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iron man (marvel comics)

  1. The_Impress

    Hidden Genius: Dexter vs. Iron Man (1-0-0)

    Dexter vs. Iron Man All equipment up to 7-B allowed, speed equalized, in character. Battle takes place in Tokyo.
  2. The_Impress

    Iron Man Revisions: Scaling Redo

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:The_Imp-ress/High_6-A_Splitting Iron Man rework is now essentially done and the above sandbox contains tiering suggestions. Alot of these you'd note are reliant on future revisions. This is not the sign of "revision not working", these files are genuinely...
  3. The_Impress

    Iron Man's Wonky Grand Canyon Calculations

    This is to call to attention two REALLY POOR calculations being used currently to scale iron Man Iron Man's Grand Canyon Blasting feat Premise of this calculation is reliant on the rock Iron Man blows up to be the EXACT VOLUME required to completely fill up, and who gives us this metric...
  4. Iron Man Weapon Pages

    Greetings, as some of you guys may heard before, people have been planning to split the current Iron Man character profile into several different weapon files for his armors. This'll be better to illustrate the overtime Tier shift to higher, and the P&A shift as well, not the weirdly uninformed...
  5. soulusboy

    Vision (Marvel) CRT

    Currently, Vision is rated as High 6-A. I think Vision should be upgraded to "at least 5-A, possibly higher" based on his feats. This tiering keeps him in line with the rest of Marvel scaling. Feats: Consistently shown as capable of fighting and taking attacks from Ultron (At least 5-A...
  6. ObberGobb

    Iron Man CRT (Profile Expansion and 5-A Upgrade)

    Currently, Iron-Man is listed with Armor Model 8 | Armor Model 45 | Model Prime (Armor Model 51) being High 6-A | High 6-A | 5-A respectively. I think this downplays Iron Man’s average power, as it makes it look like he didn’t become Planetary until Model Prime, which just isn’t the case. Also...
  7. ObberGobb

    Iron Man needs a buff

    Right now, it only lists Model 8, 45, and Prime. And while I'm not contesting the High 6-A scaling for Model 8 or 45, he has a bunch of other armors before Prime that should scale above that. Extremis, Bleeding Edge, and Endo-Sym just to name a few. Extremis: Was able to draw blood from...
  8. King_Clab

    Op version of Iron man vs Teenage Elf

    Two hero's that use future tech in old times. (Captain america was supposed to be here but does not have a 5-A key) BOTH 6-A Speed equalized Iron man get's all equipment Link get's all champion's abilities Who win's and why? Iron Man (Marvel Comics): 0 Link (Breath of the Wild): 0
  9. Gohanblanco217

    Psykos (OPM) Vs Iron man

    This one should do it Speed equalized Model 45 is used Psykos has 1 year of prep Psykos has prior knowledge over Iron man abilities
  10. Gohanblanco217

    Saitama vs Iron man

    Speed equalized Armor model 45 is used Both start at 5 meters away from each other Both are bloodhusted One Punch :7 Iron man :
  11. ABoogieYesSir

    Blue Beetle vs Tony Stark

    Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) (Post Crisis) vs Iron Man (Marvel Comics) Rules: Iron Man Armor Model 51 is being use Speed = Both have 5 months of prep Both have all equipment
  12. Onnakoko

    Doomsday vs. Iron Man

    Doomsday (Post-Crisis) vs. Iron Man (Armor Model 51) 4-B Battle Speed Equalized (Iron Man for some reason has Massively FTL+ with flight only) Win for both is killing the opponent Who wins and why?
  13. Unoriginal_Memes

    Batman VS Iron Man

    Batman is in his Hellbat Armor and Iron Man is in his Mark 51 Armor. Speed is equalized (Don't know why Iron Man is only MFTL+ with flight, as I'm sure he's consistently kept up with MFTL+ characters). Batman (Post-Flashpoint): Iron Man (Marvel Comics) Inconclusive:
  14. ABoogieYesSir

    Mega Man X v.s Iron Man (oh yeah:)

    Mega Man 1st key being use here Iron Man 4-B is being use here Speed equalized Who wins and why?
  15. AB1124

    Iron Man VS Samus Aran

    Iron Man (Armor Model 45) takes on Samus Aran (Legendary Power Suit) Random encounter in a missile silo. Who takes it?
  16. Xx.davidparra

    Iron Man vs. The Guyver

    Both High 6-A Stark's first key Sho's first key SPEED EQUALIZED Who wins and why? Iron Man (Marvel Comics) : 7 Sho Fukamachi :
  17. Spider-Man Lifting Strength.

    Currently, Spider-Man (Marvel Comics) has his Lifting Strength section as Class G for restraining Iron Man (Marvel Comics) with his organic webs. This scaling comes from One-More-Day, and after reading the issue, I found plenty of really odd things. Spider-Man: One More Day; From page number...
  18. Migue79

    Iron Man Question

    How fast are his Repulser Rays in the comics?
  19. Phoenks

    Batman with Prep vs Iron Man (1-2-0)

    Batman (Post-Crisis) vs Iron Man (Marvel Comics) Speed Equalized. This has probably been done before but ill see how this goes. (Happy Face)
  20. Phoenks

    Ryuko vs Iron Man (0-0-0)

    Ryüko Matoi vs Iron Man (Marvel Comics) (High 6-A Versions) Kisagari Ryuko and Armor Model 45 Iron Man. Im liking these Iron Man fights, do not judge! Speed Equalized.
  21. Phoenks

    Boros vs Iron Man (5-15-0) Grace

    This time he can't fly away hehehe Both are High 6-A. Iron Man's first key. Lord Boros vs Iron Man (Marvel Comics) Speed Equalized. Battle takes place in a minecraft plains biome.
  22. Phoenks

    Garou vs Iron Man (18-2-0) Big Grace!

    Garou vs Iron Man (Marvel Comics) High 6-A versions, Awakened Garou and Iron Man's first key. Battles takes place in a Golf Zone and they are 5 meters away from eachother (15 feet) Speed Equalized.
  23. ZacharyGrossman273

    Twilight Sparkle VS Iron Man

    Both 4-B and speed equal Twilight Sparkle (Pony World): Iron Man (Marvel Comics): Inconclusive:
  24. SuperAPM

    Marvel Tiering Adjustments: 2.0

    Last thread unfortunately got derailed too much, so i've made a 2.0 version for simplicity sake. On to the thread: I've been seeing discussions around here that some of Marvel's current rankings are spread a little too far apart from each other, mainly in reference to the 5-A and High 6-C...
  25. Intruvious

    Iron Man's speed.

    Shouldn't the current Iron Man be MFTL+?
  26. ABoogieYesSir

    Mr.Stark v.s 666 Satan­ƒÿê

    Both are at 4-B Hulk Buster Model 36 Iron Man being use here Phase III 666 Satan is being used here Takes place at a indestructible planet Speed is equalized
  27. Nemo212

    Iron Man (MCU) isn't an alcoholic.

    I'm not going to deny that Iron Man in the comic books is a... heavy drinker. I think everyone who's read Demon in a Bottle can piece that together. But in the MCU, he's definitely not an alcoholic. He hasn't done any heavy drinking since Iron Man 2 (the booze party scene), hasn't used alcohol...
  28. ABoogieYesSir

    Samus Aran v.s Mr.Stark

    Samus is at High 6-A Iron Man (Marvel Comics) is at High 6-A Takes place on earth Speed is equalized Who wins and why? Samus: DarkDragonMedeus, XSOULOFCINDERX Stark: Schnee One, Newendigo, ChocomilkAlex, Ionliosite, Modernmyrmidon, Migue79, Theglassman12, Milly Rocking Bandit
  29. ABoogieYesSir

    Godzilla v.s Iron Man (Comic's)

    Both are at 4-B Iron Man is in his Model 51 Key. This is Godzilla (Composite) being used. Godzilla's Power Up's, Equipment's and Transformation's is allowed along with Iron Man. Speed is equalized Takes place at an empty galaxy Who wins and why? Iron Man: 11: A Stoned Orc, The Wright Way...
  30. Jasonsith

    Iron Man vs Cole MacGrath

    I'm hoping this is fair now due to the ass load of stuff that got added to Stark's profile. Both at High 6-C and speed equalised since Schnee One keeps on requesting equalisation of speed. Speed references Iron Man at "High 7-A" and "High 6-C" is 8.66% c Cole is 51.5% c in Infamous...
  31. Profile Renovation: Iron Man.

    The profile is mess, that CRT was a mess, and I will have to clean that mess. O means accepted, X means the opposite, and X/O means that either it will be changed, or I unsure of the ability. ┬┐Why I put this? Because it helps me not to get lost. Powers and Abilities O - Martial Arts - Fine...
  32. JohnMorrison33

    Iron Man (Comics) vs Naruto Uzumaki

    Both in character Random encounter Place: Konoha
  33. The_Wright_Way

    Delsin Rowe vs Iron Man

    I'm hoping this is fair now due to the ass load of stuff that got added to Stark's profile. Both at High 7-A. Evil Delsin. Delsin starts with video. Speed Equalized. vs.
  34. Ililoilia99

    Finally, a Reason for an Iron Man Upgrade.

    In tony stark: iron man #10 tony makes a suit called ,,godbuster" and even though the comic takes place in a virtual reality, the suit is so powerful, that it it is capable of destroying the very villain that took over that reality. which makes him a real ,,godbuster". also, please add...
  35. ABoogieYesSir

    Iron Man (Marvel Comics) Small Addition

    Since Kang the Conqueror has Time Stop, That means that Iron Man should have a Solid Time Manipulation/Time Stop too since Kang the Conqueror's Time Manipulating power is made from Tony Stark right?
  36. Not_Icarus

    Iron Man VS Blue Beetle

    Model Prime is used and speed is equalized. Iron Man: Blue Beetle: 2 (BrazillianDeadpool and ElixerBlue) Inconclusive: 1 (Yobo Blue)
  37. Not_Icarus

    Possible Quick Iron Man Speed Upgrade

    Shouldn't he be MFTL+ on his 4-B armors? He's above the regular 4-B ranges of Marvel with Model 51 via scaling to his other armors and Captain Marvel herself is listed as MFTL+ all around despite us supposedly considering her as the weaker character.
  38. The_Wright_Way

    Clark vs Stark: Iron vs Steel.

    Clark Kent sipped his coffee before giving out a yawn, the grogginess of the early morning not quiet going away. He sat in the living room of the Kent's house, having decided to visit his dear Ma and Pa for the holidays. "Clark, dear, there's a man here to see you." Martha said, followed by a...
  39. SuperKamiNappa

    Mister Fantastic vs. Iron Man

    Mister Fantastic Iron Ma Mk 8 Speed Equalized
  40. SuperKamiNappa

    Iron Man vs Hank Pym

    Iron Ma Hank Pym High 6-C versions Speed Equalized
  41. Zeus298

    Hope it isn't a stomp

    godkiller armor which is universal+used Speed equalized
  42. The_man_with_the_Midas_touch

    Armored Combatants!. Marvel Vs Capcom!. Iron man vs Arthur!

    Arthur (Ghosts 'n Goblins) vs Iron Ma - Model Armor 45 (Multi Continent ) for Iron man -Strongest Armors for Arthur -Speed equalized
  43. Intruvious

    Iron Man (Comics) VS Spider-Man (Comics)

    Rules Speed Equalized. Both 4-B. One sentence answers will not be accepted, there should be proper reasoning or *dash* for reasons above (FRA) If you have decided upon your final answer, write "Iron Man Wins" or "Spider-Man Wins" or "Inconclusive" Win by KO Votes Iron Ma: Spider-Ma...
  44. ABoogieYesSir

    Iron Man Additonal Revision

    First off here is an Duplication for his profile in my blog if you wanna add the power/abilities on there and the new keys: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:ABoogieYesSir/Iron_Man_(Marvel_Comics)_Profile_by_ABoogieYesSir So I made an Iron Man Revison Additonals in my blog but the...
  45. Tonygameman

    Iron Man VS Mega Man X

    Both are 4-B and their speed is equalized. Both are on their Model Prime (Armor Model 51) and Mega Man X Era keys. Iron Man (Marvel Comics): 0 Mega Man X: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  46. The_Wright_Way

    Men among gods ~ Iron Man vs Batman

    Tony Stark reclined into his chair, casually sipping a martini as the fireplace raged in front of him. Suddenly, the power went out. "Sir, I'm detecting that someone has cut the power, should I scan for intruders?" JARVIS asked over an intercom attached to a backup generator. "Don't bother, I...
  47. Yobo_Blue

    Iron Man Minor Question

    Since I'm planning a minor Iron Man revision, I have to ask: Do we assume he carries all weapons in his current armor that he's used before if they aren't noted to be exclusive?
  48. The_Smashor

    Batman vs Iron Man: This is possible now heck yeah.

    Rules: Both are 4-B. Speed is equalized. Otherwise SBA. Iron Ma: Batma: Inconclusive:
  49. Ililoilia99

    Should Iron Man be Upgraded?

    Many people Including me want Iron Man to be 2-c Because he has every Right to be on that Level. He has the Necessary Feats and Armours for it. Sure,Thor did Crush his Armour like Nothing, but that was his Weaker Armour. Now let's take a Look at his Feats (For Some Reason I am Limited On this...
  50. Ililoilia99

    2-c iron man with prep

    Negative zone armour phoenix buster armour or godkiller armour marks 1 and 2 with prep should make tony stark 2-c.
  51. KingEzran

    2 Metal Boys fight to the death

    For this match, it will be Armor 45 Iron Man vs Modern Metal Sonic. Let's get into the details. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 2.5 meters -Win via death Votes: Iron Man: 0 Metal Sonic: 0
  52. Intruvious

    Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) VS Iron Man (Comics) [Grace Period]

    Rules Speed Equalized. Both 4-B. Both Bloodlusted. One sentence answers will not be accepted, there should be proper reasoning or *dash* for reasons above (FRA) If you have decided upon your final answer, write "Iron Man Wins" or "Captain Marvel Wins" or "Inconclusive" Win by KO Votes Iron...
  53. Intruvious

    Captain Marvel (Comics) VS Iron Man (Comics)

    Rules Speed Equalized. Both 4-B. Both Bloodlusted. One sentence answers will not be accepted, there should be proper reasoning or *dash* for reasons above (FRA) If you have decided upon your final answer, write "Iron Man Wins" or "Captain Marvel Wins" or "Inconclusive" Win by KO Votes Iron...
  54. Totallynotchewbacca

    Batman vs Ironman (sort of...)

    Not really a verses battle but i didn't have any other title I just want to know who is smarter, in that who is smarter overall and who is smarter in more specific areas of intelligence
  55. Schnee_One

    Tony Stark vs Lex Luthor

    This match had a long time coming, I think it's about time we settled it. This is Model 51 Iron Man, who scales to one shotting the Hulkbuster which is 362 Kilofoe, while Luthor scales to a brainiac, who is 612 Kilofoe. Now if someone can tell me the speed difference it would be appreciated...
  56. The_Wright_Way

    Bloodied armors ~ Kharn vs. Iron Man

    Kharn gave a dissatisfied growl as he bisected Luke Cage with out effort. He was hoping for a challenge, but that was something they couldn't provide. He had been hopeful when he landed on this planet, hopeful for a bloodbath he and his god could be proud of, but so far all who had approached...
  57. Hans0l013123897

    Ironman vs Batman but with a twist.

    They start at base form, both KNOW they are fighting each other. And both only have a year to prep for the other one and those are the only armors they have (Base Stark vs Base Bruce.) I know Stark has 4-B armors, and Hellbat is only 5-A. But who can get their suits ready for combat the...
  58. Corgi_the_Gen_Z_God

    Silver fights a man made of iron.

    Silver vs Iron Man Speed is equal and Silver is in his Base Form and Iron Man is in his Armor Model 45 suit Silver - 0 Tony Stark - 0
  59. Totallynotchewbacca

    Slight Iron Man downgrade

    The explanation as to his supergenius intellect is that he thinks much faster than the average human, but shouldn't this come with extroadinary genius? Supergenius refers to having an extroadinary genius or at least deep genius mastery over nearly all sciences, able to very easily bend the laws...
  60. Schnee_One

    One Punch Man vs Iron Man

    Tony Stark, throughout his entire history of being on this site, has been out against every OPM character he could have been thrown against, being put in matches, multiple times no less, with Tats, Boros and Harou. I say it's time we put him against the final one to wrap up this little Iron Man...
  61. Dust_Collector

    Zant vs Iron Man

    Iron Man is using his model 51 armour and speed is equalised. Zant: Iron Ma: Inconclusive:
  62. The_Wright_Way

    Iron Man vs. White Light

    Both at High 6-A. Speed Equalized. Iron ma vs.
  63. JohnCenaNation

    Update Iron Man to Tier 2-C: Low Multiverse level

    Earth-616 Iron Man, that's right, the Iron Man from the main timeline, not from any alternated universe, don the Godkiller Armor which was designed to kill the Celestials. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Celestials If we were to scale Godkiller Iron Man to the Celestials, shouldn't he be 2-C...
  64. Derpinator9001

    Iron Man VS Ichigo

    Model 45 Vs True Shikai, speed equal, SBA, Let's go!! Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist: The other sword wielding reaper: Nobody wins:
  65. Iron Man Model 51 stats.

    So, I have been lurking a long while, and I have noticed plenty of people that are concerned by Prime stats; that if it should be unknown, that its featless, that aside from having a HB build inside of the armor it lacks any other reason, that it should be downgraded/removed, etc etc etc. Here...
  66. The_Wright_Way

    Iron Man vs. Doctor Strange

    Speed Equalized. It's Tier 7, and it's staying there. vs.
  67. Votron5

    Iron man upgrades

    I did some looking around and I think Iron Man's armors like mark 8 and 9 are far more attack potent and durable than they should be. His Model 0 armor survived hits and attacks from the Iron Patriot armor: and was strong enough to stop Osborns punch His Model 1 armor arm wrestled thor for...
  68. LordGriffin1000

    Iron Man vs Vortex

    Rules This is Armor Model 9 (High 6-C) and speed is equalized.
  69. HailTheGodTwains

    Additional Keys for the Iron Man profile

    So, considering the fact that the model 4 suit is not only one of the longest suits that Tony has ever used but is normally his default suit if something happens to newer models, and that Iron Man Model 13 is an extremely popular suit and is commonly used by Stark, shouldn't those be keys as...
  70. Jackythejack

    Technology vs. Magic, Iron Man vs. Link

    So this should be a fun one. Basically, The Golden Avenger decided to pick a fight with the Hero of Time as an adult. High 5-A versions are used, but Iron Man is in the Hulk Buster and doesn't have the other model that gives him 5-A. Speed is going to be equalized, and the fight takes place in...
  71. Maverick_Zero_X

    Dr. Eggman vs Iron Man

    Eggboi with this thing vs. Tony Stark in Armor Model 45 Speed is equalized
  72. Wokistan

    Iron Man vs Typhus the Traveller

    Man I really wish we could search for tiers more specifically than the number Iron Man (Marvel Comics) vs Typhus the Traveller Model 51 Iron man Fairly sure Typhus shouldn't blitz, so speed Unequal for now Start 300 feet out SBA wincons Iron Man: 3 (Newendigo, Gargoyle One, Arrogant...
  73. Schnee_One

    Of Armor and Arms: Tony Stark vs Phaeron Ahmontekh

    So after someone made my previous suggestion, Azzy asked for this, who am I to disappoint the great Azathoth. Both at Max and Equal Speed. Phaeron Ahmontekh: 7 Iron Man (Marvel Comics):
  74. Abscoolguy

    Godzilla (Godzilla In Hell) VS Iron Man (Marvel Comics)

    High 5-A forms for both Tony has the Hulkbuster Base Hulkbuster Godzilla
  75. Intruvious

    How strong is The Ziran Armour?

    The Ziran Armour.
  76. Schnee_One

    Armored and ready: Iron Man vs Tatsumi

    So let's see here. Issei is outdated and doesn't match the tiers anymore, and neither does Erza. But Tatsumi does now! So let's do this, speed needs no explanation. Mark 8 Iron Man armor: 2 Fifth form Tyrant Evoulutio: 7
  77. Thatoneguy78

    Iron Man's AP justification

    This is something I just noticed on Iron Man's page So under AP justification Iron Man has a feat of restraining Hyperion and flying him away to God knows where. My question is that why doesn't this feat place Iron Man with that Armor in the Solar System range? Hyperion is a Solar System Level...
  78. The_Wright_Way

    My power is money ~ Iron Man vs. Scrooge McDuck

    Hulk Buster Iron Man Super Scrooge Speed Equalized. vs. I made my name being tougher than the toughies and smarter than the smarters!
  79. Dante_Demon_Killah

    Iron Man 4, featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series

    This might be good - Both High 6-A, DMC2 Dante and Armor Model 45 Iron Man - Speed Equalized - Both in-character Iron Man: 0 Dante: 7 (Gargoyle, Redgrave, Rebuble Uselet, Arrogant, Random, Velot, Dat Dot) Inconclusive: 0
  80. Abscoolguy

    Iron Man (Marvel Comics) Vs Batman(Post-Crisis)

    fight in an open field no friends for each Iron man has only his normal suit they both start 15 ft away from each other I am Vengence, I am the night, I... am BATMAN.... Iron ma
  81. The_Wright_Way

    Thor vs. Iron Man

    EMH Thor High 6-A Iron Man Speed Equalized. vs.
  82. Hunterzillas

    Erza Scarlet vs Iron Man

    - Both are at High 6-C, Erza is empowered by friendship, they and have access to all armors (for Iron Man, only as long as they're to High 6-C) - Fight on a deserted island - Speed Equalized - Winner by KO Iron Man senses a strong energy reading and goes to investigate its location. Erza is...
  83. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Iron Man vs Composite Godzilla (One vote needed!)

    Model Prime Iron Man (Marvel Comics) vs Godzilla (Composite) Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED if necessary
  84. Intruvious

    Endo-Sym (Model 50) VS Model Prime (Model 51)

    I honestly want to know which one will win. Since there is almost no information on the site, I couldn't decide. Also because Endo-Sym was not only able to beat all (supposedly) of it's other armors but also turn into a Hulk-Buster type with it's Symbiote.
  85. Royalty1702

    2 Iron Bois Go At It... Iron Man (Armor Model 45) Vs. Registeel

    Both High 6-A. Speed Equalized. Iron Man: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Iron_Man_(Marvel_Comics) Registeel: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Registeel
  86. PsychicCipher

    What is Tony's Most Powerful Suit?

    Looking at his page, I believe there might be suits more powerful than the ones listed. Wonder if there are stronger ones, like Thorbuster or Endosy. Something like that.
  87. BruceTheBatman

    Darth Vader vs Iron Man

    You don't know the power of the DARK SIDE Trying this one more damn time High 6-A for both Speed equalized Mind hax banned for Vader, everything else is fine
  88. The_real_cal_howard

    Iron Man vs Yuga

    PaChi made me do it ovo. Both of their High 5-A forms at their peaks. Speed equalized.
  89. Chartate101

    Iron Man Vs Link (Breath of the Wild)

    Speed Equal
  90. Schnee_One

    Iron Man vs Frieza

    Okay people, two matches were already called for being stomps, this is how it's done. Speed is Equal, Model 51 IM and Base Frieza, with Namek as the fighting ground. Iron Ma: 7 Frieza: 1
  91. Landon_Avery

    Who can beat this team? (High 7-A)

    Name a character who can defeat every character listed below in eather a gantlet style or 4 vs 1 fight. Rules: All fights end in KO or death Speed =ized You must clarify if you think your character could beat them gantlet style or 4 vs 1 Your character can not be higher then High 7-A...
  92. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Kagura vs Iron Man

    Kagura match up attempt Take #512 Awakened/True Form Kagura vs Armor Model 8 Iron Ma Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  93. The_Wright_Way

    Iron vs. Video

    Iron Man vs. Eugene Sims Speed equalized. Both at High 7-A.
  94. Schnee_One

    Whiplash issues.

    Right, so this seemed weird. Whiplash (Marvel Comics) is stated to have heald his own against Iron Man. Issue here, none of MC IMs keys are 8A, and hisvweakest is High 7A. So what key did he fight and why doesn't it scale? Edit: Ugggggghhhh wrong board.
  95. Iron Man vs Kyogre

    Armor Model 45 vs Primal Kyogre Speed Equalized Both are angry but not exactly bloodlusted Battle starts out at a beachside Iron Man: 0 Kyogre : 0 Inconclusive:
  96. The_Wright_Way

    Iron Man vs Boros

    Both at High 6-A. Speed Equalized. vs. Leader of the Dark Matter Thieves.
  97. Schnee_One

    Magic vs Technology

    Screw the Erza spam, this works well enough. Speed is Equal, High 7A versions, fight in the Beacon Vault. Magic 1 vs Technology: 5 If it's better to say "Science" go ahead and tell me. XD Bonus Round: What wins overall?
  98. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Another Punching bag vs Punching bag Match - (Iron Man vs Natsu)

    Armor Model 9 Iron Ma vs Fire Dragon King Mode Natsu Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED
  99. The_Wright_Way

    Cole MacGrath vs. Iron Man

    Both at High 6-c. Good Cole with RFI. Speed Equalized. "Do I fight the darkness I've unleashed? Or be consumed by it?" vs.
  100. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Neo vs Iron Man

    Inside The Matrix (Matrix Revolutions/End of Series) Neo vs Model 9 Iron Ma Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED