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captain america (marvel cinematic universe)

  1. Therefir

    The Leader of The Avengers vs The Strongest Alien Hunter

    The Leader of The Avengers vs The Strongest Alien Hunter: Captain America VS Kei Kurono Base Cap (1.91 Tons) and Kei with the Gantz suit (0.83 to 1.125 Tons) will be used Kei have access to his sword and Z-Gun (6.07 Tons), while Cap only has his shield They are 20 meters from each other...
  2. Minos_the_Judge

    (MCU) There is no explanation why Captain Carter is stronger than Captain America.

    Captain Carter's profile says that she should be comparable, if not stronger, than Captain America in AP and LS. But it is not explained why. The only argument for this is that they have the same serum, but that makes them comparable at best. It is possible that there are some reasons why we...
  3. KingTempest

    Black Panther Travel Speed Justification

    T'Challa kept up with Captain America. Instead of a random "Subsonic travel speed (Comparable to Captain America)" with no justification or source, just link the video of him actually doing it.
  4. Dinobot1996

    MCU High 8-C Upgrades

    This calculation was just accepted by CloverDragon03, which would put Spider-Man and all those scaling to him at 5.57361055 Tons of TNT (High 8-C) Yes, it's a higher value than what Namor's durability calc got, but that calc seemed lowballed considering it didn't take into account the rock...
  5. Therefir

    Captain America VS Kris Dreemurr (0-0-9)

    Battle takes place in a forest, 15 meters away from each other. Base Cap and Chapter 2 Kris are being used. Speed is equalized. Captain America: Kris Dreemurr: Inconclusive: 9 (Fezzih_007, Popted2, Oscar, Marvel_Champion_07, Artorimachi_Meteoraft, QrowBarr, Mariogoods, The_Almighty_Wholesome...
  6. Marvel_Champion_07

    MCU Mjölnir and its users -- Powers and Abilities

    As per this SHIELD File about Mjölnir, it should give the hammer and its users new P&A, such as: Earth Manipulation (Can control earthquakes) Water Manipulation (Can control tidal waves and torrential rains) Energy Projection (Can project powerful mystical blasts of energy and channel energies...
  7. Marvel_Champion_07

    MCU Lifting Strength - Class 100, Class K and Class M

    Class 100 and Class K https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jason_Courne/John_Walker_rips_through_Falcon%27s_wings https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:KLOL506/Avengers_Age_of_Ultron-_Cap_the_Beefcake_Tears_Dat_Log The first calc is accepted at Class 100 while the second calc is...
  8. Marvel_Champion_07

    Marvel vs America (Captains edition)

    CAPTAIN MARVEL vs CAPTAIN AMERICA Suppressed Captain Marvel and Base Captain America are used Starting distance of 15 meters Fight takes place on top of the Helicarrier Captain Marvel: 0 Captain America: 7 (@Popted2, @Excel616, @MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer, @Dalesean027, @TheKillerYT, @Lonkitt...
  9. RoTt35

    MCU: Mind Hax Resistances

    Pre-Awakening Thor should have resistance to Mind Manipulation since he implied that a mind control that could affect a human would not be able to affect him because he was mighty, and took the longest to be affected by Scarlet Witch's mind control. Stormbreaker is stated that if a being tries...
  10. Colonel_Krukov

    Captain America (MCU) vs Doomguy (DOOM)

    *Standard battle assumptions *Speed Equalised *Post Night Sentinel Training Doomguy Captain America: 0 () Doomguy: 1 (BEASTHEART880) Inconclusive: 0 () Steve is 0.914 tons, Doomguy is 0.9888 Tons. Doomguy has a 1.08x advantage
  11. KingTempest

    The Flag Wearer vs The Flag Smasher; Steve Rogers vs Karli Morgenthau

    Sam and Bucky struggled throughout the series with a bunch of super soldiers, but what about the Super Soldier? Can Karli beat the original? I Can Do This All Day: One World, One People: Boy You Just Earned This Ass Whooping:

    Carolina and Washington (RvB) vs Captain America and Winter Soldier (MCU)

    Post-Chorus Carolina, Post-Freelancer Washington and Base Captain America are being used here, the fight takes place in the Freelancer Facility Tex beat up the Reds and Tucker in Season 8 and Speed is Equalized. Carolina and Washington : Steve and Bucky : Incon:
  13. RanaProGamer

    I know. You're a ******* disappointment! LANGUAGE! (GRACE)

    So happy to see The Boys get upgraded. Homelander takes on the hero with the shield, but this time, it's not Soldier Boy, but Captain America. Can he win? Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Base Cap is used. Steve is 0.91 tons Homelander is 1.02 tons Seven Assemble! vs Avengers...
  14. Mariogoods

    Kamen Rider Ichigo VS Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Rule: 1. Ichigo is in his Original (1-13) key (High 6-C, higher with Denko Rider Kick) while Captain America is with Mjölnir and Vibranium Shield (At least High 6-C, higher with shield and Mjölnir) 2. Speed is equalized. 3. SBA. Vote: Kamen Rider Ichigo: 0 Captain America (Marvel Cinematic...
  15. Aguywhodoesthings

    Chris Evans fights himself (FOX's F4 vs MCU)

    Speed Equalized Base keys used for both Starting range is 1m Human Torch: 1 (KrazyKazoo) Captain America: 6 (Popted2, Coolboy6, Propellus, Lonkitt, Shizuka, Pokemonfan807, MARVEL_Future_Fight_Gamer) Inconclusive: Human Torch's AP = 0.56 Tons Captain America's AP = 0.914 Tons
  16. Coolboy6

    An unstoppable force meets an immovable object (Captain America vs Mr. Incredible)

    it is a showtime to see who can do this all day Both 8-C, speed equalized, battle takes place in NYC, starting distance is 10 meters Captain America: 3 Mr. Incredible:
  17. Arcker123

    Captain Levi Vs Captain America (Attack On Titan Vs MCU) Grace

    Humanity's Strongest Soldier Vs America's Shield Wanted a Levi match, and this seemed thematic and fair Sword Vs Shield, the oldest match in history These two are the captain's of their respected armies, they're highly skilled super soldiers who fight for their nations. They've seen comrades...
  18. Popted2

    Captain America (MCU) VS Ratman 7-0-0 GRACE

    Base Captain and Ratman are used Speed equalized SBA https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Captain_America_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe) : 7 (Lonkitt, Zara,Azontr,Zoro,Vizer,Naito,Lacku) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Shooto_Katsuragi#Ratman : Incon :
  19. Steve wishes to watch a blockbuster sensation (Captain America vs Morbius)

    Micheal Morbius vs Captain America During the events of the Morbius movie, Milo’s worry for his friend has him call a well-respected individual for a wellness check. and when your friend is involved in an investigation of the massacre of mercenaries, who better to call then Captain America? As...
  20. AceOfSpaces3709

    Captain America VS Jonathan Joestar (GRACE)

    Base Cap and Pre-Deep Pass Overdrive Jonathan are used, Both don't know each other's location, Speed is equalized, and the battle takes place at Fazer Blast. Cap's AP is 0.91 Tons of TNT, Jonathan's AP is 0.40 Tons of TNT True American: True Gentleman: 7 They become friends:
  21. AceOfSpaces3709

    Is MCU Captain America's shield magnetic?

    I'm thinking of doing a match that involves Captain America and a character who has magnetism, so I wanted to ask if his Vibranium shield is magnetic. I heard somewhere in the comics that Vibranium is a non-magnetic metal, but I'm not sure if it's also the case in the MCU, as Cap is seen using a...
  22. Colonel_Krukov

    Captain America (MCU) vs BLU Team (Team Fortress 2)

    *Standard battle assumptions *Speed Equalised *1960's BLU Team *Battle takes place at 2Fort starting at opposite ends *Standard Equipment for both Captain America: 1 (CBslayeR) BLU Team: 7...
  23. Moonshadow137

    Captain America (MCU) vs Harry Potter [GRACE]

    So, remaking this one. It got deemed a stomp but I think I can add one thing or two to the discussion and I've consulted with Impress about it. Captain America vs Harry Potter Both 8-C, starting distance of 10 meters, speed equalized. Cap has his shield and an HK416. Captain America: Harry...
  24. Maverick_Zero_X

    Captain America vs Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman (Pre-Awakening) vs Captain America (Base) Speed equalized
  25. CiscoTheSoto

    Green Goblin (Raimi-Verse) vs Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Green Goblin vs Captain America Fighting Location: Leipzig-Halle Airport Starting Distance: 100 meters Both in-character Captain America's Base key is used. Raimi-verse Super Soldier: MCU Super Soldier: Inconclusive:
  26. ShivaShakti

    Spider-Man vs Captain America: The Rematch (7-0-0)

    Spider-Man following the events of No Way Home vs Captain America. The battle is set in New York. Spider-Man does not have access to The Iron Spider. Captain America does not have access to Mjolnir either (Obviously). Spider-Man: 7 (Coolboy, Uchiha, KLOL, Propellus, Vizer, Surviv, Pop)...
  27. Qawsedf234

    MCU 8-C AP / Lifting Strength revision

    Okay time to finally get this sorted through. Class <100 Currently the scaling is based on Deathlok, but considering AoS has been somewhat decanonized it being used a basis for half the franchise isn't really useable at the moment Winter Soldier's Class 100 feat with the metal arm is fine, but...
  28. Maverick_Zero_X

    Justice League vs Avengers (Film edition)

    Justice League Superman The Flash Batman Wonder Woman Aquaman Cyborg Avengers Captain America (Base) Iron Man (Mark 50-85) The Hulk Thor (Awakened) Black Widow Hawkeye Round 1: All completely in-character (Morals on) Round 2: Standard Battle Assumptions (In-character but willing to kill)...
  29. Vizer04

    Captain America vs Master Crane (GRACE)

    Base Cap and Speed Equalized. Captain America: 1 (@LordNidhoggr) Master Crane: 7 (@GyroNutz, @Coolboy6, @DemonicDude, @Peppersalt43, @Vizer04, @AceOfSpaces3709 and @XXKINGXX69) Inconclusive:
  30. Qawsedf234

    MCU: Removal of Captain America/Winter Soldier and Iron Man scaling

    So generally we have a lot of issue regarding the Civil War fight since it leads to strange ratings, but we more or less have accepted that it is what it is. However, the canon MCU databook the Wakanda Files has this passage about the Civil War Iron Man armor The armor was never designed for...
  31. Sir_Marvulous

    MCU Cap vs Comic Cap

    Worthy MCU Cap vs Comic Cap 6-C vs 9-A+ with 4-B shield Both are bloodlusted Speed is equalized Start distance is 3 meters (will be changed if need be) Note: Both can one shot each other
  32. NameIsForKing

    Captain America Vs Korra

    Captain America Vs Korra First key for both! SPEED IS EQUAL. Standard Equipment. Avatar state is restricted. Battle In the middle of new york city.. Korra knows cap shield would instantly kill her if it hits her. Captain America - 7 Korra - incon -
  33. RanaProGamer

    MCU Shielder vs FGO Shielder

    Both use shields and have time travelled, that's about it, can't find more reason to put them against each other but it's definitely an interesting battle. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized. Captain America has Mjolnir and his shield. Best Girl vs First Avenger Who wins and why?
  34. Vizer04

    Superman vs Captain America (0-1-0)

    Both at High 7-A and Speed Equalized. Music (because why not) Superman: Worthy Cap: 1 (@JediMindTrickz) Inconclusive:
  35. TauanVictor

    Captain America (MCU) VS Queen (One Piece)

    Captain America (MCU) VS Queen (One Piece) Fight Location: New Orleans (USA) Starting Distance: 10m Both in-character Equalized speed Captain America with Mjolnir Captain: Queen: Inconclusive:
  36. RanaProGamer

    Two Old American Soldiers Face Off (Captain America vs Solid Snake)

    Snake: On your left. Steve: You sure took your time. Snake: Kept you waiting huh? Steve: Don't worry, I can do this all day. Since Cap with his shield is 8-B, I'm hoping this isn't a stomp. Standard Battle Assumptions Speed Equalized. Standard Equipment (obv not including Mjolnir and...
  37. Vizer04

    Akame vs Captain America (GRACE)

    Both at their strongest keys and Speed Equalized. Akame: 7 (@NomsNoms, @Popted2, @Pain_to12, @LordGinSama, @Bernkastelll, @TauanVictor and @MidnightDawn1) Worthy Cap: 4 (@Emirp sumitpo, @Teezar, @Pokemonfan807 and @Razor) Inconclusive:
  38. Vizer04

    Captain America vs Ochako Uraraka (0-0-0)

    Both at 8-C and Speed Equalized. Captain America: Ochako Uraraka: Inconclusive:
  39. Kidkinsey

    Most skilled fighters in the MCU

    Who are the most skilled fighters in the mcu? Ap and durability not taken into account
  40. chosen

    Mcu revision

    Infinity War Captain america should get downgraded to higher than before or possible above bucky and War Machine bullets since he staggered thanos unlike them Captain america never make thanos bleed and the reason thanos has blood on his face is from iron man incase someone gonna use that...