othinus is aware of what Izzard's Ars Magna is. Othinus is at her strongest Izzard has 5 seconds of prep time to put his acupuncture needle on his neck. Starting distance: 10 meters Speed equalized. SBA...
  14. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Downgrading Magic Gods' High 1-C Tiering

    Preface: I have very little knowledge of how the tiering system works so I'll just cut to the chase. Yes, Toaru has 11 dimensions, but there's no statements regarding Toaru's cosmology that supports the higher 11 dimensions as being infinite in size or having a brane topology. Supplemental...
  15. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Othinus MFTL+ attack speed with Crossbow

    This might've been suggested before, but I guess I'll find out. Proposal: Othinus should have Massively FTL+ attack speed with her Crossbow in her second and third keys. Reasoning: Eternal acceleration from one end of the universe to another gets you a MFTL+ projectile. Shinyaku Toaru...
  16. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Morality Manipulation for Othinus

    Proposal: Othinus should have Morality Manipulation. If possible, could I reword it to Personality Manipulation instead? Reasoning: She could change Touma's personality, but either knew there would be consequences for doing so or had her own reasons, such as searching for an "understander"...
  17. Churronzon

    [Toaru] Small(heh) Othinus addition

    Proposal: Othinus should have Small Size (Type 1) in her Fairy Key. Reasoning: She is smol. 15 cm tall. It's also listed in the Summary section of her profile. Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index Volume 12 Chapter 1 Part 1 Never was nor will ever be a match for Elder-God Cat Sphynx.
  18. Kanogami

    Toaru God Tiers Question

    So the God Tiers of the verse are currently rated as High 1-C due to a couple of 11-D statements, but I thought if something was merely stated to be at a certain dimensionality that doesn't mean that it would be tier 1 without further proof/context? From what I remember when reading the novels...
  19. RaiserAIM

    Touma's resistance to hax

    After looking at his profile, I only found that Touma had resistance to Poison, that was because of his status as an Esper. Doesn't Touma have some resistance to the others? example: Resistance to Death Manipulation in Index S1, eps 9, minute 10:45 and 11:50. And Resistance to Reality Warping...
  20. XDragnoir

    Kamijou Touma quick speed revision

    Touma has been constantly reacting to Misaka Mikoto's lightning attacks without any effort and he also avoid most of Othinus attacks, here for example: …The eighth shot overcame the restrictions of the third dimension. Kamijou felt a static electricity-like spark on his spine and immediately...
  21. Rasputin

    STTGL vs Othinus

    STTGL vs Othinus
  22. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Othinus vs. John Taylor

    Full Magic God Othinus vs. Base John, speed = Othinus: John: Incon: 2 (Rez, Amina)
  23. DontTalkDT

    A crow rebels against its god (Othinus & Sphynx vs a Crow)

    Fairy Othinus teams up with domestic cat Sphynx in order to take out a peak Crow 10m starting distance, SBA otherwise Can the god defeat its former servant?
  24. DontTalkDT

    To Aru GT 2 + 3 Revision Thread

    So, I had long since announced that this is the next step in the To Aru revisions. I will split this by character. Shokuhou Misaki First, there are new applications for her Mind Control. She can make the people around her ignore her. She can make other people perceive a target of her choice...
  25. HulkoHuko

    Giorno Giovanna vs Othinus

    Othinus vs Giorno Giovanna
  26. Lightstar619

    Slime boy fights Magical Loli God

    Rimuru Tempest(EOS) Vs Othinus Speed unequalized Tier High 1-C Othinus is used Tier 2-B Rimuru Tempest is used
  27. Lapsad

    Female Odin vs The Doctor Darkside

    Female Odi vs The Doctor Darkside Speed = Equalized Othinus Use her true magic god key Win by completely death or incap
  28. GLHF22

    Alcor Vs Othinus

    SBA Speed Equalized First Key Othinus Original 3000 Ruphas Othinus : Ruphas Mafahl : Inconclusive : 6 (Oblivion, Strawboi, Celestial Pegasus, BakiHanma18, Accelerate420, Elizhaa)
  29. GarrixianXD

    Hades vs Othinus

    99 percent a shitstomp Speed equalized
  30. DontTalkDT

    To Aru Magic Gods should resist all their own abilities?

    This is a continuation of this thread, but there is no need to read that. The claim to be discussed is the following: "The Magic Gods should have resistance to all of their own abilities, because the novel suggests that they can't defeat one another." Written out that means the addition of...
  31. XDragnoir

    Incon Girl vs A non-1A smurf Masadaverse Character

    50/50 Othinus, Amakasu Masahiko at full power SBA for everything else?
  32. BakiHanma18

    Hax Gauntlet

    1)Kaguya 2)Yhwach 3)Eucliwood Hellscythe 4)Touma Kamijou 5)Super Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagan 6)Novel Kars 7)King Hassan (Grand Assassin) 8)Gilgamesh (Fate CCC) 9)Kurokami Medaka 10)Othinus Run a character through the gauntlet, see if they can beat all of these characters in a...
  33. Accelerate420

    Othinus Fate Manip?

    All the other Magic Gods can manipulate Fate, so I'm unsure as to why Othinus doesn't have it right now. Can we get that put back on real quick? I don't think I need to divulge why, do I?
  34. Daaffy

    Othinus vs Anti-Spiral

    SpeedEqual Othinus Full Magic God Who win?
  35. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Questions about Othinus

    So I was wondering if Othinus is a higher-dimensional being. Because I don't see Higher-Dimensional Existence on her profile. Also why is her speed rated as Unknown and not Immeasurable like other magic gods?
  36. Idol_of_Legend_and_Elimination

    Othinus vs. the kid who copies powers

    50/50 Othinus Base Protege Speed equal Who will win?
  37. ZacharyGrossman273

    Othinus VS Transcendence

    Battle between two characters whom Simon the Digger hates. Base Transcendence VS Gunghir Othinus, speed equalized. Sexy Odi: 0 Let's be xenophobic, it's really in this year: 6 Inconclusive: 0
  38. Tony_di_bugalu

    Battle for the lance: The time of the memes has come

    Oh boy, I wanted to make this one since I found these two. Longinuslanze Testament vs Gungnir 4-A Golden Beast vs Full Power One-Eyed Othinus SBA + equal speed since her speed is unknow aaand memes are allowed One of the only chars that can take on Tier 2/1 beings The one eyed waifu
  39. PaChi2

    Yhwach vs Othinus

    50/50 Othinus Soul King Yhwach SBA Speed equal Thoughts?
  40. Kerwin0831

    Scans for her having control over the 11D?

    Just need for future references