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calculation group

  1. Prime2024

    Question about DB characters lifting strength

    I've found this feat : Does this qualify as a lifting strength feat? Cell lifted his own attack, stated to rival the force of an all-engulfing black hole.
  2. Hirotoswnn1x

    What star is it and what is tier ?

    According to the clip, the characters destroy a star but it is not specified what kind of star it is. But it's smaller than the moon. He should get a tier 5-C or 5-B ?. The impact on the world is nothing at all. There is still daytime and nighttime, plus there is the matter of the stars as...
  3. Frxwins

    can gravity capabilities like this be calculated?

    Can this kind of ability be calculated into Attack Potency? Is there a certain formula or calculation reference that I can use?
  4. TyphonEX

    Starcraft low tier downgrade (marines, high templars etc.)

    This in-verse tier of characters in Starcraft is currently rated at 8-C via High Templars seemingly being capable of vaporizing Zerglings. However, the clip where High Templars allegedly vaporize zerglings only shows them incinerating zerglings, reducing them to ash, rather than vaporizing them...
  5. CNBA3

    Relativistic Dura or Lifting Stats?

    I was wondering, what would be the proper calc to use in the context of someone moving near the speed of light, as in 99.999%, and also uses the process of Blueshift to the very tip of the spectrum, and uses real world science how light can't change speed, just increases in energy. I was...
  6. Sinpokefan

    Retainer is fast as **** V2

    Anyway some speed calcs that should actually upgrade everyone to building level hilariously enough first. Retainer has mach 4.5 feat here here and here is the calc if that isn't applied here is another super Sonic calc from Hank that would also give the characters a building level
  7. CNBA3

    Is this a good calculator to finding Sound Energy?

    I was wondering, with how difficult it can be to find sound energy going off by decibels and what not, I was wondering would this link below be a good way as a step to finding the energy of sound produced? https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/db On a side Note, i found interesting is how...
  8. TimmyTurnero

    Mash calcs

    I will like to discuss the validity of 3 accepted calcs on this page. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Mash_Burnedead?so=search The first being this calc. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jackof_noTrades068/Mash_is_one_fast_guy#Distance_Mash_Swam Not only are the measurements...
  9. DemiiPowa

    References For Common Feats (Flooding The Earth)

    In the page we have that lists a lot of common feats in fiction, that we use avoid alot of needless repetitive calc submissions, I noticed one in particular earlier today. Flooding The Earth: The calc reads as following, and My problem with this is that it's artificially adding water to an...
  10. Experiment12

    Upgrade Jin Mori To Universe Level Or Tier 3-A

    Revised Mori Jin.
  11. Mr_Sugabz

    Question about change temperature formula

    1. What is the difference between specific heat and latent heat? 2. In the formula Q = mc∆t, as I see it so far, "c" is specific heat. Then when should we use latent heat? 3. What is the difference between melting point and boilling point? 4. If there is a feat that changes the temperature of an...
  12. ShionAH

    Is it possible for someone to calc this for me?

    Hello I don't know how to calc stuff and ı really need this to be calced. Heres the feat
  13. Flashlight237

    New SI Prefixes But They're OFFICIAL This Time: Ronna- and Quetta-

    So I just found out that they recently expanded the SI prefixes to include ones for octillions and nonillions: Ronna- and Quetta- and opposites thereof: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_System_of_Units And yes, this is officially supported...
  14. Aachintya31

    Which meteor destruction to use ?

    Currently we have two calcs for destroying a meteor mid-air https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Jasonsith/Ben_10:_Omniverse:_Showdown_Part_2:_NRG_vs_a_meteor https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Zamasu_Chan/NRG_destroys_a_meteor Which one of the following is best to use ?
  15. Experiment12

    Anos Revision Attack Potency Anime Only

    I will revise Anos calc as below .
  16. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    Is this Smaug calc usable?

    I created this calc using an image from the author himself and a height from the Atlas of Middle Earth. So, I'm just asking if it can be used compared to these calcs?
  17. Pedonar

    Question about this feat

    is it possible to calculate this? If not then what tier is It? And Is it possible to calculate speed from the same feat ? there was a fight between the mc and a dragon the dragon was breath attacking the mc with poison while the mc was running across half of the continent and it took 7 days...
  18. RanaProGamer

    Naruto Storm Feats Worth Calcing

    Going through all the Naruto Storm games, I have found exactly 60 feats (AP, Speed, Durability, Lifting Strength). I am planning on requesting the feats to be calced, but 60 feats are way too many considering calcs are only needed for 3 out of 8 keys while the remaining keys rely on statements...
  19. Therefir

    Time Frozen Calculations

    From the Calculations page: "Sometimes even something like "time seems frozen" or that nothing moves is stated. Often this kind of statements are hyperboles. However, should that not be the case one may assume that the apparent speed of the reference object is less than or equal to 0.001 m/s."...
  20. Arrogant_Schmuck

    Cloud Moving Calcs Revision

    Ayyo what's up, I'm making this because the greatest possible repercussions will have no effect on me on real life so I got nothing to lose. Wow! Most cloud calcs that are approved and used right now assume that the character that moves the clouds moves both the air and the liquid water within...
  21. Oliver_de_jesus

    Tsunami Calc?

    How is a tsunami calculated?
  22. Oliver_de_jesus

    expanding storm?

    Then character X tries to create planetary Storm, in the first 10 seconds it expands until it covers the horizon (20km) and continues to expand, but it is stopped and forcibly dispersed after 2 minutes, it can be assumed that if the storm expanded at least double or triple? (40km or 60km)
  23. Armorchompy

    Can retired Calc Group Members evaluate calculations?

    Nothing much, was just curious. Obviously when a CGM retires their evaluations remain valid, and I think I've seen retired ones still officially approve calculations on occasions but I don't quite remember for sure. It'd make sense, it's not like they forget how to do math, and I've seen...
  24. Mystic

    Kyoshi Island Recalc Updates/Tier Change

    On the behalf of Afro106 (who’s currently going through family issues and is unavailable for the time being and asked me to post for him) who posted a blog on the Avatar State Kyoshi Island feat recalc, he's proposing a change to the calc and tier placed for the feat that was done about 6 years...
  25. Pikaman

    How to calculate crushing a golden crown beneath your feet

    The Bloodline makes King Woods watch as they destroy his crown How to calculate? I know it’s literally paper but in Kayfabe (in-verse) it’s gold. So is there a formula you could use for crushing a golden crown beneath your feet? Or tearing it up into scraps?
  26. Pikaman

    How to calc?

    How to calculate the feat at 3:11?
  27. Sebastian_Hayward_

    Many, Many Calcs Needing Evaluation... Remastered! (Part 1)

    For the third time, I'm posting a mega-cluster of my Calcs requiring evaluation. If this isn't done right, I'm going to lose my mind, so bear with me, please. Kaiju Calculations: Gamera Series Stats & Stuff (Showa Edition) Speed, Kinetic Energy, & Charging Force Of Many, Many Different...
  28. CloverDragon03

    Density of Dust

    Okay, so this has been bugging me for some time: there's not really a concrete value for the density of dust. I figured that having an accepted value would be useful in at least some calculations, but I wasn't sure what value it would fall under, so here we are. So far, all I've really found was...
  29. King

    Can we use a Horizon Distance calculator to find the size of an explosion?

    👆Just this.
  30. Tdjwo

    Most consistent size of Kurama

    I know Kurama's size is inconsistent in the series but is there any size of Kurama that has been shown to be the most consistent. In short, is there a conistent calc size for Half Kurama and full Kurama? I really need both right now.
  31. Tdjwo

    Most consistent size of Kurama

    I know Kurama's size is inconsistent in the series but is there any size of Kurama that has been shown to be the most consistent. In short, is there a conistent calc size for Half Kurama and full Kurama? I really need both right now.
  32. Husty

    Lookism Character Calculation

    [ Calculation Anh Attack Pottency ] < Sleeve Length Anh > Length,Arm Anh = 214 Px = 63.5 CM (https://www.reference.com/science/long-average-human-arm-62c7536c5e56f385) < Hole > Length = 1353 Px = 401.474299 CM Width = 79 Px = 23.4415888 CM Depth 40 Px = 11.8691589 CM < Volumes > 4/3 x...
  33. Anomalous_N_I_W_D_E

    An unusual question: Calling all Spanish folk!

    Greeting's everyone! I don't usually do this but: Who else here in the calculating group speaks Spanish or occasionally Portuguese?? I could use help knowing more of these people in order to also some day complete a characters calculations that was delayed like a year ago.
  34. Therefir

    One-Punch Man: Orochi Brings On The Downgrades

    I have long had a problem with the way Orochi's feat was calculated, going from the use of an arbitrary timeframe, to the lack of destruction that a supposedly 5-C+ object would actually cause by moving through the layers of the Earth, to the way mass and volume were measured. Because of that...
  35. M3X_2.0

    (STAFF ONLY) Regarding calc blogs with multiple calculations and/or walls of text

    Hello everyone. I brought this discussion with @Antvasima and the others calc group members and I decided to create a thread about it. As the title says, this thread is about calculation blogs with multiple calculations and walls of text. The issue was raised because of this blog and a few...
  36. Roswaal and Puck nuke each others

    So, Ive seen around and saw previous calculation about Roswaal and Puck nuke each other, by @OppaiSenpai5 hand calculate the blast of 1.5km radius of explosion (technically just the fire ball) are around 1.4 megatons or around that if Im not mistaken However for that reason of contact to...
  37. GodlyCharmander

    The currently accepted DBS lifting strength calculation

    I'm... I'm sorry, but what is this? Assumed hollowness, saying the bulding is made out of one material, a 26m bulding having a comparable weight to a 200m real life one... Remaking this using Square Cube Law, this weights under 200 tons (Class K), so the current calculation should really be...
  38. GodlyCharmander

    Destruction Value of Nuclear Pasta

    According to the current method we use, we scale shear modulus or modulus of rigidity of a certain material to fragmentation. Sci-News describes Nuclear Pasta's shear modulus to be 10^30 ergs/cm3, or 10^23 mpa so we can scale things from there. Here too Fragmentation: 1e+23 J/cm³ There is no...
  39. GodlyCharmander

    My Hero Academia: Storm Dispersion Pixelscaling Problems

    I'll get straight to the point, the original calculation uses a 2D pixelscaling, in a 2.5D image. I understand this is okay when it's the only option, but we do have a 2D image featuring the same wall, and the entire island (Please ignore the lines on the image, I took from other calc a friend...
  40. Poppio2

    Thunderbolt Fantasy Calcs request

    I want to make profiles for the characters of Thunderbolt fantasy, is it possible for anyone to volunteer time to help in this endeavor? I just want to start out with one of the fights like these: