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Two Touhou Playable Characters can't reach tier 2

Reisen via ilusion maybe ?

Both cannot kill each other (cirno have type 8 Immortality,reisen have low godly regen)
Always wondered why the fairies never got the mindhax resistance since isn't the term Yokai generally also means "supernatural being" and such? So shouldn't they have it too? I'm fine with it either way. Regardless, I vote Reisen for sound manipulation, illusions, and statistics amplication.
Does Cirno have any win con except maybe trying to freeze Reisen? Cause Reisen takes the edge in hax, versatility, speed, experience, intelligence....... nearly everything except regen
I think Cirno can win via freezing, but the possibility for Reisen use one of her abilities and end Cirno bigger

But I think Cirno has a win count
Is this even a Spellcard Danmaku Battle? If so I say they're relatively even since both displayed great danmaku doding skills in the games and the result can lead closer to Inconclusive since it can go either way.