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cinder fall

  1. Peppypony

    Cinder VS Cinner

    I keep misreading "Cinner" as "Cinder" every time I go on FC/OC, I'm sick of it (light-hearted), so I'm glad they share a tier and hopefully, this matchup will put an end to this madness. Starting distance: 4 metres Speed is equal Post-Beacon with Maiden powers for Cinder and Supreme Duelist...
  2. OriginFox

    Cinder VS Makima

  3. Grimm arm vs Daemon arm(Cinder Fall(RWBY) vs Velvet Crowe(Tales Series) 0-2-0

    Cinder Fall(Volume 4-6) Velvet Crowe(Mid-Late Game)-2 Distance: 10 meters Speed equal SBA for the rest
  4. Spinoirr

    RWBY - some updates (Lightning Round)

    lightning resistance for some characters here's all the times chararters have shown Resistance to lightning The Nuckelavee should be City Block level via upscaling this is simple, it Was able to fight and overwhelm Team RNJR until they worked together, was able to completely deplete both Ren...
  5. koopa3144

    Norman Osborn vs Cinder Fall (7-0-0) (concluded)

    Might be cooking a bit too much with this one :oops: The fight takes place in Harvest Event Red Goblin and Beacon Cinder are being used The starting distance is 60 meters Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Red Goblin: 7 Cinder Fall: 0 Incon: 0
  6. DMUA

    Meepo vs Cinder Fall

    No additional text will be provided at this time, please leave a message after the beep We were so close to not needing speed equal, but we do, so that Otherwise Standard Battle Assumptions Meepo: 8 (LephyrTheRevanchist, Mr_Bambu, Drite77, DMUA, Shmooply, Scottycj256, Harith0cell, Tllmbrg)...
  7. TheRustyOne

    Gentle Criminal (MHA) vs Cinder Fall (RWBY)

    Alright, a match up you probably weren't expecting. This is Post-Beacon Cinder (Maiden Powers) vs Final War Arc Gentle (Lover Mode) Lover Mode Gentle: 6.96 Megatons, 1.68344115e8 Metric Tons Cinder: 2.68 Megatons, 4.5053554e7 Metric Tons Speed is Equalized. Starting Distance is 5 meters...
  8. V999

    RWBY High 8-C VS Random Anime or Manga Characters Round 1 Match 1

    RWBY VS Chainsaw Man • Speed are equalized • Beacon Cinder is used • Cinder Fall : 9.94 Tons • Denji : 7.45 Tons • Location : Random City Tournament Cinder Fall : 7 (@Sakimori889, @DontTalkDT, @Popted2, @Nierre, @Spinoirr, @Doggo, @WeeklyBattles) Denji : Inconclusive :
  9. koopa3144

    A Fall into DOOM (Cinder Fall vs Doomguy) (1-2-0)

    Fight takes place in an abandoned city Eternal Doomguy and Post-Beacon Cinder are being used stating distance is 20 meters Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Cinder: 1 2.688133365200764846 Megatons of TNT Doomguy: 2 2.84712099125 Megatons of TNT Incon: 0
  10. SilentLyfe

    Some Abilities Part 2 - RWBY CRT

    Alright. So this is another thread to add some abilities to the profiles. First, Cinder should get Explosion Manipulation, as she is able to make her weapons explode after throwing them. Next, Nora should get Statistics Amplification, as absorbing electricity increases the strength of her...
  11. Spinoirr

    Cinder fall vs Sans

    Speed is equal Both are 10 meters apart Fight takes place in the sahara desert Sans: Cinder Fall: Icon:
  12. SilentLyfe

    Some Ability Revisions - RWBY CRT

    Hey. Its been a while since I made a thread. Anyways, just some additions and revisions for some abilities. First, Ren needs Stealth Mastery as his Semblance makes him invisible to Grimm. However, as its only limited to Grimm and not people, it should be limited. Next, an additional feat for...
  13. Maitreya12

    Mori Hui vs Cinder Fall

    Mori Hui Vs Cinder Fall Speed equal In character Open field location. Consolation match Mori Hui and comine Monkey king mode restricted Mori Hui AP: > At least 2 megatons in base and higher with acupuncture. Cinder Fall AP: >1 megaton, 3.2 megatons with maiden powers
  14. Peppersalt43

    A fire maiden meets a mutated pirate (Cinder Fall vs Gar Shatterkeel)

    Above Average Villain : 7 Mutant Pirate : 0 Incon : 0 Low 7-B versions used Speed equalized Fight takes place in the Temple of the Crushing Wave, 30 meters apart Gar lost his one fight due to a CRT. So let's make him fight someone in a very unstable verse Also if anyone needs to know what Gar...
  15. Maverick_Zero_X

    Garou vs Cinder (OPM vs RWBY)

    Hero Hunter Garou (1.22 Megatons) vs Fall Maiden Cinder (3.2866 Megatons, 1/5 of this) Speed equalized, Location: Skyloft Cinder: 8 (azontr, RandomGuy2345, Spinoirr, DaReaperMan, WeeklyBattles, Veloxt1r0kore, Maitreya, Rikimarox2) Garou: Inconclusive:
  16. Rikimarox2

    Tae Mu-Kang VS The Three Maidens (RWBY)

    Can't find a good match for him, so might as well make a 1v3 one. Been rewatching RWBY and realized how I hate a lot of characters, but still like a few. Speed is equalized. Tae is 8B, while all the others are 8A Tae Mu-Kang: 0 The Three Maidens: 0 Kinda weird saying they are the three...
  17. Spinoirr

    Resistance to radiation for cinder?

    Penny and Cinder fight around amity when it reached into the upper atmosphere, yet cinder fought up there for a few minutes The fight: This could also apply for literally everyone there, but cinder and penny were the only ones to go outside of amity "The term near space is also sometimes...
  18. SilentLyfe

    RWBY Small Upgrade

    So currently we use this calc, where Cinder melts through Amity Arena for her Low 7-C tier. However, the calc redone here, which shows that Cinder melted through 8 layers instead of 3 in the other one, was looked at and accepted. Because of this, the result is bumped from 2.91 to 6.1 Kilotons...
  19. SilentLyfe

    More RWBY Stuff

    In hindsight, I probably should have simply made one CRT instead of doing so many smaller ones. Oh well. Anyway, got some minor things I want to add before talking about the main thing. First, some Grimm are missing Natural Weaponry on their pages. These include the Apathy, The Hound, King...
  20. Keeweed

    Rwby maiden powers range and ‘forcefield’

    Currently all maiden powers have multiple kilometers of range with zero explanation. Even if it does have one (which I believe the wind and electricity do) it isn’t on the profile and I don’t see why literally every maiden power would scale. The maiden powers work quite a bit differently from...
  21. DaReaperMan

    Ozpin revision.

    Here's Ozpin fighting Maiden powers Cinder Fall. Keep in mind this was practically just after Cinder got second key and was stretching her new found Fall Maiden powers... which already possibly scales to Ozpin's 7-C forcefield. So this isn't some kinda outlier.
  22. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs Cinder Fall

    Hopefully, this matchup is fair. Johnny Test vs Cinder Fall. 7-C keys will be used for both characters (Johnny X vs Volumes 7-8 Cinder). Johnny's equipment will be restricted. Both start 150 meters apart from each other. Speed is equalized. Fight takes place in Porkbelly. The kid who...
  23. Spinoirr

    RWBY supporting feats that give upgrades

    Thanks to these two calcs that are supporting feats for the verse, this means some upgrades are in order Frist is that anyone scaleing to vol 1-3 yang should be mach 9.3 thanks to the second calc on my blog as yang scales and beats down the girl who kicked her bullet in the frist place Now the...
  24. Knifeman29

    Kars VS Cinder (13-7-0)

    Both are High 8-C Atlas Cinder Speed is equal Fight takes place on Mantle Kars: Chariot190, M3X, TyranoDoom30, Blue, TheGunsFinalWrath, TuanVictor, KnightofSunlight, Maverick_Zero_X, emirp_sumit_po, StrymULTRA, Sonicflare9, NotoriousSoda, Bernkastelll M3X, M3X, D4C Cinder: Spinoirr...
  25. LinkSlayerLvX

    Maiden but Villain Side gonna destroy Sword of Logos Home (0-0-0)

    Kamen Rider Blades (Tategami Hyoujuusenki) (Legeiel/Zooous Arc) (Vote = 0) vs (Incon = 0) Cinder Fall (Volumn 7-8) (Vote = 0) Speed Equalized | In Character (Rintaro will protect his home from encoming enemy / Cinder senses something she want but inside the base and crush anyone who in her...
  26. Theglassman12

    RWBY revisions

    Alright, I've been meaning to tackle this for some time, especially with Volume 8 bringing up some red flags for the scaling. So let's get this started, most of this is gonna tackle the volume 7-8 stuff but I will go over a couple other things in general for RWBY as I find some of the scaling...
  27. KobsterHope07

    Some Random RWBY CRT

    Can't believe I'm actually typing a RWBY CRT, even if it is half-baked. Life is truly a strange thing. There are a bunch of feats that have been calculated but not implemented. These are the calcs I have been told of: Calc 1: 7-C (15.66 Kilotons) and Class G (45053554257.52 kg) Calc 2: 8-A...
  28. RareSonic512

    Cinder Fall VS Blaze The Cat (RWBY VS Sonic The Hedgehog)

    Who would win a fight between these two cool and firey ladies? Cinder Fall from RWBY or Blaze The Cat from Sonic the Hedgehog?
  29. A_Hero_Long_Forgotten

    Burn The Vampire! - Cinder Fall vs Dettlaff van der Eretein

    Both combatants are in character, but motivated. Dettlaff saw Cinder do to Regis what she did to Pyrrha and Cinder thinks Dettlaff is a Maiden using a semblance to disguise herself. Full-Maiden Cinder. Location is Mefkat. Cinder Fall: 0 Dettlaff van der Eretein: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  30. Spinoirr

    Cinder fall vs shigaraki

    Speed is = and cinder is useing her maiden powers vs shigaraki afo shigaraki. They are fighting in mantles streets Shigaraki: Cinder: Icon:
  31. SilentLyfe

    Question About Cinder's Page

    So I was looking over the page for Cinder and I noticed she has Danmaku listed there. I was wondering where she showed the ability to do that because I do not remember her doing so.
  32. Spinoirr

    Who actually wins the fire free for all?

    Who actually wins the fire free for all
  33. Anarchy219

    Cinder vs Liara

    -Cinder Fall (Vol. 4-6)(RWBY) -Liara T'soni (Mass Effect) -Both High 7-C -Equal Speed -Both Bloodlusted -Win via Death or Incapacitation Who wins? Cinder- Liara-
  34. Jasonsith

    (0 A - 6 CF) Azula vs Cinder Fall

    Old thread is here Tier 8 versions are used, speed equalised ATM, Sozin's Comet and Maiden Powers are restricted. Else SBA. Azula - 0 Cinder Fall - 6 - Thestrikingzebra, Popted, Mickey1940, ThisThingisReallyBroken, Rikimarox2, Mariogoods not ka-chow - 0 Last time the OP forgot to add...
  35. DeviousDiesel091

    Azula vs Cinder Falls

    Both are tier 8
  36. YungManzi

    Raphtalia vs Cinder Fall

    SBA is applied except: Speed is equal. They start at 100m away. Raphtalia (In Kizuna's World) at High 7-C Vs. Cinder Fall With Full maiden powers
  37. Oliver_de_jesus

    good fall for rip and tear

    cinder fall half maiden(high 7-C) vs Doom slayer Eternal(7-C) Doomguy have the Slayer's Crucible, Speed equal and sba The destroyer: The maiden: The Raven: The Rabbit:
  38. Spinoirr

    Cinder fights another "robot" with a soul

    Genos: Cinder Fall: Speed is = and both are large town level
  39. MrKerf

    Cinder vs. Neo (Prematch?)

    Will Cinder finally fall? (get it?) Both are from volume 3, High 8-C, battle takes place on top of the half-broken Beacon tower, and Neo is bloodlusted. Neo: Cinder: 1 (BruceTheBatma) Inconclusive: 1 (Mickey1940) ... Let's give the crowd a good fight.
  40. Spinoirr

    Penny vs cinder

    Vol 7 versions and fight takes place in Atlas academy where they battle in cannon just both are maidens Penny Polendina: Cinder Fall: