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Battle for 3rd Strongest High 7-A (Non-Smurf): The Second Christ vs Orbeetle

All powers of TSC are passive, if the opponent attack with x, he counter with the force that equate it, and since he have Shield of Aegis (that protects him from Psychochinesys) that would protects him from it. Also, in theorically speaking, he should hav ethe resistances from Blade and Arclight (since they are his clones).
More like deflect or nullify mental attacks, as that is what Shield of Aegis does. Of we account for scaling (if any), Blade resisted being memory haxed (although it was weird, he resisting Black Oit Invoke caused to mix reality with his memories) and Lilith Temptation (though you may argue this was due Blade's personality, that is factible).
Even you seem to unsure about his resistance to Lilith's temptings, and Memory hax, even if they were legit, a few issues come up.

1 Memory hax is far less severe then complete mind control.

2 How potent were they? Orbeetle can control everyone in his vicinity at once (considering his size, that's a lotta dudes.)
1) Don't think they are related, one power can do stuff than the other don't, one is not necessary stronger than the other.

2) With Psychochinesis the girl whose name no longer remember mind haxed all the people in the room (like 5, 6, don't quite remember, and it wasn't a complete mind control or memory wipe, but a forced mental projection of her memories).

Either way, the resistence were a possibility, the attack still don't get past Shield of Aegis, as its nullified. But, in case there's no resistence possible from him, what stop him from turning the pokemon's brain inside out or melting it?
If it was only like 5-6 then he gets mind-haxed considering the Pokédex entry, especially since it wasn't a complete control. I doubt the Aegis would work considering the potency. Memory manip is only manipulating a small part of the mind, mind control involves far more then just manipulating people's memory.
Welp, I guess is fine assuming he is not that resistent. However, memory manipulation and mind control are different, one control the subconsciousness meanwhile the other to conciousness.

Not sure if hax potency grants immunity to powernull or reflection, but lately what makes powers strong or weak is kind of arbitrary, so not sure. Even if SoA doesn't work, TSC also has their ways to OHK, such destroying vitals or melting. And may I ask, any more info about how its mind manipulation works aside of what the dex says? Like animation or manga?

Also, why is Noblesse between the topics?
Mm, not much to say, even considering that TSC has the possibility to not nullify the mental waves, if the effect isn't instantly (or even if its not passive) he has the chance to: a) teleport away from the vicinity and go range, or b) oneshot by crushing the pokemon heart, brain or any other vital. Even if mind haxed, it still have his regen and is very difficult to kill.
How do you block a mental attack? Their are no waves, form, or clear trajectory to it. It just kinda thinks.
Welp, is the same with Psychochinesis, Rokakuji (was that her name?) just think and stuff happens, like when she projected her memories and stopped agnishwattas, it was also also used to stop Eve's heart, and Cruz nullified away.
But how? In that case something was being projected or a physical force, I don't think it will work here.

That isn't even getting into the sizable potency difference making the chances of his defending low.
Not really projected like a tk blast, the power simply allows the user to manipulate any form of psy, if it want it to stop or move, it will. Shield of Aegis is a top tier between fragments, even replicating it is not easy, as it would requiere days, it could nullify all other fragments, including mind altering ones like Black Out Invoke, Black Attraction, Fragance, Voice and Psychochinesis (although two of them are biological).
G-Max Orbeetle's mind manipulation would probably scale to that on an amped Drowzy who mind haxed an entire island worth of pokemons

also just saying, Orbeetle got nothing on Mega and G-Max Gengar
Gengar is probably stronger in most situations but a fight between them would be about even since they both can exploit each other's weaknesses (Let's not derail this now though and save this for later.)