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  1. Psychomaster35

    Battle for Dream Island: 4-A Group Of Objects, You’re Pretty Solid!

    So currently, BFDI is rated “possibly 4-A” for these 2 reasons: Leafy can turn into Evil Leafy which meant she was creating her pocket dimension inside of her Evil Leafy sustaining her pocket dimension through her lifeforce makes it scale to her physicals However, these 2 reasons shouldn’t be...
  2. Board3659

    BFDI Revisions: Calm before the Storm (Minor Pre-TPOT 6 change)

    I wanted to do a fast Revision before the next TPOT episode is released in a few days so here are a few changes: All of BEEP but Leafy should get the Minature Earth Item; as Optional Equipment All characters should have Resistance to Radiation Needle showed no side effect of being near her...
  3. Psychomaster35

    Adding Object Physiology (Battle for Dream Island)

    Wanted to make this just before the end of the year hit. This might also be the last BFDI CRT I will make until TPOT 3 (or some other canon episode) comes out. Anyways, given that every object pretty much has many shared abilities (Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Toon Force, Fourth Wall...
  4. Psychomaster35

    Battle for Dream Island: Revisions Welcomed Back

    Back for more tasks in my agenda to eliminate. Removal of the Varies tier Currently, we have a Varies tier because the contestants have been shown to be killed by lesser things as low as tier 8 or even tier 9 despite them doing tier 5 and tier 4 feats. However, for the sake of consistency...
  5. James_Plays_4_Games

    BFDI Revisions (September 2022)

    This thread is important, as it intends to initiate the process of moving forward with the plans for BFDI on this wiki, and mentions the topic of adding references to character profiles. I also want to mention a few revisions. Intelligence Upgrades Woody’s rank for Intelligence is currently...
  6. Soupywolf5

    BFDI Revisions

    The stupid forum move hakai'd the last one of these I did. Also if anyone notes any abilities that aren't on the profiles or this CRT than feel free to point them out, and I'll add them here Zero-Dimensionality for Black Hole: So, in BFB 1, Black Hole mentions that as a singularity, he is...
  7. Psychomaster35

    Battle for Dream Island: Power of Upgrades, Part I

    With CRTs finally allowed, I can finally do this. Firstly, some ability additions. The tier revisions will come soon after this. Ability Additions Credit to James Plays 4 Games for the list. Ill link it here. Couldnt list it here due to a glitch that it kept linking the video and not...
  8. Psychomaster35

    A fire elemental LEGO fights literal fire

    This... exists. Speed is equalized, both are 7-B, and both have all of their equipment, as well as willing to kill. The battle is in a volcano, and both start 15 meters away from each other. First key Nuva Tahu is used. Who wins? The first leader of the Toa Mata: The first season winner of...
  9. Psychomaster35

    (SPOILERS) Major BFDI Revisions: The Loss of Power

    Welp, BFB 16 was a major downfall. But whats to also note is that this will be a major impact. Lets break it down. 7-B Low Tiers They currently scale to Needle's feat of crashing into her cake at relativistic speed in BFDI 5. For those unaware, here is the feat in questio. There are 2 major...
  10. Psychomaster35

    Natsu VS Firey: Fired Up

    Speed is equalized, both are 7-B, this is X791 Natsu, and Firey has access to his Recovery Center. The battle is in Tokyo, with both starting 10 meters apart. Who wins? Epic Dragonslayer: 2 (Zackra1799, I'm Blue daba dee daba die) Water, my common Poison: Extinguished:
  11. Psychomaster35

    (GRACE) Sagat beats up living fire

    Sagat travelled around the world, as he wanted to fight somebody to train so he could fight Ryu again. He eventually ends up in Goiky, where he spots some interesting being... of fire? Interested, he walked up to him, as Firey had noticed him, and looked at his large size, already feeling...
  12. Psychomaster35

    Revisions for Dream Island (RFDI)

    With BFB 15 relesed last week, Ive been planning to make this a long time. With that, here are some revisions of BFDI. Four Resistance to Magma Manipulation (Was fine when he placed his hand in the lava in order to retrieve Team Bleh) A slight Mind Manipulation upgrade (Can transmit "happy...
  13. Psychomaster35

    A stickman fights a literal ball of fire.

    So far, Firey is the only BFDI character on this site to not get into a fight yet, so lets let that happen. Story Alfa walked across a field, having thoughts of suffrage. Suddenly, a ball of fire came and walked up to him. Firey: Hey. What is with the sword? Alfa never answered, as he just...
  14. Psychomaster35

    BFDI Revisions

    Yep. We have some revisions for the Battle for Dream Island characters. Lets get to it. Four Electricity Manipulation (his Zappies were pretty much electrocuting people) Self-Sustenance (Type 1) (Can breathe in space) Teleportation (Can teleport whenever a 4 is draw. Also, he has teleported...
  15. Psychomaster35

    BFDI Discussion Thread

    Eh, just board. So why not talk about the Battle for Dream Island series? You may talk about the episodes, any new feats, any matchup suggestions, any help, any matchup votings related to BFDI, etc. that is related to the series. With that said, enjoy!
  16. BattleReviews

    Minor Firey and Announcer revision

    so... i found out that there is some hax for Firey, Firey Having Fire Manipulation (Wow, thats obvious): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PigChYq_FrM&list=PL24C8378F296DB656&index=25 Announcer and Firey's respawning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GfFkiGgY6Pk (episode when announcer is...