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freddy fazbear

  1. Starter_Pack

    Scott Cawthon, Creator of FNAF, Officially Retires

    I don't know how many people will care enough about this topic, or if this is even worthy of being posted on the "important news" board. But frankly, I don't care. This is something that is particularly important to me, and I would like to share this with everyone. For those of you who aren't...
  2. XitSign

    The Kid goes to the wrong Pizzeria (The Kid VS Freddy Fazbear)

    They're both haunted animatronics that have been forcefully possessed by murder victims at a super shady pizzeria who has high ranking employees who are very unsubtle murderers. ...Yeah this seems like a good thematic fight! What better way to introduce VCRPG to some matchups? The Kid...
  3. Coolboy6

    Freddy fazbear vs big chungus 0-0-0

    Big chungus decides to kill Freddy fazbear because he is fat lol Both 9-B, UCN Freddy used, speed equalized Fat bunny: Fat bear:
  4. Oleggator

    Five nights among us

    Well, since imposter got 9-B upgrade. Let's make him fight the other silent killer. Plot: The pizzeria was one of the place where 4 cremates teamed up for guard. The red was the imposter one but it was late after they figured it out. 12:00 AM One last cremate tried to run away but suddenly a...
  5. Maverick_Zero_X

    Abby vs Freddy Fazbear

    Abby vs Freddy Speed equalized; Abby has no firearms Battle takes place at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria at night
  6. Bruhtelho

    Freddy Fazbear VS Monokuma

    Both at 9-B, Ultimate Custom Night Freddy and Danganronpa V3 Monokuma are used Speed is equalized Fight takes place inside Hope's Peak Academy's Both have full arsenal Fight ends in Death, K.O, or Incap The Possessed Animatronic, Freddy Fazbear:7 (Ican'tthinkof1goodname, 00potato...
  7. Gewsbumpz_dude

    Freddy Fazbear (Five Nights at Freddy's) vs Officer Murphy (Goosebumps: The Game)

    Both 9-B Speed Equalized No prep time UCN Freddy will be used Officer Murphy will have his baton Fight takes place within a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza that was built in the mall Goosebumps: The Game takes place in Victory via death or incap Who wins and why? Robocop, but worse and evil: 3...
  8. Robot972

    FNaF AR Additions

    Since profile edits are allowed now for the general users, am I good to post the additions and new profiles for FNaF AR? https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User:Robot972/sandbox4#The_Player_.28Special_Delivery.29
  9. Exotic_boi

    Freddy Fazbear (Ultimate Custom Night) vs Bingo (The Banana Splits Movie)

    RULES takes place in the fnaf 2 stage speed is= RESULTS Freddy fazbear the bear not normal animatronic ucn:1 bingo from the hated movie bannana splits: incon: this is my first time making so is there something wrong ─▒ would edit it
  10. The_Wright_Way

    Thrawn plays Five Nights at Freddy's

    Let's make the best Star Wars villain play a shitty indie game. Speed Equalized. Legends Thrawn used and he is unarmed. Round 1: Thrawn finds himself inexplicably teleported into the night guard's office from the first game, starting at 12 o'clock at night. Phone guys messages play as the...
  11. Dusty_Raider

    Protectron fights Freddy Fazbear

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Protectrons https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Freddy_Fazbear Starting distance is 2 meters, Freddy is in his UCN key, Protectron has laser hand attachments. Freddy: 1 Protectron: Incon:
  12. Buttersamuri

    Freddy Fazbear Potential downgrade

    While going over skill crushing feats across in other series, I started to notice a big problem with Freddy Fazbears skull crushing feats. Mainly being that he doesn't actually crush the entire skull. He only crushes part of the front of it, which would have a drastic effect in the results. I...
  13. Walker21232123

    The Grinch Vs Freddy again but...

    The Grinch (2000): Freddy Fazbear: Icon: Rule: The game Grinch without weapon go to be used And canon canon Freddy go to be issue too.
  14. Christian_Higdon

    Raid Boss Series 1: FNaF vs Siren Head

    Have you ever fought a raid boss? That's what this is. Siren Head has 617 kilojoules of AP Team FNaF Includes: Springtrap (second key), Toy Animatronics including Mangle, Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie, Foxy in their UCN keys. They are around 105 kilojoules Team FNaF get prior knowledge and a week of...
  15. Roachman40

    Freddy Fazbear VS Sawrunner

    Speed is equalized Standard Battle Assumptions apply Freddy Fazbear: 2 Sawrunner: Inconclusive:
  16. BigSmoke4269

    Cool Cat VS Freddy Fazbear

    Yay, Cool Cat's back! ...sort of. Original Freddy is used. Cool Cat: 6 Freddy Fazbear:
  17. EnnardTrap1987

    Not Important VS Freddy Fazbear

    Both 9-B Rockets restricted Both are restricted from any sort of weapon, and are left with only their bare hands Fight takes place in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Not Important is in character Wins via K.O. Or decapitation FNaF 1 Freddy is used "His name is Not Important. What is Important...
  18. Sans2345

    When the FNAF movies comes out will it be different profiles for the animatronics?

    Just a question i had.
  19. EnnardTrap1987

    Chin VS Freddy Fazbear

    Both 9-B Speed equalised Ultimate Custom Night is used Heroine restricted Freddy fucking explodes: 5 Freddy somehow wins: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  20. Stalker_Maggot

    Glass Joe vs Freddy Fazbear: People with tons of losses

    Glass Joe vs Freddy Fazbear Both are at 9-B and Canon Freddy is used Speed equalized Fight takes place in a boxing arena Both are bloodlusted Glass Joe: Freddy Fazbear: Inconclusive:
  21. Oliver_de_jesus

    Devil pizzeria

    I couldn't think of another title, they can give ideas. plot: After what happened with Gilver, he decided to take a vacation from his demon hunting job and take one he loves, work in a pizzeria for his misfortune, they only had the northern guard post available and if he manages to work in the...
  22. Mr_Exotic_Goldie

    freddy`s other abilities

    anybody know some of freddy fazbear`s other abilities, for example in freddy in space 2 freddy can shoot a black hole
  23. EnnardTrap1987

    Shrek's Nights at Freddy's

    Shrek fights Freddy Fazbear from the canon games. Both 9-B Speed equalised Fight takes place in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria from the original Five Nights at Freddy's. This will be the battle theme: [1] Shrek: 0 Freddy: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  24. BigSmoke4269

    An obscure 2010 game VS an oversaturated 2014 game

    Bear (Vegetable Game) VS Freddy Fazbear (FNaF) Why not, they're both bears I guess Fake bear: 2 Real bear:
  25. VAVADevil32

    Five Nights at Freddy's Battle Royal

    "Gwhahahahaha!" Freddy Fazbear "Might as well 'face' the facts. You were always destined to fail." Bonnie "Come closer. Let us smile together." Chica "Yar-har-har-har! Never underestimate the cunning of a pirate! Or a fox for that matter!" Foxy Who will Win? Free-For-All Bloodthirsty...
  26. Walker21232123

    You a mean one mr. Fazbear.

    UCN Freddy was used. a Santa faker: 7 Teddy bear:
  27. Soupywolf5

    Freddy vs. Freddy 1 billion: Another Redux

    So the original Freddy vs. Toy Freddy was removed as Freddy could just possess Toy Freddy if he lost, making the match a stomp. However UCN Freddy doesn't have the Crying Child's abilities, so yeah, this is happening Freddy Fazbear vs. Toy Freddy UCN Freddy is used Speed is unequal Something...
  28. Walker21232123

    Freddy that like chicken vs Freddy Fazbear

    this is canon Freddy Helpy.. Faker:5 Not this guy..: ico:
  29. Soupywolf5

    Freddy vs. Thanos 2: Electric boogaloo (1 Vote Left!)

    Because more characters need multiple matches with the same opponent After getting snapped, Freddy rises from Hell to obtain the five infinity bananas and help Crazy Dave stop Emperor Palpatine, and save the Zone of Silence, but first Freddy has to get through the raisin-Dino bodyguard...
  30. Gewsbumpz_dude

    9-B horror bracket: I got nothing

    Speed Equalized Start in camp crystal lake at night on opposite sides of the arena 9-B versions are being used Victory via death (This is a monster show down after all) Current standings Male inside the disguise: 2 My spirit animal:
  31. Soupywolf5

    Banjo and Kazooie decide to kill each other (Grace!)

    Freddy Fazbear vs. a Moa UCN Freddy is being used Fredboi: 7 (Joaco0902, HeadlessKramerGeoff777, Necromercer, Modernmyrmidon, Starter Pack, Stalker Maggot, I'm Blue daba dee daba die) Birdboi: Gruntiegorl: Toreador March intensifies Squark
  32. EnnardTrap1987

    Freddy Fazbear and Nightmare VS Atom and Zeus (Real Steel)

    9-B versions are used Speed equalised Shadowboxing is allowed Fight takes place in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria. Freddy and Nightmare: 0 Atom and Zeus: 1 Inconclusive: 0
  33. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    FNAF Additions, Upgrades, Etc.

    All main series animatronics should have "Superhuman" speed, as they all do the feat Springtrap can: Can move between camera locations within [the given establishment] in a few seconds. Toy animatronics should have "Minor Information Analysis" as they can scan humans and see if they are on any...
  34. Volt12121

    Legosi fights a bear (kinda)

    Freddy vs legosi 9-B key used Speed equalized Both in character but willing to kill
  35. Joaco0902

    Atom (Real Steel) VS Freddy Fazbear (Games)

    Both 9-B Battle is in a middle-sized boxing ring. Atom is copying Charlie's moves, so it has peak human speed. Charlie/Atom has prior knowledge that if Freddy is dismantled, he will possess Atom. Without furder ado, let the disccussion begin! Atom:9...
  36. Stalker_Maggot

    Freddy Fazbear vs Spectre

    Freddy Fazbear vs Spectre (DOOM) Both are 9-B Speed equalized Freddy Fazbear: Spectre (DOOM): 7 Incon:
  37. Ailamiona

    two bears fight eachother

    Botch vs. Freddy Fazbear (canon.) speed equalized, battle takes place in a grass plain with no hills or trees. creepy teddy bear (Botch): 3 creepy robot bear (Freddy) : 0 Inconclusive: 0 It's time. Gwhahahahaha!
  38. Sans2345

    New FNAF game

    Another game is in the works.
  39. Sans2345

    Grunt vs Freddy Fazbear

    Both 9-B speed equalized win via by death, incap, or KO SBA battle takes place inside of freddy's Freddy Fazbear: 0 Grunt: 0 Incon: 0 VS
  40. Christian_Higdon

    Ghostface vs Freddy Fazbear

    Speed Equal. UCN Freddy vs Ghostface. Both are in-character. Battle is in neutral territory. They start a few feet away. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Ghostface: 3 Fazbear: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  41. Buttersamuri

    Agatha vs Freddy

    I did this cause reasons UCN freddy used Both 9-C Full arsenal Takes place at Freddy Fazbears Who wins and why? Freddy Fazbear: Agatha Knife (Character): 2 Inconclusive/Draw: Dabs intensely
  42. Buttersamuri

    Freddy Fazbear fights yet another wall level

    I honestly wasn't gonna do this. But then I remembered every Wall level has to fight Freddy. So here it is. But with a little twist Speed is equal Takes place at Freddy Fazbear Freddy gets 10 minute prep Both willing to kill Gump does not start out immediately aware of Freddy or his intent...
  43. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    UCN and FNAF 4 Upgrade

    Ok pretty simple. UCN should just be 9-B. Why? Phone Guy. Phone calls are canon to the game, meaning biting a skull and removing the frontal lobe is canon. Plus tearing people apart and damaging the skull is pretty much already 9-B. Just would need to edit reasoning. FNAF 4 would be 9-C with...
  44. Walker21232123

    Fnaf discussion thread

    Talk any about Fnaf?
  45. Sans2345

    Chuck E Cheese vs Freddy Fazbear

    Both 9-C speed equalized battle takes place in freddy's win via by death, incap, or KO SBA Freddy Fazbear: 0 Chuck E Cheese: 0 Inconclusive: 0 WHERE A KID CAN BE A KID Gwhahahahaha! VS
  46. Buttersamuri

    Five Nights at Happy Wheels

    Looks like The Irresponsible Dad has entered into Freddy Fazbears level. The goal is to kill him. So he finds and attacks Freddy Speed is equal Both are willing to kill Takes place in Freddy Fazbears Who wins and why? Irresponsible Dad: 3 Freddy Fazbear: Inconclusive/Draw:
  47. Christian_Higdon

    Scar vs Freddy Fazbear

    I know that I am intelligent, because I know that I know nothing. ~ Socrates Pride Rock was in ruins. Scar was the ruler as he picked around with a bone. As soon as Mufasa perished, things quickly dwindled down to bone and boredom. "Scaaaar! When are we ever getting fooooood!?"...
  48. Kriskirby

    Freddy Fazbear vs The Neighbor

    9-B UCN Freddy, speed is equal. Battle takes place in Neighbor's house. Will the bear traps catch Freddy, or will the Neighbor be the next bite victim? Freddy Fazbear: The Neighbor: Incon:
  49. Sir_Ovens

    Night of the Freddys

    How has this never been done before? The Springwood Slasher vs Fazbear's Fright Real World Krueger and Canon Fazbear. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  50. Christian_Higdon

    Uncle Pecos vs Freddy Fazbear

    Speed Equal. Both are 9-B. Battle is in a desert, night-time. Pecos has a gun. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Uncle Pecos: 0 Freddy Fazbear: 1 Inconclusive: 0
  51. Christian_Higdon

    Freddy, stop hitting yourself 2

    This is likely unfair, but still. Both are 9-B. FNAF World Freddy has his chips. Battle is in Freddy Fazbear's, giving OG Freddy an edge. Speed Equal. Win via KO, incap or death. UCN Freddy is being used. It is 130 degrees in the place. Who wins? Anime adaptation: 0 Netflix adaptation...
  52. Sans2345

    Freddy Fazbear vs Slappy

    Let's try this again- Both 9-C win via by death, incap, or KO SBA battle takes place in freddys Slappy: 0 Freddy: 0 Inconclusive: 0 VS
  53. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    FNAF Hax Additions Need to Stop or be Redone (aka remove Blacklight keys)

    Ok some someone has been adding Blacklight versions of the FNAF characters, adding hax that defiantly aren't actual abilities in the game, and heck I don't even know if we should have keys for the characters as they are just codes in a game (similarly to Glitchtrap). Seems like somewhat of a...
  54. Tots_Real

    Mister Satan Vs Freddy Fazbear (Ultimate Custom Night)

    Mister Satan is attending the the grand opening of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria in Satan City. He cuts the ribbin and all. Before they let customers in some enployes tell him about a problem with some older unites and they'd like Satan to come with them incase something bad goes down. Then after...
  55. Sans2345

    Freddy Fazbear vs Ao Oni

    Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work. ~ Mark Twai Freddy awakens in a place, this is not freddy's it is some sort of mansion, freddy stands there puzzled not sure what this place is until he hears a woman's scream, freddy goes to the source...
  56. Christian_Higdon

    Freddy Fazbear vs Jason Voorhees

    The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time. ~ Mark Twai It was a dark night. Something had gone horribly wrong at the office at Freddy's. As Freddy, looking a bit different, slowly tore into the night guard's flesh, he sensed...
  57. Sans2345

    Five Nights At The Mall

    Both 9-B speed equalized battle takes place in the mall both are in-character SBA Freddy Fazbear: 0 Paul Blart: 2 (Buttersamuri) (Real life lore) Inconclusive: 0 VS
  58. Unoriginal_Memes

    FNAF Abilities Revision

    Simply put, the animatronics should not get Non-Corporeality. While they are possessed by the spirits of dead kids, the profiles are specifically about the animatronics and the spirits already have a profile.
  59. Sans2345

    Freddy Fazbear vs SCP-173

    Freddy reactivated after years as he looked around. Apparently, this was some new place he was in. Some empty chamber, it seems. He looked around, as he saw what seemed to be a statue. Freddy looked at this thing, confused at what it was. He then turned around, pondering what to do, as he looked...
  60. Christian_Higdon

    Kermit vs Freddy Fazbear

    I do not like the red carpet; I prefer the green pitch. ~ Manuel Neuer ---- "Hello! Kermit the Frog here with a bit of advice on a common enemy. Fear." He said, as he gestured his hand. "You see here, this is my good old friend, Freddy. He's a nice fellow in...brown. Still, he's a...
  61. Sans2345

    James P. Sullivan vs Freddy Fazbear

    James walks to a forgotten pizza place he walks in and sees a bear anmatronic staring at him "Oh hi there big fella!" james said waving at freddy, freddy screeches at him, james sees this bear does not want to be friends, ready to fight james and freddy gets in fighting stances ready to battle...
  62. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    MatPat gets revenge on FNAF

    MatPat vs Freddy Fazbear Speed is = Matt has a sledgehammer and a flashbang Fight takes place in the woods at night Freddy scales to head crushing, Matt scales to surviving explosions Result Theory: 7+ Busted: Scott Releases a New Game:
  63. Sans2345

    Felicity vs Freddy Fazbear

    Both 9-C speed equalized win via by death or KO SBA both bloodlusted Freddy Fazbear: 0 Felicity: 0 Incon: 0 VS
  64. Christian_Higdon

    Fazbear vs Fester

    Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody. ~ Mark Twai "The mail's in." Morticia said, as Fester went to get it. It was shockingly enough a letter to him this time around. It said something a bit iffy: "FESTER ADDAMS, YOU HAVE MADE IT TO NIGHT DUTY AT...
  65. Christian_Higdon

    Superman vs Freddy Fazbear

    Speed Equalized. Both are in-character. 9-B for both. Canon Freddy is being used here. Battle is in New York, 1 AM. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Bear of Metal: 5 Man of Steel: 6 Inconclusive: 0
  66. Robot972

    FNaF VR Blacklight Mode

    I was wanting to add a Key to each of the relevant characters for their Blacklight Modes, as most of the Blacklight Animatronics are fairly different from their normal counterparts. I was also wondering if I could add a description of Blacklight Mode to the Power of the Verse section...
  67. Sans2345

    Minor FNAF character abilities

    Non-Corporeal: All of the FNAF characters are spirits or ghosts haunting the robots and being able to kill the night guard, this would make likely all the characters or some of them non-corporeal via being spirits or ghosts haunting the robots with them being the ghosts or spirits of the kids...
  68. Christian_Higdon

    Green Man vs Freddy Fazbear

    Speed Equalized. Both are 9-C. Both are in-character. Battle is in the forest, at night. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Paul: 0 Fred: 7 Inconclusive: 0
  69. LincolnLoudFan3120

    Lincoln Loud vs. Freddy Fazbear

    Who wins? Both are 9-B, speed is unequal.
  70. Buttersamuri

    Five nights at Beans

    Looks like Mr. bean transferee to Freddy Fazbears dinner. When night came, Mr. Bean grew bored and stared to roam the halls. Freddy comes to life just at that moment and decided he gonna attack the Bean Both are 9-B Speed is equal Takes place at Fazbears dinner Who wins and why? Hello...
  71. Yobo_Blue


    Any thoughts on this abomination?
  72. Flashlight237

    Taming an Animatronic Bear (Ella vs Freddy Fazbear)

    Well, this is going to be a bit of an interesting match. Here, we have Ella of Total Drama fame, who had dealt with robotic bears on her own before, against Freddy Fazbear: one of the most famous animatronics in fiction history. Hoo boy, this is gonna be one heck of an incon. That aside, the...
  73. Stalker_Maggot

    A Mutant vs Freddy Fazbear

    Rules: Both at 9-C Speed equalized Profiles for both https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/X-23_(X-Men_Film_Series) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Freddy_Fazbear_(Novels) X-23: Freddy Fazbear: Tie:
  74. Buttersamuri

    Freddy goes after another child

    Pearl vists Freddy fazbear to have a party. Everyone is enjoying themselves. But Phoenix and Maya have to leave for a moment to talk. This leaves Pearl alone with Freddy. Who now is alive, and his first reaction was to try and kill and stuff Pearl n a Freddy Fazbear suit. Now Pearl must defend...
  75. Stalker_Maggot


    Big Smoke vs Freddy Fazbear Rules: Both at 9-B Speed equalized The rest is SBA Profiles for both: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Big_Smoke https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Freddy_Fazbear The Dead Meme: 7 The Bear: Inconclusive:
  76. Buttersamuri

    I find the Defendent, Freddy Fazbear, Guilty!

    The judge from Ace Attorney finds Freddy Fazbear guilty. And as per usual, is attack our of anger. Judge gets his Gavel Both are 9-B Speed is equal Takes place in the courthouse Both are willing to kill Who wins and why Udgey: Robotic teddy: Inconclusive:
  77. Christian_Higdon

    Wog Dad vs Freddy Fazbear

    Speed is Equalized. Both are 9-B. Canon Freddy is being used. Both are in-character. Battle is in Freddy Fazbear's. Win via KO, incap or death. Who wins? Superdad: 1 Fazbear: 2 Inconclusive: 0
  78. Sans2345

    Five Nights At Home Alone

    Both 9-B kevin has prep win via death or KO speed equalized SBA Kevin McCallister: 1 (TheArsenal1212) Freddy Fazbear: 2 (HeadlessKramerGeoff777) (Starter Pack) Inconclusive: 0 VS
  79. Buttersamuri

    Night at the Haunted restruant

    Larry picked up a new nighttime job at Freddy fazbears. Hearing about the animatronics coming to life, he expected what he usually gets with his earlier job at the museum. But is instead attacked by Freddy trying to stuff him in a suit Both are 9-B Speed is equal Full arsenal Who wins...
  80. Sans2345

    Pepsiman vs Freddy Fazbear

    Both 9-B speed equalized win via death or KO SBA Pepsiman: 0 Freddy Fazbear: 0 Pepsiman: 0 Incon: 0 Gwahahahahaha! VS
  81. Sans2345

    Springtrap vs Freddy Fazbear

    Both 9-B speed equalized win via death or KO battle takes place in fazbear fright both bloodlusted SBA Freddy Fazbear: 0 Springtrap: 0 Incon: 0 VS
  82. Christian_Higdon

    Hank Hill vs Freddy Fazbear

    Speed equalized. Both are 9-B. Battle is in a house. Hank has a chainsaw and an axe. Bloodlusted for both. Win vis KO, incap or death. Who wins? Propane: 6 Monster: 0 Inconclusive: 0 Music
  83. Sans2345

    Freddy Fazbear vs Harold (Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark)

    Both 9-C tier speed is equalized win via death or KO battle takes place in a forest SBA Freddy Fazbear: 4 (Kiryu2012) (HeadlessKramerGeoff777) (Christian Higdon) (Jackythejack) Harold: 0 Inconclusive: 0 VS
  84. Sans2345

    Freddy Fazbear fights a Xenomorph

    Freddy is fighting a warrior speed equalized both 9-B tier win via death or KO battle takes place in freddy fazbears pizza SBA Xenomorph: 1 (HeadlessKramerGeoff777) Freddy Fazbear: 0 Incon: 0 VS
  85. Sans2345

    Freddy Fazbear vs Twisted Freddy

    Both 9-C tier Speed equalized win via death or KO battle takes place in a forest SBA Freddy Fazbear: 0 Twisted Freddy: 0 Incon: 0 VS
  86. Unoriginal_Memes

    Child Killers Named Freddy

    Freddy Krueger VS Freddy Fazbear Canon Freddy is being used for this fight (no UCN), the battle takes place in the real world and speed is equalized. Krueger: Fazbear: Inconclusive:
  87. TheArsenal1212

    Freddy Fazbear takes on an honourable man (0-7-0)

    Before anyone asks about spelling, you Americans are wrong it IS spelled with a 'u' hahaha UCM Freddy and in his 9-C key Speed = Takes place in Tokyo, Japan in 1937 Otherwise SBA Freddy Fazbear: 0 Ip Man (Donnie Yen): 7 Inconclusive/Draw: 0
  88. Sans2345

    The Battle Of The Bears

    Freddy Fazbear vs a Grizzly Bear speed is equalized battle takes place outside of freddy fazbears pizza win via death or KO SBA Freddy Fazbear: 0 Grizzly Bear: 0 Incon: 0
  89. TheArsenal1212

    Freddy Fazbear (UCM) vs Oddjob (0-1-0)

    Seems simple enough Oddjob has his hat Takes place in the vault at the end of Goldfinger Otherwise SBA Freddy Fazbear: 0 Oddjob: 1 Inconclusive/Draw: 0
  90. Sans2345

    Popeye vs Freddy Fazbear

    Both are in-character speed is equalized Battle takes place outside of freddy fazbears pizza win via death or KO both are 9-B tier canon freddy is being used Popeye: 1 (Kiryu2012) Freddy Fazbear: 0 Inconclusive: 0 I yam what I yam and dats all what I yam. I'm Popeye the sailor...
  91. The_Wright_Way

    Five Nights at Gaston's

    "How dare that Belle reject me. Me! It's more than I can bear." Gaston grumbled as he trounced through the woods. He needed some time to get away from it all, time to think. Little did he know, the dense fog he was traveling through was actually a time vortex that sent him way into the future...
  92. GyroNutz

    Sweet Tooth vs Freddy Fazbear

    Requested by DaBigP. Ice Cream vs Pizza, 9-C versions Speed is equal(?) Who wins and why? Sweet Tooth: 3 Freddy Fazbear: Inconclusive:
  93. Edwardtruong2006

    Fazbear fights a Chef

    A new recruit has came in. Blah blah blah orientation. Somehow the chef got caught in a fight with some mice and cats on the food and now he's staying overtime to clean up. However he stayed too late. Fazbear has just finished crushing the head and shoving a guard into a Fazbear suit. He's...
  94. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Beast: Nightmare vs Freddy Fazbear

    Under request/command of the mighty maybe Christian Higdo, may he live forever at least till a FNaF movie comes out Nightmare vs Freddy Fazbear A set up I was forced, please I haven't seen my wife and kids for years asked to adapt. Setup: The murderer was there again, and ever since been...
  95. GreyFang82

    (Grace) Freddy Fazbear fights a Child

    Story: It's Max's eleventh birthday, David and Gwen think it would be nice to take him to a pizzeria with Animatonics for the occasion. Turns out the only one around was something called... Freddy's Pizzeria. The three of them spend a few hours of "fun" (Max hated it, but enjoyed the fact they...
  96. TheArsenal1212

    Five Nights at Jojo's (Grace)

    After the defeat of Dio Brando, Speedwagon drew a sigh of relief. The world was free of evil for now. However, little did he know that there was a group of animatronic animals out to cause more chaos in the world. So, Best Jojo was walking along with Jonathan before being sucked into a time...
  97. Tots_Real

    Freddy Fazbear vs Mister Satan

    Both 9-B Speed Equalized Satan has an axe The fight takes place in fazebear pizarea
  98. HeadlessKramerGeoff777

    (Grace) Robotic Conundrum: Of Bears and Bats (Freddy Fazbear vs Batman (1966))

    "Holy restless spirits Batman..." the boy wonder whispered under his breath as he and the noble caped crusader exited the Batmobile. Robin cautiously put his hands on his utility belt. Ahead of them, a building stood, a monolithic reminder of the ghastly crimes that taken place there years ago...
  99. Christian_Higdon

    Freddy vs Fredd-HOLD ON, WHAT?

    Both are 9-C. Battle is in Freddy Fazbear's. Both are bloodlusted because they wanna prove who the better Freddy is. Who wins? Game: 2 Book: 0 Inconclusive: 0 u wot mate We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours.
  100. Christian_Higdon

    Fortnite at Freddy's

    Well, it's time to do this. Fortnite Guy is calcless with the feat of breaking walls and Freddy is 105 kilojoules. Speed Equalized. Freddy is in his FNAF key and not UCN. Battle is in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. Who wins? Fortnight: 0 Nitemare: 7 Inconclusive: 0