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  1. Abeloth CRT

    Some quick additions to Abeloth, include. Adding Scans to Her Powers: Telepathy: Abeloth telepathically speaks to Allana Djo Solo, even when the former was within the Maw and the latter on Kessel Telekinesis: Abeloth uses Choke on Vestara Khai Mind Manipulation: Abeloth controls the minds of...
  2. Qawsedf234

    Legends Star Wars MFTL+ speed downgrades.

    This staff thread has been accepted. With it comes a much harder definition of what travel speed is Now the point of this thread is that I'm making the claim that every single MFTL+ feat currently scaling upper tier Legends characters are entirely travel speed. Darth Sidious The text used to...
  3. Galactic_Astronaut

    Abeloth vs Rayquaza

    Both are at their strongest. Morals are off. Speed is Equalized if needed. Abeloth: Rayquaza: Inconclusive: Who wins?
  4. Galactic_Astronaut

    The Emperor of Mankind vs Abeloth

    Both are at 4-A. Morals off. Abeloth: The Emperor of Mankind: Inconclusive: Who wins?
  5. Abeloth vs The Apex Twins

    I don't think this is discussed earlier.... Both At their strongest Both are willing to kill Abeloth: The Apex Twins:
  6. Phoenixssj3

    Primarch Gauntlet for Abeloth and the Father

    So here it is: after I saw that Abeloth has been beaten by the EoMK, I wondered what could she do against the Primarchs, and I added the Father because why not? (excuse me if I make some errors, I don't know 40k verse that much) 1: Lorgar 2: Magnus 3: Daemon Prince Magnus 4: (Bonus)...
  7. Politebunny7

    Star Wars Vs bleach

    Soul king vs abeloth Speed equal
  8. Professor_Evelyn

    Abeloth Upgrade

    To cut to the point I think Abeloth should be ranked as Galaxy Level for the following reasons. 1) As the strongest entity in star wars she should be far superior to Vitiate (who is already ranked as Galaxy Level) and above Sidious who was himself he strongest of all Sith 2) Repeatedly...
  9. Catalyst75

    The Ellimist vs. Abeloth

    I was curious to see where these two cosmic entities measure up. Is Abeloth considered powerful enough to match Ellimist, or is Toomin out of Star Wars' league?
  10. Unoriginal_Memes

    Why Do I Have A Bad Feeling About This?

    Abeloth VS Soul King Both are 4-A and speed is equalized. LOL Mindhax: LOL Reiatsu Crush: Thunder McQueen:
  11. Snoke123

    abeloth and palpatine vs...

    https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/abeloth-vs-naruto.543523/ https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/sasuke-uchiha-naruto-vs-darth-sidious-star-wars.595462/ in your opinion, what was the worst?
  12. Cuckmaster_Gilgamesh

    Sagume Kishin (Touhou Project) vs Abeloth (Star Wars [Legends])

    (My first post in this wiki. So please correct me if I'm going against the rules) Both 4-A versions Morals off, speed equalized.
  13. Eficiente

    Jedah Dohma vs Abeloth

    Speed = Jedah Dohma: 0 Abeloth: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  14. Schnee_One

    Azi vs Abeloth

    Ohhhhhhhh........This might be good. Speed is Equalized, 4A for both OFC. And for the record, Abeloth has never lead with MindHax. Abeloth: Azi Dahaka:
  15. Snoke123

    Is abeloth stronger than the world razer?

    in Spacebattles they said that no
  16. Jinsye

    Abeloth vs. Doremy Sweet

    My friend is like "play Touhou since u suck at Cuphead" but I never get around to playing it. Either way, let's do this one. Speed Equalized since Abeloth lolblitzes, also I don't think Abeloth starts with mindhax so there's that Who wins? Kirby-Buster: 0 Wtf: 0
  17. Cropfist

    Ones of Mortis Revisions

    The Son and Daughter's MSS tier is currently supported by them creating the Maw. However, they did not create the Maw by themselves, they ordered the Killiks to build the Centerpoint Station, which then used to create the Maw. So this should be removed, though it's likely moot since their MSS...
  18. Jinsye

    Morgoth vs. Abeloth

    I was tempted to give Emprah another win but, eh. So yeah, I watched the LOTR movies and never read anything related to Star Wars. I can't help on this one much. 4-A versions used. Speed Equalized because I think Abeloth outspeeds by alot. Who wins? Morgoth: 0 Abeloth: 4
  19. AdamGregory03

    Destruction and Chaos Personified

    Abeloth vs. Void Termina. Maybe this thread will actually get some traction this time lol In all seriousness though, only condition is battle must end in death. Discuss.. Abeloth: 0 Void Termina: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  20. Meosos

    Questions about Abeloth

    Abeloths explanation for her AP doesnt seems to match her Tier. Just asking, but reshaping the galaxy, destroying the galaxy and ending the galaxy - isnt that 3-C (Galaxy level) ?
  21. Meosos

    God Emperor vs Abeloth

    Speed is equalized if necessary, both are serious, battle takes place in a major city Who wins and why ? Abeloth: 0 God Emperor of Mankind: 7 (Gargoyle One, LoyalservantonfInti, Knightofannihilation, MasterOfArda, Azaloth, Newestfighter, Omegagoldfish) Inconclusive: 0
  22. SunGodAttun

    Abeloth and Luke upgrade

    Should't they be 4-B scaling from Naga Sadow and Jerec?
  23. MasterOfArda

    Abeloth vs Eonwe

    Abeloth vs Eonwe Speed not equalized unless it's a speed stomp.
  24. Soldier_Blue

    Another '+' sign goof-up (Star Wars Legends)

    Some of the Star Wars Legends god tiers have FTL+ reactions augmented by precognition based on a calc of a nanosecond reaction feat. However, the result of said calc is 1.44c with a 5.01c high end. This is not FTL+ but just plain FTL (without the '+' sign) is it not? As with the Relativistic+...
  25. AquaWaifu

    Aqua vs Abeloth

    The Jedi and Sith Battle Abeloth in the Maw Aqua vs Abeloth Fight is in Abeloth's dimension. 30 meters apart Both are in-character. speed equalized. win via any method.
  26. Quangotjokes

    Shrike Vs Abeloth

    Both bloodlusted. R1: Random encounter R2: 2 hours prep
  27. Yakou Madara vs Abeloth

    Just give the F and just go for it...i need to see this guy used at least ONCE...maybe twice. Run-down: Abeloth gets somehow sent to the Shinza world while doing her thing in her world with Luke and the others. She wandered around the area, wondering WTF she was at til' she came upon Yakou and...
  28. Edenstar

    Galaxy level Star Wars characters

    Multiple Star Wars characters are theoretically capable of destroying the entire Galaxy. Even though this could only be done under specific circumstances, it should still be worth a mention on their respective profiles. First of all, Lord Vitiate was confirmed to have found a way to repeat the...
  29. Hop_Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9xTS_DEx_w Just watched this. Since her profile is an EU profile, can we upgrade her based on what is discussed?
  30. Aparajita

    Abeloth vs Post Crisis Superman.

    The Title says it all. Round 1: Speed Equalized. Round 2: Speed Unequalized. Victory conditions: Death or KO/Incap, no BFR. Superma vs Abeloth Man of steel
  31. Azathoth_the_Abyssal_Idiot

    Abaddon the Despoiler vs Abeloth

    The new Warmaster of Chaos vs the quite literal Mother of Evil Whoever comes out on top, the galaxy loses. Thought this would be a good and rather thematic fight. Rules Victory by death Bloodlusted (not that it changes much considering it's these two) Battle takes place on an...
  32. SuperGokuMan

    Abeloth VS Kaguya Otsutsuki

    (Insert description here)