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  1. noninho

    Can Thread Moderators ignore a branch of argument?

    Please read this before commenting here. WARNING: This is not an attack to any Moderator/Administrator, nor to the Site's/Wiki's/Discussion Threads'/CRTs' rules, as it's prohibited by the rules and i'm not in favour of doing that. My intent here is to tell what just happened and to ask both...
  2. Tdjwo

    The Truth About The Outer Gods in Nasuverse.

    Hello, everyone. Today seems relatively uneventful, and in order to pass the time, I've opted for something a bit out of the ordinary. Indeed, as the title suggests, we'll be delving into the Outer Gods featured in the Nasuverse and exploring the hidden mysteries surrounding them. Note, I'm not...
  3. Experiment12

    New scaling Cosmology Ichiban

    —Rebuttal & new Scalling Cosmology ichiban. First, to scan : main story at the start of Volume 13: “Having all these different worlds is confusing. Real world, virtual alternate dimension, beyond universe, non-virtual alternate dimension, and afterlife. Does that cover it?” Hiroshi frowned...
  4. Experiment12

    Anos Revision Attack Potency Anime Only

    I will revise Anos calc as below .
  5. Experiment12

    Added Powers And Abilities For Verse Lord Of The Rings

    Hallo for all so we will discuss and add abilities for verse lord of the rings, please help all members and administrators in vs battles dear.
  6. Tdjwo

    Base The last Naruto and Hamura chakra Hinata upgrade(Part 2).

    This is a follow-up to the first CRT I made earlier. This second CRT is mainly to upscale Base Naruto in the last using his EOS version from Shippuden. Firstly, Sasuke should have the "unknown" keys removed from his striking strength and Durability section. I'm guessing this was an error that...
  7. Antvasima

    Content Revision Promotion Thread

    This thread can be used to link to discussions in the content revision forum regarding changes to verses or profiles, so that they may be seen and evaluated by staff members without the need of contacting them individually. In the event that posting the revision here fails to obtain enough...
  8. Zoldyck59

    How Private Are Sandboxes?

    Hello, I have made a super long thread in my sandbox here and everyone says they "lack permission to view it." I need people commenting and seeing this, how do I make this available to everyone?
  9. Tinodesu

    About calculations

    So here I have a little argument with @GreatIskandar14045 and @TheLastStylebender. @TheLastStylebender disagree with the column made of reinforced concrete. @GreatIskandar14045 disagree with the column got pulverized and how I use the destruction value of reinforced concrete then multiply it...
  10. Tinodesu

    About victory condition

    "incapacitating the opponent by putting him in a state in which he can not harm the other fighter(s) for over a day" 1.Does it mean attacking someone for a day and doesn't give them a chance to counter attack is counted as incap ? 2.Does it mean when character face a opponent with fast...
  11. GalaxianAegis

    Regarding the Deletion of Profiles

    In recent times, I've noticed an issue with how profile deletion is being handled. Currently, the Destiny community on the wiki is working on getting profiles up from the verse, and we've had some of our profiles be deleted almost immediately. For example, I recently created the page Xol, Will...
  12. HrishikeshM

    vs battle staff heirarchy

    this question i wanted to ask for a very long time but always forgot to ask. what is the staff heirarchy in vs battle wiki? i know bureaucrats are topmost authority but who comes after them? admins or consultants? what about discussion and content and chat moderator? what about calc and human...
  13. Antvasima

    A new bureaucrat to celebrate the new year

    Hello. Azathoth, Ryukama and myself have promoted Promestei to a bureaucrat position, after first asking for input from the entire staff. Promestein is one of our absolutely most hardworking, reliable, loyal, mature, reasonable, competent, and levelheaded staff members, and we think that she...
  14. HrishikeshM

    most _____ members of 2018

    inspired by this thread i decided to make a thread to promote good and fun among members and hope they can improve even more in the new year..... this is the thread about the most _____ members of 2018 and the categories will be divided according to bureaucrats, admins(consultants included)...
  15. CNBA3

    Earth Destruction wrong Level

    I just did the claculation for destroying Earth with the GBE, and it is 53.57 Zettatons, which would make it Small Planet level, I think this mistake should be changed.
  16. Kavpeny

    What happened to Kavpeny?

    Hello, VS Battles community. I'm sure most of the older members have been wondering for a long time why I have been absent for such an extended period, while the newer members have been wondering why the managing staff has a completely inactive bureaucrat. My life for the past eight months has...
  17. Assaltwaffle

    I'm Back

    Well guys, I've missed y'all, and it looks like it's time to come back. For all those who weren't aware, I left the Wiki as a stand against the apparent policy of "context doesn't matter" that FANDOM seemed to present. If they didn't blatantly show this to be false, I would not be coming back...
  18. Edwellken

    Unloading my thoughts.

    Wouldn't let me post it on my wall so I'll try here. Well. I've really been wanting to say something about the recent "drama" since Ever got demoted but I was always too hesitant. Now I feel like with this recent wave after wave of bad news, I'd be doing the wiki a disservice to not say...
  19. Sera_EX

    Regarding the Recent Bans

    First of all, terribly sorry to make another post regarding this (I truly am), but I recently received my reply from Fandom regarding the Kepekley incident and I noticed something. I believe all of this needs to be summed up some way so the community, especially the staff, can understand what...
  20. Assaltwaffle

    My Resignation

    Well, I didn't anticipate this, but here we are. The Situatio Earlier today Kepekley was banned globally by FANDOM. The ban was because of a statement made by Kep in which he used a racial slur. However the slur was used when he quoted KamiYasha. Yes, he was banned for quoting someone...
  21. JustSomeWeirdo

    Local Discussion Mod Stumbles Into Admin Dashboard

    I kinda just....accessed the Admin Dashboard, I saw a button that I didn't recognize and it sent me there I'm like, 100% certain that I'm not supposed to be able to do so, I feel like I just accidentally stumbled into a VIP area despite only having a regular pass Update: I would like to assure...
  22. Antvasima

    The edit-patrolling script

    Hello. This is a follow-up to my earlier thread about a new script that allows us to efficiently split the edit-patrolling workload among our large staff. The previous version of the script could only patrol around 5 hours worth of edits, which was obviously not sufficient to be useful...
  23. Ninjaboy14

    I'm hoping that you could check out the page I just made, hoping you could add it to the Stamina page.

  24. Golden_Void

    Admin Duties Suggestion

    I'm thinking perhaps sectioning the administrative duties? We have a whopping 16 admins, a quarter of that amount is bureaucrats, 4 content mods, and 13 discussion mods. 16 admins means that we can evenly create 4 teams of 4 admins, each with a different purpose on the wiki. On a basic level...
  25. The_real_cal_howard

    A reduction of activity

    So, I, as of today, am employed for a full-time job. In contrast to my past, in which I had very little time to be away, due to a large amount of free time, it will be cut down by, well...a lot. This changes my availability schedule and my sleep schedule, so I'm not gonna be on from like 10 AM...
  26. LoudCloud

    Threads being closed

    Honestly, I wouldn't usually care that much about a thread being suddenly closed. I know that admins have a reason to do so and it helps keep the wiki sane. I'm also not really pushing for my thread to be re-opened. I don't feel that strongly about it to demand I have it back. But I still feel...