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  1. Netoriman

    Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th) VS Hidan (Naruto Shippuden)

    7-B keys for both, standard battle assumptions, speed equal. Jason Voorhees (Uber Jason) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Jason_Voorhees vs Hidan https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Hidan
  2. Eikichi_Sensei

    Question about Resurrection

    Uhm...Let's say there is a character with immo 8 that can be resurrected as long as you don't destroy that "something", now you destroy the soul that is composed of Information type 2. Would it be High-Godly Resurrection or Mid-Godly Resurrection? I always had this doubt. Since body/mind/soul...
  3. Jeeeeepil123

    Additional Plot Scans & Immortality (Type 8) Tyler Durden

    First of, we know that Tyler can infects (because he is an idea parasytes) someone to keep him alive (Thus giving him Type 6) https://gyazo.com/3da5b43ef8bca9aadef6a6df06dd1818 But, later on in Fight Club 3... we got a little bit direct explanation about Tyler infections, which is way more...
  4. Jeeeeepil123

    Jevil Minor CRT

    • Immortality Type 1 & 5 Jevil says multiple time before the end of the battle that his “body can't die” in which will be assume that Jevil's body can't die in a conventional way, as Kris/Susie/Ralsei attack him till his HP got to 0 but he still can't die... and he even says in the end that he...
  5. Crabwhale

    Removal of Immortality Negation

    This thread, as the title implies, is being made with the intention of removing Immortality Negation from the Power Nullification page. The reason for this is simple. There is nothing setting apart immortality as a specialized enough power to warrant having an entire section to itself in this...
  6. Enderlucario

    Does this form of cloning count as a form of immortality?

    If someone had the power to create an arbitrary number of clones of themselves, however the clones are based on a preset instance of the person and not their current state, would that count as a form of immortality? Because they are effectively rewinding their age back to whatever preset the...
  7. Zeinx1

    Fairy tail Immortality Upgrade

    First of all, greetings, due to the memento mori situation, I thought that the immortality of some characters was insufficient and for this reason I decided to open a crt. Feat: Here the death of the character Zeref depends on the concepts of life and death, without which the "immortal zeref"...
  8. EL_xWatcher1234x

    Arifureta: immortality and regeneration

    Immortality: type 3: with Bel Agarta type 4: Reincarnation: It exist in the verse. Resurrection: Limited for characters with Bel Agarta (check below) For demons(soul) because they can use a human body to be reborn they lost their body and keep existing as a soul, but they can regain it...
  9. Spectra_Schiffer

    Question about high dimensional AP

    Can someone with 4D AP kill someone with 3D immortality without having any immortality neg? So can he achieve this by destroying the 3D plane with just the 4D AP?
  10. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    What Kind of Immortality is This?

    Imagine a character who possesses nearly every form of immortality, including types 2 & 7. If this immortality is negated, the character will regress to a different form; This is explicitly a byproduct of their immortality being negated, and is not considered a form of immortality in and of...
  11. Valentine Yu Respect Thread

    Here be another blog, this time on Valentine Yu from the webtoon Sunset Phoenix! An immortal criminal mastermind joins forces with her spy to clear their names after her rival is mysteriously murdered https://webcomicvsblog.blogspot.com/2023/12/death-battle-immortalizes-valentine-yu.html
  12. Valeska24

    Ryomen sukuna immortality addition

    IMMORTALITY TYPE 2 AND 3 First of all, the part where Sukuna needs to get immortality type 2 and 3 is that when he removes Yuji's heart, he states that he will not need such things to live, unlike Yuji. sukuna can also regenerate the heart he removed (also this is already mentioned in sukuna's...
  13. MrLuk2000

    Alien X's Immortality/Longevity removal

    Alien X has both Type 1 Immortality and Longevity. One of them needs to go. Its not possible for someone to be long lived and immortal unless Celestialsapiens are a special case and I'm missing something.
  14. SheevShezarrine

    Regen question

    What regen level would correspond to a soul reforming from being killed/destroyed?
  15. Nexus_still_slams

    Resistance to Immortality negation for Han Jee-Han (The Gamer)

    Han Jee-Han has not had his immortality negated by Gugnir, who is supposed to make even gods lose their immortality.
  16. Vietthai96

    Minor Zeno DBS ability removal

    Anyway, i have been neglecting DB Canon for too long. now without further ado From Zen'ō profile There is many things wrong with this Regeneration Negation was accepted in this thread is for Future Trunks because his Sword of Hope feat. The thing is, if Trunks already negated Fusion Zamasu's...
  17. Nexus_still_slams

    Immortality Type 4 for Han Jee-Han (The Gamer)

    Han Jee-Han can revive automatically after death. But there's no indication of how long it takes to him to revive. .
  18. CNBA3

    Could Quantum Immortality be it's own Type of Immortality?

    I found something interesting in my search of Schrodinger Immortality and found "Quantum Immortality". Would recommend a looksy, but in short, it is immortality through many worlds principle fwiu. It basically puts you in a position of the Cat in Schrodinger's Cat, and the example is where a...
  19. CNBA3

    What kind of Immortality is this? (Quantum/Schrodinger stuff)

    I was wondering, with this kind of information especially referring to Schrodinger's Cat experiment, what kind of immortality would this content entail? If it is more, then are there more abilities this could give? I feel like this could lead to Type 5 Immortality: Deathless. Here are the...
  20. Overlord_Darkness

    Overlord's immortality type 5

    Hi. I would like to consider revisiting the Overlord's immortality within his spirit form. As we know, the Overlord in his spirit form exists beyond the plane of human existence (which was proved in the previous CRT). In addition, since the Overlord is also exclusively an abstraction (Type 1)...
  21. LuffyRuffy46307

    Immortality and its Variations

    I was looking at the sky 🌌 full of stars, planets, and galaxies... And I ended up having an idea, if a character has type 3 immortality (which is the ability to regenerate practically everything) and I ended up wondering if such a character had the ability to regenerate your cells that prevent...
  22. Flashlight237

    A Caveat Added to Type 7 Immortality

    It's fairly small, so just posting it here in the Content Revision board is doable. So, Immortality Type 7 as its currently written assumes that all undead beings are immortal. That isn't the case. Vampires are where the statement holds true best. Vampires are, like hydras and one particular...
  23. Deceived3596

    Small Immortality Revision

    Continuing on from my previous threads. Just like our Regeneration, Abstract Existence and Conceptual Manipulation pages, I've set my focus on our Immortality page since it's desperately in need of revisions, in specific the examples provided, since most of them consist of low-quality profiles...
  24. Marvel_Champion_07

    Thanos (Fortnite) - Transformation

    Thanos currently has Resurrection, but the way it works is that a looper picks up the Gauntlets and transforms in Thanos. That more so fits the description of Transformation
  25. pfate17

    What type of regeneration do Arifureta characters have?

    Do characters linked to hajime still have high Regeneration characters or is it considered Immortality? After all, are Bel Agarta + necklace considered regeneration too? If I'm not mistaken, the type of regeneration of the characters is not on the Wiki, so I don't know if what they have is just...
  26. Robo432343

    DC Comics - Lucifer Abilities

    resistance to probability manip - Lucifer tanks an assault from The Basanos. (Lucifer vol 1 #23). The basanos Kills people by manifesting their possible deaths and they seek out all possible deaths and inflect all of them on someone at the same time. But then they stomped lucifer by using his...
  27. Magicomethkuon

    Question About The Wiki's Guidelines for Immortality Type 8

    (Staff Input needed.) This thread may affect Black Clover, but is not only about it so I named it after the ability in question. Without further ado, Recently and in a thread about the verse of Black Clover and its immortality, a debate happened regarding the requirements needed to be indexed...
  28. BluudyManikin777

    Abstract Regeneration

    If a character has Abstract Existence type 2 (embodying information (type 1) and memories), and can regenerate via those two things, what level of regeneration would this character have?
  29. BluudyManikin777

    Resurrection as a Soul

    What ability is coming back to the living realm, but only as a soul, and not with the physical body?
  30. AzuRizzz

    MCU Moon Knight Immortality

    Where are Moon Knight's Type 4 and 8 Immortality 4: Immortality via reincarnation or resurrection: Characters that are immortal because, whenever they die, they will simply reincarnate within another body or resurrect themselves at a later point in time. As Khonshu's Avatar, Moon Knight can...
  31. ArachDusa

    Differences between immortality and regeneration?

    Is being consistently portrayed as immortal/impossible to kill due to regenerative ability the only qualification for having type 3 immortality listed in one's profile, or is regeneration above a specific "type" a necessary requirement (i.e. a character who only displayed lower level...
  32. TheGreatJedi13

    Resistance to fate manip or simply Immortality type 5

    Basically, 2 entities Fate are tied to each other. if one of them dies so does the other. This is an Axiom that cannot be broken because Fate plays a big role in this verse 1 of them is a normal human while the other is the concept of death and has no concept of Death of her own The normal human...
  33. Oliver_de_jesus

    Negation of Immortality/regeneration Vs regeneration through other means

    then we consider that all the form of regeneration/immortality negation works on anything regardless of what it is? For example in a Vsthread, a Zombot can regenerate because its body is made of machines/nanobots capable of rebuilding and reviving it now he is faces a guy with a magical weapon...
  34. Rozi

    question of immortality

    I want to ask about type 6 immortality, if a character who can transfer half his soul to an animal is that enough to get type 6 immortality?
  35. PsychoWarper

    Sun Wukong Regeneration

    Fairly minor thing but Sun Wukong has Type 3 Immortality listed but doesn’t have regeneration listed on his profile. Going off whats listed on his profile “Type 3; He can actively regenerate himself from fatal injuries such as being beheaded or being ripped open.” He should have Mid regen.
  36. BluudyManikin777

    What would this warrant?

    A character’s body is made up of information and is even capable of creating information and manipulating memories to regenerate, and can exist as long as the stored information exists. What regeneration would this warrant? Would this allow for immortality type 8?
  37. TRUTH

    the question of immortality

    I have a few questions about immortality type 9: 1- Can TD 2 delete immortality type 9? 2- what are the hax that can delete immortality type 9?
  38. Mad_Dog_of_Fujiwara

    Reincarnation and Immortality

    In a verse where the concept of reincarnation is real, and everyone goes through this process, is it reasonable to give everyone in the verse some form of type 4 immortality? Even if it's limited based on factors such as time taken or the possibility of being sent to hell or heaven instead or...
  39. MugenGhost

    EX-AID is Immortal?

    Mighty Novel X is immortal and possibly does not have the concept of death established about its existence. When Genm created the Mighty Novel X, he programmed the ending and upon reaching it Emu's life would end and Genm's existence would be re-established, Genm stated that the Mighty Novel...
  40. Ikhvagracia

    Immortality Type 9 Natsuki Minamiya

    Excuse me, this time I want to ask about type 9 immortality from natsuki minamiya, yes before that let me tell you the reason I made this because I think natsuki minamiya has type 9 immortality first I will provide the evidence below after that I will provide a panel of evidence where there...