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Battle for 3rd Strongest Low 7-C (Non-Smurf): Jed vs Adam Arclight

Welp, in general he stomp anyone that is not Blade, generally by eating the opponent or making it explode inside out.
Ok so would nen crush work or not on Adam? Also he could get his blood on Adam which is corruption type 2 and strips the opponent of their willpower. He also has mind manip and body puppetry. Furthermore he has law manip and death manip but dunno how effective it is.
Not sure how nen crush works, as for the blood, guess it could work if he makes contact, although Arclight has Self-Molecular Manipulation, so if he find something weird within his body it can rewrite it as far he is aware, like Eve erasing Black Attraction from her body.
Nen crush is pseudo-passive and is fear manip madness manip and limited death manip in a nutshell.
Sounds dangerous, if passive and instantly (depending of the magnitude of the emotional state) Arclight has small chances; but if it takes time to do something, it would be a chance for Arclight to teleport away or crush Jed's heart or any vital.
I'm pretty sure its almost instantly that the fear manip takes effect but the madness and death are only from straining against the ren or prolonged exposure to it.
Antoniofer said:
What's the degree of the fear? Any variable effect between non aura/chi users?
Basically of you have chi and can use it to defend yourself then you're immune to the effects because you aren't touching the aura. Exceedingly powerful people can bypass this to an extent though.