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Tiny Power Additions to CD-i Mario

Hi folks. This thread's nothing biggie, just two/three small power additions to CD-i Mario's profile.

Flight -- Whenever Mario beats a level, he flies up into the air and off-scree.

Additionally, whenever Mario beats a level, all enemies on-screen die immediately. I'm guessing this could be Death Manipulation, but that sounds like a stretch to me. (Probably game mechanics)

Power Nullification -- Midway through the game, Mario comes across and uses Bowser's Ghost Cologne, a parfum/cologne that "keeps magic spells away". As soon as Mario uses this, the doors in the level stop vanishing, so it really does work.

Tl;dr probably Flight and Power Nullification, and very possibly Death Manipulation (but very unlikely). Thoughts?
Agree with everything but the Death Manipulation. Thats probably just Game Mechanics of enemies dying when a level is beaten. Same way of enemies being killed when Mario grabs the flag in 3D World.
Power nullification is a more generalised ability, and if Mario never uses flight in the game itself, we should probably discount it as a "rule of cool" visual effect.
I can't say I agree with Flight personally. It looks more like he's just being warped out visually for the sake of progression in the game.

Power Nullification on magical abilities seems fine.

Death Manipulation is a no, it's pretty much just despawning them rather than it being something Mario does himself.