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Younger Bros Brawl - Mugman vs Papyrus!

Initially I would do Sans vs Cuphead. But since it would be too obvious (I think there was an old thread about it), why not give the spotlight to their brothers?

Fight takes place in the Judgement Hall/Last Corridor, Mid-Game Mugman. Speed equalized.

blue nose: 2


The Devil and Chara kill them both:
Welp, let's see, based around the values they should have around equal AP since Papyrus upscales from his feat

Mugman lifting strengh isn't good enough against blue mode, and he probaly won't know how to dodge the blue attack

I will vote on Papyrus's with mid to maybe high dificulty, Mugman homing attack will probaly be his best attack but I think Papyrus's more varied attacks, blue mode, and his special attack probaly give him the W here

But if someone gives better reasons for Mugman I will probaly change my vote
His End-Game form is stronger then his Mid-Game one (By a seemingly decent margin) Also Cuphead beat Asgore, and Mugman beat Cuphead, So by extremely logically sound A>B>C Logic, Mugman beats Papyrus
Even with this being his Mid-Game version, I'll still probably go with Mugman here, his LS would somewhat counter Papyrus' Blue Mode (Due to actually having a LS value), and Mugman's no-stranger to Color coded attacks (One of the main things in Cuphead was parrying Pink attacks), so the Blue Attacks wouldn't be too big of a deal. Mugman's decently spammable attacks (some of which are homing so they're even harder to dodge) combined with a slight AP/Durability edge would, along with his Danmaku dodging experience (Which is far superior to the kind of stuff Papyrus dishes out Even though I got destroyed the first time I fought him), would mean Mugman would be dealing quite a bit more damage, along with Mugman's charms such as the smoke dash to make him even harder to hit, (Also his Super Arts could be useful).
My only problem with your post is that just because Papyrus is unknow in LS doesn't necessarily mean anyone with a lifting strengh number would be superior, especialy since his is only super-human

The rest I will just let the people choose