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dream of the endless

  1. VeryGoofyToddler

    Vertigo(Neil Gaiman and Mike Carey) Revision

    Hello. In today's revision, I will be specifically going over the Vertigo verse(Pre-Black Label). This will tie in any Sandman features such as Endless Night, Orpheus, Overture, etc… The main premise is to establish what the Vertigo verse offers within the writings and statements of the main...
  2. Robo432343

    Remove Acausality type 5 for dream of the endless

    Dream of the Endless has acausality 5 on his profile with no justification, scans, nothing. It's also going to be even harder for him to get acausality 5 because he needs proof of being an unchangeable entity which he doesn't have
  3. VeryGoofyToddler

    Elaine, Michael, Lucifer, and the Presence Possible 1-C upgrade.

    I agree with most of what the revision brought and I will go over some of the topics, I think needs to be worked on. Lucifer is a fan favorite so I will be going over him and his family first. Now I do agree that Lucifer and the Presence are nowhere near 1-A but I feel Low 1-C is also a tad bit...
  4. VeryGoofyToddler

    City of Stars possible Low 1-C

    In today's thread, we can look at Sandman: Overture with the location called the City of Stars. It's the collection of stars in Creation in a place that is actuality. In a far away realm beyond the real one yet as each step of this actuality goes down to the level of reality until you reach...
  5. Transcending

    Lucifer, Dream, and Michael downgrade

    Lucifer Morningstar is popularly known as one of DC's top tier beings, with many even saying he's the second most powerful in the entire verse. However, as much as I love the character, I feel like he's been incredibly overhyped by people. The wiki is no exception. So in this thread I will go...
  6. VeryGoofyToddler

    The Presence(Yahweh) Upgrade

    Specifically; Yahweh, Lucifer, and Michael. I will go over Lucifer as Michael another time. The Presence/Yahweh Lucifer Morningstar Michael Demiurgos Yahweh: To start it off let’s talk about Yahweh. To first start, Yahweh is Infinite and Eternal. Infinite and Eternal (Lucifer Vol.1 #75)...
  7. Addition for Dream

    Dream has shown existence Erasure when he unmade Rational Ego of Wan. So, I think it should be added on his abilities.
  8. FaMaGo

    Some Misconceptions About Death of the Endless

    Hi. I see there are some misconceptions here, about Death of the Endless' power and influence(mostly related to beings like Lucifer and above). For example, I read here in this page and forum, that she can claim Lucifer Morningstar, because of what he said to Silk Man in the Void: Silk Man: I...
  9. Joemungousaur

    Sphere of the Gods

    I did this thread to prove that Sphere of the Gods is a beyond-dimensional realm, though not all of it denizens scale to that, as existing in a 1-A space =/= being a 1-A entity. 1. From the heights of the Skyland Pantheons to the prison depths of Underworld, this is the great realm of...
  10. Oliver_de_jesus

    Vertigo/DC cómics/Sandman universe

    Well I was wondering since DC is too far from vertigo, and the new unconsciousness that is in Lucifer's new career asked me can we still climb the old reliable career? they already know perpetually and their children What basically refers to the presence and their children. or at least Sandman...
  11. EightAte8

    Dream of the Eldritch Abominations versus Michael Demiurgos

  12. Mantidil

    The Fireman (Twin Peaks) vs Dream of the Endless (DC Comics)

    I thought that this would be an interesting discussion and comparison. What do you think? The Firema : Dream of the Endless : Inconclusive:
  13. Ultimatewillpower

    Nyarlathotep Vs Dream

    Nyarlathotep:3 Dream: Both are intagibly powerful manipulators at the heads of their own dimensions. Who wins?
  14. Lord_of_Apokolips

    Question about Dream of the endless

    https://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwizk923stvjAhW6A2MBHUYfCZEQFjAAegQIBBAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fvsbattles.fandom.com%2Fwiki%2FDream_of_the_Endless&usg=AOvVaw0BsuJK5uZnhk74Fd0Etj "Dream of the lovecraftiens horror" Could someone explain to me...
  15. QuasiYuri

    Wave Functions scan (the Endless)

    Can someone give the scan which mentions them to be wave functions? The link put me on a page saying that there's an error.
  16. UnknownGodXXX

    Scan about Lucien's Library

    Does anyone know what vokume and issue this?
  17. Nether_nine

    Is the Dreaming a Multiverse?

    The bubbles in the Dreaming is a single dream of a person from the Waking World (the lower Multiverse) Given that Matthew is capable of going in them, the Dream Bubbles in the Dreaming appear to be entire Universes/Dimensions corresponding to a Dreaming sleeping person...
  18. Nether_nine

    Is the City of Stars in Sandman Overture 1-A?

    According to Dream, while he was in the City of Stars going down the stairs. He described the place as so in Issue #4 https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-lhah5H8CB9Y/VkINrA767XI/AAAAAAAAPBQ/Ayngp7rV1gA/s1600-Ic42/009.jpg "This place is above the real. It exists in the far realms and in actuality" "And...
  19. Black_monitor

    Barbatos scaling to Dream of the Endless for High 1B?

    Why isn't Barbatos scaled to Dream if Barbatos was capable of eventually destroying the Dreaming by turning his books into Universes in Dark Knights Metal? Dream/Daniel was even scared of Barbatos. So why not?
  20. Nether_nine

    Why didn't Dream help defeat Barbatos in Dark Knights Metal?

    Why didn't Dream help defeat Barbatos when Barbatos was causing the Dreaming to burn? He is High 1B so why didn't he take action?
  21. Black_monitor

    Dream of the Endless vs Thought Robot

    Both at High 1-B. Who wins?
  22. GalaxianAegis

    Additions for The Endless

    In finishing up the Sandman, I found a scan here that suggests members of the Endless can control the laws of physics within their realms to their whims. Would this qualify as a form of Law Manipulation or Physics Manipulation? Secondly, shouldn't they also all have Abstract Existence related...
  23. Demnok

    Death of the endless tier

    Hello guys! First I would like to apologize in advance if this question is stupid since I'm new in the comic world. My question is regarding Death of the Endless in relationship with Dream. In the tiering system, I've seen that one of the personifications of Dream is 1-A (the lovecraftian...
  24. Nether_nine

    Is the Dreaming a High 1B Structure?

    How big is the Dreaming according to your site's definition? Is it High 1B? or Low 2C? Thanks,
  25. GalaxianAegis

    Dream of the Endless and Lucifer Morningstar Additions

    From the new Sandman Universe comic that just came out, I found a couple of abilities that belong on Lucifer and Dream's pages that weren't there before. Lucifer Morningstar was able to seal off Death of the Endless from being able to claim ravens. Those that remain are in limbo after they die...
  26. ZacharyGrossman273

    The Emperor of Mankind VS Dream of The Endless

    Holy Emprah The Emperor of Mankind : 3 Dream of the Endless : 1 Inconclusive: 5
  27. Azathoth_the_Abyssal_Idiot

    Dream's Page

    I don't even really know if this is the right forum, but looking back at Dream of the Endless' page, some of his justifications are really strange. Not the High 1-B, stuff. That's fine. But some of the justifications for his "likely Outerverse level" don't make a ton of sense. First of all...
  28. PsychicCipher

    About Dream's Aspects.

    I was wondering, after looking at Sandman Overture, I have some odd theory: The Endless we know are effectively only the "Endless of The Humans" and only Dream can fully see his other selves. He can even see his more powerful aspects, such as Lovecraftian Dream. I now think that his elder kin...
  29. AndrewBennet

    New vertigo series

  30. Battle of pasty dream gods: Dream vs Hypnos

    I've been wanting to do this match for a long time. Who wins? Dream of the Endless: Hypnos: SBA
  31. Elizio33

    The Beyonders vs Dream of Endless

    Who win?
  32. LuckyCharmingStar

    The Never Queen vs Dream of endless

    The never quee vs Dream of endless who wins?
  33. Dream/ The Endless High-Godly Regenerationn

    So in Sandman: Overture, after Creation ends Dream was in his ship that sails in "nothing and nowhere" outside of time and space that is full of 1000 entities saved by Desire.It seems like Dream was fading out of existence/being destroyed because Creation is already over but Dream clung to the...
  34. The Endless Range Upgrade

    Since Deaths range and tier has been upgraded to Irrelevant and she now been given tier at least High 1-B, I believe that Destinys range should also be upgraded to Irrelevant as she contains Death within his book and that was what Matthew keep telling me. That plus Destiny had to rent the bond...
  35. Firestorm808

    Implications of Dream of the Endless appearing in DC: Metal

    So, was Dream affected by Doctor Manhattan in the Prime/New Earth continuity? http://***************.to/Comic/Dark-Nights-Metal/Issue-4?id=127004
  36. Type 5 immortality for the Endless?

    "Why don't you die!" "I did not die because I do not live.Not in any way that you understand" does this qualify for type 5 immortality?
  37. Oloserian

    Mandrakk vs Dream of the Endless

    vs - Standard Battle Assumptions
  38. Skulduggery88

    Dream of the Endless vs. The Beyonder(Pre retcon)

    All entities powered full, no powers barred, who wins?
  39. Skytheblue

    Question about the Endless

    Isn't it confirmed that the Endless are far far stronger than the Thought Robot? So why are they only "likely High 1-B" while the TR is just a solid High 1-B? If they're stronger than a High 1-B being, than obviously they should definitely be High 1-B as well?
  40. AndrewBennet

    Sandman Overture

    Do anyone know the plot and citation behind Dream getting sucked in to the black hole ? http://imgur.com/wMbLgcb http://imgur.com/KhmWfaD http://imgur.com/iivdVIN´╗┐