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amy rose

  1. Eseseso

    Super Amy vs NiGHTS

    Super Amy vs Dualized with a Visitor using a red Ideya NiGHTS Location: Ouranos Island SBA In-character Speed equalized NiGHTS: Super Amy: Incon:
  2. Gilad_Hyperstar

    Super Amy VS Phantom King

    Can Super Amy join the Mania gang and bully Phantom King? * SBA (Battle takes place in Egg Reverie Zone, Both are Low 2-C, Speed is equal) * Win by any means * Pink Hedgehog: * Ruby Robot: * Incon:
  3. ZespeonGalaxy

    2-B Amy Rose Upgrades ?

    So by now if you have not heard, Super Amy is canon thanks to sonic origins. And Amy can become super like knux tails and sonic. With that being said. Does this warrant her to scale to The Sonic heroes trio? This would make her Tier Low 2-C to 2-B to Possibly 2-A...
  4. omegabronic

    Sonic additions: Large Starky Galaxy Style

    the tittle says it all, keep it simple note: following the format that the power scaling blog for the verse uses Adventure era upgrade it is said that sonic and shadow "moved faster than what sonic ever did before" with an emphasis that it is with their own running, so simple enough they...
  5. BlastX

    Him fights a different kind of Powerpuff Girl

    Him is doing his usual shit of enjoying causing mayhem when he sees an anthropomorphic pink hedgehog taking a stroll there, he tries to mess with her and Amy seeing such an asshole decides to teach him a lesson. It's Modern Amy Rose VS HIM. Battle takes place in Townsville. Amy has her...
  6. Fireld

    Game Sonic CRT: Miscellaneous Additions Edition

    Sonic AD: Defeated Metal Sonic in an Extreme Gear race even while the later had gathered everyone's data, having callibrated his style perfectly making him unbeatable on Gear by Eggman's own word. Became much faster after Colors as he could casually steal a chillydog without Tails being able to...
  7. The_Smashor

    Amy Rose ability addition

    In Rouge's story in Sonic Battle, after being beaten down by Rogue and Emerl, Amy was able to summon some sort of metal projection of Sonic or something along the lines of that. Sonic is not physically there, but this weird not-Sonic is fully capable of damaging Rogue and Emerl, and Emerl can...
  8. Spinoirr

    Stickwoman Rose vs Hedgehog Rose

    Speed is equal and both are 8-A Ellie rose: 7 Amy rose: Icon:
  9. Starbrand_Fan

    Amy Rose Classic Key addition

    Amy Rose should have her Classic key, like Tails and Knuckles does. Can I apply this?
  10. DragonLord

    Sonic Forces Speed Battle abilities CRT

    Currently a Few of the Wiki’s Profiles I see some have the Abilities from Sonic Forces Speed Battle, Now Known as Sonic Forces (Mobile), and that a lot of pages were missing these abilities. let’s try and fix some of them to start off here’s the Main 5 Heroes, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and...
  11. Waka1979

    Hysterical Pink Hedgehog seeks revenge against Metal kidnapper (complete)

    Or "Amy Rose vs Metal Sonic" Adventure/Modern Metal sonic with light speed attack restricted is used Both have full access to power ups/wisps and the fight takes place in twinkle park. Actual stalker: 1(@Oleggator ) Terminator wannabe: 7 (@Gilad_Hyperstar , @ElixirBlue , @Maverick_Zero_X ...
  12. BlastX

    Game Sonic CRT:Missing Powers and Abilities 2:Addition To the Sonic Heroes

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:BlastX/Additions_to_the_Sonic_Heroes_(W.I.P.) Apologies if it looks kinda messy, haven't got the chance to edit it cause Mobile is a pain to work with, with the new changes. Anyways here is the part 2 of the previous Sonic CRT, most of the P&A that...
  13. Amy Rose Vs Rouge the Bat (Grace)

    Both have 1 week of Prep Time Win via Death or KO Who Wins? Amy Rose: Rouge the Bat: 7 (ElixirBlue, Gilad_Hyperstar, The_Axiom_Virgo, jjSliderman, Chaos_jester25, Cropfist, Sonicflare9) Inconclusive:
  14. BlastX

    Hypothetical Super Amy runs the gauntlet

    Pretend she looks like this. An Hypothetical Super Amy runs the Super Form boss fight gauntlet. She gets the standard Super Form powers and her stats are similar to the other Super Hedgehogs. Extra Round:Amy fights the Super Hedgehogs and Burning Blaze. Another fanart for the lols
  15. BlastX

    Amy Rose VS Classic Sonic

    The title says it all Classic Sonic: Amy Rose: Draw:
  16. The_real_cal_howard

    Sonic cast ability removal (besides Sonic)

    Wisps aren't standard equipment for everyone who isn't Sonic (and to a lesser extent Shadow). They get them through chance in Runners and Racing. They've never had them in a combative situation (unless it happened in Forces which you can't blame me for not knowing about). Amy, Knuckles, Silver...
  17. TheArsenal1212

    Scott Pilgrim takes on another girl wielding a hammer

    Inspired by Death Battle, I wanted to slightly twist it and make this High 6-A Scott Speed = Scott Pilgrim (Film): 0 Amy Rose: 0 Incon/Draw
  18. The_real_cal_howard

    Amy Rose vs Magearna

    They're pink. I can't think of anything else. Speed equalized.
  19. Laughing_Manson

    Amy Rose vs Franky

    Speed equalized 7-B forms https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Franky https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Amy_Rose
  20. Young-Jah

    Amy Rose vs Bouquet (Blue Dragon)

    I want the two girls fight it out
  21. Cropfist

    Chi-Chi vs Amy Rose (speed equalized)

    Battle of the short-tempered love interests to heroes with gold super forms. Both are small city.
  22. OishiLover75

    Amy Rose vs Diane (revised)

    I should have noticed the speed equalization thing before I made the original. Since Diane is in a training arc, her post-timeskip tier will most likely be too high for Amy. So this a fight with pre-timeskip Diane. Round 1: Diane can't use "Friends". Round 2: Diane is allowed to use "Friends"...
  23. Cropfist

    Amy Rose

    I would like to propose some additions to Amy Rose: She is capable of using Color Powers which would give her shapeshifting and gravity manipulation. She can also use the power of the Chaos Emeralds to activate a "Hyper Form", so a new key for Hyper Mode that would have similar stats to the...
  24. The_real_cal_howard

    Amy Rose's speed?

    Firstly, doubt she should be FTL, due to base Sonic being only barely FTL through statements, and she's slower than him by an amount. Secondly, the links for her speed other than the one linking to Sonic's page are either broken or no longer exists.
  25. OishiLover75

    Amy Rose vs. Diane

    A fight of strong girls with hammers (and obnoxious love-interest in the main character of the franchise their in) Both characters are in full stats. Let the battle begin.
  26. Hyperception

    Amy Rose vs Sakura Haruno

    Who wins in a fight to the death? Morals off.
  27. Unclechairman

    Amy Rose's AP and Durabilty

    When I created Amy's page, the statistics I inserted for her AP and durability were much higher than what she's currently rated at, but they had reasoning behind them. SeiryuShin disagreed with what I had put, so he changed them to what they are now and locked the page. However, I have no idea...
  28. TendoTheGamer

    Amy Rose vs Nora Valkyrie

    Rules: 1. Battle to the death 2. No outside help, 1 vs 1 battle 3. Battle takes place in a city 4. Game Amy only Who wins and why?