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  1. Peppersalt43

    9-C+ Bone Breaking Tournament. Round 1 Match 2. Uten vs Tomochika Dannoura

    From the same verse as the funny death man : 7 Uten : 0 Incon : 0 9-C versions used (First key Uten and Tomochika used Everything above 9-C is restricted Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters
  2. Peppersalt43

    A beetle fights an anime girl

    Mostly haxless : 7 Screeching Beetle : 0 Incon : 0 8-C versions used Speed equalized Starting distance is 10 meters I found these two and I wanted to make a match with them. Doesn't really make sense but eh, why not
  3. DemonicDude

    High 8-C Survival of the Fittest Tournament: Group A - Kafka (Needless) vs Rubia Elstein

    Group B: Round 3: Same Rules as stated in the Tournament. Sorry no thumbnal for this one cause there is no clear background images available for these two. :p With 3 points now Rubia looks to make it 6 by winning this one, Kafka is about to be tested in this fight ! Results: Kafka (Needless)...
  4. Maverick_Zero_X

    Adam Blade vs Pluto

    Adam Blade vs Pluto (Expanded) Speed equalized Location: Spirit Stream Arena
  5. The_Smashor

    Battle for 4th strongest non-smurf Low 7-B: Gunvolt vs Saten

    Rules: Speed Equalized. This is Gunvolt 1 GV already merged with Joule. Otherwise SBA. Gunvolt: Saten: Inconclusive:
  6. Oleggator

    Low 7-B Tournament Round 2, Match 3: Saten vs Kamen Rider Kuuga

    Round 2, Match 3: Saten (Needless) (@Antoniofer) vs Kamen Rider Kuuga (Rising Forms) (Kamen Rider) (@Jamesthetaker) Tournament Rules: Equal speed, Base Saten is used since apparently Saten in other key is so strong that listed in top 5 strongest Low 7-Bs, EoS Kuuga is used with nothing above Low...
  7. NameIsForKing

    A.M.A.Z.O vs Adam Arclight (0-0-2)

    A.M.A.Z.O (CW) Adam Arclight Speed is = Fight til K.O or Death Low-7-B versions (Adam Arclight Bae) Amazo: 0 Adam: 0 Incon: 2
  8. Antoniofer

    Needless Revision

    Not misunderstand the name of the thread, its actually needed, but the verse to be revised its called Needless. Has been a time since the last time the verse has been revised, so I may be a little rusty, but the essence of the revision should be the same. So as far we known, the verse rating is...
  9. Jinsye

    Mr. Game & Watch vs. The Second Christ

    Yus High 7-A Speed is = Who wins? BEEP BEEP WHY DON'T YOU BACK UP THAT TRASH: 0 Actually the secondcoming of jesus: 0
  10. Firephoenixearl

    A god fights a beast

    The Second Christ vs Beast Cole SBA Speed Equal
  11. Strawboi

    Battle for 3rd Strongest Low 7-C (Non-Smurf): Jed vs Adam Arclight

    Jed vs Adam Arclight . Both at Low 7-C . Speed is equalized . SBA Who wins and why? Jed: Adam Arclight: Inconclusive:
  12. Ionliosite

    Battle for 3rd Strongest High 7-A (Non-Smurf): The Second Christ vs Orbeetle

    Orbeetle vs The Second Christ Both at High 7-A Speed equal SBA Who wins and why?
  13. Epsilon_R

    Julius Novachrono Vs Adam Blade

    For the top 5 strongests Non-Smurfs thread 6-C Versions Both in character SPEED EQUALIZED They start at 100 meters Julius Novachrono: Adam Blade:
  14. DeathNoodles

    Fugil Arcadia vs Adam Arclight

    Fugil Arcadia vs Adam Arclight. Speed is equalised Low 7-C Fugil and base Adam Arclight is used Standard Battle Assumptions for everything else Who would win and why?
  15. JohnCenaNation

    Almighty Adam Blade vs Servant Gilgamesh

    Sometimes being a King of Heroes is a bit too much when you have a disgusting pedophile on the lose. Except that pedophile is also the Clone of the Second Christ, which disgusts the King of Heroes even more, so the fight between this two begins. vs. Rules: 1. This is Adam Blade from the...
  16. Antoniofer

    Alex Mercer vs. Adam Arclight

    Alex Mercer (Prototype 1 Endgame) vs Adam Arclight (Base). Battle takes place in Tokyo, speed equalized.
  17. Antoniofer

    A spot between the Strongest: Negi Springfield vs The Second Christ

    I use this thread as a excuse to do matchesBattle for the 5th place for High 7-A I guess. Negi Springfield (I think is Post Rebirth if I follow good the keys/tabs) vs. The Second Christ. Speed equalized (unless needs to be unequalized for some reason).
  18. The_Smashor

    8-C Haxless Bracket Round 2: Kafka vs Bakugou

    Bracket: https://challonge.com/kht5c7mu Rules: Speed Equalized. Otherwise SBA. Katsuki Bakugou: 6 (Ricsi-viragosi, Crimson Azoth, TriforcePower1, Overlord775, Starter Pack, Litentric Teo) Kafka: Inconclusive:
  19. Antoniofer

    Adam Blade VS. Ryuko Matoi

    Adam Blade (Post-Arclight Arc) VS. Ryüko Matoi (Life Fiber Synchronize). Speed is equalized. For preference, battle takes place in Tokyo rather than NY.
  20. Antoniofer

    Uten VS Connie Maheswaran

    Let's make a simple fight: Ute VS Connie Maheswara, speed equalized. Uten - 1 (FateAlbane) Connie - 1 (Dargoo) Incon -
  21. Antoniofer

    Cinder Fall VS Adam Blade

    Last match I did resulted to be a stomp, so going with Adam Blade (Pre-Arclight Arc) VS Cinder Fall (Base). If wondering, Adam scale above ~4.9 tons, I guess Cinder scale above 2 tons, and no, Blade do not use Black Attraction in battle and this key do not have Agnishwattas. Speed equalized.
  22. Antoniofer

    Someone sure will Burn: Aruka Schild VS Yang Xiao Long

    Aruka Schild VS Yang Xiao Long (Season 5). Speed is equalized. For reference Yang is 2 tons (without Semblance) and Aruka is ~4.9 tons. Aruka - 1 (FateAlbane) Yang - 4 (Bambu, Schnee, TheRustyOne, Blaginski) Incon -
  23. Jackythejack

    9-C Tournament: Uten vs. Velociraptor (Dino Crisis)

    Starting our next battle for the tournament, we have Ute , the knife throwing child prodigy, vs. Some velociraptor from Dino Crisis ? I dunno. Either way they fight takes place where SBA dictates, and Uten has a limited number of knives. We'll go with five. Speed is not equal. So...yeah. Who...
  24. The_Calaca

    Beggining Bionicle spam (Tahu vs Adam Blade) (2 Votes to Go)

    Tahu vs Adam Blade Tahu-Nuva and City Arc Adam (Both 7-B). Nova Blast is restricted. Speed equalized.
  25. Firephoenixearl

    Medaka vs Adam Blade

    So the copiest of copy? Perfect copy vs imperfect copy 5-C Hey handsome, wanna join for sum coffee? vs 5-B Not interested in big breasted Mary Sue gals, give me loli juice. Both Bloodlusted The Hero and The Loli is restricted. Adam at his peak, Medaka is at her 5-C key. Music
  26. Antoniofer

    What characters can survive something like this?

    It seems to be difficult to find opponents for characters like Adam Blade, Sate and The Second Christ, although they have decent speed and AP, they have a great amount of hax. One of those hax is the Sixth Wave: so isntead of the write the explication, just going to post picture links...
  27. Antoniofer

    Needless Stats Revision

    Ok, I rewatched the serie and analized more the scaling since the current one is kinda a mess. The detail are posted in this very blog post, and starting from the weakest: Street level: Ute and Kuchinashi (the last one with an At least at the start) Room level: Setsuna, Eve Neuschwanstei...
  28. SolBadgay300

    Epic Creature (Spore) vs. Gido (Needless)

    Round 1: All out brawl Round 2: Speed equal Epic Creature - 0 Gido - 0 Tie - 0