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bartholomew kuma

  1. KingTempest

    One Piece 1099 Pacifista Addons

    Light stuff (no pun intended) This scan says it all. Add to the Pacifista's profile that electromagnetic energy is a component of the lasers, fulfilling another requirement of the SOL laser aspect. That simple
  2. Ryuga21

    Itachi Uchiha vs Kuma (One Piece)

    Is there any character who has a more painful life than these two in HST? It is the battle of those who carry heavy loads of unfair nails, only one will win. SBA; No prior knowledge; 6-C Itachi [First-Key - 4.3GT]; High 7-A Kuma [upscales >>> 1.78GT]; Speed is Equal - Battle takes place at...
  3. Edutyn

    Tier 7 Biggest Tournament: Bartholomew Kuma Vs Kumoko

    Greatsage13th Vs DontTalkDT Bartholomew Kuma Vs Kumoko Tournament Round 1. Match 2 Rules: Equal Speed, SBA Kuma: Kumoko: Incon:
  4. Fireld

    One Piece Masers & Minerals

    NOTE: Spoiler alert from Wano & Egghead again, you've been warned. BROOK Extreme Temperatures Resistance: Was unbothered by the cold side of Punk Hazard even in his normal attire and survived getting caught in a Pacifista laser explosion tho was badly injured. KIZARU Weapon Mastery: Not only...
  5. Fireld

    One Piece Lasers Upgrade

    Durability Negation Spoiler Warning for Wano & Egghead. Kizaru's lasers get this thru the sheer heat they produce so other characters with simular attacks should ge this too: Queen's Black Coffe & Sparkling Valkyrie. Ichiji's Sparkling Valkyrie: Impaled Oven who's immune to his own heat and is...
  6. isee

    Zoro dodging pacifista laser

    **1290 = 178 Cm 423 Pixals = 59.195 Cm 268 Pixals = 689 Cm/Kumas Height 30 Pixals = zoros arm 59.195 Cm 388 pixels = Panel Zoro Pov 2atan(tan(70deg/2)*[30/388]) 6.1979084391476 degrees Or 546.69 Cm away From The Panel Pov Kuma Pov 2atan(tan(70deg/2)*[268/388]) 51.621326117851 degrees Or...
  7. Ryuga21

    Zoro's Enemy Showdown: Bartholomew Kuma vs Monet.

    It seemed fun to do some threads involving a scenario where Marimo's enemies fight each other to the death. For start, we have two enemies he didn't defeat: The one who was too strong for this, Bartholomew Kuma; and the one who was so weak for him that wasn't worth the effort, Monet. Both have...
  8. KingTempest

    Prohibiting the Silencing of FTL One Piece

    Yeah this is ridiculous. Too many of our CRTs that have anything to do with FTL OP get shut down or ignored because "Kizaru is a thing haaaaa", and frankly, it's irritating as hell. We even had a CRT that got ACCEPTED get reverted before the CRT ended by bringing up the SAME EXACT incredulous...
  9. KingTempest

    Kuma Pad Cannon

    Why is this not accepted as Light Speed?
  10. MonkeyOfLife

    Bartholomew Kuma Fastest Movement in One Piece?

    It is stated that Bartholomew Kuma can teleport via movement since he repels and people that can react to light speed can't see or react to him or someone else moving. Would it not be Infinite Speed on impact via his devil fruit?
  11. PaChi2

    Kuma vs Enel

    Bartholomew Kuma Enel SBA. Pre timeskip for both. Speed equal
  12. Theluki0909

    Bartholomew Kuma VS Hoteye

    Both in Low 7-B keys speed equal Kuma - Hoteye - Incon -
  13. The_Calaca

    Robot Bears Speed Upgrade

    Okay, this hasn't happened before because we were too skeptic over it, but I think we should stop asking for further confirmation. The purpose of this thread is to upgrade the speed of Bartholomew Kuma and the Pacifistas to Speed of Light with laser beams. Maybe this would apply to...
  14. Ryuga21

    Langris vs Kuma

    Langris: 2 (Milly, Epsilon R) Vs. Bartholomew Kuma: Inconclusive: Both Low 7-B Speed is Equalized The initial distance is 8 meters The battle will take place at Banaro Island
  15. KobsterHope07

    Calcs Implementation

    Alrighty, procrastination is a big flaw of mine so let's fix that I guess. We have four calculations that have been done but haven't been discussed or put on the profile and here are the four: Wiper's Burn Bazooka - 1.97KT Kuma's Ursa Shock - 1.744MT The Almighty King Punch - 382MT...
  16. Sonicflare9

    Luke Skywalker vs Kuma

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Luke_Skywalker_(Canon) https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Bartholomew_Kuma High 7-C versions speed equalized whoooooo would win
  17. Rin_The_Dragon_Empress

    Kuma CRT

    I've noticed that Kuma's current profile is rather lacking despite him actually displaying a decent amount of hax in the Manga. First things first Kuma should get Non-Physical Interaction due to being able to interact with the Negative Hollows that Perona can make. These ghosts are completely...
  18. Ryuga21

    Bartholomew Kuma vs Ulquiorra Cifer

    Battle will takes place on Hueco Mundo SBA, Speed Equalized. Kuma: Ulquiorra:
  19. Stefano4444

    Kuma's Ursus Shockwave unleashed again the Straw Hats in Thriller Bark

  20. Mr._Common_Sense

    Father Kuma and Daughter Uraraka run the Gauntlet

    It is a father and daughter picnic at Sabaody Park. However, there is a bounty placed on Uraraka's head. Does the father and daughter duo have what it takes to clear on this 2 v 1 battles? SBA Speed Unequalized. Sabaody Park Arena Uraraka 8-C Kuma 6-C vs Damian Wayne 8-C The Invoker...
  21. CinCameron20

    One Piece - Speed Revision (Light-Speed Edition)

    Move this to the Staff Board... absolutely nothing from regulars, please I felt the need to bring this up due to many of the feats in the manga constantly bringing up "light-speed". This thread is going to be a little rushed seeing as how I need to sleep, and I'd rather go into more...
  22. Seventy96

    Ichigo Kurosaki vs Bartholomew Kuma

    Both 7-A Pre Time Skip Kuma Speed equalized No BFR Ichigo Kurosaki Bartholomew Kuma
  23. FullMetalLamps

    Kuma's Speed

    Bartholomew Kuma doesn't have light speed shockwaves, that's a misconception people have. The only thing Light Speed about Kuma is that he REPELS attack at light speed; the projectiles themselves aren't lightspeed. So it's not a hyperbole, it's just the wording confuses people, and OP fanboys...
  24. CinCameron20

    Kuma's tier

    Kuma's pre time-skip and post time-skip tiers seem awfully low considering how he should powerscale to certain characters. Kuma can be scaled above the likes of Dressrosa Sanji (as he should be no stronger than Ivankov). Ivankov was unable to dish out any visible damage to Kuma during the...
  25. Wiggins1

    Bartholomew Kuma vs Kenshiro

    I'm having a debate on this soon and want to know your opinion.
  26. Seventy96

    Bartholomew Kuma vs Whitebeard

    Bartholomew Kuma (Thriller Bark) Whitebeard (Old/Marineford) Location: Archipelago Sabaody No BFR Full power, morale off, etc Who win? Why? Bartholomew Kuma Whitebeard
  27. Sir_Ovens

    Funny Valentine vs Bartholomew Kuma

    Masters of the art of repeling things. Round 1: Funny can't use Love Train Round 2: Funny can use Love Train Round 3: Funny can use Love Train and both characters bloodlusted. Speed equalized if it needs to be. Battle shall take place in a stereotypical wild west town, in a stand-off fashion...
  28. RexofLM

    Bartholomew Kuma vs Might Guy

    the warlord The taijutsu master Kuma vs Guy, No restrictions. If guy wins due to the eighth gate then consider the battle a tie due to his subsequent death Guy starts in base.
  29. Crimson_Eyess

    Wahl Icht Vs Bartholomew Kuma

    Wahl is in his Assault Form Kuma is Pre-TS Battle is in Dressrosa Wahl has knowledge of Kuma & gets 1 hour of prep Speed Equalized ROUND 2 Same forms as above Battle is in Dressrosa No knowledge No BFR Speed Unequalized
  30. Crimson_Eyess

    Itachi Uchiha Vs Bartholomew Kuma

    Itachi is Edo (However he cannot regenerate for this battle) Kuma is Pre-TS