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  1. Giannysmag

    Question about scans from books

    So i looking to eventually revise some profiles from the discorworld series. Problem is that i only have the books in physical form, so i cant get the scans for the series. What should i do?
  2. QuasiYuri

    Discworld's Luggage revisions

    So, Discworld profiles who aren't tier 2 are bad in general, but I just want to revise at least this one. So let's revise The Luggage. Speed upgrade So, I basically think that its speed should be Immeasurable, and here's why: First, it outran (fly?) Astfgl across time without any special...
  3. QuasiYuri

    Baron Saturday's durability

    So, I finished Witches Abroad, and while Baron Saturday isn't the only one who could get some corrections, I found his durability justification a bit weird: His current justification is that his durability is Atuin's and that the turtle needs to die for him to take damage. Except that while he...
  4. Battle for 2nd strongest 9-C

    Mimi (World of Horror) vs The Auditors of Reality SBA Speed unequal Mimi (World of Horror): The Auditors of Reality: Inconclusive:
  5. ZacharyGrossman273

    Possibly Azrael Upgrade (Low 1-A to solid 1-A)

    Okay, so it's established the Discworld multiverse is Low 1-A in size right? Because after someone became the "new time" "It's just the sugar," she said. "That's all. It's fuel. And do stop going on about it! Look, we can't just let you die to get—" Yes, we can, said Lobsang. "Why?" said...
  6. ZeedKZ

    Second Low 1-A Battle: The Living Tribunal vs Azrael

    The Living Tribunal vs Azrael: Low 1-A keys obviously and SBA
  7. Udlmaster

    Discworld General Disucussion & Update thread.

    Additions and talks about Discworld occur here.
  8. Udlmaster

    Things missing from Death's profile.

    Summary There's a bunch of powers missing from Death's profile which is fairly disheartening when the series is rather funny and interesting. I mean, what isn't interesting about a world carried by 4 Elephants standing atop a giant Turtle with a sun orbiting it. Things That need to be added...
  9. Threemagi

    First Low 1-A battle! Azrael (Discworld) vs a Goddess (Manifold)

    Azrael (Discworld) vs Goddess Low 1-A Keys. SBA Bonus round : Azrael (Discworld) vs Downstreamers
  10. Threemagi

    Discworld Cosmology Upgrade (to Low 1-A)

    Multiverse Size On the size of the Discworld Multiverse and the nature of the local multiverse. The multiverse is infinite in extent : This means, for example, that intervening to prevent an unwanted historical outcome may well stop it happening in this universe, but won't prevent it...
  11. Jockey-1337

    Azrael (Discworld) vs The Living Tribunal (Marvel)

    Azrael (Discworld) vs The Living Tribunal High 1-B versions Standard Battle Assumptions
  12. Mr. Bambu

    Transduality and 1-A Rating for Discworld

    So, after extensive and in-depth discussion with Ultima, this quote screams Transduality on a platonic level. Basically, the quote speaks about achieving a state of being in which you can be everything while also being nothing, referring to this as "Zen". Once you achieve this state of being...
  13. TheArsenal1212

    006 vs Samuel Vimes

    Alec needs a match. Lets do this Game 006 Speed is = Alec Trevelya: 0 Samuel Vimes: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  14. ZacharyGrossman273

    Azrael VS The Goddess of The Manifold

    Because the authors are friends Skelly Boi: For you see the aliens could never be as good as humankind: Donut Steele:
  15. ZacharyGrossman273

    Minor Azrael Stuff

    "Old High Ones, the. Only very obliquely referred to in the Discworld religions. Such piecemeal references as have been discovered suggest that there are eight 'entities' that oversee the universe, although 'oversee' is far too strong a word. There is no single word that really does explain...
  16. Unoriginal_Memes

    Low 2-C Brackets Round 12

    Current standings. Today's round of combatants are Death (Discworld) submitted by Mr. Bambu and Richard Watterso submitted by Cueio 2020. Richard has a job and speed is equalized. Death (Discworld): 7(TheTemEmpire,GoCommitDi,Ionliosite,Erenthreturkishguy,GyroNutz,Supawa,Psychomaster35)...
  17. Arrogant_Schmuck

    The Entity (Visage) vs Susan Sto Helit

    This was suggested to me by a Mr. Bambu The Entity (Visage) vs Susan Sto Helit Win via KO, incapacitation, or death. SPEED EQUALIZED Fight takes place in the house from Visage The Entity's AP: 14 kilojoules Susan's AP: 12 kilojoules
  18. Mr. Bambu

    To The Grave: The Descendant of Death vs The Vengeful Spirit

    Prom wanted a match for Sadako, it seems like a damn good match to me. Susan Sto Helit, the granddaughter of death, versus Sadako Yamamura, the girl in the well. Both have prior knowledge of the other (really only because it makes sense, considering Susan knows what Death knows, and Sadako...
  19. Jackythejack

    Samuel Vimes vs Frank West

    eh, I had this idea suggested to me and why not. Frank's got some snazzy new stuff that he can use in a fight so this should be fun. Fight takes place in willamette mall, speed is equalized. Who wins and why? Frank West Samuel Vimes
  20. The_King_of_Prudence

    Monika versus the 20000th page

    Monika: The Auditors of Reality: Inconclusive: 7 (Mr. Bambu, Ogbunabali, Ionliosite, IvoryAS, Stalker Maggot, Stalker Maggot, Phoenix821)
  21. ZacharyGrossman273

    Rad VS Azrael

    Azrael (Discworld): 0 Rad (Dungeons and Dragons): 0 Incon: 0 Speed equalized?
  22. Crimson_Azoth

    9-B Brackets | Round 15

    The Bronze Final begins! These two fell at the second to last hurdle, but let's see who can go home with their pride more or less repaired Winner of the last round was Stomp #15692197518351 Current Standings: https://challonge.com/dvuvfz7p The contestants for this round are Assefa Berber...
  23. Crimson_Azoth

    9-B Brackets | Round 14

    The final round of the semi-finals begins! Who will meet the super-spy in the final? Winner of the last round was Alec (obvs) Current Standings: https://challonge.com/dvuvfz7p The contestants for this round are Connie Maheswara, submitted by Cinnabar versus Samuel Vimes, submitted by Mr...
  24. Crimson_Azoth

    9-B Brackets | Round 12

    The final round of the quarter-finals begins! Which of these two can book the last place in the semis? Winner of the last round was Connie, via stomp Current Standings: https://challonge.com/dvuvfz7p The contestants for this round are Robert Edward O. Speedwago, submitted by The Smashor...
  25. Crimson_Azoth

    9-B Brackets | Round 8

    The final match of the Round of Sixteen! Winner of the last round was Myouri Current Standings: https://challonge.com/dvuvfz7p The contestants for this match are Criminal (The Sims), submitted by Risci-viragosi versus Samuel Vimes, submitted by Mr. Bambu The Criminal scales to beating this...
  26. Litentric_Teon

    Samuel vs Assefa

    Finally got around to Bambu's suggestion. Speed is equalized 9-B Forms (Assefa is in his Pre-Mate Bond form and starts off in human form) Starting distance is 7 meters. Fight takes place on some random sidewalk in Pittsburgh. Who wins!? Assefa Berber: 1 (Jackythejack) Samuel Vimes: 1 (Mr...
  27. Mr. Bambu

    Discworld Ability Dump/Statements: CRT Sorta

    I'm gonna place whatever feats I find from re-reading Discworld. Current Books: The Hogfather Reaper Ma Snuff Men at Arms Jingo Death HUMANS NEED FANTASY TO BE HUMAN. TO BE THE PLACE WHERE THE FALLING ANGEL MEETS THE RISING APE. ~ Death Transmutation: In The Hogfather...
  28. QuasiYuri

    Death (Discworld) speed upgrade (and Azrael power addition)

    Death is actually Infinit speed. It was because of the "can moving without time". Since Time is a 18-D entity, move without her shouldn't be Immeasurable? Also this quote from Equal Rites should be good for immeasurable feat: "The living often don't appreciate how complicated the world looks...
  29. Hykuu

    Azrael (Discworld) Upgrade

    https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/430385027621322758/465979852038864907/IMG_20180709_185955.jpg As we all know, Azrael is the embodiment of Death of the entire multiverse, every level of existence, etc. The Discworld multiverse is not only infinite, and limited to 18 dimensions,but...
  30. QuasiYuri

    Death (Discworld) revisions

    ""Death Planet lvl and MFTL +" and the fact of putting only 4 powers on his page is a huge lowball. Death should be immeasurable because of living in a place where time has no meaning, not being affected by the fact that Time is locked up during the events of Thief of Time. "The journey took...
  31. The_real_cal_howard

    One Punch Turtle--Saitama vs The Great A'tuin

    A giant turtle faces off against the One Punch Man. Which one wins? Speed equal.