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monarch of pointland

  1. Genericstickman

    Monarch Of Pointland: The All In All

    Monarch Of Pointland should get 0-dimensional omnipresence for consistently being described as encompassing the entire 0-dimensional world of Pointland and is stated numerous times to be "one and all" and "all in all" by himself and others "Behold yon miserable creature. That Point is a Being...
  2. DontTalkDT

    Real Life version of a Minecraft Mob fights the Monarch of Pointland

    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the grandest spectacle of squared-circle combat! Tonight, we bear witness to an extraordinary clash of dimensions, as we present to you an epic encounter between the Monarch of Pointland and a creature that scuttles in the shadows of our own realm...
  3. Flashlight237

    Most Unintelligent Characters for Every Tier

    So yeah, we have a weakest characters for each tier thread (Go check it out!: https://vsbattles.com/threads/top-5-weakest-characters-for-every-tier-again.148649/ ), so why not a list for the DUMBEST characters for each tier? This one's gonna be interesting. So, let's get this out of the way...
  4. Peppersalt43

    A lower plain predator meets the mascot of Tier 11 (Dimensional Shambler vs Monarch of Pointland)

    Severely Overused : 0 You're just a drawing, son : 0 Incon : 7 Speed equalized I wonder how this'll work
  5. Peppersalt43

    On the topic of 2-D interactions

    This has been bugging me since the Immobile Tournament as Monarch of Pointland wound up racking tons of incons from it. You know how in tier 1 versus threads, the higher dimensional character usually stomps? Meanwhile in those threads with the Monarch, the incon happens because neither side...
  6. Lou_change

    Fight for 4th Strongest 11-C (Caroline (SCP) vs Monarch of Pointland)

    This is a terrible idea. Caroline (SCP): 0 Monarch of Pointland: 0 No one: 0
  7. DORUgoramon

    The Monarch of Pointland encounters a worth foe

    The Monarch of Pointland fights a rejected Evangelion Angel. Takes place in Facebook's metaverse. Speed not equalized. Its the Monarch's fight to lose.
  8. Soupywolf5

    What’s the Point? (Grace)

    Well there’s two of them so… Monarch of Pointland vs Black Hole Battle of the Wiki’s only 0-D bois Speed is equal because why not The guy who beat Lightning McQueen: The smooth, sultry voice of a hole in space-time: The wiki is annihilated by the coming battle: 7 (JustANormalLemon...
  9. DontTalkDT

    Immobile Tournament Match 14 (Monarch of Pointland vs Dark Matter)

    Monarch of Pointland vs Dark Matter 1 micrometer starting range SBA otherwise @FRIMI @theultimate5105 Hub.
  10. DontTalkDT

    Immobile Tournament Match 10 (Monarch of Pointland vs Shadow)

    Monarch of Pointland vs Shadow They start 3.14 micrometers apart. SBA otherwise @FRIMI @SuperDino85 Hub.
  11. DontTalkDT

    Immobile Tournament Match 2 (Monarch of Pointland vs Weeping Angels)

    Monarch of Pointland vs one Weeping Angel As by the tournament rules are participants need to be immobile, two instances of SCP-131 will be constantly watching the angel. Starting range is 1cm apart. SBA otherwise ...can anything break the stalemate here? @Oliver_de_jesus @FRIMI Hub.
  12. Ican'tthinkof1goodname

    A Myxozoa fights The Monarch

    The fight is in Salmon Luigi's body Both are bloodlusted Speed is equal Virus: Royalty: Nah: 2 (00potato, SamanPatou)
  13. DaSmileKat

    Can characters touch the Monarch of Pointland?

    Question is the title. I think characters sometimes can. If the particles of a character comes into contact with MoP (so MoP didn't go through the gaps between the particles), MoP will be sent flying at almost the speed of light because of his virtually zero mass. In versus threads, this will...
  14. RealMattForsyth

    SCP-682 VS Monarch of Pointland

    Hi guys, today there will be an e[B]ic fight between SCP-682 and MoP. The OPest being in the wiki best lizerd
  15. Genericstickman

    Yogiri fights the weakest character on the wiki

    alternate title: Yogiri fights the strongest character, smurf vs non smurf, why am I doing this? Yogiri vs Monarch of Pointland (yes I'm doing this) speed is yes The strongest physical 11-C: Funny die man: Ness vs MoP next:
  16. CrimsonStarFallen

    Philosophy didn't die for this

    Monarch of Pointland vs The Mathiverse Speed equal SBA otherwise
  17. Abu2411

    What the hell happened to Undoubtedly first?

    Did Monarch of pointland scare him off or something?
  18. Agnaa

    Barney vs Monarch of Pointland

    Fight takes place in Flatland. Speed is equalized, Barney doesn't have type 1 immortality. go
  19. DarkGrath

    Azathoth Versus The Monarch Of Pointland

    obviously a stomp for the Monarch but whatever Pure Fodder ( https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Azathoth_(Cthulhu_Mythos) ): The One True God-Tier ( https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Monarch_of_Pointland ): ... MoP says hi
  20. The_King_of_Prudence

    Monarch of Pointland versus SCP-3930

    Monarch of Pointland: SCP-3930: Inconclusive: 3 (Iapitus The Impaler, Jayfanwater, Alitudil0)
  21. Flashlight237

    Is Immobile/Near-Immobile a Viable Speed Rating?

    Primarily asking this because of characters like Monarch of Pointland and The Authority, who are both pretty much immobile. Granted, "Immobile" should be listed as a state of being alongside "Omnipresent" should the idea of being immobile be accepted, but still, would Immobile and Near-Immobile...
  22. Ecetereis

    Monarch of Pointland vs Goku end of Buu Saga (Can Goku affect the Monarch of Pointland at 3-C form?)11-C and 3-C

    If this works, I think I sent a record lol. The monarch of pointland defeated Thunder Mcqueen who inconclusived Goku. I think it's inconclusive.
  23. QuasiYuri

    What can kill Monarch of Pointland?

    Except for non-outerversal beings, 0-dimensionnal characters seems really hard to kill. I think that soul manipulation or existence erasure might be a solution but I don't see a lot of them.
  24. PublicMinority87

    The Point Above All vs A Tree

    Composite Tree vs Monarch of Pointland
  25. The_Smashor

    Monarch of Pointland revisions

    Powers and Abilities: Should be changed to: Zero-Dimensionality, Light Manipulation that can effect up to two dimensions, can hear higher dimensional beings (Was able to hear A Square, though he thought it was himself talking) AP: Should be changed to: 11-C, 11-A with voice and light...
  26. PublicMinority87

    Monarch of Pointland vs Yog Sothoth

    The strongest character on this wiki A bunch of bubbles with nuclei
  27. PublicMinority87

    A carrot fights a king (Goku vs Monarch of Pointland)

    Speed is equalized
  28. Jawsome274

    I made a 11-C stomp a High 2-A

    I understand this is gonna be a stomp for one or the other, so I'm putting it on F&G Monach of Pointland vs. Mister Mxyptlk Monarch knows an effective trick to get Mxy to say his name backwards. If he does, victory for Monarch. Monarch is Bloodlusted Mxy sees Monarch as a higher...
  29. Mefre

    Umineko, Cthulhu Mythos, Masadaverse and Demonbane cast vs The Absolute Strongest

    Every singel character from Umineko , Cthulhu Mythos , Masadaverse and Demonbane unite their strength in order to defeat their greatest challenger yet. Will they survive and emerge victorious? Or will they fall in their attempt? Let the battle begin.
  30. Sound_of_Infinity

    Ditto vs. Monarch of Pointland

    MoP says hi bump.
  31. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Monarch of Pointland Upgrade

    His voice can effect higher dimensions, so shouldn't that technically be higher dimensional manipulation? Also, tho it is a technicality, he encompasses the entire zero dimensional realm, so wouldn't that be Omnipresence on a Zero-dimensional scale? Also, he is technically immortal due to his...
  32. Elizhaa

    Monarch of Pointland vs SCP-2747

    vs Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Both at 11-C Vote Monarch of Pointland: SCP-2747 : Inconclusive :
  33. Zera20

    Monarch of Pointland Vs Azathoth (Cthulhu Mythos)

    Lets see
  34. PublicMinority87

    The One Above All vs Monarch of Pointland

    Speed is Equalized For anyone who doesnt see which board this is in, it is in Fun and Games.
  35. DragonEmperor23

    Monarch vs Meliodas

    MoP says hi Meliodas in his strongest form vs MoP
  36. Vizorus69

    Monarch of Pointland First Victory!

    In a surprising turn of events , not only did The Monarch of Pointland won, it's against Thunder McQueen, the incon guy. Truly a historical event.
  37. The_King_of_Prudence

    Thunder McQueen verses Monarch of Pointland

    Thunder McQueen: 0 Monarch of Pointland: 9 (Vizorus69, The Wright Way, ZacharyGrossman273, Totallynotchewbacca, Overlord775, Ricsi-viragosi, Read this post, Paulo.junior.969, Mr. Bambu) Inconclusive: 3 (Genericstickman, DragonEmperor23, JohnConquest1)
  38. Read_this_post

    Monarch of pointland vs every point level oc

    Since there is nobody to match monarch of pointland to on this wiki (because he solos) Why dont we try point level beings from other wikis? I know this isnt going to be added or anything but i would love to see how monarch would compare to them Monarch of pointland fights each one individually...
  39. Mand21

    A fight to the win: in order to win, you have to win.

    Misogi Kumagawa VS Monarch of Pointland In order to win, the winner needs to believe he won and have a reason for that. Both are in character and in-narrative (following how fights with them would normally go).
  40. GyroNutz

    Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku vs Monarch of Pointland

    Mastered Ultra Instinct does not wear off. Speed is NOT equalized. Starting distance is a multiverse away. Goku has no prior knowledge, nor present knowledge of the Monarch of Pointland's existence, nor knowledge of the fact that he's meant to be fighting someone. Victory via any means Who...