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  1. Minor Goetia revision

    The Goetia page is missing the source on him being stronger then Kiara.
  2. SuperKamiNappa

    Goetia vs Tiamat

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Goetia vs. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tiamat_(Fate) Goetia: Tiamat:
  3. ThatDarnFish

    Goetia vs Surtr

    Normally don't do matches with characters from the same verses, but this one stuck out to me a little. Beast I(Goetia) wants to incinerate the world, Surtr also wants to incinerate the world Working together is not an option, so here they are fighting for it. SBA Fight takes place in Wano...
  4. TrueKingOfHeroes

    Nasuverse: CRT for servants

    TIAMAT Transmutation : chaos tide is able to make a creatures turn into other creatures Biological manipulation : able to manipulate cells and DNA Absorption : black mud can absorb Corruption (Types 1 and 2) : able to corrupt the DNA and spirit origin which is the soul Higher-Dimensional...
  5. Delta333

    Anos vs Goetia

    Both use their strongest keys and speed is equalized Anos: Goetia: Incon:8(InfiniteCosmology,DaReaperMan,Dereck03,AnosVoldigoad314,Loyd,Sonicflare9,MonkeyOfLife,Bernkastelll)
  6. JoshDoshMosh

    probably a stupid matchup: Goetia vs Omegamon

    basically Zamasu vs Vegito but I change it to their most popular vs battle matchups Omegamon: Goetia: Incon:
  7. Grand_Saver_Ritsuka

    Can ren fuji's bois de justice kill goetia from fgo??

    see title...so since bois de justice negates immortality , so if it hits goetia in the neck will it kill him?
  8. Zencha9

    Madoka vs Goetia

    Madoka Kaname VS Goetia surprised this wasn't done before speed equal if needed My feat! My ideal! Know the true purpose of my birth! This planet will be reborn!
  9. 00potato

    King Solomon, the grand caster, Lord of many demon, vs one Impy boy.

    This might be a stomp but this is too perfect to ignore. King Solomon https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Goetia Vs a literal Imp https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Imp_(Dungeons_and_Dragons)?mobile-app=false I guess I will equalize speed but If the speed difference isn't an issue I can remove...
  10. VAVADevil32

    The King of Demon Gods vs the Supreme Master of the Nine Hells

    "My feat! My ideal! Know the true purpose of my birth! This planet will be reborn! All life will become the past! Sing your praises. My name is Goetia! Human Order Incineration Ritual, King of Demon Gods, Goetia!" "I have heard it said evil is nothing more than good's absence, as if evil was...
  11. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Goetia vs Shion (Fight for the second strongest 6-C)

    Adorable Void vs The False King of Mages Speed is Equalized. Grand Caster Goetia is used. This is mainly to verify that he does take it. I know this is the wrong form, but I love this art
  12. Eganergo

    Top 5 strongest fate character list

    I'm under impression that Gil is the strongest character. Is that true? This is just for fun and i'm curious as well. Strongest under SBA condition, speed equal. 1. Goetia 2. Sefar 3. Kama 4. Kiara 5. BB Like this?
  13. ShinyMagicalGirl

    Welcome to 2-A, Nasuverse: Goetia VS Galactus

    Wanted to start with a decent 2-A Nasuverse match (gonna avoid PMMM, SMT, D&D and the other premier 2-As for obvious reasons) so I decided why not pit two 2-As who want to destroy the Earth? (Or for Galactus, at least eat it) Galactus is in his "Well-Fed" Key, while Goetia is in his "Beast I -...
  14. SixsT6

    First born of Akatosh vs the Grand Caster (Alduin vs Goetia)

    Both low 2-C versions. Speed equalized.
  15. SixsT6

    "I'm a god. How can you kill a god?": Goetia ( Beast I ) vs Dagoth Ur

    Speed equazlied
  16. LukaSolosYourVerse


    Ok so melt beat him earlier but since I'm mean like that Yuuki Kagurazaka (Web Novel) vs Goetia Speed is equalized Both are High 3-A GKB and AAS are allowed *Insert long speech about shooting us with a sky laser or something* Blah blah we all know the drill, victory by death or...
  17. Overlord775

    AP changes to Ars Almadel Salomonis

    Ars Almadel Salomonis is currently rated at High 6-A for being able to destroy the surface of Earth, BUT it does it trought past, present and future across ALL of human history, so it should be much higher than just high 6-A. Massivelly lowballing this and saying that past human history starts...
  18. Lapsad

    Dante vs Goetia

    SBA Speed Equal Win by Incap death orther reason Devil Hunter versus Demon King My feat! My ideal! Know the true purpose of my birth! This planet will be reborn! Vote Dante: Goetia: Icon:
  19. Firephoenixearl

    Blame Paul. The Operator vs Goetia.

    Paul you can only blame yourself for giving me terribad good ideas. Goetia First key Goetia? VS Warframes First warframe, I'll go with Nekros All equipments etc. Transferrence is energy projection. Plot: Lotus: *Leaves with Ballas* The Operator: WHAT?! I cannot believe Lotus left...
  20. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Goetia vs Naoto Kurogane

    I wanted Ragna so it can be thematic but Ragna's too haxxed and resists everything here. Have his copy instead. Goetia vs Naoto Kurogane Beast 1 Goetia Used SBA and Speed Equalized Takes place in Ars Paulina
  21. Iapitus_The_Impaler

    Goetia vs Lavos

    All of Humanity is suffering so lets burn them all vs Dreams taste like Candy and so does your doom Both Large Planet. Speed Equalized. Fight takes place in Morioh. SBA otherwise. I would add pictures but I don't have a good one for Lavos. If anyone has one then I'll add a pic to the OP
  22. Yobo_Blue

    BB vs Goetia

    BB (Fate/Extra CCC) vs Goetia SBA Who wins?
  23. Paul_Frank

    Yhwach vs Goetia

    Aka Moustached man fights Demon God For third strongest in High 6-A Speed equal for Yhwach's sake Other than that SBA Goetia: Yhwach: Ok but first look at my badass sword. My feat...
  24. Hl3_or_bust

    I Make a Slightly Better Match Than Oryx vs Emps (Oryx, the Taken King vs Goetia)

    *Diamond Sword plays in the background* i a m t r e e e e e e e e e e e e e Oryx, the Taken King vs Goetia >5-C Oryx, 5-A Goetia >Speed= Sword Man: Tree Man: Thunder McQueen:
  25. Schnee_One

    Forged by monsters: Nightmare vs Goetia

    I needed someone to throw against a Nightmare, I'd say it was either this or Ahzek, let's see what happens. Speed is Equalized, 5A for both. Goetia: Nightmare:
  26. ShiroyashaGinSan

    Advent God: Susano'o vs Goetia

    Aka Battle of God and Beast. Let's go! Yüki Terumi vs Goetia -Speed Equalized -SBA -Takes place at the Gate of the Blue Susano'o - 1 Goetia - Inconclusive - 1
  27. Promestein

    Ainz Ooal Gown versus Grand Caster

    Ainz Ooal Gow versus Grand Caster Goetia. Speed is equalized, standard battle assumptions, etcetera. Overlord: King of Demon Gods: Inconclusive:
  28. Homu_Sweet_Homu

    Doctor Doom vs Goetia

    I genuinely believe this would be a cool match, let's hope this is fair. Beast I Goetia and Base Doom (Can be change if it becomes unfair for both side). Speed equal. Doctor Doom: Goetia: 7 Inconclusive:
  29. ShiroyashaGinSan

    NasuBeasts: TPI or Acausality?

    Okay, in Goetia's profile, it's listed that Beast has Acausality yet in Kiara and Tiamat's profile says it's TPI. Which of them is true?
  30. Oilord

    Kaguya vs Goetia

    Speed is equal lewego
  31. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Hades Izanami vs Goetia

    Earlier i want to make Izanami vs Gil rematch,but he might stomp her,i'm unsure to use Tamamo,and then decide to use Goetia finaly.Alright lets go!!! -Beast I Goetia is used -Speed equalized -Both in character -Place located in Ars Paulina -Range is 10 meter and they start doing CQC -Win...
  32. Promestein

    Goetia vs Doom

    Goetia versus Doctor Doom Speed equalized, base Doom with no 4-B technology or Doombots, and Beast I. Standard battle assumptions.
  33. LumixXto

    little adds on Goetia's profile

    There are such skills that are not registered on Goetia´s profile that are stated in Mats IV We just need to add independent manifestation skill A You can see here the others materials. [[1]]
  34. The_Wright_Way

    This seems like a bad idea

    Both at 5-a. Speed Equalized. Forgive me if this is a stomp. vs.
  35. Ardales1

    Yaldabaoth (Persona 5) vs Goetia (Fate Grand Order)

    Which of these cosmic entities can outlast the other? Round 1: Grand Caster Goetia Round 2: Beast Goetia Round 3: King of Humans Goetia
  36. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Goetia vs. Machina

    The fight takes place in Fuyuki City. Nobody is around. Goetia: 0 Machina: 2 Standard Battle Assumptions This is Base Machina and Beast I Goetia. Speed is equalized. Who wins?
  37. Goetia vs Ahzek Ahriman

    Screw myself if this is a stomp on Ahzek's side, but i felt that Goetia and Ahzek needs more matchups made than those like Tiamat and Kharn being used from each others respective verses (You all know what i'm talking about here). Anyways, fight takes place...i guess on some large planet (GOnna...
  38. Vicis777

    Aleister Crowley VS Grand Caster (Goetia)

    Greatest Magician in history VS The False King of Magic How would this turn out?
  39. Burning_Full_Fingers

    Yhwach vs. Grand Caster

    The fight takes place in Silbern. Yhwach: 1 Goetia: 6 True Power Yhwach and Grand Caster in his 6-B version. Speed is equalized. Both are serious about the match. Who wins?
  40. HimikoWerckmeister

    Grand Caster vs Methuselah

    State of mind: Bloodlusted Speed: Equalized https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Methuselah vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Grand_Caster