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broly (toei)

  1. RedReaper616

    Big Monkey Get Big Speed

    So, while I was working on something awhile back, I realized that—For some reason—None of the Saiyans Oozaru forms are being accounted for their speed sections. Which, y’know, is strange because we accept multiplies speed—As Goku states a KKx5 wouldn’t catch up to him, and it’s stated to be a...
  2. TauanVictor

    (GRACE) Law VS Broly

    "Captain of the Heart Pirates" Trafalgar Law VS "Saiyan" Broly (Toei) Starting Distance: 15m Both in-character Equalized speed Onigashima Raid Law | Legendary Super Saiyan Broly LOCATION: Law: 11 (@noninho, @Fezzih_007, @SlendVeny, @Hasty12345, @Popbum, @Robo432343, @Dark_Soul20189...
  3. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    The High 3-A (or 4-A) upgrade for Toei DBZ

    Now in the show we see Buu perform a similar feat to what Broly did, Occum's razor would suggest that Fat Buu would be High 3-A just like Broly as this is the justification for him: This would explicitly make Buu either 3-C or 4-A Although considering how Buu could tank his put up somewhat of...
  4. Robo432343

    Broly (Toei) Vs Marina Cannonvale

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Broly_(Toei) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Marina_Cannonvale SBA Speed =
  5. Adem_Warlock69

    Herobrine vs Broly - Eyes Whiter than the Devil

    Second Movie LSSJ Broly is used Speed is Equalized Battle takes place in Hell No Prep Time or Information of each other Both start 70 meters away from each other VSHerobrine: Broly: Incon:
  6. jojo123

    Broly (toei) vs kyoya (beyblade metal fight)

    Rules: At least Low 3-b version broly is used. 4-A version kyoya is used. Metal fusion kyoya is used. Legendary Super Saiyan (broly) is used. Battle takes place in the neutral location. They have prior knowledge. broly focus his fury only on leone. Votes kyoya: (perfil link...
  7. LuffyRuffy46307

    Finally, that great moment has arrived! Broly Toei 3-B :3

    IS BROLY A CONSTELLATION OR A MULTI-GALAXY? As many know, there is a very interesting occurrence in the 8th Dragon Ball Z movie, the fact is: Broly destroys the Southern Galaxy. Thanks to this quote many put the Legendary Super Saiyan as Galactic and made it WRONG!!! In the movie itself we...
  8. Heimdall Vs BROLY ( DBS )

    ○Rules : ° This will be Jaaku Mission SSJ4 Broly ; ° Random encounter ; ° Speed is = ; ° Battle location : Yggdrasil HERALD OF RAGNAROK : DEVIL HIMSELF : KRATOS AND XENO GOKU SOLOS BOTH :
  9. Undylan

    The TRUE Rematch of the Decade (Sans vs Toei Broly) [0-9-5] (GRACE)

    Here it is. This is all you been waiting over. Sans once had a win over Broly all way back in 2016/2017 until revisions set in and removed that. But now with Sans having a victory over Frieza, an incon with Zeno, and a shit ton of matches against other DBZ characters for some other reason. Sans...
  10. TyranoDoom30

    Regarding Movies Cell Saga SSJs > Broly

    Why is this a thing? On this page for example and this one we treat these guys as superior to Restricted SSJ Broly Problem is, not even SSJ Vegeta (who according to these profiles is superior to him) could even scratch Broly. If that's the case, why do we scale them to him when they can't...
  11. Mickey1940

    Toeiverse DBZ + GT Pan Revision

    Pan's 4A justification is that she was able to restrain anime Dr. Gero with little difficulty, meaning Dr. Gero should be roughly 4A The issue with this is: 1. Android Saga Super Saiyan Goku is regarded as 4B despite being able to turn Android 19 into his bitch for several minutes straight...
  12. TyranoDoom30

    Subspace Master vs. The Legendary Super Saiyan

    Broly vs. Tabuu Speed is equalized Movie 8 LSSJ Broly Location is at Subspace Muscle Man: 2 Dr. Manhattan: Thunder McQueen:
  13. BROLY vs AXL

    ●Rules: •Speed is =; •Both at 4-B; •Randon encounter; •Battle location : the same place where 18,trunks and goten faced bio-broly; THE """LEGENDARY""" SUPER SAYAN : prototype of the new generation of reploids: INCON :
  14. Vizer04

    Broly vs Ditto (0-0-0)

    • Speed is equalized. • Ditto is given time to transform. • Broly starts in his Legendary Super Saiyan Form. Broly: Ditto: Incon:
  15. SuperKamiNappa

    Saitama vs Broly (Toei)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saitama vs. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Broly_(Toei) Speed equalized Apparently Saitama is 4-A now
  16. Nullflowerblush

    a bio-broly upgrade for funsies

    Bio-Broly should be Multi-Solar System level as well, as he is an identical regeneration of Broly.
  17. Vizer04

    Toei Paragus downgrade

    Currently, we have Toei Paragus listed as High 5-A (Dwarf Star level) with this reasoning: Why do we assume that a "heavily suppressed" Broly is exactly High 5-A? Paragus shouldn't scale to King Vegeta's feat either since he was one-shotted by the king easily. Paragus should only scale to...
  18. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Seox vs Broly

    Yes, the wait is over and its finally its here, Seox!! And with that said, i can make the match that i was gonna prepared for, two Seox matches in a row! Yes, after this i'm going to publish another one! For the first match (a.k.a this one), me and Jedi were discussed and planned about it so...
  19. Braking

    Broly Vs Perfect Chaos (yes another db vs sonic match)

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Broly_(Toei)#Legendary_Super_Saiyan Vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Chaos_(Game_Sonic)#Perfect_Chaos Legendary super sayian form broly used Perfect chaos used both are 4-A Speed equal Battle Music (aka broly's true theme song) Broly: Chao's: incon:
  20. Braking

    broly's ap

    what the ap for lssj broly? (4-A)?
  21. Coolboy6

    Bowser vs Broly

    Both 4-A, lssj broly used, speed equalized Broly: Bowser:
  22. Coolboy6

    Sonic vs broly

    Both 4-A, speed equalized, lssj broly used Sanic: 7 Monkee hulk:
  23. TyranoDoom30

    Broly fights a bird man

    LSSJ Broly vs Ra both are 4-A speed is equalized votes: KAKAROT: insert eagle sounds: incon: extra: music
  24. Soupywolf5

    Green and Lean vs Green and Mean

    Lime Flavored Plumber vs Broccoli Haired Monkey Base Luigi and Legendary Super Saiyan Broly are being used, speed is unequalized (Unless that makes the match less fair) Broly is >4.89 Quadrillion C, Luigi is 3.2063566 Quadrillion C, I don't actually know the character's APs, so I'm just going...
  25. ShivaShakti

    Some DBZ Calcs.

    Found some old Calculations from Seth the Programmer that were interesting. Theres a calculation for Broly destroying galaxies over time, and two calcs for Gogeta lighting up the underworld (for spherical and Ellipsoid measurements) Thought this might interest some of the DBZ debators on here...
  26. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Broly (Dragon Ball) VS Atrocitus (DC Comics)

    Angry Alien VS Angry Alien. Why not? Both are 4-B (Base Broly is used) Speed Equalized Angry Dragon Ball Alie: Angry DC Alie: Inconclusive:
  27. Lord_JJJ

    Lord JJJ's 4A Bracket Round 1 match 1 : Broly VS Baldur

    In the First match we has Broly From Dragon Ball (Toei) nominated by me vs Baldur from God of War nominated by Ahmed berserker, Who will win?? Let us find out!! Speed is equalized Movie 8 LSSJ Broly is used Broly : 1 Baldur : 7
  28. Iisdude1

    Broly vs anime cell

    Speed unequal Super perfect cell vs Lssj movie 10 Broly
  29. Omegas03

    What if... Goku came to save the day in Movie 10.

    Son Goku (Buu Saga) vs. Broly (Movie 10). Both are 4-A. LSSJ Broly and SSJ2 Goku are used. Location is the same place where Gohan and the Kids fought Broly. Win via any means. Both In Character. "KAKAROOOOOOT!" Goku: 5 (Dante, Zamasu Chan, AwkguyDB, Lord JJJ, UchihaSlayer96 Broly: 3...
  30. EMagoIorSouI

    Hat Kid VS. Broly

    A space traveller comes in contact with the Legendary Super Saiyan... Except when he's a normal Super Saiyan. Speed is equalized. Hat Kid has access to all of her hats & badges, and Broly starts off as a normal Super Saiyan. Hat Kid - 0 Broly - 0 Incon - 0
  31. Lord_JJJ

    Wario VS Broly

    Both are 4A and Speed is = Wario : Broly : SCP-682 :
  32. Adem_Warlock69

    Serious Broly upgrades

    this is about Lssj Broly not restricted Ssj Broly, so his scaling doesn't change, This is just why I think Lssj Broly is really downplayed here, this is why.... 1)Takao koyama (wrote all of the movies and wrote hundreds of DB episodes) stated that Broly is stronger than anyone in the Anime...
  33. Tripl3gun

    Toei Broly should be buffed

    It was said in the Movie itself that Broly destroyed the south galaxy, which Toriyama made more clear was BILLIONS of galaxies that he have destroyed. On top of that, It took Buu to destroy a galaxy in a few years. Making Super saiyan 3 Goku only able to destroy about multiple solar systems...
  34. Modernmyrmidon

    Broly vs Galacta Knight (Grace)

    Galacta Knight vs Legendary SSJ Toei Broly Both 4-A Speed equalized Broly-0 Galacta Knight-7 (The real cal howard, Gojiboyforever, Eficiente, Mr. Cinos15, TheQuirkyBoy, Niccokirby, Quibster)
  35. Theglassman12

    Asura vs Broly

    This has been done multiple times but never finished, so lets do this. Legendary Super Saiyan Broly vs Full Power "Unlimited form Asura. Speed is equalized, otherwise Broly would blitz hard here. Broly: Asura: 11 Inconclusive:
  36. TitanCrusher101

    Broly and Doomsday enter a growling competition

    If this gets screwed over for being a DC vs DBZ fight, I swear to God... In an alternate timeline where the villians have won, Doomsday and Bio-Broly have both destroyed their planets and are seen flying about in space, where they come across one another. Broly: *growls* Doomsday: *growls*...
  37. Mickey1940

    How Strong are Broly God and God Fusion Goku?

    referring to the Real 4D movie
  38. Crzer07

    Broly vs. Nono

    Both 4-B Takes place in outer space, the galaxy's their playground. Broly (Toei): 0 Nono: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  39. Sharaku_Jr.

    A pink ball fights a buff green dude

    Both at 4-C Speed equalized After that, anything goes. very angery
  40. Glitch_Trainer_MangleMan25

    Wilfre VS Broly

    The Shadow Raposa VS The Legendary Super Saiyan. The cold and calculating manipulator, Wilfre, and the rage empowered warrior, Broly, fight on planet Earth. Conditions: Broly is in Legendary Super Saiyan, Wilfre is in base form. Speed equalized. In-character. Win by any means. This should...