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odin (marvel cinematic universe)

  1. BEYONDER19999

    MCU High 6-A Upgrade‽

    Gungir is at High 6-A, and in this scene we saw Pre-Awakening Thor and Mjolnir getting hit repeatedly by Gungir, and Mjolnir was able to break the Bifrost Bridge after being hit repeatedly, and in later productions Hulk is able to damage the bridge and Thanos is able to damage Hulk, and everyone...
  2. BEYONDER19999

    What if...? Episode 7 [Spoiler]

    Odin in physical form is on the planetary level, the 10 rings of Xu Wenwu take the scale from his fights with Odin, Gungir made of uru metal also takes the scale from the 10 rings. The 10 rings, uru and vibranium are on the same level. So anyone scaled from 10 rings, uru and vibranium should be...
  3. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu Odin tier 4 upgrade

    In terms of the actual feat its self it might be a bit hard to tell but If you look at the center of the nebula(or whatever it is) you’ll see after hemidall looks up, 7 stars shining brightly (1:15) Better comparison Before After Edit: We even see this in the comic Edit 2: And in...
  4. Mpu006

    Upgrade Hela Mcu

    Please consider Should Upgrad Hela To at least H3A ? 1.Odin stated that by drawing her strength from Asgard, her powers will be limitless. That “limitless”power Should more than 5B 2.From Heimdall stated "if I let her leaves will consume nine realms and all the cosmos" From Power and Abilities...
  5. RoTt35

    [MCU] Asgardians General CRT

    Gorr, Thor, Mighty Thor and Valkyrie Enhanced Senses (Can see and fight in the Shadow Realm, whose heavy atmosphere has a darkness like no other) Cosmic Awareness (Sensed that Thor was being defeated by Gorr at the Altar of Eternity) for Mighty Thor and Mjölnir Acrobatics (Leapt a large...
  6. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu surtur Upgrade

    Surtur dying to asgard explosion shouldn’t be the cap for him and other characters. For one fate ultimately decides when sutur kicks the bucket, implying his life was meant to end at the end of ragnarok (0:30) And while one could argue that he was only meant to destroy asgard and him dying...
  7. Lacku

    Odin & Hela vs. Vegeta & Nappa (MCU vs. Dragon Ball) (0-0-7) (Grace)

    This is my first versus thread in a while but Tier 5 MCU is something I can't pass up on. This time Odin & Hela's conquest to rule the Nine Realms gets interrupted by some Saiyan invaders on their home turf. (Odin, Hela & Vegeta are 5-B, Nappa is Low 5-B, Odin has Gungir and Sleipnir, Hela has...
  8. RoTt35

    [MCU] Minor Tier 6 Upgrades

    Peak Hela & Odin A guidebook states that Hela was Odin's most powerful weapon in the conquest of the Nine Realms, which would put her above the Tesseract, which belonged to Odin with Hela having knowledge of it as implied in this scene and here, and the Bifrost, which can be used as a weapon to...
  9. RoTt35

    [MCU] Odin P&A Update

    New Abilities and Resistances Weapon Mastery and Martial Arts (He is a proven warrior and master hand-to-hand combatant, being the greatest warrior of Asgard until Thor took on that mantle) Power Bestowal (Bestowed dark energy upon Heimdall, allowing him to summon the Bifrost by himself. Placed...
  10. Marvel_Champion_07

    MCU Asgardians: Resistances

    Simple addition of Resistances that I forgot Thor states that his alcohol is aged for a thousand years from the barrels of Grunhel's Fleet and not meant for mortal men (as shown by Stan Lee getting so drunk that he can't stand up and needed to be carried away), implying that it can be drunk by...
  11. Marvel_Champion_07

    The All-Father protects Asgard from The Mad Titan

    ODIN vs THANOS Thanos has the Infinity Gauntlet (Power Stone and Space Stone only) Speed is equalised Fight takes place on Asgard Starting distance of 10 meters Odin: 7 (@Doggo, @Excel616, @AnonymousBlank, @Recap_, @TheMonkeMan, @Popted2, @RoTt35) Thanos: 0 Inconclusive:
  12. NHTkenshin2

    Wanda vs odin: wanda gets a second chance to prove herself to be the strongest high 6-C (MCU)

    Wanda does a rematch with the sacred timelines strongest high 6-C and the All-father Scarlet Witch (Multiverse of Madness): () Odin: () Inconclusive: ()
  13. The_one_you_least_expect

    Mcu 6-a and speed rough draft

    This is just a rough draft for an eventual crt upgrade
  14. chosen

    Mcu revision

    Odin -transmuatation Make his wife freya light wuth an just an beat in the ground with his scepter 2:27 Hawkeye and widow possible Small building upgrade https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan/Destruction_of_the_Avengers_HQ The Small building part applies to...
  15. chosen

    Mcu revision

    Odin -transmuatation Make his wife freya light wuth an just an beat in the ground with his scepter 2:27 Hawkeye and widow possible Small building upgrade https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan/Destruction_of_the_Avengers_HQ The Small building part applies to...
  16. chosen

    Mcu Odin upgrade

    Odin should get upgraded to island likely planetary or straight planet since he is stated to have Earth shattering Power and is consistent since he beat surturr who one shotted hela and is described as an world crushing demon
  17. Valiant_Abyss

    Scarlet Witch vs Odin: Wanda's Finale to Become the Strongest 6-C in the MCU (2-8-6)

    The time has come. Scarlet Witch having bested the likes of Captain Marvel, Full Gauntlet Thanos, Thor, Hela, and Surtur, now faces her final challenge in proving herself as the strongest 6-C in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. MCU Scarlet Witch vs MCU Odin Borson Current Scarlet Witch and Odin...
  18. DuDE01010

    4-B MCU Odin

    Thanks to these, MCU Odin should be 4-B via Environmental Destruction: https://vsbattles.com/threads/nanatsu-no-thread.120500/ https://vsbattles.com/threads/smallest-bleach-crt-ever-and-thats-on-my-mama.120578/#post-3954619 Odin is able to create multiple stars, which is not applicable to his...
  19. RanaProGamer

    MCU God Tiers Upgrade?

    So I recently watched a video of a YouTuber who made a calc for Hela destroying Mjolnir: https://youtu.be/SxEcbpAhUSk?t=395 In short, the calc caps around Small Planet Level. Now I don't think the calc is wrong due to their beings feats similar to this like: In the first movie, during a...
  20. RanaProGamer

    MCU Odin Upgrade?

    Ok, now this is just a theory but, in the first movie, during a flashback, it was shown that Odin battles the Frost Giants who at this time had a weapon called the 'Casket of Ancient Winters' which was stated to have the power to bring the world to a new ice age, meaning it had the power to...
  21. ArthurCurry89

    What do u think of this MCU Odin's feat ?

    Dispersed some magic cup to the stars seemingly upriising luminosity of star. Is it quatifable feat ? Or an outlier ?
  22. Lightbuster30

    Potential Upgrade to the Top Tiers

    So Thor apparently damaged the Bifrost which pulled in Stars. And Odin has a feat where he turns a chalice into a constellation. And he apparently turned his wife into Stars as well
  23. TheFinalOrder

    Was the Crater that Mjolnir made in MCU ever calced?

    When Odin stripped Thor of his power and tossed Mjolnir through the Bifrost in Thor 1, was the crater created by it calced?
  24. Ecstasy_Amphetamine

    Esdeath vs MCU Odin

    I have lost track of the number of VS threads that I've made, but whatever. High 6-B versions. Odin (Marvel Cinematic Universe): Esdeath:
  25. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    MCU Odin's age

    Loki says Asgardians live 5000 years more than humans, so 5071.4 years. If we use Odin's actor's age and use Thor's age to calc the aging rate of Asgardians, Odin would also be 5535 to 5564 years old in 2017. However, Thor said he defeated Surtur 500 000 years ago. Was he exaggerating?
  26. Kiryu2012

    Kratos vs Odin

    2018 Kratos vs MCU Odi Fight takes place in MCU Asgard Rules: High 6-C Odin Speed equalized Otherwise SBA
  27. RinkakuKagune

    MHS+ Thor and 6-B Base Thor

    For some reason Thor, Hela and Odin were all rated as High Hypersonic due to Spino calcing Hela dodging Thors lightning, however they are now back to Supersonic. However I feel we may have missed out an important feat from Hela that would make her MHS+ or put her at least Mach 900+...
  28. Schnee_One

    Ms. Marvel vs Odin

    Wait...... This fight is actually fair? It is with the MCU version. Speed is of course Equal Captain Marvel: Odin (Marvel Cinematic Universe):
  29. TeenAngel101

    Cole MacGrath vs Odin (MCU)

    Both are High 6-C and Speed Equalized This is RFI Cole Who wins and why? Cole: Odi: Inconclusive: 1 (Gargoyle)
  30. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    MCU Top Tiers Upgrade

    Now, since the Surtur nuking Asgard feat was recalculated as Large Island level+, Surtur and Odin got downgraded. However, IIRC Odin was already Country level before Thor: Ragnarok. Odin channels the Odinforce, which is all the energy of Asgard, which would include the energy in the Bifrost...
  31. Nico-v11

    Odin (MCU)'s earliest feat that everyone ignored

    Ok I have no idea why this power is not on his profile. Odin literally took away Thor's power and made him human in the first Thor movie. Now if that isn't Power Nullification I don't know what is. Proof: https://youtu.be/_IfYZZDTays So yeah we should add Power Nullifcation to his list of powers
  32. -BANLK-

    Odin (MCU) vs Doomsday (DCEU)

    Standard Battle Assumptions, but no BFR.
  33. Matthew_Schroeder

    Odin (MCU) Vs. Zeus (DCEU)

    The King of Asgard Vs. The King of the Olympians Speed Equalized. Battle takes place in Rome. Who wins?